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Whenever we are inviting anyone, we are focusing more on the attractiveness in the invitation. We try to make it more unique and classic one. Invitation cards are always used but invitation videos are having something different impression. Inviter is such an application which is all about video invitation making. This makes something unique way of inviting your guest to your party.


  • Different templates for all categories
  • 24 hours supporting
  • No watermarks in any of the template
  • All the customized features
  • Option to share on the different social media

How to use Inviter?

Using this application is quite simple. There is nothing any rocket science in this application. You will have different categories and you can choose any one as per your requirement. After that, you choose the templates and enter the details in the form of text and photos. Edit the templates and your invitation will be ready.

Before downloading, check the preview of the invitation and then download the final HD Quality Video invitation. Share the invitation with your friends and family to invite them.

Last words:

Overall, Inviter is a good application which provides a different way of making the invitation card in the form of video. I’m happy with this invitation application and recommend it 100%.




We all love to stay connected with our friends and that is why we always find that platform. It is something a different experience of being in touch with friends even if you are far away from them. Some of the apps do not only provide a way to chat but also offers to get the information on the latest trends. Numbertank is one of them which I found as a good social platform.

Features of Numbertank:

  • Channel section: If you want to share something then this feature is best. Just tap on “Contribute” button with your followers and allow them to contribute some informative post.
  • Talk: Here you can find something like latest news, Bollywood gossips, any short video clips.
  • Secret chat: You can make yourself hide as long as you want. You can also hide your private chat and protect the same with the passcode.
  • Discover section: The popular stuff will be visible here. Anything like events, polls, contest or channel, you can find here.
  • WhatsApp Status & Xmas Stickers: Get the customized Christmas Stickers and WhatsApp Status feature.
  • PIP (Picture in Picture): This feature enables to watch the video without any interruption.

How to use:

For using this application, you must download this app and make the account. After that, use this application as like other social apps. You can have chat with others. Have a common conversation with your friends, find and share the latest topic. The best thing is that you can find any topic of your taste.

What are benefits and what makes it different from others?

If I talk about the merits of this app, this application is like a boon for those who want to keep them self-update. It’s simple to use with more good features. A user can find informative content on this platform. As per my experience, this app is really something different. Most of the social apps do not provide a platform to get informative topics and content but yes this app is providing. You can share the information with your friends too. Recently it launch a new feature for Xmas Stickers. Its easy to share lover shayari, hindi shayari, sad shayari, motivational quotes, funny clips & other comedy videos

Last words:

Numbertank is the best platform that I used ever. It’s the best way to get the information on any topic. I would like to recommend this app to everyone.






Almost all boys and girls love to have hookup as it the part of the enjoyment. There is no other better way than a dating app to find this kind of fun. Swindr is one such good mobile application which makes it possible to get the adult hook up. It is especially for those couples who love to have a threesome and want to try new things.

Sometimes it is difficult to get the hookup and you don’t get the right fun for which you deserve. In today’s time, alternative dating is the best part to grab the enjoyment. Some couples want to engage in sexual activity with others and this is also a kind of social activity at many places.

What actually Swindr provide?

This mobile application is actually provides the platform to grab the NSA fun in a threesome. As the name of this app is Swindr, it is made for those who want to engage into Husband/Wife swapping. This app is like a community where you can get all kinds of people like straight, lesbian, bisexual, gay and TG. It is no matter you are looking for a casual encounter or one night stand, this app is for everyone.

How to use this app?

The using of this application is very much simple. You just need to download and install it. After that, you need to make the account and log with your email ID and password. When you will log in and open your account, you will get different profiles. Meanwhile, you can filter them and get your desired profiles. Contact them through chat and fix your date.

For whom this app is suitable?

  • Open minded couples
  • Committed couples
  • Married and single man
  • Married and single woman
  • Sugar Daddies
  • Lonely housewife
  • Threesome dating (MMF, FFM, MMM & FFF)

Swindr Features:

  • Facility to filter the profiles
  • For any kind of suspected profile, one can report manually
  • Chat option
  • Favorite option to save the profiles
  • Easy to access the application
Points to consider:

This app manually approves the profiles. In case if you use any kind of nude photo, your profile will not get approve and your account will get suspended immediately. The other thing is that you must be above 18 years to use this app.


