Dominate the skies and master the world’s most advanced aircraft as you experience the best looking, most Action packed jet fighting game with Sky Protector. In this games you become an expert pilot whose duty is to Destroy enemy’s different airplanes.


# Endless game play.
# Compete for high score.
# Destroy enemy jets
# Survival mode
# HD graphics with gorgeous visual effect

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A Nyan Frog hop off floating leaves to stay alive.
Put your reflexes to the test in this simple game of speed and accuracy! Challenge your friends to see who is Fastest!

The gameplay is very easy: tap the screen with your fingers to make the little Nyan Frog jump and use all your Reflexes and promptness to jump as many leaves as possible. Each gameplay will last 15 seconds so your aim is to make a new record every time. Reach your maximum score in 15 seconds.

Remember that the little Nyan Frog cannot maintain his life in water and as soon as he will touch water your Game will be over and you have to start again.
You can decide the speed of the Nyan Frog, just be careful not to let him jump in the water.
Very nice music, sound effects and animation when the Nyan Frog jumps and when he touches water.

# Addictive and fun
# For kids and adults
# Gameplay of 15 seconds
# Engaging music and sound effects
# Play with one or more fingers
# Animation

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Best aerial combat game of the year .
A massive attack on their cities and way of life, brought the western civilization to join forces and defeat darkness once and for all.

It is up to you, and your war machines, to fight back, and eliminate the threat once and for all.

Features :
# Amazing graphics
# Cool Sound effects
# Endless fun

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WARNING: Click ‘More” only If you’re a real gamer who loves games that are EASY to learn but SUPER HARD to master……

Bubba the cat just invented a new flying device!

# Help him test this magical device by avoiding obstacles in his way, as he tries to fly as high as he can inside the giant padlock on the city gates.

# Control Bubba with one finger! Just tap on the screen to level Bubba and don’t let him crush into the walls or obstacles.

# Helicopter pilot license is NOT required!

# The game is super easy to learn and get started, yet challenging enough for player of any level!

# Become addicted as you challenge your friends and family and perfect your newly acquired helicopter hat skills!

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SmartSoftStudios is happy to announce that we have brought 3D-Air-craft, an addictive game, to IOS. 3D gameplay with river and mountains.

You can use seeker and bullets to hit opponents. You can play game as super air fighter that have 10 lives. You have to avoid mountains and opponents air craft.

Game includes:
# 3D Air Craft
# 3D GamePlay Environment
# Get coins as rewards on Level up
# Get coins as rewards on hitting 20 opponents
# Coins InApp purchase
# Super Air craft
# Sounds
# Ads
# You can upgrade game by removing Ads
# Facebook sharing

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Planet Cube 23 – Rays is a casual but challenging game based on the Planet Cube 23 series!

You are in a field filled with enemies trying to get rid of you, luckily, you have the ability of teleportation!
Move away from the lasers as long as you can to survive! How far can you make it?

# Free!
# Only one in app purchase to remove ads if you want to support us.
# Lasers!
# Teleportation
# Compare your High Score on the Leaderboards.

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Welcome to the world of heartache and disappointments, where every step you take brings another trouble. Join Sadlinky in its attempts to find a way out of this dark city. Help our hero to step as long as possible to get out of your apathetic world.

# Avoid stopping Sadlinky
# Destroy hateful enemies
# Tilt the “world” to Sadlinky able to bridge the gap or accelerate
# Watch out for obstacles
# Attention! No coins and bonuses, only heartache and regret unhappy Sadlinky.

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Immortality is a game in which you are a soldier who has to fulfill 23 missions. You must free prisoners and eliminate the enemy. You can use a rifle, a grenade and a smokescreen to move imperceptibly. In the next missions you can get medals and money allowing you to complete your equipment.

Meeting before the secret mission:
General: You were appointed to fulfill a secret mission in a city surrounded by the enemy – the aim of the mission: to release prisioners working in the enemy’s factory
Soldier: Yes,sir !
General: Prisioners know the composition of a mixture which causes temporary immortality. After releasing them go straight to the airport.

Good luck, soldier!

# Free the prisoners
# Eliminate the enemies
# 23 different maps to explore
# 69 medals for you to achieve.
# Game center integration

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