Mr Beam and the temple of the ancients

Here’s your chance to enjoy a refreshing take on the temple-in-the jungle-with-funny-hatted-manly-explorer-in-it genre in this game set in a universe inspired by the best adventure films !

Mr Beam mixes platform-type action with puzzle solving, sometimes in alternation, sometimes a bit of both at the same time, all the while telling you a zany story about an ingenuous XIXth century English explorer…

Enter the depths of the temple, amid splendid backgrounds for which a whole new 2D rendering engine has been especially conceived !
Let your dexterity and cunning prevail as you progress from the childlike easiness of the beginning to the mind-bending difficulty of the end !

Follow Mr Beam, the world-renowned sweet-mannered and birdbrained explorer in his discovery of a temple lost in the jungle…but beware ! this god-forsaken place is the realm of darkness, and light will be your only ally ! Use it to prevent Mr Beam from meeting his fate in one of the numerous traps, or inside the belly of one of the voracious monsters awaiting him at every turn in this abode of unspeakable horrors ! Also, rack your brains in order to find the solution to the mazes of light and other ingenious puzzles barring your way !

Remember that inside the temple to the Old Ones, every action counts : Mr Beam is in great need of all your shrewdness, as he’s not very astute himself and couldn’t do much left to his own devices -but, to be fair, what playable video game character would ?- Be cautious as you advance, stay under the light at all times, or you may have the opportunity of seeing Mr Beam perish in the most gruesome manner !

Will you be clever enough to penetrate the temple’s secrets ? Will you escape with Mr Beam’s life, or even, maybe, discover a fabulous treasure hidden at the very end of this sinister place -which would be great news for Mr Beam, whose finances are at the lowest at the beginning of the game…- ???

Above all, don’t you ever forget : it’s all you can do not to let Mr Beam in the dark, or else he sure won’t make old bones !


# Original never-seen-before gameplay you simply have to see!
# No strings attached, promised ! The game is complete, including every reward you may earn in the course of your playing…
# A new 2D graphics rendering engine of which we are especially proud !
# Beautiful background and lovingly crafted animations
# Powerful music and chilling sound effects adding to the mysterious atmosphere…
# A story full of heavy-handed but good-spirited humour, with likeable characters that never swear in public, despite their tendency to die spilling their blood and guts all over the place…
# Swift reaction and brains required to escape the multitudinous perilous situations…
# Leisurable, relaxing playing with a progression in difficulty scientifically studied so as to avoid your destroying your expensive technological device in anger…
# A well-balanced mix-up of action and reflection

And, If you happen to like this game as much as we do, do not leave it in the dark : Rate it as good as you think it deserves !

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WARNING: Highly Addictive Zombie Match 3 Game!
*Please check COMPATIBILITY list below for a list of compatible devices

From Noodlecake Games and Massive Damage, the folks that brought you Please Stay Calm and Super Stickman Golf 2 comes a new spin on match 3 with 1000% more zombies and guaranteed no candies!

Explore a retro post-apocalyptic world full of zombies in a bid for survival in this challenging and addicting puzzle adventure. Will you survive?

# PLAY through tons of levels of zombie puzzle madness!
# MATCH powered up items for INSANE COMBOS!
# FUN to play but challenging to master!
# FIGHT multiple types of puzzle zombies, some even affect the puzzle board!
# EARN sniper shots, grenades and bodyguards to help you beat the tough levels!
# EXPLORE a beautiful 1950s retro-styled post-apocalyptic world
# COMPETE against your Facebook friends for the top scores!
# SYNC your progress across devices using Facebook Connect
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The African Serengeti has become too crowded and noisy for our clan of meerkats!
The Meerkats must find a new home, but their fate is in your hands. Protect the clan from enemies and from themselves as they journey across the jungles and plains of Africa.
Help the meerkats jump, hide and dodge deadly enemies, formidable obstacles and numerous lethal dangers as they search the world for peace, tranquility and safety.
With meticulously detailed hand-crafted levels, Meerkatz Challenge strikes the ideal balance between cuteness overload and puzzling perfection.

Meerkatz Challenge features:
# Adorable characters
# Beautiful, engaging art style set in Africa’s Serengeti
# Challenging puzzle elements
# Deploy meerkat skills like Stopper, Glider and Thrower to help the clan progress through the game
# Extra unlockable levels
# Fun with friends via leaderboards
# No in-app purchases. Everything you need to play the game is included!

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Easy to start. Hard to stop.

# Start up PUZZIX and watch the hours fly by.

This simple, intuitive puzzle challenge provides 60+ levels of interactive gameplay. PUZZIX combines eye-filling color, and smooth, easy-to-use controls to give you more fun per second.

