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The best mobile security app to ease all your privacy worries, with interactive features that let you create folders, take notes, save links and browse privately.
Your phone can only do so much to keep your photos, bookmarks and valuable information secure. SteelVault is the solution for all your security related problems – it allows you to store photos and files, create notes, save links and browse completely privately, all accessed by PIN or touch ID.
It ensures the highest level of security, so you don’t have to worry about anyone gaining access to your information without your consent. If someone tries to access SteelVault without your permission, you will get a break-in attempt report which includes time, location, and photo of the intruder. At the end of the day, SteelVault exists to protect your privacy and security.

Features include:
# Secure your files (photos, videos, documents etc.) and information with a four-digit PIN or touch ID.
Create folders to save your photos and files in.
Import photos from your gallery, iCloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox and secure them in SteelVault.
Create notes to save important information like your credit card or bank details.
Save important links by creating secure bookmarks.
Use a completely private browser to ensure that nobody can get access to your browsing history and activity.
# Option to automatically delete photos from your camera roll after you import them to SteelVault.
Export and backup all folders to the iCloud. Google Drive, or Dropbox.
Customize the look and feel of your SteelVault by choosing from a range of personalized themes.
AppLock to lock any apps in your phone with a PIN
Set a time and location where you SteelVault is unlocked
Shuffle PIN – option to automatically change the keyboard layout
Break-in attempts automatically track

SteelVault has a straightforward and interactive interface that can be personalized via a growing range of themes. You can access your files and folders by just clicking on the app and entering the PIN. When you first set up the PIN, you will be asked to set a recovery email that you can use to change your PIN, in case you forget it.

The fundamental purpose of SteelVault is to provide additional security for your photos, files, and information. You get four essential features with the app which help you keep your phone secure – folders, notes, bookmarks and private browser. You can access all four of these from the sidebar on the left, where you will also find the option for Settings, FAQ, and Support. You can use the support option to send an email to the SteelVault App support team, to assist you in case you have any questions, comments, or issues.
You can use the folder option to create and name a new folder, where you can then save your files and photos. You have the choice of importing files from your camera roll or other online storage apps or taking a picture directly from SteelVault.

With the help of the notes feature, you can save any important or sensitive information that you want. You can also easily modify the font and the size to fit your needs. Similarly, with the bookmarks feature you can privately save links to access them later.

SteelVault has a custom-built browser, which you can use to browse the internet privately; none of your activity will be tracked or saved. This browser was built specifically for SteelVault and does not use Safari, Chrome, or other mass-produced browsers as even in Incongnito, those browsers still track a user’s history. SteelVault has combatted this by building their own custom browser that does not track or save any browsing history. All for your peace of mind.




This app is so much fun to play with, but it’s much more than a toy. With it, you can create images resembling the hand-made works of a true master who spent painstaking hours over a work of art.

The Engraver app lets you turn any picture into an impressive old-style engraving that looks hand-drawn. A powerful, extremely qualitative engine and carefully selected presets of parameters let you choose a wide variety of engraving effects without any extra effort or special knowledge.

# The power and productivity of AlphaPlugins EngraverIII pro tool.
# The best sets of parameters, specially chosen for you.
# Elegant and easy-to use intuitive interface.
# 20 years of image processing experience in your hands. Just enjoy with creating!




Everyone loves to see how people react.

Reaction Cam allows you to see your friends and family’s INITIAL reaction to: THAT photo; THAT video; THAT website; THAT Donald Trump tweet; THAT music video; THAT radio announcement; THAT Reality TV result moment; THAT news story etc etc!!!!

Reaction Cam allows you to film you or your friends and family’s response to watching various media on your smart phone; be it a friend’s wedding snaps or the YouTube video everyone’s talking about.

Simply by sending them a link, they can record their reaction as soon as they open the App!

Your reaction video can then be shared by social media or any other way you choose. Reaction cam also allows you to film yourself and your comments IN-BROWSER.

So don’t just watch it…. ‘REACTION CAM’ it!!

Note: Reaction Cam final videos cannot show the videos reacted to on all sites nor can it record live streamed video2 although audio will be recorded if you are not using headphones (be careful of copyright violations – this is YOUR responsibility).



Meet Storyo 2.0, an amazing visual storyteller for documenting unforgettable moments spent with the people who matter most. Simply invite your friends to add their photos. Then watch the magic unfold. Storyo 2.0 gathers the best photos from everyone who shared in the fun, unlocks amazing details, and pulls together related Facebook posts and facts to create a compelling group video memory – ready for everyone to edit or enjoy as is.

If you like sharing video collages, travel videos and journals, you’ll love telling the bigger story with Storyo 2.0.

Here’s why:

Only Storyo 2.0 gives you the ability to create unique group video memories with amazing details. By combining the photos and perspectives of everyone who made the moment so special, Storyo 2.0 helps you tell a more complete story.

Simply invite your friends to be a part of your story. Once they accept, Storyo 2.0 gathers everyone’s best photos from that really great time and incorporates them into your video memory. The more perspectives you include, the easier it is to recapture the best of any experience.

