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Editing images and adding some effect to them is my favorite task in free time. I used many camera apps but this time I found something new. This new app is WonderGlass which enables you to put an image in the real life. Moreover, you can make a creative video to get the fun. To know more kindly continue with your reading.

WonderGlass Features:

  • Fit the image into the real life
  • Option to change the size of the image
  • You can tilt the attached image
  • Save the recording
  • Cool effects
  • Option to share with friends
  • User-friendly app

The overall strategy is very simple. You just need to select the image from photo gallery or from effects list and then click on right symbol icon. The image or the effect will automatically get attached to the image. Then tap on the red button to record the video and then click on the pause button to complete it. Click on the save button and it will be saved in your device gallery.

It’s a good platform to enhance things with amazing effects. The biggest thing is that it is quite simple to use. I love all the effects and they really suit the images.

Well, I would like to say that WonderGlass is really a good application for those who love to make images unique and eye-catchy. So download it and get your wonder effects.




It happens many times that we want to keep our media files confidential. It is no matter whether your media belongs to personal life or business. Recently I got platform name as Photo Vault which provides the way to store your images and other media files. This app is available on the iOS store. The main purpose of this app is to provide the security to your media files.

Photo Vault Features:

  • Passcode – You can set your pass code to provide the security to this application.
  • Folder Structure – Make your own folder.
  • Restore media – You can restore the media to the gallery at any time.
  • Easy Accessibility – The accessibility of the app is really easy and nice.
  • Editing – You can go for edit option and delete the folder or image from the app.

How to use this app?

The using of this app is really easy. You only need to upload pictures into this app. If you wish you can make the folder also and insert your image there. In this way, your media files will be safe. Other than this, the app is totally transparent in use. A user can delete the images and folder at any time on your choice. The app is free to download but there are some in-app purchasing.

Final words:

Photo Vault is an application which provides the way to save images. A user can save the images and videos on it. I am happy with this app and 100% recommend. No complex strategy in this application. The using of this app is really easy.

Photo Vault



Doing photography and videography is my hobby. As I love to travel to different places, I always carry my camera. But nowadays it is possible to do marvelous videography with my phone. The reason is Butter Smooth Video Camera. It is a mobile application which I’m using. It is available for the iOS platform.

Buttery Smooth Video Camera is offering enough options without too complicated scenario. It helps in making a professional video for the products too. With a single tap, you can get the cinematic zoom. There is no need to title videos again and again as there are real-time level and horizon.

Key features of Buttery Smooth Video Camera

  • Quickly turn location tagging.
  • It consumes less power
  • Manual control with freeze lock
  • Enable to record more and more
  • User-friendly app
  • Option to change the front camera to back camera and vice-versa
  • Option to change the brightness
  • You can easily know that how much record time is available
  • Other options like zoom, audiometer, anti-shake and may more

If you got a DJ OSMO Mobile gimbal, it’s fully integrated into buttery. The great thing is that it does not contain any in-app purchasing. It’s good in every aspect of accessing. Even I can see the battery level too. Within a single tap, it is easy to view battery level, screen brightness, and rotation lock. It shows the difference between the automatic settings and current manual exposure settings.

Last words:

Buttery Smooth Video Camera is one of the great camera apps that I used ever. It helps me a lot in my professional life too and I am happy with this application. I highly recommend this app to all of you. I am sure you would love to access this. It’s smooth, versatile and easy to use. Now catch every good moment to make it memorable.

Buttery Smooth Video Camera




I love to record videos in my party and other events. For this purpose, I have different apps which are helpful for me for this work. Making of GIF is also another thing which I like most.  Recently I got one app name as ARmoji X which is all about this kind of work. This app is providing a great way of generating GIF, making videos and shares it with friends.

App Features:

  • There are more than 12 different AR Emoji
  • It enables the user to switch between head more and a body mode
  • Personalizing of emoji with equipment
  • It gives 10 seconds time for GIF making
  • Video Recording time is 4 minutes

Mind it sure that this app supports only iPhone X only.

My personal experience:

I really enjoy this app. I make videos and GIF and share it on the social platform. Most of my friends like that and give good comments. I like to add different effects and that’s what this app is providing.  Now I get more likes on the social platform regarding my videos.

