This incredible update includes a new interface that’s more beautiful and intuitive. We’ve added four new background color palettes. Additionally, Vio is now fully optimized for iOS 7 and is free to download and explore. Once you discover how amazing Vio is, you can purchase a bundle of 19 audio presets and 16 more color palettes in Vio’s new in-app store.

Vio pushes vocal processing on the iPhone and iPad to new levels. From futuristic to fuzzy, 8-bit to outer space, Vio’s presets are all waiting to be explored.

Vio’s new interface makes the visual experience of transforming your voice a beautiful one, too. Set the mood using one of Vio’s new color palettes. Then, pinch, drag, swirl and swipe to discover new transformations and shape new sounds.

Whether you’re an award winning crooner or bus stop amateur, Vio’s pitch correction technology ensures that every note is in tune and every melody beautifully harmonized.

Adjustable keys, scales, tempos and more allow you to tailor your presets and define your own sound.

Low, medium and high quality audio formats make it the perfect tool for every situation: time-killing and studio recording alike.

Once that perfect melody has been dropped, turn on Vio’s Looping feature. A double-tap on the screen begins a loop of your recording, leaving you free to focus on shaping your sound with the visualizer.

Easily share your performances and playful voice messages with friends and family via iMessage or text, email, SoundCloud, Dropbox, YouTube and Vimeo.

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Yellofier makes anything into music. Record your voice, a musical instrument or everyday noises. Within seconds the app magically turns them into groovy music.

Edit the sounds and effects by moving and twisting colored blocks. Yellofier doesn’t look like any other music program. You can create a full song within minutes – even without knowing anything about music!

Create unique music with your own sounds and with the sounds of Yello’s musical maestro Boris Blank. The Yellofier also includes sounds and songs by some of the greatest musicians within electronic music. Anything can be yellofied!

# Automatically slice your sound into 8 pieces and create a groove
# Record up to 16 custom sounds per song, divided into two user sound banks
# Combine sounds and effects in an innovative step sequencer
# Change pitch of each step to create melodies
# Multiple effects and variations
# Share your work
# 48 bundled sounds by Boris Blank
# Songs and sounds by the finest artists within electronic music: Carl Craig, Henrik Schwarz, The Orb, Trentemøller, Booka Shade, Orbital, The The, Thomas Fehlmann, Charles Webster, Håkan Lidbo and more…
# Record the sound of other Audiobus compatible apps
# Play back the sound into other Audiobus compatible apps
For best sound, use headphones.

NOTE: Since version 1.2, the preview-sound function changed from single tap to long-press! So the functionality is not gone, but we changed to long-press to not interfere with the music.

Yellofier  logo
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Ninja Jamm is a mixing and jamming app from UK label Ninja Tune that puts you at the controls of a revolutionary music and software jammboard.

You can touch, tilt, shake and use multiple fingers and thumbs to play, cut, effect, glitch, mix, re-imagine and share music via Soundcloud to Facebook, Twitter + Tumblr.

Combining aspects of DJing, remixing and producing, Ninja Jamm makes it easy to Enter the Mix

# Touch, tilt, + shake to cut, effect, glitch + mix
# Wild selection of bonus clips let you take each tune in many directions
# Fire one shot bonus samples over your mix
# New interactive “Tunepack” format
# Tunepacks contain HD lossless audio
# Audio supplied direct from the artist
# Artists include Bonobo, Amon Tobin, Mr Scruff, Martyn, Falty DL
# Upload and share mixes on Soundcloud
# Share mixes via Facebook, Twitter +Tumblr
# Includes a cut”n”paste classic by Coldcut
# Purchase Tunepacks from Ninja artists in-app
# Regular releases by Ninja Tune + guests

The app is a revolutionary fusion of music and software for the iPhone, iPod, touch and iPad, brought to you by the musical innovators at Ninja Tune and arts + technology collective seeper.

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The Backing Track App is designed to help new and old musicians alike with their improvisation, songwriting, and soloing. With 10 themes to choose from, available in 4 tempos and 12 keys, amounting to nearly 500 possible tracks!

