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Secure It. Lock It. Guard It.
Secure all your private data in a private vault!

VaultSecure Pro app is the ultimate information security data vault where you keep your personal photos, videos, voice memo, eWallet, and notepad private under lock and key. Additionally, you can sync all data so you have access across all your devices. Photo storage, video storage, note storage are just some of the great functionalities of VaultSecure Pro.

* Your private cloud will ensure you never lose your important personal data ever again *

The VaultSecure Pro App allows the highest level of customized data security and data protection for your Apple devices. Use PIN pad lock, fingerprint touch ID, facedown auto lock, create a fake PIN to protect the real Vault, and get visual break-in alerts. Also get additional private cloud space.

* Keep Your Sensitive and Private Data SAFE *

Fully control your data privacy by using the VaultSecure Pro App. The App offers an ultimately secure Vault which is guarded by a PIN and fingerprint ID to keep personal photos and secret videos private safe. Anyone can customize the App to choose which photos, videos, albums and folders require privacy. The app has the highest levels of data encryption. Lock your eWallet and Notepad to keep card details, passwords and sensitive data hidden.

Vault Secure Pro’s security FEATURES:

# Private Cloud – Protect and sync up to 50 privacy photos across devices.
# PIN Pad – Lock out everyone but you.
# Facedown Lock – Auto-exit by turning your phone facedown
# Safe Send – Share personal photos and selfies for a limited time.
# Photos by Email – Add photos directly-and securely-to Vault Secure Pro via email.
# Recover private photos – Pull from our cloud if you lose your phone or tablet.
# Sync photos – Sync between your Vault Secure Pro devices.
# Touch ID integration – Support for iPhone’s finger-print authentication
# Fake PIN – Create a decoy PIN to keep your files safer.
# Album Lock – Add extra protection with a privacy password per photo album.
# Video Lock – Add all personal Videos to secure vault.
# eWallet Lock – Protect all your sensitive data.
# Voice Memo Recorder Lock – Important voice notes kept safe and hidden.
# Notepad Lock – Ideas and sensitive notes secured and protected.
# Custom Covers – Set a photo as a custom album cover.
# Break-In Alerts – Lock the app or take a selfie after multiple PIN attempts.
# Private Premium Cloud – Protect and sync up to 5,000 personal photos and videos across devices.
# Secret Door – Disguise Vault Secure Pro as a different app altogether.
# Pin Timeout – Leave Vault Secure Pro unlocked for 30 seconds after close.
# PIN Themes – Customize the look and feel of Vault Secure Pro.

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Video VS video. 20 seconds. 1 winner, 1 loser. 13 categories. Countries in video war to stake their flag beside categories. Also practical uses: make a free video commercial to promote your business/website/charity to app users!
Welcome to the only app that has users exchanging short, categorized video clips in battle with each other. Categories include “Best Kiss”, “Skills”, “Partying”, “Animals”, “Opinions/Issues”, “Good Samaritans” and many more.
Number of likes will decide winners and losers.
Country flags show the origin of category leaders.
Unheard-of functions allow you to damage an opposing video or protect and repair your own. If you don’t enjoy making videos, just browse, watch and enjoy!

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Capture the best photos from your videos or live photos. Never miss a moment again! Shutta allows you to scroll through your videos and live photos, frame by frame, to capture the perfect moment and save it as a photo without losing any resolution. Any video stored on your phone is available automatically within Shutta. Videos taken with your phone are immediately accessible, or you can sync your GoPro or professional camera footage to your phone and simply save your favourite photo moments, in print quality resolution, back to your phone. • Easily capture and extract photos from video • Retain resolution: HD video will produce HD photos • Access 4K footage recorded on iPhone 6S to extract photos in an even higher resolution (availability of 4K footage synced from other devices depends on the syncing software of your device) • Capture the precise photo moment from Live Photos • Scroll through 30/60/120/240 frames per second, depending on the frame rate of your video • Double your phone’s native frame rate with videos recorded from within Shutta (iPhone 4s & 5 only) • Take part in Shutta Missions – fun photo contests with great prizes • Find and follow friends or fellow Shuttographers on the integrated social network • Simultaneously post to the Shutta network, Facebook and Twitter • Email or SMS your favourite Shutta moments • Download the high resolution pictures straight to your phone • Free and unlimited: capture and share as many photos as you wish Take part in fun photo contests with great prizes! Browse the current Shutta Missions to find a photo contest that you would like to enter. Read the Mission Brief, then go out and capture awesome videos to extract your photos from. Post your entries to the mission directly after extracting the capture from the video, or enter your submission from the Mission detail page. Each contest comes with different, but equally awesome, prizes! In the words of some of the early adopters: “This is probably one of the most useful apps on the AppStore. […] I really enjoy seeing this community grow every single day!” “You can get a perfect picture of any point of your video that you choose! The quality of the pictures are great! A must have app!” “Awesome app. Can’t believe it’s free. Simple yet effective! It’s changed the way I take photos!” “I only use it to get still images from videos (I don’t publish them). But this is the best app to get your still images from any video!” “Love this app! Really easy to use and a super nice community.” Shutta requires iOS 7.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Customer Support: We want you enjoy Shutta to the full and appreciate your feedback! Are you having any issues? Contact us through the contact form on and we will do our utmost to help you resolve it. Looking for additional features? Let us know so we can consider including it in the next release. Love the app? Please post a review on the app store!!