Last words:

ARmoji X is a nice app that provides the best way to make videos and GIF. If you love to make videos then I highly recommend this app. It’s really fantastic app to have a good experience. This app is easy to use and very much user-friendly.



Hello Folks!! I am here sharing my own experience regarding the Vidmoo Video player app which is the best place for watching the video on your mobile. After downloading and access this app, I enjoy all the videos. The reason behind this is very simple. It’s easy to use supporting all kinds of video formats, sound effects etc.

Moving further, I am here sharing detail information regarding this app. With its default decoder, there is full HD video player 1080p. It’s having a bass booster, equalizer & stereo effect which give the feeling of theatre. It is no matter; in what format you are watching the video. This app supports all kinds of formats like MKV, 3GP, FLV, MP4 etc. I found this app to be very easy that if you want to control the brightness, just slide the video screen.

The story doesn’t get end here. It supports video streaming feature, locks supporting feature, changing of the video languages. The features are customized and a user can view the videos name in list form and grid form as well.

Availability and compatibility: The app is available for Android platform and it’s compatible with 4.1 or above versions.


In my views, Vidmoo Video Player is a great app that provides the best way of video enjoyment. It’s user friendly, convenient and also very much useful. There is nothing better than this app in my views.




Adding the blur effect in the image is my hobby. I always seeking those apps which are providing best blur effects and luckily I got one app named Out Focus Filter Editor. I love using this app due to its simplicity and accessibility. There is nothing like rocket science in this app. Only you need to use it like another normal app.

Features which I like most

  • Easy to use just one touch
  • Great dynamic effects
  • No hassle of the eraser tool
  • Maximize or minimize the blur effect
  • Fast responding
  • Free to use

How to use this app?

To use this app, just simply download and install as usual. When you will open it, you need to choose the picture and upload the same. There will be blur options given below to Blur A, Blur B, Blur C, Glitter, Motion etc. After adding the blur effect simply saves the image.

It’s a simple photo editor tool which can be fruitful when you want to experience the best blur effect in an easy way. If you want to make your image into eye-catching one then simply tap and add blur with Out focus filter editor.

Where is this app useful?

The app is useful when you want to add light effect to a night view. If you want to show only the person included in the picture i.e. mosaic. When you feel it’s hard to use another background blur app then also this app is useful.




The app is available at Apple store for iOS. With this app, you can apply different amazing special effects. This makes your images one of the eyes catching with the point of attraction. Let’s see some of the top features of this app.

Key Features:

  • Blur effects- zooming blur, motion blur & radial blur
  • Different highlights & star effects
  • Split the background automatically
  • Beautiful high quality effects
  • Different bokeh effects with the different shapes of elements
  • Various kind of turbulence distortion effects

Making the images into a special one is everyone’s choice and AlphaBlur is truly made for this purpose. Click your picture, upload it and have some effects. Clicking the pictures and make some special effects in them is my hobby. I love to try experiments on the images which I click. Moreover, I always need of such platform where I can perform this experience. Thanks to AlphaBlur which provide this kind of space to have some excitement in the picture.



Willy is a social app available for iOS devices to allow the users to send texts, photos, and videos to the future. Presetting the date and time, one can store the message with the attachments, and those will automatically get delivered to the recipient on the exact date as set by the user. Willy is a future-focused app unlike Facebook working in the past and Snapchat working in the present! Moreover, Willy also called Time Capsule App.

Willy is an app of advanced digital age. Released on 22nd December 2017, Jaroslaw Gorecki developed this app. This future app is compatible with iOS 10 or later versions. Users can use this app with iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Users can send texts, photos or videos to future setting specific date and time. One can set the future timing from 10 minutes to 10 years. Of course, the future time to be set is limited!

Features : 

# Preset the date and time in future and the message will get delivered precisely on the exact time and date
# Send texts, photos or videos specifying the person in your contact list
# Select the availability period of the message
# Users get full control over the operations as well as privacy
# Users can manually delete the stored messages without any hassles
# Easily can add friends to chat with
# Adjusting and customizing photos is easierSmart functions of Willy

Smart functions of Willy
The recipients would get the notification about the message, and certainly, the recipient would eagerly wait for the message. But the app will never show the message until the date and time arrives! Once the message becomes available to the recipient, you can delete the message. The app honors interest of the users and privacy of the user and the message remain protected for a day, week, month, a year or even a decade! The users need not worry about the privacy of the messages. The privacy of the messages will stay protected, and it is the app users who will set Who, When and How Long will the message be accessible! Willy is here with a revolutionary concept of turning the App world upside down!