Swindr is a good dating application. It is mainly beneficial for those who love to have threesome fun. I’m using this app from a long time so I can say that its 100% trust able.



Living as a single is really a boring stuff in life which you must avoid. I generally take the support of social platforms and for this there are different applications. One of the apps is FWBDR which is available on the iOS platform. The main purpose of this app is to provide NSA Casual hookup. This app is absolutely free to download.

It is no matter whether you are single or couple, men or women. This app is for all to grab the NSA fun. The other important thing is that it provides all kinds of profiles of Straight/Gay/TG/Lesbian. This app is providing all kind of solution to find the open minded couples.

FWBDR Features:

  • Message option
  • Searching option to search for the desired profile
  • Filter option through which you can set your own searching
  • Profile image as a display picture
  • Facility to block the profile you don’t want to have conversation

To avoid any kind of scam, there is censor profile and report option. As this app does not support any kind of nudity, your account may get terminated if you use any kind of nude picture.

Important points to note:

It is an adult dating app but it does not support any kind of pornography or nudity. Also your private pictures (the images which you will send in chat) will get removed after 24 hours. For the VIP membership there are subscription options as follow.

  • $19.99 for the 1 month subscription with auto renewal
  • $39.99 (13.33/mo) for the 3 month subscription with auto renewal
  • $69.99 (11.66/mo) for 6 month subscription with auto renewal

All the prices will be in U.S. dollar

How to use this application?

The using of this app is very much simple. You just need to make a sign up in order to make the account. After that you need to set up your profile. You can search for the different profiles of your choice. Whatever the type of filter you will use, you will get profile according to that only. Go with the profile you like and contact them through the chat. You can also post a moment in buzz option.

Merits of FWBDR:

This app is very much easy to use. The second thing is that it makes it simple to grab your date. It’s like a boon for those who are seeking for the NSA fun. The app is safe and secure with all the transparency approach.


FWBDR is a nice dating app for all kind of genders. In my views anyone can use this app without any worry. To convert your boring life into an interesting one, you can easily go with this app. Good platform.




Social platforms are the best way to feel the closeness with our friends. Recently one new app is launched which I am accessing and the name of that app is Clikq. This app is available on the iOS platform. It’s the best way to do a direct message to your friends and enjoy your video calling. Other than this it also enables the user to send compliments which are inbuilt.

Clikq Features:

  • There is a notification option to get the latest updates
  • For the direct message, there is an inbuilt compliment
  • Collect gems every time you do video calling
  • Option to change the password
  • Option to check the users you blocked
  • Topic to choose before you start video calling
  • Turnt up provide the feature of doing group video calling

How to use this application:

This is a messenger app that allows you to follow your friends and chat with them. In this app, you can do video calling but for that, you must follow them. Without following your friend, it will be not possible to do video calling.

Benefits of Clikq:

The main benefits of using this application are that you can do video calling easily with your friends. Other than this they are giving 1000 gems for their first 5 million users. Moreover, it is an easy and user-friendly application.

Well, I used Clikq so I can highly recommend this application. Download it and enjoy your video calling with your close friends.




Hamara Dost is providing the best of messaging platform for getting the interest of your choice. This app is something a unique messaging app. The platform is providing the best information based on the going trend. This will give you the useful information too. Let’s see some of the interesting features of this app.

Hamara Dost Features:

  • Select your category: User can easily select the category of his or her choice like traveling, culture and society, food, cooking, books and many more.
  • Chat feature: The chat system is something unique because the message gets delete automatically. The user can select the timer and that will be 3 sec, 30 sec, 9 min or 12 hours for the deletion of the message.
  • Official Account: With this feature, companies can create their own account. From this, companies can mass-send messages to users.
  • Sky Eye: With the help of this feature, you can easily stop strangers to locate you and additionally find people near you.
  • Change password: This option enables the user to change the password.
  • Notification: Get notified with the notification option.
  • FAQ: From this option, you can easily check and know more about the platform.

What is the merit of using this app?

