CheckIn connects you with people at the same location. It gets people out from hiding behind a screen, changing the dating scene. After two people mutually swipe who are at the same location, they are able to chat and see his/her status through the app. This is an app to use while you are out and about. Remember to pass it on the more it is downloaded the more you match!

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There is an ever-growing need to protect your identity given recent news of hacks and data breaches. DialMask protects your mobile phone number from further exposure to the public thereby limiting your personal information from being compromised.

Did you know that your mobile phone number is public information? With DialMask you add a layer of privacy to keep your personal number safe and secure. Safely make and receive calls and texts with your own private number from DialMask. Gain some peace of mind knowing that your personal number remains personal.


Try the app for free! Simply register with your mobile phone number. Upon sign up, we’ll give you a $2.50 credit; enough to get you started with your first US or Canada number along with 10 minutes of call time.

# Registration does not require any personal information
# Not a call back or call forwarding service
# No contracts, pay as you go, add funds when you need it
# Choose your own private number(s) with voicemail
# Add or delete a private number at any time
# Make and receive calls from anywhere in the world
# Local and international calls at competitive rates
# Turn your number into a dedicated conference call service
# Texting available for US, Canada, Australia, France, Germany and UK numbers

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● Play ● Create ● Share

MemoPics 2 allows you to EASILY create, share, and play different types of concentration games with family, friends – anyone! From your own pictures! With sound if you want. Even remotely if you want!

Version 2 comes with great new features:

# Preinstalled sample games plus additional free games, that may be downloaded directly
# Improved sound- and TWIN support
# Play with up to 4 players, on a single device, multiple nearby-devices or even online.
# Supports GameCenter
# Rich editing functionality – create games from your photos and your own music
# Share games with friends through email, Twitter and Facebook

Download MemoPics today, get inspired by the sample games we have provided and let your imagination guide you to create your own great compositions! You’ll get a lot of possibilities: whether you want to create educational games, memories of special events or just fun games out of your photo library – MemoPics 2 puts it all right in your iPad.

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Linkqlo is an innovative social network that discovers clothes that fit you better by comparing you to people with similar bodies and sizes. It aims to solve a common problem for many of us: that it is hard to find clothes that fit.

You can use Linkqlo to:

Review the clothes you own and share your experiences and opinions: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Create posts with photos and tag your favorite brands.

Track your body measurements for easy reference when you need to buy clothes online or offline. (Your data is kept private and secure.)

Connect to your body doubles, through Linkqlo’s unique Body Measurement Score (“BMS”) algorithm.

Discover better fitting clothes in our fast-growing global community

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Tired of meeting people who aren’t who they say they are? yeah, so were we…and that’s what inspired mazlo. this app is the brainchild of one girl and one guy who joined forces to help others stop wasting time with bad dates and actually find a way to meet someone real.

Basically, mazlo is darwinism for dating. based on feedback from others, the strongest will ultimately survive in this dating world by building profiles that reflect who they really are. if you are being honest you’re likely to have higher scores; however, dishonesty will likely lead to lower scores making it increasingly difficult to meet people. if you have lower scores, we built a sweet algorithm to sense your “point of frustration”; which means you may be given the option to refresh your profile and start over. plus, we’ll throw your hat back into the ring for all the potential matches who weren’t previously interested in your profile. the ultimate goal of mazlo is to help you reach self-actualization, which can only increase you’re chances of finding what it is you’re looking for.

So How Does Mazlo Work?

# Build a profile that includes pics, general info about yourself, and an optional voice recording
# Tell us what you’re looking for – like age, distance, what’s important to you – and we do our magic using some logic and gps technology to generate profiles for you to choose from
# When you and another person are mutually interested, a match is created and you can start messaging with each other
# If you happen to meet up with your match, both of you will have the opportunity to provide feedback on each other
# Your survey results will factor into each others’ scores, and these scores are then used to determine the order in which your profile is shown to other users (translation: higher scores mean more opportunities for you)
Oh yeah, one more thing…

Mazlo has a nifty little feature called maz live where you can anonymously meet other people in real-time within 100 ft of you. If someone else with mazlo sees you and is into you – or you are into them – simply use maz live to make a move.

# ladies: you never have to give out your name or the digits again if its awkward or unsafe; you can message anonymously and always have the option to delete them

# Guys: you get to find out which women around you are interested without having to make the first move and risk being rejected

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Marine Box is a Marine Aquarium book, information and management app that will help you keep track of everything that is connected with keeping and running your tank. This app is for beginners and advanced aquarists and is designed to grow with you.

