Perhaps the most challenging side-scrolling motocross – game ever

This is a motocross game where you must fight hard and really show that you are skilled to manage all tracks

On each level you have the opportunity to get bronze, silver, gold or platinum medal

On some tracks you’ll need gold or better for the motocross to be upgraded and become better

Upgrades: Top speed , acceleration , braking , rotation and suspension

3 level types , normal , uphill & low gravity …. you now have 40 levels to race through

Are you a xtreme biker ?

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First of all, I really love to drive offroad 4×4 suv car. Every Sunday I usually drive my car go down hill to make racing and try to beat new records. That’s my inspriration to make this game. In this game, you can drive offroad car. that is very challenging to complete the level.

How to play
1) You have to select mode to drive. there are two options; using steering wheel or using sensor.
2) Start to drive and try to avoid many pieces of stone. please don’t get hit the stones, if you hit, you will start from beginning point again.
3) Your mission is to find the flag and finish level with limited time. you get more points if you can finish level quickly.
3) This game has 9 levels with 9 different locations

Have Fun with Extreme Offroad 4×4 SUV HD !

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Play and experience FREE version of Death Racing 3D for the endless joy.
How to play:-
– When you playing, you can pick up item and defeat enemies.
– Your motorbike will consume nitrogen when acceleration, so make sure to collect enough nitrogen item, or you will be left behind.
– You can share your score with entire world. You can prove you are the best.
– You can post to Facebook to share experience with your friends.
– Powerful guns and weapons are sold on shop, buy them and experience the ultimate power.

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You never know when “Nature Calls”. When you gotta go, you gotta go. Try to “Hold it in” by using the  mighty power of your toots to jump over obstacles in your path. It is not your typical infinite runner game; it is funny but also very challenging. Time your mid-air toot perfectly to make it over trees and birds. Get as far as you can while avoiding the random objects in your path. Brag to your friends and challenge them to beat how far you “Held it in” by clicking on the Share/Challenge a Friend button. You can also keep track of some of the achievements you might earn along the way.

There are two game modes:
# Runner Mode challenges you try to get as far as you can while avoiding the random objects.
# TPTimer Mode is more challenging; try to get as far as you can while the time ticks down.
Collect Toilet Paper to keep the timer going but be careful, because if your time runs out then it’s game over.


# Tap the screen to jump.
# While in mid-air tap the screen again for an extra toot.
# Earn achievements and share with your friends on Facebook or Twitter how far you “Held it in”.
# Challenge your friends to beat how far you “Held it in”.
# It’s funny and very challenging.
# It has that, I will just play it one more time game play.
# You never know what to expect the farther you get into the game

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Táctil Arts tiene el placer de presentaros su primer producto, Real Riders.

Un simulador de bicicletas de descenso con físicas reales.
Real Riders ofrece gráficos increibles, altas velocidades, una jugabilidad fluida y una experiencia free to play.

Aún tenemos mucho que ofrecer en las proximas actualizaciones. Mas mapas, modos de juego, personalizacion de bicletas y riders, trucos, editor de mapas, multijugador en tiempo real, pantalla partida, tablas de puntuaciones y mucho mas!

TactilArts esta concentrado en construir un estudio para poder seguir inovando. Tenemos grandes ideas y el conocimiento para hacerlas reales.
Nuestra prioridad y principal caracteristica es el constanste esfuerzo de entregar una calidad mas alla de los límites establecidos.

No solo jugamos, hacemos arte.
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Drive the PHOTON at full speed, jump through rings to score points and extend your play, then fly through the air to touch down on this amazing endless ROLLER COASTER track.
Night and day, stay on the road at all costs, and use the orange line to boost your speed, but don’t fall … or spend your last chance colliding with a pillar.

# Stylish 3D graphics
# High speed thrills
# 60 frames per second
# Precision controls
# Exciting sound design
# Game Center Records & Leaderboards
# Original and minimal soundtrack
# Support for Retina Display
# Race results screen
# Local back up for your best score and awards

# Tap the left or right side of the screen to move.
# Touch the two sides at the same time to brake!
# Touch the score area for a quick restart.


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The world came to an end as we know it. Cities are abandoned and are burning.Nobody knows what caused that apocalyptic event. All we know is that you should drive as fast as you can from the city. There are a lot of obstaces like burning cars and trucks in your way so try to avoid them.

How to Play:
To avoid burning cars and trucks press with your finger on the left or the right side of the screen.
Car is gaining speed so it will be harder and harder to avoid obstacles in your way. If you hit an obstacle you will die.

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Motorsport Manager is the most realistic motor-racing management game available.

# This is your racing team. Hire drivers, develop your car and invest in technology.
# Work with your drivers to achieve the perfect qualifying lap.
# Formulate the ideal pitstop strategy to win races.
# Watch the race in real-time or jump into the strategy screens to take control of the action.
# React to weather changes, crashes and safety car periods.
# Win championships across the world to reach the pinnacle of motorsport.


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