Animate your text and create beautiful & fun messages, video intro and social posts.
MAYU is a message creation app that allows users to choose various animated fonts and stickers to create beautiful personal messages.

With MAYU you can:

Send animated text messages
# Create beautiful animated youtube intro
Add animated stickers
Add animated frames
# Add animated text to Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/Messenger posts
# Express your creativity!
# Share your GIF & MOV on any social media platform.

Create Amazing text animation with MAYU!
Inspire people, make your friends laugh.
Share your photos with animation on Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, iMessage, WhatsApp, Youtube. Save video or GIF.

Animate your instagram story, send a party invitation or just a casual message: MAYU is a one- stop- shop app for beautiful animated creations.

Unlike other apps which feature computer generated animation, in MAYU each animated typeface is an handmade design, crafted by one of our motion- artist designers. Every frame and sticker are part of our designers’ artistic style and vision.

More than 30 text animation styles
More than 200 stickers
More than 90 animated backgrounds
Various color palettes to choose from
ENDLESS options and combinations

1. Choose an image from our gallery or your own photo roll
2. Double tap on text to edit
3. Select “Text Animation”, style and color
4. Add animated stickers
5. Select animated background
6. Edit photo filters and effects




The best mobile security app to ease all your privacy worries, with interactive features that let you create folders, take notes, save links and browse privately.
Your phone can only do so much to keep your photos, bookmarks and valuable information secure. SteelVault is the solution for all your security related problems – it allows you to store photos and files, create notes, save links and browse completely privately, all accessed by PIN or touch ID.
It ensures the highest level of security, so you don’t have to worry about anyone gaining access to your information without your consent. If someone tries to access SteelVault without your permission, you will get a break-in attempt report which includes time, location, and photo of the intruder. At the end of the day, SteelVault exists to protect your privacy and security.

Features include:
# Secure your files (photos, videos, documents etc.) and information with a four-digit PIN or touch ID.
Create folders to save your photos and files in.
Import photos from your gallery, iCloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox and secure them in SteelVault.
Create notes to save important information like your credit card or bank details.
Save important links by creating secure bookmarks.
Use a completely private browser to ensure that nobody can get access to your browsing history and activity.
# Option to automatically delete photos from your camera roll after you import them to SteelVault.
Export and backup all folders to the iCloud. Google Drive, or Dropbox.
Customize the look and feel of your SteelVault by choosing from a range of personalized themes.
AppLock to lock any apps in your phone with a PIN
Set a time and location where you SteelVault is unlocked
Shuffle PIN – option to automatically change the keyboard layout
Break-in attempts automatically track

SteelVault has a straightforward and interactive interface that can be personalized via a growing range of themes. You can access your files and folders by just clicking on the app and entering the PIN. When you first set up the PIN, you will be asked to set a recovery email that you can use to change your PIN, in case you forget it.

The fundamental purpose of SteelVault is to provide additional security for your photos, files, and information. You get four essential features with the app which help you keep your phone secure – folders, notes, bookmarks and private browser. You can access all four of these from the sidebar on the left, where you will also find the option for Settings, FAQ, and Support. You can use the support option to send an email to the SteelVault App support team, to assist you in case you have any questions, comments, or issues.
You can use the folder option to create and name a new folder, where you can then save your files and photos. You have the choice of importing files from your camera roll or other online storage apps or taking a picture directly from SteelVault.

With the help of the notes feature, you can save any important or sensitive information that you want. You can also easily modify the font and the size to fit your needs. Similarly, with the bookmarks feature you can privately save links to access them later.

SteelVault has a custom-built browser, which you can use to browse the internet privately; none of your activity will be tracked or saved. This browser was built specifically for SteelVault and does not use Safari, Chrome, or other mass-produced browsers as even in Incongnito, those browsers still track a user’s history. SteelVault has combatted this by building their own custom browser that does not track or save any browsing history. All for your peace of mind.