A simple and powerful money, expense management tool for personal finance, account

Wise Expense focuses on tracking your spending divvy up your monthly budget and understand spending habits in each area of your life, where your money goes

Put away the paperwork and get a better understanding of your daily, weekly, monthly and annual spending habits. Effective Ways To Manage Your Spending

Insightful statistics
Powerful tools that help visualize spending trends and easily spot

Keep track of all your expenses by categories
Easy to view your spending, statistics by categories. Customize your categories with colors, icons

Realtime updates
Automatically back up and sync your data between devices and the cloud

Multi languages support: English, Afrikaans, Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, German, French, Spanish, Italian ,Vietnamese

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BadgeBox is a HR app designed for mobile and desktop.
The app helps save time to freelancers and companies making it possible to manage daily tasks quickly and easily. Thanks to BadgeBox you will be able to manage attendance data and overtime, create timesheets on the go, track activities, projects and a lot more.

With BadgeBox, a freelancer will be able to:

# Keep track of the time spent for each job, minute per minute
# Register your work locations thanks to GPS system
# Manage work activities, create To-Do lists, mark and store the finished ones
# Generate invoices and track their deadlines
# Organize appointments, events and sync with your Google calendar
# Monitor the performance and maximize the profits of your activities
# Upload and access your files wherever you are, in maximum security
# Clock-in / out using Apple Watch

With BadgeBox, companies and their employees will be able to:

# Mobile clock-in and clock-out with the possibility of tracking punch location via GPS (as an optional feature if enabled by employer and employee)
# Create timesheets
# Submit vacation and day-off requests
# Track work time, projects and activities
# Send and review holiday and time-off requests
# Calculate overtime rates
# Manage invoice and accounting process
# Track costs and revenues for each project and activity
# Share in cloud files and data with your colleagues

Using BadgeBox you will have the following benefits:

# Improve data accuracy
# Eliminate paperwork and go green
# Reduce expenses
# Save time
# Have access to all data anytime from anywhere

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Simplify your life and start keeping your car, truck, motorcycle, and other vehicle records organized electronically with ease.

AUTOsist lets you store, track, and share maintenance receipts, insurance/registration documents, gas & fuel economy logs, reminders, and any other information you find important.

AUTOsist is a cloud based system so you can access your records anytime on any type of device. We also have a desktop web portal that syncs with the app:

Why use AUTOsist?

-PROLONG the life of your car, truck, motorcycle, or any of your vehicles by keeping detailed records of things like oil changes, tire rotations, brake jobs, and other maintenance tasks. Set reminders by date and/or mileage.

-IMPROVE resale value by showing future buyers a report of your maintenance and service history and then transfer them to the new owner with a simple click.

-ACCESS key information quickly like when your last oil change was done or tires replaced by searching and sorting with ease.

-MANAGE multiple vehicles and keep all your records in one convenient place and access them across multiple devices.

#Take pictures of receipts, documents, and other records with your phones camera and store them securely
# Manage multiple cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, planes, or any type of vehicle (1 vehicle free)
# Manage multiple services for each vehicle
#Manage your fleet cars/trucks or other business vehicles
# Repair log for each vehicle
# Fuel Tracker / Gas log for each vehicle – attach receipts and track all your fuel / gas fill ups in a dedicated area
# Maintain complete service history and run a report that compiles it all together in a shareable PDF
# Store notes for each vehicle
# Email vehicle service and repair history or any records you want
# Search easily to find key information
# Transfer records to anyone with just one click
# Set reminders for upcoming maintenance, important documents expiring, or anything else you find important. (Set by date and/or mileage)
View your records offline
Desktop Web Portal that syncs with the app:
Additional Metrics: Set by gallons or liters, miles or kilometers or hours, and use various currencies (Go to the tools icon or vehicle details page and click “Vehicle Settings” to edit)

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Do you copy and paste text, images and links often and managing this content can be a problem for you? No worries, as Copy Space is here to help! With our app you can copy all types of content, be it written, in the form of images or even entire documents, then paste it wherever you want on your device.

Copy and pasting content is very easy with Copy Space and all you have to do is to install the app, then you can access all your copied content and manage it without a problem.

Copy Space can also sync across all your devices using OneDrive once you get the in-app purchase.

Don’t make copying and pasting content hard, just download and use Copy Space right now and manage your content a lot easier. This is very helpful if you copy content often and need a good content manager tool, so just give Copy Space a shot immediately!

– Copy and paste text, links, images and documents
– Tag and copy items to your clipboard
– Access a history of your copied items
– Assign a fast copy keyboard letter for immediate usage (iPad with external keyboard)
– Dedicated Copy Space Today widget
– Automatically copy most recent text or file when app opens
– Sync data with your OneDrive account (in-app purchase)

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You don’t need another “text editor.” That’s why Rough Draft makes editing tough, so writing is easy.

Ever write your first draft on a notepad? Writing on paper, you let go and just get your idea out. You don’t get caught up perfecting the words too early. Rough Draft is like writing with pen and paper, so you can’t delete words, only cross them out. Each “edit” reminds you that you’re writing a rough draft.

Rough Draft also supports your drafting with:

• Placeholders – Simple tags for where a picture, video, quote, or other supporting info will be added later. Stay focused now, and give supporting elements the focus they deserve later.

• Sidenotes – Easily create and drag-and-drop sticky notes for those genius ideas you get when writing you’re in flow (but aren’t sure just where they will fit yet).

• Clean Export – When you’re done drafting, Rough Draft can remove your scratched-out words, and export a clean ready to revise draft.
* Clean exporting is a paid feature, but as a small “Thank you!” for trying Rough Draft one is included free.

