There are thousands of games available for mobile users, offering different kinds of fun and entertainment. Some of you like a racing game, peaceful game or any other category but I like card games mostly. Recently my friend recommends me one game which is Speedy Card Game 3D. It involves all about cards. Its speedy one and there is a requirement of fast pace skills to play it.

Two players can play it simultaneously and its all depends on your choice that against whom you want to play. You can play it against your real friend or the device. This is an interesting fact that I like it in this game. Some of the highlighting features of the game are as follow.


  • Different game modes
  • Difficulty level
  • Theme
  • Game rules option

Through different game modes, you can choose the option to play against the computer or your friend. You can also choose the option of difficulty level i.e. Easy, Medium or Hard and meanwhile you can also choose different themes.

If I talk about the game rules, the game is simple to understand and play. You need to only consider the value mention on the card while ignoring color and suits. Stack the card on the stack of your opponent which has the same value. You can also put the card on your own stack. To show whether a player can move the card or not, there is green and red color. The indicator will turn green when none of the players can move the card. This indicates that a card can be flipped from this stack by touching it. You can only put the lower card or next higher, on the top of the flipped.

So this is all about Speedy Card Game 3D. Moreover, download it, play it and feel the experience of fun. Thanks for reading.





I love to play puzzle games. There are so many mobile applications which are based on it but recently I download unblock container app which is all about the block puzzle. It’s really an interesting game which is available at App Store for iOS platform. It’s also an addictive game. When I started playing it, I wish to play it on daily basis.

Let’s see features of this game

  • There are four levels – Beginner, advanced, master & expert
  • Challenging slider wood puzzle
  • Suitable for all age

What the playing strategy it involves?

There is an ublock named block inside the container and around that there are so many other blocks. The task of player is to move the block in such a manner so that ublock get free. There will be beginner in the starting with low challenging, then advance with higher challenge and so on.

The game is not so challenging and difficult to play. It’s a light game to relax mind. The main key of success in the game is keeps calm and keep trying.

Last words:

Unblock container is great app which provide mean of entertainment. I suggest this app to every user who loves to engage in puzzle games. It’s an Easy to play which provide little brain workout.




There are so many games on my Android mobile but one of my favorite games is Fast of clan. This game is amazing because it’s one of the interesting with little bit challenge. Even in my family, all members like this. Moving further, I will introduce you about all the required information about this game, so continue with your reading.

The game is all about a spacecraft which will continue to move upward. There will be some obstacles in the way. Player needs to control the spacecraft and prevent it from colliding to the obstacles. Meanwhile you need to collect the coins coming in the way.

The one of the highlighted things about this game is that you can join millions of players in the world. You can see them, chat with them and have free race rank with them. The two major social platforms which help in this are Facebook and Twitter.

A player can choose any of the spacecrafts because there are 15 types of vehicles. There are 40 levels of game modes which provide endless flying.

Overall, Fast of clan is a wonderful game that provides full of entertainment and enjoyment. Once you will start playing, you will become addicted to this game, like me. So download this game and grab the enjoyment.



Fast of Clan is fast reflex challenging game which deals with the aerospace gaming. Meanwhile, it is open mobile gaming i.e. one can join millions of players worldwide.

There are thousands of mobile games develop and launch in the market on daily basis. It’s a tough competition to offer something unique and different in the same. Every developer is in the race of bringing something fresh concept. Recently Eye God introduces a mobile game name as “Fast of Clan” which offers something new regarding spaceship game. It’s fast pace game and full of challenge.

The company said it was dubbed the most competitive Game Apple App Store and Best iOS Games 2018. It openly invites everyone to join the war while picking out the spaceship and favorite links. The most noticeable thing regarding this game is that it also enables one to join millions of players worldwide. This can be possible via two most popular social media platforms i.e. Facebook and Twitter.

Choosing your spaceship is another feature which this game is offering. There are 15 vehicles which help in experiencing the power deal. Additionally, they say there are 40 levels with each having different playing experience. This makes it more interesting because playing experience will vary with level.