# How do you play it?

Simple. Just drop a flowing piece onto a matching piece below. Connect three or more and score — and if you connect four or more, there just might be a surprise. But keep an eye on the clock — and the descending boundary line!

# Make a habit out of a challenge. Get PUZZIX today!

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Get Ready to Cubama – an exhilarating and endless 3D reflex game with a twist!

Cubama is a game that requires you to manipulate a moving 3D-shaped piece, by tapping on your screen to get it through the opening of an oncoming wall. While the game is simple, it gets challenging as a new block gets added to your piece at each milestone and travels at an increasingly faster speed. With each wall crossed, you gain one point. Hit the wall and its back to wall one for you!

Cubama requires concentration and most importantly good reflexes as you pivot your growing block!

# Journey your way through endless obstacles in a challenging game that is guaranteed to make your heart beat faster!

# Brag your high score on Facebook for all your friends to see

# Keep an eye out for the competition by checking your friends’ bragged scores displayed on the farthest wall they’ve reached

# Enjoy travelling through a tron-esque game environment

# Enjoy original Game Cooks music, which picks up and goes faster as you progress in the game.

Only your Cubama skills can dictate your score. Are you up for the challenge?

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Are you the best crafter in Elfenland? Help the elf by combining, rotating, moving and stacking iron ore to create the magical demonium. Put your crafting skills to the test, set a new highscore and compete against your friends in the Weekly Tournament.


For centuries, the story has been told of the most precious and rarest of all ores in Elfenland: magical demonium. So far, nobody has been able to forge the rare metal. Rise to the challenge – be the first to craft the magical ore and discover the ultimate secret of the elves!


Use your device’s tilt function to move stones or remove troublesome stones with magical spells. Use your skills and wit to craft increasingly valuable metals from the base ore and discover the secret of demonium. The best crafter will not only get their rightful place on the throne, but also the glory and honor of the highscore.


Play the Weekly Tournament FOR FREE! By linking Elfcraft to your Facebook account, you can play against your Facebook friends in a weekly tournament. Craft your way to the top of the rankings and unlock all achievements.


# Tilt function –>Tilt your device to move stones and craft new elements
# Tournament mode –> Link Elfcraft to your Facebook account and challenge your friends to a tournament
# New elements –> Use your skills to combine, stack and move stones and create new magical elements
# New rewards –>Unlock valuable rewards by achieving certain objectives in the game

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Take control of a planet to save helpless people by moving them around the universe.

=> Completely original gameplay.
=> Over 50 levels.
=> Unique mix of action and puzzle strategy.
=> Original soundtrack.
=> Features wormholes, exploding planets, alien spaceships, planetary shields and asteroid fields.

Helpless people are stranded throughout the galaxy. Drag planets around to save them all, while dodging alien lasers and navigating through asteroid fields.

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What do a goat, a mower and a wellington boot have in common? They are all elements of a super addictive path-finding puzzle app called ‘G.O.A.T. – Mow it up!’

‘G.O.A.T. – Mow it up!’ puts you in the role of Jason – a hard-working farmer whose mower breaks down. ‘No matter what, always get the job done’ is your motto, so you quickly realize that the broken mower can be well replaced with your always-hungry, carrot-loving goat. And you decide to put your idea into action right away!

In every level of the app there is a grid that represents a field covered with overgrown grass for example, and with scattered items of litter. Your goal is to make the goat eat all the grass and items in the field. In order to do it, you draw a continuous path of carrots that lures the goat to pass through all the cells. The goat can’t mow up the same cell twice and it stops after eating the last item of litter, so you have to plan your route carefully!

Sounds like a piece of cake, right? Then you’ll be surprised how brain-engaging this app can be!

The app:
• provides hours of great fun for every fan of puzzle games (regardless of age)
• keeps your brain fit – develops visual intuition and trains logical deduction
• offers over 200 levels of different difficulty to keep the challenge up
• contains high-quality design and amusing characters
• allows you to share your scores on Facebook

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Prepare to ride the express train into Bubbletopia. Beat rival opponents and save the cute “Blubbles” from Count Weevil.

( ‘-‘ ) Bubble Rival Features ( ‘-‘ )
=> Challenge new Rivals along the path to Count Weevil.
=> Collect the cute “Blubbles” then use them against your Rivals.
=> Explore Bubbletopia and meet new friends and foes along the way.
=> Use Rainbows, Bombs and other special power ups for added help!

Are you ready to meet some Rivals?!

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