Peiji is a beautiful application for taking notes and an easy to use editor. It provides a clean and uncluttered workspace in which creativity can blossom, but also includes powerful writing and sharing tools to form a full-featured text editing app perfect for writing notes, articles, journal entries, project plans, or any other type of project.

Thanks to iCloud, your work is automatically save to all your devices.


Advanced writing tools
# Full screen writing
# Cursor movement with trackpad
# Elegant keyboard extension

Peace of mind
# Clean distraction free interface
# Document management with notebooks and tags
# Passcode lock feature will give you some peace of mind.

Beautiful interface
# Choose between 2 stunning themes
# Night mode

# Turn on iCloud so your notes are automatically available on all your devices
# Peiji automatically saves your notes as you make changes

Share your notes
# Export as PDF or RTF
# Sharing via email or SMS
# Upload to Dropbox or Drive
# Print wirelessly using AirPrint

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With MyTaskList you will never forget anything that you wanted to do. You can create all your reminders in it as well as shopping lists and checklists and synchronize them with all your devices over iCloud. The app is very intuitive and easy to use.


# Customize the colors and the icons of the app.
# Synchronize your data with all your devices over iCloud
# Synchronization with the Reminders app of Apple.
Create a task on your iPhone and it will appear on all your devices, even on your Mac.
# Background fetch
Your data is always up to date, even if you did not open the app for a while to refresh it. The tasks are aligned with iCloud and the Reminders app in the background.
# Intuitive and easy to use user interface
# Create lists to group tasks together
# Protect lists containing confidential data with pin code
# Create a hierarchy with tasks and subtasks
# Give priorities to tasks
# Location based reminders (at Arrival or Departure on certain location)
# Alerts for reminders
# Repeating tasks with user defined repeat options, for example “Every 3 Weeks on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Wednesdays” or “Every Year at the first weekday in February and August”
# Add notes to your tasks

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=> Digitize Your Paper Documents Because You Will Be Super Productive When They Are Always Available.

Scan your paper documents into digital reality with a single tap! Just point your camera to a document and scan. DocScanner is the simplest tool available to digitize your paper documents.

=> Get It Right With The First Shot!

The new, magical viewfinder of DocScanner gives you instant, real time feedback on scan quality. This ensures that you’ll always get a successful scan with the first shot.

=> Super Slick Operation.

DocScanner has an ultra smooth, full screen user interface with exceptional usability. The super slick operation of DocScanner makes you want to use it for all your scanning needs.

=> Well integrated with Apple.

Make the best use of your Apple products. DocScanner is compatible with all iOS based devices and supports iCloud. Have your DocScanner documents available on all your Apple devices.

=> Crystal Clear Results To Evernote With One Tap.

DocScanner is the best way to archive paper documents into Evernote. DocScanner automatically recognizes and categorizes the scanned document by type – a paper sheet, receipt, business card, whiteboard etc. Evernote is the best way to find your documents whenever you need them.

=>DocScanner comes fully packed with genuinely useful features.

Save your scanned documents automatically under organized categories – and find them as easily. Type in an email address to send a scanned document. Print your documents via Wi-Fi with any AirPrint compatible printer. Use HP network attached flatbed scanners as an external document source. The driver for HP scanners is available as an In-App Purchase.

=>Scan Everything With DocScanner!

Scan any document, business card, receipt, magazine, book, or a whiteboard with DocScanner.


=> All-new, magical viewfinder that gives real time feedback on scan quality – Get a successful scan on first shot.
=> Fully automated point & scan operation – No manual post-processing needed.
=> Ultra smooth user interface – Let the super slick operation of DocScanner 6 surprise you every time you use it.
=> Amazing crystal clear scan quality – Enjoy a flatbed equal scan quality on your iPhone/iPad.
=> Optical Character Recognition (OCR) – Search your scanned documents using keywords.
=> iCloud support – Have your scanned documents available on all your Apple devices.
=> Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive and WebDAV support – Be more efficient, have your scanned documents stored in the cloud the moment you scan them.
=> Support for gestures – Zoom and rotate the documents by using smooth two finger gestures.
=> AirPrint support – Print your DocScanner documents instantly with any AirPrint compatible printer via Wi-Fi.
=> External scanner support – Import scanned documents from Hewlett-Packard (HP) network attached flatbed scanners into DocScanner. Driver available as an In-App Purchase.

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Dispatch Makes it Easy to act on emails even when you’re on the move.

It lets you get rid of mails by swiping, respond faster with snippets, and process your mails with other apps.


Typing the same thing over and over again?

Store frequently used replies as snippets* and reuse them the next time you get a similar question.

Heck—we even say ‘Hi’ for you when replying an email so you can cut to the chase.

* Dispatch also supports “TextExpander touch snippet expansion” (sold separately).


Dispatch talks to 31 apps. For example, you can:

=> Archive important mails to Evernote
=> Save links to read later with Pocket
=> Create tasks in OmniFocus & Things
=> Set reminders in Reminders or Due

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Call, Text & Email anyone by sliding their name, all in one super fast app: Slide right to Call, slide left to Text, slide way left to Email. It’s that easy.

“Replaced Phone & Text in my dock and the stock Contacts app…so glad I found this!”

“It’s like speed dial for calls, texts AND emails.”

Watch the Video at!

– Speed Dial for Call, Text and Email
– Address Book manager built-in
– Contacts automatically sync with iCloud
– Phone: Keypad / Dialer included
– Group Text & Email
– Themes: 10 beautiful designs

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Drawing without pixels, without limits. Drawing where size, space, and boundaries don’t matter. Sketchology is fast, simple, and powerful. It’s a new type of drawing app.

Make something big.

Instead of giving you a virtual piece of paper, Sketchology gives you an almost limitless canvas to explore so you can do things like zoom down to an atomic level with no loss of quality. Instead of planning out thoughts, just start them.

And share. Export your design at scale — 1,500 megapixels scale


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