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The rich featured audio player\recorder with adjustable playback speed and many built-in special effects. The alphaSXplayer is built on low-level iOS components to make use of even more sound effects and features. This incredible range of playback manipulations and sound effects means limitless possibilities and a lot of fun:

# Variable playback rate: Change the audio playback speed without affecting sound quality.
# Custom pitch: Change the music and voice timbre from high to low pitch (think squirrel or Darth Vader).
# Toggle between standard A 440Hz pitch tuning or the more harmonious A 432Hz that lets you hear music (especial classical) as it was imagined by composer. Set the tuning to A 432Hz lets you experiment with the musical timbre considered most favorable for human souls and good health!
# Ten bands equalizer with a variety of presets (classical, pop, rock, jazz, etc.).
# Built-in sound effects: reverberation, distortion, time delay, echo and more, with plenty of presets and adjusted parameters.
# Preamplifier increases sound volume beyond the original setting.
# Build-in voice recorder uses the microphone on your device and stores audio as MP4 files in a subfolder for playback and adding special effects.
# Realistic analogue meters indicate playback and voice recorder level.
# Intuitive dialog interface makes it easy to choose files for editing, adjusting or playing. Selected files appear in an editable playback queue table.

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nRadio is a radio player for iPhone, iPad and iPod, which let’s you listen to radio-stations over the Internet.

Listen to radio on your own personalized radio app. Choose your background and color of the text elements. Listen to your local radio stations or explore channels from other countries. Save them in your favorite list, share the radio gems you’ve found with your friends.

While listening to radio on the move, use the app’s built-in speedometer. When not, use the alarm clock with nightstand mode and gently wake up to your favorite radio-station in the morning.

So if you love radio, I think you will love nRadio :-)

In addition to US-channels, it also has:
Canadian, German, UK channels. Some Irish, Australian, New Zealand channels, Finnish, Icelandic, Faroe Islands, Latvian, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Bulgarian, French, Italian, Spanish, Mexican, Chinese, Russian, the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Cuba, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, Japan, Pakistan, India, Argentina, Brazil, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia,Bosnia-Herzegovina and a list with random radios from around the world.

Start your most used radios directly from the home-screen, via 3D-Touch. Browse radios from 49 countries with over 20.000 radio stations. You can also add other radios manually if you know the address.

# Simple but nice user interface
# Information on what’s playing and albumArt on supporting stations
# Universal: iPhone, iPad and iPod
# The ease of customizing the interface and “make it yours”.
# The easy searchable radio lists and easy adding radios to favorites
# 3D-Touch to play your favorite radio
# Alarm clock that works even if your app is in the background!
# Adjustable snooze time from 1 – 99 minutes
# Optional decreasing snooze. One minute shorter snooze-time every time you press the snooze-button
# Warns you when switching from wireless to cellular network to prevent additional unforeseen charges, but gives you the option to continue and be warned again in an hour, or never be warned again.
# Optional Speedometer with altimeter and temp. Choose between mph/kmh/knot, m/ft, Farenheit/Celcius
# Ability to add radios manually
# No ads

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– The best collection in the world of musical masterpieces of all time!

With this application you’ll have the best music with you wherever you go! – 150 best masterpieces of classical music! No other app has so many songs, the best in history!

# If you want to hear the best classical music of all time, wherever you are, then this app is for you!
# If you enjoy listening to relaxing music while you go to work while going to school, while walking in city traffic, then this app is for you!

All pieces reproduced in this app have been carefully chosen by experts to provide the best songs gone down in history as masterpieces!
# 150 masterpieces of the best composers in the world
#  Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Dvorak, Grieg, Handel, Léo Delibes, Liszt, Mendelssohn, Offenbach, Pachelbel, Puccini, Ravel, Rossini, Schubert, Smetana, Strauss II, Richard Georg Strauss, Verdi, Wagner

# 150 masterpieces
# High quality audio
# More than 12 hours of listening!
# Favorite Playlist & Sleep Timer
# You can listen whenever you want without an internet connection
# Support Background
# Support Multitasking
# Support to iOS 9 and iPhone 6s/6sPlus
# Support to iCloud
# Support: Speakers, Wireless AirPlay, Remote Control
# Presence Wikipedia for information on artists
# Ability to play tracks in random or continuous
# Easy to use
# Functional
# Compatible with all iPod, iPhone and iPad
# Fully localized with multi-lingual support in 10 major languages

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Tired of switching application to listen to your favorite music? Don’t know which application will get into the groove with cool tunes? That’s why SoundWeaver is here, which is a beautifully designed music player that functions as a compilation of all other music applications like YouTube, SoundCloud, and iTunes. Tap on the application, select the songs that you want to listen and start your moonwalk towards paradise.

Some of the best features of this app are as follows:

■ Merging all your songs from different applications in a single library.
■ Clubs all your favorite music found on YouTube, SoundCloud, and iTunes
■ Background play of music for YouTube videos. There’s also an added in repeat button to listen for user friendliness.
■ All Youtube videos & SoundCloud music are played by streaming, you don’t need to worry about storage.

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Revolutionize the way you book worldwide tours or simple gigs.

We have been booking gigs around the world for quite some time now and we know how hard it can be, so we decided to create and share tool to make it easy for ourselves.

