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JustSign – Scan, Sign & Share Documents Business App for iPhone and iPad : Review


Make your Digital Signatures look even better than a Real Pen by using our Hyper Realistic Pen & a Smart Eraser. Take a Perfect scan of your hard copy Documents, use Text Sharpening Filters and Sign & Share anywhere anytime. 30 Different ways of formatting your date stamps, 50 plus standard fonts and 16 shades of Standard Office Colours to best suit every type and face of Document.


▶ Hyper-Realistic Signatures:
◆ Draw in 3 Different Drawing Modes (Pen, Pencil & Marker)
◆ Our Realistic “Pen” makes your on-screen drawn signatures look even better than the Real Pen.
◆ In addition to that you can pick from our “Pencil” and “Marker” strokes as well.
◆ All, in 16 different shades of Black, Blue, Red and Green.

▶ Most Generic Date Stamp:
◆ Top 9 international date format styles.
◆ 4 Different Date Separator Styles.
◆ All, to Best Match an Official Date Formate for Every Regain of the World.

▶ Enter Free Text:
◆ Over 50 standard Fonts with Adjustable Font Sizes.
◆ In 16 different shades of Black, Blue, Red and Green.
◆ All, to Add Name Initials, Descriptions and Fill Forms with Freedom and Flexibility.

▶ Editable Drafts
◆ Just Sign Auto-Saves editable drafts of your Document while Editing.
◆ You can resume anytime and edit ALL of your annotations freely.

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  • Sabir Ali

    Good app. Handy for scanning and sharing on the go, (y)

  • Johnny

    Just got this 🙂 Awesome user experience, Nice GUI.

  • appsLover

    May be the first one which allow scanning of document rather than just signing it. Seems to be a good idea and hopefully will enhance the document signing experience. 🙂

  • m.aLi Yousaf

    Very smooth and flexible app for signatures and scanning. Graphics are very attractive, overall good one.