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VideoPop is your personal video calendar that allows you to capture, remember and share your life by the day, week, month and year – One video at a time. After recording your video every day, you will then have the ability to string them all together into a single montage of your life. You can even add more than 2 videos for a single day and merge up to 10 minutes of video recording!

This app is about one thing and one thing only – Capturing your best videos for the day and saving them for later reference. For people who love to remember their life through their videos, this is the perfect app for you!

VideoPop lets you save videos by the day and view it by the month in calendar or timeline view. If you enjoy recording videos of all your special moments and are looking for a cool way to remember each day with a video, then VideoPop is definitely the right app for you!

Here are all of the special things you can do with VideoPop:
# Record brand new videos within the app
# Import existing videos from your Camera Roll, Dropbox, or Google Drive
# Auto-sync your mobile device’s video gallery with VideoPop’s calendar
# Edit videos by adjusting their time length
# Add fun video filters for different visual effects
# Add catchy background music from your song library
# Add video titles, tags, and locations for easy discovery
# Add notes to each video to easily encapsulate those precious moments
# Merge select videos to create a video montage based on any given time period, tag, title, or location
# Save your videos by sharing to DropBox or Google Drive to improve storage space on your mobile device
# Share your videos via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, Tumblr, Evernote, Messaging (WeChat, LINE, Kakao, iMessage, Text Message), E-mail and many others

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FOTOTAG: HD Photo Sharing and Stamps on Photos app. Post University Stamps, Pro Football, Disney, Pro Baseball stamps onto your photos when you attend games or on college campus/city. Add Emoji stamps onto your photos to tell how your feeling. Login/Share with Facebook ID.

#. Place Emoji’s on your photos as stamps. How to: Take Picture. Share to your daily feed. Click on Tag Button. Select Emoji stamp. Select an Emoji/symbol. Click on Emoji. Emoji is stamped on your photo. Share with Friends or Facebook.

#. Place your college stamps on a photo while at school and share with your Friends on Facebook. 10 Stamps for .99 cents. How to: Take a picture. Share to your feed. Click on Tag Button. Click on Sports. Select desired stamp.
* Must have Location Service sharing turned on.

#. While at Pro Football/Pro baseball games, Place your team stamp on the photo. Share with your friends. How to: Take a picture. Share to your feed. Click on Sports. Click on Tag Button. Select desired stamp. 10 Stamps for .99 cents.
* Must have location sharing service turned on.

#. Add a custom message directly onto your Photo. Take a photo. Share to Feed. Click on Custom. Enter message. Select Font/Size. Save.
#. Place the Clinton or Trump stamp directly onto your photo to show support as they run for president. Share on Facebook and Twitter. Take a picture. Share to your feed. Select Tag Button. Click on Location button. Select Trump or Clinton stamp for .99 cents for unlimited posts through the 2016 US Presidential election.

#. Places of interest. While visiting these popular places of interest place stamp onto photo. Share with Family. How to: Take photo. Share to your feed. Click on Tag Button. Click on Sports. Select desired stamp. 10 for .99 cents.

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+ Do you have little space on your iPhone? Are your photos and videos weighting too much?
+ Have you ever need to delete photos or other apps to free up space?
+ Maybe you’re a blogger and you need your pictures in a particular size.
+ You need to shoot and store many pictures for your work, for budgeting, saving documents, photographing objects, but not at full resolution.
+ You want to store many photos on your favorite cloud service (iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.), but without paying more.