“Band on Tour” is an iOS app designed by musicians for musicians to help your band or promoter booking worldwide tours and it works in 3 simple steps:

# Browse through the map included and select the venues where you’d like to play. The details about the venue contain the e-mail, telephone number, and/or website along with other useful informations.

# You can e-mail or phone the venue or booking agent to propose your gig, directly through the App.

# You can also add private contacts and designate “days-off” in your schedule to fully personalize your tour.

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MUSICA PIANO offers free online access to tens of thousands of pages of classical music scores in top quality edited by Könemann Music Budapest and other publishers. MUSICA PIANO comes with thousands of recordings by renowned artists in audio and even in video. The recordings are synchronized with the scores – we call these Syntunes.

MUSICA PIANO is the app to…
# play
# learn from
# listen to
# watch
# record
and even … print

MUSICA PIANO comprises the complete solo piano works by Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Brahms, Chopin, Debussy, Grieg, Haydn, Scriabin, Mussorgsky, Schubert, Tchaikovsky and many more.

# 20,000 pages of classical piano scores
# access to our ever-expanding library of classical piano scores
# text and keyboard search functions
# intuitive fingerings and annotation functions
# compile your own repertoire
# Silent Metronome
# sharing of fingerings with other MUSICA PIANO users
# piano school (4 books) with free Syntunes
– recorded by the young and talented students of the Hungarian author



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Speazie is a music recording and collaboration platform available for your iPhone and iPad. Producers can upload and share beats, while singers, rappers, and other vocalists can record and mix their vocals on top of these beats to create a complete track. Amazing things happen through collaboration. Build a global music network and discover collaborative opportunities you didn’t know existed.

Every week Speazie will feature hundreds of new songs, made on mobile, sounding professional and built by people re-discovering the power of music to bring talent together.

# Make music on the go – with the mobile app you can record music whenever you feel inspired
# Collaborate: make music with your friends and with other aspiring or established artists, and interact with the newest and most innovative community of musicians
# Record: Speazie allows users to record on originally produced beats right from their phone
# Edit your vocal tracks using Speazie’s built-in presets to give your tracks a professional studio sound
# IT’S FREE – No expensive audio equipment, music software or recording studios needed – it’s all available in the app
# Join the global jam session and form your new sound with other emerging and established artists from around the world
# Grow your fan-base through musical interaction, collaboration and feedback
# Participate in producer and vocal competitions for a chance to be discovered

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This audio player is different than most other audio player in the App Store.
You can define up to three different configurations. Use a big number of the setting. Select one of 10 different colour patterns. Use filter to limit the number of titles shown.

Supports portrait and landscape format for playback and is tested for Iphone 4 and Iphone 5.

The options are:-
# Number of seconds to skip forward or backward within a track
# Number of seconds to skip at the beginning or at the end of the media file – eg if for podcasts at the beginning and / or end commercials are added.
# remember the last listen track
# remember the last listened position within the track
# prevent screen lock
# freely adjustable playback speed between 25% and 200%
# 10 different Desgins
# Filters for title, artist, album and genre

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Swizzle is a music based social network providing the easiest way to share music among friends. Play all the playlists for free and discover more for every moment that you need playlist.

Have you ever given a mixtape or CD to your friends for anniversary?
Have you ever asked your friends to find suitable songs for rainy day, date driving or house party?
Have you ever felt lack of channel to get information about new genres or artists?

Now, it’s time to change your lifestyle to discover and recommend music with listers all over the world.

Whenever you need music, just ask listers in Swizzle.

Key features :
# Build your own playlists and add songs for your moments via searching YouTube music videos in Swizzle.
# Invite your friends and expand your playlists with them.
# Feel free to enjoy and share music anywhere with Swizzle. They’re all powered by official open sources from YouTube.
# Support continuous play, background play in playlists.
# Meet new people who like same artists or genres. Enjoy their playlist and bring great songs from their playlist to yours.
# Brag your musical taste and knowledge by recommending songs on your friends’ playlist!

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# To celebrate its launch, iMusee is free for a limited time! Get it before prices go up!

You may have heard your favorite songs, but never seen their music videos.
Now you can do both, with over one million HD music videos at your fingertips.
Download iMusee now to see your music in action!
# Browse from millions of HD music videos using the power of YouTube’s search engine.

We’ve picked over a thousand music videos to bring you playlists that suit many situations.
Whatever your current mood or activity, continuously stream music that matches it!

# FEATURED ARTISTS (updated daily)
Discover and appreciate new musical talents from around the world. New artist featured every day!

Listen to a fresh new playlist every week that complements everything from recently released movies, to trending pop culture, to today’s current events, and more.

#TOP CHARTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD (updated in real-time!)
See what other music-lovers are listening to in other countries such as the UK, Netherlands, and Japan. Rankings are updated on-the-fly so you’re always up to date on the most popular music.

Want to check a text or email? Turn off your screen and save precious battery power? No problem. Whether you’re multitasking or locking your phone, your music will keep on playing!

We get it. It’s all about the music.
Now you can turn off video to reduce lag on slow connections and save your limited bandwidth!

Collect your favorite tracks, pick a snazzy album cover photo, and create the perfect mix.
Back-up and restore capability included, so you’ll never lose your playlists!

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