Previously, iPhone users who wanted backing tracks on their device would have to purchase expensive CDs with a limited amount of options, often amounting to over $20 a disc! The Backing Track App provides the same or higher quality tracks for a fraction of the cost, and the convenience of having fantastic backing tracks available right in your pocket!

The Backing Track App can be used for guitar, piano, saxophone, violin, and virtually any other musical instrument! In fact, The Backing Track App can be used with multiple instruments at a time, making it possible for anyone to jump in!


Using The Backing Track App is simple, just follow the steps below.

# Tap the track you wish to use
# Tap the tempo and key icons in the bottom left and right to select the appropriate values
#  Press the play button.
#  Start jamming!

The Backing Track App logo
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The •Professional Music Player• for Solo Performers, Theatre Sound, Dancers and Choreographers.

# Select a Playlist

# Choose a Track

# Nudge In and Out points

# Set a Count-In of a few seconds

# Tweak the volume – for Each Track

# Lock the Playlist down – and you’re ready to go…

No more frantic scrabbling to stop your music skipping straight to the next track – OneTrack allows YOU to make the call. When one track ends the next track is lined up instantly, ready to play. A giant, screen-sized Play Button awaits your tap… Or perhaps you would rather a few seconds to chat to your audience before the next track plays – just set a count-in (any time up to 60 seconds) and have your backing music come in gently… and perfectly on cue.

No more “back to the drawing board” moments when you find that a track is a mite too loud – tailor your volumes for each track on-the-fly and OneTrack remembers it all.

And no more uncomfortable silences between tracks – OneTrack allows you to adjust In and Out points for each track. This feature is also handy when you need to rehearse just one part of your track – set your In and Out points then set the track to Loop and Autoplay and it’ll play indefinitely.


# For Dancers
# For Musicians
# For Magicians
# For Theatre Sound
# For Choreographers
# For Street Performers

…and for anyone who needs their music One Track at a Time!

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Check out SoundPrism Pro if you’re interested in controlling your professional audio hard- and software!

Music like you’ve never seen before!

SoundPrism enables you to create beautiful music immediately without any previous knowledge. With its unique visualization of pitches and intuitive controls composing sophisticated melodies, tone and chord patterns becomes child’s play.

New Features:
# Easily made ringtones for your iPhone
# Record and email your compositions right from your iPhone, iPod or iPad
# Background Audio: Play along to your favorite tracks and other music apps

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Discover the new music application by Fingerlab, winner of the Apple Design Award 2012 for DM1 – The Drum Machine.

Musyc is a fun and innovative music application where touch turns into music.
No use of piano keyboard or partitions, draw shapes and listen to your piece of music while viewing sounds bouncing on the screen.
Enjoy the 88 instruments (organized into 22 groups) exclusively created and produced at Fingerlab music studio as well as all the exciting and new physical and music tools provided in Musyc.

Musyc is free and its full version is available through in-app purchases.

WARNING: Musyc is not compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 3 and iPod touch 4.

# Graphic design by Jonas Eriksson
# Retina Display
# Optimized for iPhone 5 and new iPad
# High quality sound engine
# Ultra-realistic physical engine
# Audio track mixer (level, pitch, length, pan, mute)
# 2 effect channels with 10 effects (Delay, Overdrive, Reverb, Phaser, …)
# Physical sequencer
# Motion recorder
# Advanced physical objects (planet, black hole, modulator, …)
# User sound kit with samples import (Dropbox, microphone, iPod, iTunes, Audiopaste)
# Real-time audio recording
# High-quality or compressed exports (DropBox, SoundCloud, Mail, AudioCopy and iTunes)
# Video recording and export to Facebook, Vimeo, Mail and Photo Library
# Inter-app audio support
# Audiobackground support
# 2 skins available: standard and black & white


Musyc logo

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Wizdom Music announces EarWizard, created by Jordan Rudess and Felipe Peña. EarWizard trains your ear while improving your memory skills. Repeat back a sequence of chords which gets longer with each round of play. As you improve your skills, the visuals disappear and you will have to depend on your EAR! Start off in EASY mode with only a few chords on screen and with practice, you will ultimately reach the hardest level where you will have seven chords on screen and be playing against the clock!