For Beginners
# Book section
# Marine Aquarium recipes
Are you new to the Marine Aquarium hobby? Have you ever wanted to start a Marine Aquarium but was too intimidated by it? Discover all the basics in keeping and maintaining a marine aquarium. There are aquarium recipes to help you set up your mechanical, chemical and biological filtration system the right way. Start your own underwater coral garden! Get into this fun and exciting hobby today.

For Beginners to Advanced Aquarists
Organize your tank
# Easily keep track of all of your Marine Aquariums, their parameters, livestock and equipment all in one place with an easy to use interface.
# Snapshot section to keep track of Aquarium/Livestock changes visually with pictures and notes.
# Lab Timer Section to time the sequence of your labs.
# Dashboard section with Graphs for each parameter to quickly look at how your parameters are changing.
# New Expenses section to keep track of Expenses! Now you can add expenses directly into the expenses section!
# New Timeline section! Keep track of your aquarium maintenance/feeding.
# Metric (cm, L) and U.S./Imperial units (Inches, gallons)

Apple Watch
New Lab Timer App for Apple Watch! Easily time each sequence of your lab test. Notifications on your Apple Watch when the timer on the iPhone completes.
Apex Fusion
Do you have an Neptune Systems Apex System Controller? Access the Apex Fusion website directly in the app and control your pumps, lighting, chillers, vortec pumps and more. This service is free but you need a compatible Apex controller connected to the Internet for this feature to work. Copyright © 2012 Neptune Systems LLC – All Rights Reserved
There are various calculators to help you calculate calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium supplementation and more. You can choose metric or U.S. units.
Automatically syncs with iCloud so all your data is synced across all your devices. Made an update on your iPhone? it will appear on your iPad.
App written in Swift so you get maximum performance from your device.

There is no in app purchases and all updates are free! You get full functionality with no added price!

Many more updates and features to come.

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Play FREE competitive trivia for deals and discounts on your favorite products. Install gameit to start winning awesome prizes from fun quiz games! Find it. Game It. Win It.

1. Click the play button to answer 10 trivia questions in the indicated trivia topic assigned to the applicable product.
2. The goal is to be the fastest player with the most accurate answers. Remember, once you enter, you can continue to try and increase your score by playing the game as many times as you like.
3. Each trivia contest will remain open until the time runs out.
4. The player who is leading the trivia contest when the maximum number of plays is reached will win a 100% discount on the prize. Other participates will win discounts in accordance with their performance in the game.
5. If the minimum number of players has not entered to play before the end time, then all participants will receive discounts in accordance with their performance.

Gameit makes shopping fun and cheap! Consolatory prizes include items like 10%, 20% ,30% discounts or half off on popular stuff. The contestant with the most right answers wins deep discounts or prizes such as toys, home goods, trendy clothing brands and other great things! The quizzes vary in topic from sports trivia to tricky questions about fashion.
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IFeel allows you to record your daily mood, a photo, the weather, and a description of your day. You can go back in time and see how many times you were happy, sad or in love…and much more!

IFeel is a kind of personal diary, which, thanks to its simple interface, allows you to take a quick look at your past and present life. You will often find that there are more positive moments than negative ones!

Register your day is a really simple and fast operation. In a few moments you can save your mood, a brief description of your day, the weather, a photo, a video and much more!

Share your day everywhere (to any social network, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and to other applications).

iFeel helps us to understand ourselves

Available in the next updates:
# upload video
# record audio note
# export your diary as PDF
# and a lot of other great surprises!

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This app is created only for those who really love these furry little friends. If you do not love cats, please, do not download it.
The main idea of the app is to share about history and curiosities, details about all breeds (to help you to decide which breed suits you better or how to understand your cat a bit more) and some surprises more.
Our idea is to make this app part of your everyday’s life and your suggestion and contribution are extremely important.
Welcome to this cats lovers family  🙂

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Make someone’s day… wherever they are!
Bonzar® is an App that enables you to select, purchase and send gifts from participating, authorised suppliers to anyone, anywhere. The best bit is that you don’t have to know the address of the recipient. All you need is an email address.

The App will simplify the shopping experience and appeal to users who may not know their recipient very well or not have their address details at hand i.e. Online dating, business owners sending gifts to clients, corporates sending gifts to colleagues, Social Networking and anyone who finds the whole “what’s your address?” situation awkward or a bit of a hassle. The receiver is made aware of the sender’s identity and intention and can choose to accept the gift or not. It’s fast and hassle-free as the recipient controls the delivery. It’s gift giving made easier!

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