• Draft Management – No need to manage folders in Finder; Rough Draft’s got you covered with a complete file management system in-app.

• iCloud Syncing – Start drafting on your iPhone, continue on your iPad, and finish on your Mac.
* Mac-to-Mac syncing is free, and Mac-to-iOS syncing is unlocked when you purchase Clean Export.

• Rough Export – Feel free to draft to your heart’s content: with Rough Draft you can export your “rough” drafts for free forever. (But we recommend Clean Export to get your rough ideas polished and ready to publish!)

• Settings – Fit Rough Draft to your liking with simple settings.

Along with many more subtle features to support your writing flow! If you’ve made it this far, we recommend experiencing Rough Draft for yourself – we made it free to try so you can check it out and decide if you love it or hate it without any commitment.

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Everybody has his own demand on tracking time, but most people can’t persist on it because of the complicated and troubled track method. Habit of “tracking time and management” still belongs to a few people.

Timeblocks has super easy and rapid method to track time which hardly costs energy. It makes everyone to build a good habit of tracking time and analysis. No need to have huge persistence, you can still persist on time management.

Here are some comment of our users:
“One of my favourite time management/tracking apps!”
“Very easy to use and intuitive”

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TaskOnPaper is a powerful and at the same time an intuitive tool for creating to-do lists. Enter your plans and goals, group them into projects and edit them as easily as on paper.

TaskOnPaper – The Next Generation of TaskPaper for iOS 7-iOS 9, it’s the return of the LEGENDARY TaskPaper in AppStore.

Due to the simplicity and ease of use TaskOnPaper will increase your productivity to new heights!

***** APPADVICE *****
“TaskOnPaper app lets you enter tasks, projects, and notes just like you would on physical paper. As a continuation of the popular TaskPaper, this app provides an easy way for you to stay productive”

***** iOS 8 Italia *****
“TaskOnPaper revolutionizes how to write fast in our device, combining notes, reminders, and .txt documents in a single application.”

# Next Generation of TaskPaper for iOS 7 and iOS 8
# Full compatibility with TaskPaper for Mac by
# Passcode protection in start-up screen
# Sync across devices with DROPBOX – plain text format which can be edited in any text editor
# Paper-like user experience
# Clean distraction free interface
# Outlining, trees, sub-folders, sub-notes, sub-tasks
# Fully customizable appearance of the application: fonts, size, colors, backgrounds
# Fully compatible with iOS 7 and iOS 8
# TextExpander Touch Support
# Sending by email, print, AirDrop, AirPrint
# Powerful search with advanced query language, flexibility of management.

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NO.TIfy.ME is designed for those people who are looking a full-featured app to manage daily planning life better. It is a super simple 2do list, reminder and task manager application that helps you to get usual stuff on right time.

NO.TIfy.ME is very intuitive and ergonomic design that coming out for everybody.

It helps you to create tasks, notes, notebook, checklist and use to get notified just in time for repeating activities. You will never miss any event from your life so we collaborate events, plan, schedule and notes in one place so that you do not need to spend extra money for other apps.

Key Features of NO.TIfy.ME:

# Add, create todoist and schedule your tasks from iPhone or iPad
# Assign your alert by planner for your comfort in app use
# Easy to add a new task even while driving the car (not recommended)
# Set due dates and reminders to never forget or miss important plan of your life
# Snooze an alert for one hour or one day in inappropriate moments

Super & Easy Features of NO.TIfy.ME:

# Access your tasks even when you’re offline
# Set due dates and recurring dates for tasks
# View “This week’s tasks in your Notification Center
# View “Later this month’s tasks in your Notification Center
# View “This year and later’s tasks in your Notification Center
# Quickly create tasks with a single “PLUS” Add button
# Get notified about tasks and due dates through push notifications

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UnrealReader is the one app for a plurality of possible actions with your files. Is the complex of tools for your books, documents, images, web, media and huge number of other types of files.

With UnrealReader you can more then ever before, wherever you are: at work, in school, in college, on the road or just in your favorite coffee shop – just open the UnrealReader and get the maximum capacity.

Here is an opportunity that can give you the UnrealReader:
# Reader and edit PDF, Text, Images, Web, Code and more other files.
# Search inside files.
# Smart search for the files in folders and manage them.
# Copy files from Mac, PC, Linux and other.
# Copy, Move, Rename, Sort, Create, Archive, Unarchive, Download, Upload, Edit files and folders.
# Download, upload and manage files inside cloud storages like iCloud, DropBox and Box.
# UnrealReader is the only one app in the AppStore with smart share in cloud storages. (You can share one more items with beautiful e-mail template).
# Get and share full info of your images, videos, music, texts, PDFs, office, books and many more files.
# Share files with your Friends.
# Protect app with password.

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Built for visual people who use their camera as a way of remembering things they want to take action on – NINE lets you capture quickly, organise simply and find easily.

No more scrolling through your entire library to find that elusive photo reminder…

# Use the camera (or import from your library) to quickly capture photos of things you want to remember.
# Subtle filter to give your images clarity.
# Automatically notes the location so you can find that shop or restaurant again.

# Using a combination of the NINE action tags, organise however you like, e.g. A great recipe – ‘Make’, gorgeous sweater – ‘Love’ and ‘Buy’, must-see movie poster – ‘Watch’ and ‘Go’
# More than a ‘to-do’, now you have ‘to-buy’, ‘to-make’, ‘to-go’…
# Completed items are archived without losing them forever.

# Tap a tag to see everything related.
# Search by label for something specific.
# A detailed view of the item lets you zoom your picture, find it on the map, edit or share it with friends.

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