Whether you are a novice or a trained musician, EarWizard will surely keep you entertained and challenged.


# Three levels – Easy, Normal and Hard
# Start with three chords in a key and go up to seven!
# Features fun Jordan videos playing each chord
# Five different diatonic modes-presented in three keys
# Endless Mode for continuos play in any level
# Speed control-Slow to Lightspeed
# Chart that allows you to hear and see the note spelling of all chords in the selected key
# Wizardly video rewards

EarWizard logo
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Piano Genius is a revolutionary new piano game for the iPad and iPhone. Play your favorite songs and sound like an expert with the most realistic Piano game app available. Piano Genius features one of the largest song catalogs of any Piano app with over 400 songs from Mozart to Coldplay.

Track your progress, compete with others, share scores with your friends, while learning actual piano skills. Piano Genius’ intelligent accompaniment shows you when and where to play notes and chords while automatically playing the rest making you feel like a piano rock star – no experience required.

Full support for iPad 3 Retina display, iPad Mini, and iPhone 5!

New songs are added every week with free songs and weekly contest rewards.

Current songs include:
Modern Hits-> Coldplay, Shakira, Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, Greenday.. and more!

All Time Classics -> Jingle Bell Rock, The Entertainer, Greensleeves, Chopsticks and more!

Rock -> Van Morrison, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Eagles and more!

Classical -> Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Shubert, Chopin, Tchaikovsky and more!

Piano Genius’ unique intelligent accompaniment allows you to feel the thrill of virtuoso piano play without years of practice. Falling dots show you which keys to hit in which order, dynamically playing the rest of the notes for you. The keyboard automatically scrolls to place you in position for the next note.

On easy song modes you can quickly jump in and sound great the first time you play. Hit enough notes in a row and you’re on a hot streak – literally – with the keyboard catching fire. On hard mode you are playing nearly every note in the song on a REAL keyboard. To top the score charts you will need to master timing, duration and anticipate bonus notes shown on the notation view.

Unlock free songs, and in app features by earning achievements and hitting objectives. Multiple levels of song difficulty (easy, medium and hard) provide hours of challenge and replay. Earn achievement badges that you can share on Facebook or Twitter directly from the app.

Compare your song performance with the rest of the Piano Genius community. Leaderboards for every song let you see where you stand. Earn free credits through weekly tournaments and challenge your friends to match your achievements and scores through game center.

Awesome retro virtual Piano with MIDI connection capability to PLAY FREESTYLE with digital concert Piano sound, scrollable full octave keyboard, and notation feedback to show which keys correspond with notes

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Create pro-quality piano backing tracks for any song in minutes with the world’s only chord-based audio loop app.

With over 7,000 precision-cut, chord-based piano loops (included) recorded exclusively by Tom Cawley, one of the world’s leading pianists, SessionBand Piano – Volume 1 instantly converts the chords you select into great sounding audio – wherever you are and whatever your ability.

And with a host of pro features like auto-transpose, one-touch live recording and Audiobus compatibility – allowing you to seamlessly export our unique content into other top music apps like GarageBand – it has never been easier or quicker to create your own studio quality music, even if you can’t play a note!

SessionBand Piano – Volume 1 is a unique app for songwriters, singers, producers and anyone who wants to quickly create professional piano tracks.


Summary of main features:

=>Over 7,000 individually recorded piano loops included
=>22 up-to-date Pop/Rock/RnB playing styles and tempos
=>10 chord variations for every root note in every style
=>Live and automated (block) mixing
=>Metronome and count-in
=>Auto-transpose entire track (not electronic pitch shift!)
=>Instant one-touch recording
=>Email finished track as audio instantly
=>Email track as file for other SessionBand – Piano Edition users to import
=>iTunes file sharing
=>Range of export/share features including Audiobus and AudioCopy
=>390 demo tracks included

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