Main feature: Favorite pairs
It’s good to have support for obscure units, but most of the time you need just several well chosen pairs.

Units allows you to choose any pair of units as a favorite, regardless of its category and have them all available from the same screen:
kmh to mph, km to mi, kg to lb, Celsius to Fahrenheit’s etc.

Instant search
– Don’t hunt down that particular unit
– Tap search button on any screen, type few letters and Units will instantly narrow down the results

– You can choose to use system font/size or choose between Avenir and Helvetica Neue Light
– You can mix and match between 10+ foreground and 4 background colors.
– Create your own dark or light theme

Hundreds of units across many categories
There is no room here to list all the supported units, here’s just the list of categories:
# Acceleration
# Angle
# Area
# Data
# Density
# Dynamic Viscosity
# Energy
# Flow
# Force
# Illuminance
# Kinematic Viscosity
# Length
# Luminance
# Mass
# Power
# Pressure
# Speed
# Temperature
# Time
# Volume

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We’re here to help if you need assistance. Tap the ? button in the app and send us an email.

# The floor plan appears in seconds, with approximate wall lengths and floor area.

# Unlike some floor plan apps, RoomScan can draw floor plans of complex rooms just as easily as small rectangular rooms.

# Measurements are estimated to the nearest 10cm (or half a foot).

# For super-accurate instant floor plans, use RoomScan in conjunction with a laser measure. Just tap a wall on the finished floor plan and input your measurement. RoomScan intelligently combines its own measurements with yours to create a perfect plan.

# Add doors as you walk around the room by touching the door frames, and select from a variety of door types.

# Rooms are automatically connected together to create a plan of the whole floor.

# Save as an image or export to PDF, DXF for AutoCAD or SketchUp or a range of other formats. There will be a nominal fee for advanced export options in the future.

# Add notes and photos to the floor plans – RoomScan can even take photos automatically and place them in the correct position on the plan.

# Choose your own custom floor plan colours.

# Measurements are available in metric, feet & inches and East Asian units (坪 / つぼ / 평).

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Coinverter is super-simple currency converter for iOS which provides you up-to-date currency rates.
Convert amounts between unlimited number of currencies, even without Internet connection.

Coinverter Features:
# Over 160 world currencies included
# Customize your main currency
# Add unlimited additional currencies
# Automatic currency rates update via Coinverter server
# Copy & Paste everything or just individual results
# Background App Refresh support

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Find your phone in the sofa, or in the fridge, and even on the toilet. Just shout MARCO! and find your phone wherever you misplaced it.

If you’ve ever lost or misplaced your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch somewhere nearby but can’t quite remember where, stop flipping pillows and frantically patting your pockets. The Marco Polo app will help you quickly find your device in just one shout. Just shout out loud “MARCO!” and your hidden device will ring back POLO! so that you can find it.

The Marco Polo app runs silently in the background and never disturbs you until you need it. When that moment comes and you need to locate your device fast, be sure Marco Polo is there to help you out the door. No more panic attacks or getting to a Mac to find your device — Marco Polo works with just your voice and completely offline (no Wi-Fi or cellular needed). The app will listen across multiple rooms, even multiple levels in your home, and will override silent mode so you can find your device no matter what.

You can install Marco Polo on multiple devices, distinguishing each by changing the input phrase that triggers a POLO, for example from “MARCO” to “APPLESEED”. Each device will only respond to its unique phrase. Or simply change the phrase to something fun. The app also features over 30 quality POLO voice recordings to customize how your phone sounds when it responds.

# Over 30 unique POLO voice recordings to customize how your phone sounds when it responds POLO!
# Change the input phrase that triggers a POLO and shout anything you want
# Works even if your device is in sleep or silent mode
# Displays push notifications to light up your screen making it easy to find your phone in the dark
# Volume Boost helps you hear your device even if you left the volume low
# Works with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
# Easy setup: just launch Marco Polo and leave it running in the background

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In Fancy Units you can easily customize a list of conversion types and units, and then use it on-the-go. You don’t need to spend your time switching between units. What you enter for one item will be automatically recalculated for all other selected items. Do less and get faster result!

Fancy Units consists currency rates for more then 160 countries. The rates is updated every hour, but don’t worry if you have no internet connection. Fancy Units will save the data of the latest successful update and allows you to use it in your calculations.

The updating process of the database is always active and soon you can find a dress and shoes size conversions as well.

# Real-time conversion
# Support 140+ physical units and 160+ currencies
# Built in calculator (decimals, negative numbers, add and subtract)
# Smart search to quickly locate categories and units
# Automatic currency exchange rate refresh
# Easily customize a list of conversion
# Multiple languages support

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Demonstrate — Mobile Prototyping (Powered by Dropbox) is an easy-to-use, free prototyping app for iOS 7 allowing users to create native app demos without writing any code.

Prototypes created using Demonstrate make use of native transitions, allow you to import high-fidelity designs and play the app full-screen mode giving the app prototypes a native feel.

Key Features: 

# Create App demonstration’s easily without writing a single line of code
# Import High-Fidelity Screens from Dropbox
# Import your hand drawn wireframes or sketches from the Camera Roll
# Create Hotspots on the design
# Link Hotspots together with a wide range of transitions available in the app
# Export projects and share easily them via email/message
# In addition to Dropbox, share projects to iTunes as well

All your projects can be viewed using Demonstrate without the need to upgrade

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Timer is the ultimate one-tap timer. Setting a timer shouldn’t be a chore. Tap to start, tap to stop, tap and hold to edit. That’s it. That’s Timer.

Lovingly crafted to provide the effortless management of up to fifteen customizable reminders. Your time is limited and shouldn’t be wasted trying to decipher complicated apps. Get Timer today and get on with your life!

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CalPrint uses your existing calendar entries on your iPhone (Exchange, iCal and Google Calendars etc) and is not just a great calendar printing utility, it is a fully featured calendar viewing and organizing app that enables you to view, group, ad or edit your appointments and tasks. You can easily get an overview of your schedule by Day, Week, Month or as a list of appointments.

** If you have Print n Share or PrintCentral for iPhone – CalPrint is available as an in-app upgrade. **

While viewing a days schedule you can tap at the top and a month calendar will drop down enabling you to switch days easily – no more restrictions of only viewing two lines of your schedule like you have today. And of course at any time you can print off Day/Week/Month views of your calendar right from your iPhone.

CalPrint also incorporates Microsoft Exchange (Outlook) and Google Calendar. By simply having an existing, or adding a new Exchange or Gmail account in the iPhone main Settings and enabling Calendar, CalPrint becomes a single point of access for multiple calendars and does away with the need for a series of apps.

This app requires features in iOS 4 so is currently only available on iPhones with iOS 4, as soon as the iPad OS is updated it will also be available for that device too.

=> Utilizes existing calendar entries, no new calendar needed.
=> View by Day/Week/Month
=> Email your calendar views as PDF files
=> Handy Month drop down view
=> Easy scroll of week view
=> Quickly zoom to a day in month view using pincer movement
=> Easily create new appointments on the fly
=> Integrated with Google Calendar

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