Based on photo timelines, Storyo 2.0 analyzes your camera roll to find the stories behind your photos. It recognizes that amazing trip, a holiday gathering, a fantastic evening, or the old photos of your pet. So every time you open Storyo 2.0, you’ll find a collection of suggested memories. Just browse the ‘Timeline’ section and watch the magic unfold.

You can also CREATE your own video memory with 3 simple taps. Just select the photos you like from start to finish and press PLAY. In seconds, you’ll have a personal video memory ready to edit or share as is.

Log in with Facebook® and Storyo 2.0 will mix in posts that best express the emotions of that day. Add detailed weather info to your video to remind you how hot, cold or perfect it was at that special moment.

Add a professional touch to your stories with stunning videos from a specially curated collection by Shutterstock®. Storyo 2.0 automatically suggests video clips that seem best suited to your story. Pick the one you like best and the next thing you know, it’s part of your video.

Storyo 1.0 users from 170 countries created more than 2 million video memories. Now with the super simple Storyo 2.0 and its unique features, we hope you’ll enjoy creating many more.



With this application you can create your passport photos directly from your device.
Few and intuitive steps and you can print, save or share your photos for documents and passport.
Do not necessary great knowledge of photography world, you can use this app if you are inexperienced or photographer.

# Save time and money.
# Photo formats most common in the world, custom, 4.5×3.5 cm, 2×2 inch, 4×3 cm and many others.
# Customizable photo id dimension.
# Photographic paper most used, A4, A5, A6, 13×18, 3½x5¼ and many others, in centimeters or inches.
# Adjust the print margins.
# Set the resolution of the image (dpi).
# Set the printer paper’s direction (portrait or landscape).
# Print, save or export only the photos you need, from single photo up to 14.
# Set contrast, brightness and saturation of your images.
# Check the print settings with the ruler printed on the side of the passport photos.



Make and watch interactive videos on-the-fly.
● Swipe for 1,000,000+ layouts, colors and styles
● Easily insert your favorite GIFs, videos and photos
● Tap through thousands of fast-paced interactive stories
● Export videos at any dimension to share on all platforms
● Instant publishing with no rendering or waiting

Flyr is filled to the brim with quick, eye-catching videos, from action sports and tech reviews to memes and fails. Check out new, trending stories every day or make your own!

Upgrade your social posts by making Snapchat Discover-style content in seconds. Flyr is a lightning-fast production studio in your pocket.

Watch it in action here:

As creators, we knew the biggest pain points when making videos, so we found a better way. A way to produce impressive interactive videos without lengthy render/upload times or the need for a computer.

*For a great experience we recommend iPhone6 or newer*

Welcome to the video revolution. Life is interactive, now videos are too.



Picstagrab is an app that will help you watermark and/or repost images and videos from Instagram with optional added captions. If for instance you are posting picture of the day, moderating an Instagram hub or otherwise repost images and videos from Instagram regularly, Picstagrab will save you a lot of time and effort by helping you automate the process of featuring a picture or video.

When loading a picture or video, an automatic search may be performed using Tineye and Google image-search in order to see if there are duplicates out there. If there are duplicates, you may check the search results in order to determine if the picture is “stolen” or not. Picstagrab will make no assumptions regarding the found duplicates.

Before reposting a picture, you may add a watermark from your own “watermark-collection”. You can manage your watermark collection by adding and removing available watermarks, you may choose any picture available in your camera-roll to use as a watermark. When adding a watermark to a picture, you can reposition, resize and change the opacity of the watermark as well as selecting to remove white or black backgrounds from the watermark in order to make the background of the watermark transparent.

You may share a picture or video with an optional caption included.
The included caption may be written as you repost, or may be selected from your very own “caption-library”. In the captions you may have automatic insertion of the username of the user that originally posted the picture/video and the original caption from the picture/video you are about to repost.

You may also store a list of favourite users/hashtags for easy access, simply click the star in the search-results and the user/hashtag will be stored as a favourite.

Your most recently viewed pictures/videos will be available for easy access through the “recently-viewed” page.

In order to share your watermarks, captions and favourites between several Apple-devices, simply enable iCloud sync, and synchronisation will be handled automatically. Also if you are transferring to a new Apple-device, all watermarks, captions and favourites will automatically be made available on your new device as long as iCloud sync is enabled for the same appleID as your old device.

You can now also do a manual backup of your watermarks, favourite and captions. Simply tap the Backup button, and a complete backup will be made available that you can transfer to your computer using iTunes. To restore, transfer it back to the app through iTunes, and tap the backup name in the Restore from backup page.



“successfully cApping your past, present and future, with 0% accuracy.”

