Dispatch Best Productivity App For iPhone Users

Dispatch Best Productivity App For iPhone Users


Dispatch Makes it Easy to act on emails even when you’re on the move.

It lets you get rid of mails by swiping, respond faster with snippets, and process your mails with other apps.


Typing the same thing over and over again?

Store frequently used replies as snippets* and reuse them the next time you get a similar question.

Heck—we even say ‘Hi’ for you when replying an email so you can cut to the chase.

* Dispatch also supports “TextExpander touch snippet expansion” (sold separately).


Dispatch talks to 31 apps. For example, you can:

=> Archive important mails to Evernote
=> Save links to read later with Pocket
=> Create tasks in OmniFocus & Things
=> Set reminders in Reminders or Due

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