Some other features:

  • User-friendly
  • Chat and free race rank with others
  • Fast space & dangerous
  • Option to choose the color
  • Provide a way to discover the strange area with so many scary barriers

The strategy of the game is simple enough to understand. Only one needs to move the spaceship in right or left to prevent it from clashing with obstacles. Also, there is need to collect coins coming in the way. So just beware of obstacles in this war. After completing one level successfully, the next level will be unlocked. Mind it sure the spaceship will be in high speed so keep your reflexing power attentive.


Availability: Fast of Clan is available FREE on both i.e. Android and iOS




In another word, this is reflex challenge game. It’s a platform to test and know your abilities. So take your decision, use your daring abilities and fight to protect your clan. Become king of glory. So are you ready to face a challenge? If yes then, all the best for your endless flying and warfare against obstacles.

For more information please reach us


Please make your presence on the above social account to get the latest news along with the gifts from “Kings of Glory”.


I usually play mobile games to refresh my mind and pass my free time. Recently I download Pen Pineapple Pen game which is available on Google Play and App Store. The game is really wonderful to play as it is easy plus interesting too. The game is about shooting fruits like Pineapple and Apple with a pen.

Moreover, it is a tapping game. All you need is to tap the pen at right time to hit fruits. I also found this game to be challenging one. It is because fruits are continuously moving from left to right and vice versa. In keeping with this view, a player needs to hit the fruit at right time. The game is very much easy to understand.

Let’s see features of this game

  • 20 + types of different pens
  • Easy to play, just using one finger to play
  • Cool graphics
  • Many skins of pineapple & apple fruits like glasses, pilot & hip-hop style etc.
  • World leaderboards to challenge your friend
  • Good music made by piano

At last, I would like to highly recommend this game to everyone. It’s one of my favorite games on my mobile. Download it today




The team at MythicOwl are back with a new addictive puzzle game that you’ll be playing for hours at a time. Take our word for it – we have played it and we couldn’t set it down.

Hexologic combines hexagons and sudoku-like puzzles into a mobile puzzle game that all ages will enjoy. The levels get tougher and more intense, while the games graphics are always sharp and inviting. If a game can be easy but challenging at the same time, Hexologic accomplishes just that.


Are you a lover of puzzle games like Sudoku, but find they have gotten a little stale as of late? Well listen up – because we have the next game for you to fall in love with.


What’s the game?


Hexologic’s gameplay is straightforward and fun but challenging at the same time. And for the low price it will be available for, this mobile puzzle game is definitely a steal.


It has 60 levels (as well as some hidden levels) for you to defeat through 4 completely different worlds. Its gameplay is based on hexagonal grids and the mission is simple (but success comes harder). Like Sudoku, you combine the numbers to solve the grids – but as the levels pass you by, the next one gets tougher and more challenging.


The many levels will give you hours of relaxing entertainment, and is the perfect combination of fun and challenging. Right off the bat, Hexologic is easy to learn and they make it easy to navigate so you can instantly dive into gameplay.


This mobile puzzle game appeals to both puzzle game veterans and puzzle game newbies.


Will you enjoy it?


MythicOwl has knocked a mobile game out of the park before (and not only games – see this TechCrunch feature on their app, Parenting Hero) and they have done it again with this mobile puzzle game, Hexologic.


An added bonus: the soothing, atmospheric soundtrack that accompanies you through the many levels of puzzle fun!


So, from the sites and sounds, to the puzzles and gameplay: MythicOwl delivers another solid mobile puzzle game with Hexologic.


Where do I get it?


Hexologic will be available on May 29th, 2018. For iOS and Android users, it comes at the very low price of $0.99. On Steam, you can own the game for $2.99.


Visit the Hexologic website to learn more about this mobile puzzle game coming to a device of yours soon!



There are so many games on my mobile which are challenging. It’s because I always prefer challenge in the game and I think the game is incomplete without that. Recently I download new game name as Diamond the game. I must say the game is quite full of challenging and use the brain power. There is no complicay in its strategy but yes, it’s somewhat hard to play.