The main benefit of Hamara Dost app is all about getting the best of knowledge regarding the latest trend. You can easily get the news also. Additionally, you can easily share the particular post with your friends too. You will get feeds related to your categories only. The feeds will be with eye-catchy images also. The other highlighting thing about this app is that you don’t need to worry about going the content being un-authorized or viral.

Hamara Dost is something really interesting and I would like to 100% RECOMMEND it. Rest of the experience you can take after downloading this app.

Hamara Dost




I love KPOP and additionally I like to broadcast it. To complete this passion I was looking for a platform and it’s my luck that I get SMING platform. It’s a complete package for those who love to engage in KPOP. In this review, I tell you each and everything so keep continue with it.

Before proceeding, let’s see some of the features of this app.

App Features:

  • SMING chart – This feature will let you know what is popular in KPOP and check out how much your favorite song is popular.
  • Live session – There is a live session at which you can show what you grab.
  • Chat– Chat with streamers and fellow KPOP fans

Availability: SMING is available at Google play and iOS both

It’s an open source as anyone can become streamer in case if you love KPOP.  It also provides a facility to join the live session. It covers dance, songs and even you can give your opinion. It’s my personal advice to use this platform if you guys love KPOP.  Even you can also check what is popular in KPOP through its chart.  There is live interaction through which you can chat with a streamer.




I love to engage in charity activities for the social development. It gives me a kind of happiness. I was seeking some of the apps related to the charity and fortunately, I get that app named as ALIST. This app is a great combination of charity and social media. You can follow your favorite influencer through this app or you can also become an influencer. Let’s see some of the features.

App Features:

  • User friendly graphics in the game
  • Message option to check the message
  • Search option
  • Notification
  • Profile setting option
  • Invite your friends
  • View the charitable work of your favorite influencer
  • Exclusive prizes like video chat
  • Follow your favorite influencers and get reward for best fan

You can even check the work of my influencer through pictures and videos. Simply make your participation and get the reward. If I talk about myself I too get excited prizes with the help of this app.



Being social on various social media platform is a common trend nowadays to make a new friend and explore the culture. They are now playing an important role and like day to day activity. To share the culture, I found one app for this purpose named as LITmemes which is available in the Apple Store. Read this review and get all the information here.

About LITmemes: It’s a normal app of social media category developed by the memes social media. It is available in English, Arabic, and Portuguese & Spanish. The purpose of this app is to share memes globally. Its available free of cost.

Features of LITmemes:                                                                                

While accessing this app I got surprised to know that App consisting all the user-friendly features. Considering this, the app is having smooth user-interface. The design is very decent and easy login process. The profile page is also very customizable. I found smooth navigation in the app.

How to use LITmemes:

  • To use LITmemes you just need to download the app and install
  • Make the account with filling all the true details
  • Log in with your ID and password
  • Discover new memes
  • Post your memes
  • Message your friends



 I used IceBreaker app & I think this dating app is presenting a fresh concept of attaining a date. During my date, I answer some of the questions and really it was fun to enjoy those moments. After accessing this app I thought to share my experience about the app with my friends here. So just keep reading to unlock the things about this app.

Icebreaker is a simple paid app which is useful to make date enjoyable especially for those who hesitate to speak during the date. Some of you might be thinking why questions are involved in the app. It’s just to know your partner well. This app is actually useful for your date when you have nothing interesting to do at the time.
Well in my case I ask questions to my date-mate and know well about him. Simultaneously answer the same to expose my thinking. Get to know about his mindset and how he takes the things. I to answer all the questions honestly and we had great time spending.Here I am sharing the features of this app that might be interesting for you guys to know.  Some of the facts of this app are as follow.# Easy and no complexity involve in the questions

# There are plenty of good questions which are useful in knowing your date-mate well.
# A way to enjoy your lunch or dinner with questions
# No nonsense questions are there
# Simple app with useful features
# Although the app is not free but its interesting one
# Available in the English and French language
# Questions are well organized in an easy language
# Just swipe and ready to ask the questions
This dating app is all about the knowing each other well, it’s nothing like finding the boy or girl nearby your location. You just need to go on date, open your cell phone and from IceBreaker App you just need to ask the question to your partner. Mind that it’s a not a date finding app.