Want to know your family or friend’s Current Thought? Their Next Career Path? A Fun Fact about them that nobody could possibly have known? Need a somewhat amusing caption for a Group Photo? Well, that is absolutely not going to happen, but, you can have these and other completely-inaccurate, useless, mediocrely funny captions, for all of your photos…

cApp’d! features thousands of captions to make any pic, almost humorous. Take your normal boring photo, and make it not as mind-numbingly boring. Need something to do aside from staring at the wall? Give cApp’d! a shot. Or don’t. Just stare at the wall.

cApp’d! uses a photo captioning algorithm our scientists developed after recording data from 3 years of 1000 monkeys typing at 1000 typewriters. It doesn’t work.

Add a Caution or Danger Sign (among many others) to REALLY make your picture stand out from all the Facebook Bathroom Selfies.

Want to skyrocket your photography to a level that is even higher than an Instagrammed Spaghetti Dinner? Create your own ANIMATED GIF with cApp’d!s GIF maker.

Need something a bit more High-Tech than a GIF? Add a caption or sign to an actual video with cApp’d!s video option. Record a video with the multiple cut function for a slightly less boring video than you normally would have taken. So, NOW you will have THAT going for you, which is nice.

Have a great idea for a caption? Keep it to yourself. Or. You can add your own caption with the custom caption feature.

Choose from a list of Caption Categories
Random Captions
Fun Fact
Current Thought
Future Career
My Face When…
Group Captions
Clean Captions

cApp’d!+ logo



cApp’d!+ QR


For all those who are tired of scouring to find a Video Player App that plays all formats, the search ends here – CnX Player is one app that facilitates not just watching, but also storing and managing any digital multimedia content that you might have! The app’s selling feature is the number of formats and extensions it can play; be it your usual MKV and MP4 or offbeat extensions that your default video player doesn’t read, CnX offers its users a wide variety of formats that can be played and enjoyed!

With a 4K and HD playback of H.265 and H.264, or the HEVC and AVC formats respectively, CnX Player is unique in that it doesn’t eat up your battery like most video players do. Its 64-bit optimized software video decoders ensure that you can continue watching your playback in HD format for quite some time, and you can run subtitles to boot! The usual features of most video players are present; you can scale your playback, pick your aspect ratio, control the speed of playback and the like.

Apart from the usual, CnX Player also offers its users a number of unique characteristics – there’s the gesture controls with which you can control your volume, brightness and even the playback Seeking. You can organize and manage your multimedia library with extreme ease and as long as you are connected to a strong WiFi, you can even transfer files wirelessly! Custom playbacks, good themes, and fun video filters to choose the brightness, contrast, saturation and the like are also available within the settings of the app.

The user interface is easy to navigate and comes in a fun, simple design that is elegant and aesthetically pleasing. The app offers easy accessibility to all videos in the form of the navigation menu, which is easy to operate. Free for download on both Apple and Android stores, this is one video playback app that everyone should give a definite try!

CnX Player is a video player app for playback of videos and movies on iPhone & iPad. You can watch all your favorite videos in high quality without conversion. CnX Player plays all popular video formats such as MKV, MP4, AVI, TS and many more, that usually don’t play or sync with the default Video Player. CnX Player lets you watch, store, manage and share your videos. Get it now its free !!!

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My Happy is a brand new iOS and Android app that allows you to make your very own motivational posters (called Happies) in just a few taps. All you need to do is take or choose a picture, type up a message, select your font, add some artwork, and hit send or share.


You can share your Happies on your favorite social media channels or with your friends by inviting them to join. My Happy also gives you the option of sending ready-made, professionally designed posters with an impressive gallery of templates.


My Happy combines the ease of an instant messaging app, with the functionality of a photo sharing platform. But more than just another photo editor or chat app, My Happy offers an exciting new way to create meaningful visuals to share with your friends.


More than just another photo sharing app


Creating Happies can become quite addictive as you explore all the photo filters, options and available extras. The app’s simple, intuitive interface makes learning the ins and outs a breeze, so it only takes a minute or two before you feel 100% comfortable creating stunning Happies for your friends.


My Happy’s vast range of features give it the sort of long-term appeal that’ll keep you coming back for more. And you’ll never be short on ideas for new Happies once you get a feel for how to use all the little icons in the artworks sections.


After creating one of these Happies, you really get the sense that you’ve made something cool, and want to share it with as many people as you can.


Okay so what’s with all the Happy-ness?


On the My Happy site and throughout its messaging, the team have made it abundantly clear that the focus is on something greater than just words and pictures. My Happy aims to create a movement towards a more inspired society by giving users a better way to express themselves, and connect with the people they care about.



If you’re the type of person who shares inspirational quotes on your social channels, this app is a dream come true. Best of all, My Happy is completely free. And so are all the filters and photo effects you’ll need to create stunning picture messages.


Everybody loves motivational messages, and they almost seem to share themselves on social media. My Happy has honed in on this idea, and defined a strong audience around people who want to create their own inspirational posters, not just for their social networks but for their family and friends too. We’ve given this app a 5 star rating for bringing something fresh to the photo sharing space. Its free filters, great artworks and powerful photo effects make My Happy one to watch out for as its community develops.

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