Let’s see its features:

  • Option to choose a background
  • Tutorial to know the playing strategy
  • Game sound
  • Arrow to move the coming blocks in right or left

How to play?

The main thing in this game is to make Gigadiamond. There will be triangle shape chips will be coming from the top and you need to make diamond, rhombus and triangle. This will be possible when you set and arrange the chips in such a manner that it takes those shapes. Mind it sure that chips will be coming in fast speed so need to keep your eyes open.

I would like to recommend Diamond the game to those who like to have a challenge in their game. It’s a nice game that is simple enough to understand. It’s my personal suggestion to keep patience.




I love addictive games and additionally if there is a challenge in it, then I prefer it on a high level. There is one app name as Black and White game which I downloaded recently. Its awesome game which provides a lot of fun but minds it sure it’s challenging one. After playing this game I am sharing my own experience which I feel about this game.

As I already mention its challenging game, one needs to be active and play it with an open eye. Besides that, it’s enjoyable too. It’s not as difficult but requires your active skills to deal with. This reflex game is something unique. Let’s catch its features:


  • Fast pace game
  • Easy to understand
  • Music and sound option
  • Leaderboard to check the score
  • Multiple levels to unlock

Playing strategy:   

The concept of playing simple, there will be four columns in which objects will be coming from an upward direction. The columns will be in alternate black and white color and objects will also be in black and white. Tap on the object that matches the color of the column. For an instant, if the color of the object and column is white then tap on that object. Like this, you will also be able to unlock the levels and promote to colorful background columns.

Black and White is really an interesting game. Just play it and get the best of the playing strategy. I highly recommend this game. Just download and test your brain activeness.




There are so many games available on the App Store and I also download a few of them. Every game is having a different approach to playing but I love those which have fast speed. Considering this recently I found the game as per my choice. The name of the game is Madness Speed. This game is actually what I was seeking.

Let’s move further about the game. The game is actually very simple with the short and sweet approach. Only there is need to tap and change the path of moving snake. Yes, that’s what is all in this game. In the round circle, there is moving snack and when you tap the centre of the circle, the snack will come to the inner side of the circle. Like this you need to protect it from colliding with the coming obstacles.


  • Sound and music
  • Tons of characters to unlock
  • Collecting of coins
  • Cool graphics with a simple approach

My experience: The game is perfect in all ways. It provides a good way of passing the spare time. As I like simple games so I love to appreciate this game a lot. Firstly I was not able to understand this game but later on, after playing, I came to know the concept. The main benefit of playing this game is that I improve my presence of mind and concentration. The idea which is put in this game is awesome. It’s my advice to players to keep yourself in a pace mode to play this game.

If I talk about the availability, it is available at App Store. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod & iPad. Mind it sure that you have iOS 8.0 or above.

Last words:

Madness Speed is the great app that provides a good way of passing the time. Well, it is having very fewer features but that is very much precious to provide fun. All those who are reading my experience they can feel this entertainment though downloading the game. Thanks for reading.




I love Panda animal as it are one of the cutest animal in the world. This is the main reason I also love Panda Babies Playhome game which is all about the Panda family. In this game, there are 6 Panda members and they do different activities. Want to know more? Then continue with your reading.


  • Graphics are cool
  • Images are nice
  • Easy to play and understand
  • Every day is a new adventure
  • Different and new type of activities

Now I introduce you to the playing strategy of this game. There is no rocket science in this game. Just there will be activities of Pandas as like our daily life and you need to help them in the same. There is the kitchen, lounge, bedroom, bathroom and garden. You can do anything like boil the kettle for tea, play a CD, hide in the wardrobe, changing of diaper etc.

Here I also share one more important thing about this game. There is an agreement of donation with Royal Zoological Society of Scotland and on every new download there will be a donation goes for the care of Panda in real. So it’s my personal urge to all my readers to help this animal and make your donation.