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Are you food intolerant or an allergy sufferer? Do you spend hours in the supermarket squinting at food labels? Are you constantly telling your friends, family, work colleagues, what foods you can and can’t eat? Are you a parent with an entire family of food allergy sufferers?

Food Thumb is here to help – it’s the app that is changing lives, improving health and managing diets.

Food Thumb simply scans food and drink labels and returns a thumbs up (‘take it’!) or thumbs down (‘leave it’).

If you suffer from food intolerances, food allergies, heart disease, diabetes or you are on a strict diet plan then Food Thumb can take the worry out of buying products saving you time and money.

# Instant Facebook log-in or easy sign-up
# Create up to 3 profiles – great for families
# Add unlimited ingredients
# Scan multiple labels
# Scan history page
# Share profile with other Food Thumb users
# Easy tap between profiles for ease of scanning
# 300,000 ingredients
# 95% accuracy

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Health+ uses the power of Apple’s HealthKit as a collection of all your health data and extends the functionality of the standard Health app with further information, more detailed representation and customization.

Health+ integrates with the Health app and reads your health data in order to display it in a new way. It does not create any data.

Features: –
# Detailed overview of multiple health data modules
# Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly report*
# Displays more than just the value of the current day, look through old data values
# Set goal values for every data module*
# Further information about your data: On which weekday are you sleeping most? What month is your laziest? On which day did you record the most steps? Between which days did you lose the most body weight?*
# Customization: Different color schemes*, set the height of every module in the overview to show or hide the data graph

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run.App is systematically tuned for ease of use and clarity. We concentrated on the essential features and implemented them with great attention to details.
In conjunction with the modern and clean design run.App adds new impetus in terms of simplicity of use of tracking apps.

Concentrate on the workout, run.App takes care of the tracking
# Easy to use
# Modern design
# All data are stored on the iPhone, no registration necessary
# Target time – set how fast you want to be, the app keeps you up to date during the run
# Audio feedback – adjustable with many options
# Comprehensive statistics (distance, pace, speed, gained altitude, …) prepared according to various criteria
# Automatic pause detection
# Automatic pause during phone calls
# Show what you can do, post your runs on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms
# Apple Health Integration
# Synchronization over iCloud (needs iOS 8 or higher)

Install and run. It’s that simple. Give it a try; you have to experience it.

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You are going in for sports or powerlifting and trying to build-up muscle mass?
You are watching your weight during sport diet? You are looking for comfortable and easy journal of muscle and weight progress?

If you want to monitor your weight and measurements of the body, this app is made for YOU!

It is handy, functional and really easy-to-use app!
It is appropriate for everyone, who cared their health and shape of the body.

What is special about this app?

# Beautiful design
# Edit your measurements easily without keyboard
# So realistic measuring tape. More realistic it can be only in life!
# Beauty of weights will make you open them again and again
# All your muscle and weight progress are in one application
# Share your achievements with friends via social nets

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Body Progress


Significantly improve your personality and quality of life…all while you are fast asleep.

ChangeMe is an ingenuous app that monitors your sleep phase and starts your desired program during your deep sleep to change your subconscious mind.

One of our programs (Lose Weight) is FOR FREE from November 17 to 23, 2014 ONLY. This is a limited time offer so hurry up and get it today.

With the help of the exceptionally finely tuned accelerometer in your iPhone, the ChangeMe app analyzes your movement and starts its hypnotechnology to take you from your deep sleep into a hypnotic trance. You won’t notice anything.

In the hypnotic state, your selected program is played so your subconscious mind is “programmed” to change your bad habits into desirable traits. All while you sleep.

ChangeMe evolved from many years of extensive research.

# Change your personality and bad habits while you sleep
# Has a selection of motivating and self-help programs such as the following:
# Lose weight
# Exercise now
# Free of fear
# Quit smoking
# Self esteem
# Setting goals
# Plays your selected program as you enter your deep sleep phase
# Very user-friendly and easy-to-use
# Works in just three simple steps: listen, start, change
# Lets you track your progress so you will know how far you are in the program
# Time saving – you don’t need to go anywhere else to take advantage of the hypnosis program. Everything happens while you sleep
# Improves depth of sleep

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Drinking LabTM is a powerful blood alcohol content (BAC) calculator. It works by factoring the drinks consumed in combination with your physical, medical, and additional factors. Moreover, Drinking Lab is equipped with a powerful alert system, integrated transportation support, and access to our extensive database of educational and helpful sources.

Drinking Labs calculations are based on a set of highly advanced procedures provided by to the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration courtesy of Hebert Moskowitz, Ph.D., a respected alcohol researcher.

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This app is a pocket suicide prevention resource, packed full of useful information to help you stay safe. You can use it if you are having thoughts of suicide or if you are concerned about someone else who may Be considering suicide.

In addition to the resources, the app includes a safety plan, customisable reasons for living, and a life Box where you can store photos that are important to you.

Grassroots Suicide Prevention is a charity that supports communities to prevent suicide. We teach suicide Prevention skills to community members and professionals. We work hard to raise awareness of suicide Prevention and reduce the stigma surrounding suicide. Grassroots Suicide Prevention is not a crisis Service……..

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This great app Ochra Light is created for relaxing and sleep improving. Use it as a nightlight, romantic candle or meditation light.
Simple and understandable design helps to choose suitable color palette, preferred sound and unique pattern for your mood.
Just take your phone, launch Ochra Light, choose sound or turn on your favorite music and place it anywhere in the dark room: for romantic mood in a bathroom or as nightlinght for your bedroom.
After time runs out, your device could be locked.

With Ochra Light you can relax and fall asleep in moment.

This app will not take a lot of your phone’s memory.

Better results can be achieved using a water bottle. Peel off all labels, fill with water and place it on the screen

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Track your daily Calories intake.
Are you worried about your daily calorie intake? Download the FREE Careot App to track your calories And stop worrying. Use Careot as your Calorie Counter, Meal, Diet and Nutrition Tracker. Enter food Eaten into your journal using a food database. Careot tracks calories (energy), cholesterol, protein, And many vitamins and minerals as selected by the user. Careot makes it easy and fun to improve your Nutrition with graphical feedback and comparisons to your Careot community of friends and family.

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Become a superhero with the first ever motion-tracking workout game that counts every rep and every calorie of every exercise! Heroes aren’t born – they’re trained.

You’re pilot of the prototype AEGIS One battlesuit, tasked with defending Earth against alien invaders. Your punches become plasma blasts and your abdominal crunches power your suit’s reactor!

Made by Six to Start, co-creators of the world’s bestselling smartphone fitness game with over a million players, Zombies, Run!

Superhero Workout is the *only* app that can use your device’s front-facing camera to track your reps and calories. Prepare yourself for a brand new home workout – more interactive and more accurate than ever!

You’re Earth’s last line of defence, fighting the aliens across land, sea, air, and outer space. Get the most motivating and exciting home workout ever!

We’ve taken the classic “7 Minute Workout” formula and supercharged it with fast workouts that focus on different parts of your body. For the adventurous, there’s our Battle Workout mode – an interactive, motion-controlled endless battle against aliens!

Push ups and jumping jacks are great, but they can get boring. We’ve added mountain climbers, power squats, and punches to the mix – and even better, none of them require any weights or special equipment!

Superhero Workout is optimised for Apple TV, so you can work out in front of a big screen and position your device so it can track you best.

Climb the ranks of the Orbital Defence Corps by earning medals and Gamecenter Achievements for every rep and every workout you perform. Track your progress with detailed stats – we don’t just tell you how many workouts you’ve done, we tell you how many calories you’ve burned


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