With this application you will solve your problem. You can take photos directly to the resolution you want, without losing metadata.

Do not worry about the quality of your photos, the photo is made in the highest quality, but it reduces down to save. Most of the time we do not need a huge photo. And you can continue taking photos at full resolution if you want.

You can also make lower resolution copies of the photos from your camera to carry in mobile and show them. The application lets you reduce entire albums of photos.


No more limitations to your photos, select a photo size or manually select your resolution, and all your photos will be saved to that resolution.

Reduces entire albums of pictures to store in your iPhone at lower resolution. In this way, you can carry thousands of photos to show to your friends.


With this new feature, you can add as many tags as you want to your photos, and then you will find them more easily.

You can even tag your photos with Emojis!!!

All tags are integrated in both Spotlight and iPhoto/Photo application for Mac (Photo search with Spotlight on the iPhone is only available from iOS 9).

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Welcome to DuoPix – the #1 photo comparison app that allows you to compare two pictures by placing

them side by side. It helps you easily capture the ‘before and after’, ‘then and now’, ‘this and that’, ‘with

and without’ and other such moments.

Special Features of DuoPix-

• Upload from gallery or click your own photo for Top|Bottom and Left|Right comparison of two


• Add predefined or custom text captions

• Share your DuoPix pictures on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email, SMS or Save it in your gallery

DuoPix serves several purposes-

• Before | After comparison:

You can place two pictures side by side to show your weight loss, hair growth, growth spurts,

beard growth and many more.

• Then | Now comparison:

Quickly compare results of a makeover, see how your kids have grown over the years or just

create a humorous comparison for fun.

• This | That comparison:

Simply upload or share your photo comparison pictures and take suggestions from friends, or

maybe ask about vacation choices. For example, you can place a picture of a blue colored dress

next to a red colored dress and ask your friends to take a call

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Find your inner actor and challenge your friends in the hilarious new app Why The Face for iOS.

Why The Face is a multiplayer game, where you challenge friends and take turns guessing each others facial expressions of different situations.

What face would you put on if you just ‘won 1 million in the lottery’? Or what would be your facial reaction if you just ‘stepped on a dog poo’? You might know, but does your friends know you well enough to guess it? And do you know how they would react to any other situation? Put your friendship and acting skills to the test with Why The Face.

It’s easy and fun. Simply choose one of three situations and take a selfie of what your expression would be. Send it to your friend, and wait for him or her to guess and send you an expression back!

Every time you are able to correctly guess an expression you and your friend earn points. Together you can climb the levels and one day become renowned Hollywood Stars.

Start playing Why The Face and challenge your friends today!

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Celebrities, celebrities, and more celebrities. Your instant celebrity fix, the best celebrity photo app, just got better! Think of FirstLook as the ultimate digital celeb magazine, made up of only the celebrities you care about, updated as soon as it happens, with a selection unlike any other. Don’t settle for just one or two photos that an editor decided you should see, every photo from every angle is now at your fingertips. You see the photos at the same time the world’s top media editors do, giving you the ability to be the first to see and share the image. With FirstLook you are a trend starter, not a trend follower.

FirstLook features :- 
# Follow the celebrities that matter most to you, no matter how big or small, we have nearly 100,000 to choose from.
# Alerts for new images sent right to your phone as soon as they’re taken.
# If celebrities are there, so are we! View all the related images at parties, events and important social happenings large and small. See all the photos from the entire event, not just one like on other services.
# There are events happening all over the world every day, and we have photographers there covering them.
# Explore is a curated feed around trending, relevant and popular content in entertainment.
# Flashback pics of some of the earliest shots of the celebrities you follow are now delivered to your home feed
# Share, copy, and embed to your heart’s delight, it’s free and legal for personal, non-commercial use
# Follow your favorite photographers to keep up with all of their latest pics
# Discover and follow new artists that you aren’t currently following through search or in the Explore tab.
# Visit a celebrity’s profile page to see every image of them, from every event.
# Search for anyone from our library of nearly 100,000 celebrities and more than 40 million pictures.
# Filter and sort search results by date, to hone in on the exact photo you are looking for.
# Daily updates for featured female and male models and celebrities, daily fashion updates and alerts, and featured worldwide event of the day.
# Create,curate, and share collections of your favorite photos.

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