Welcome to the world of heartache and disappointments, where every step you take brings another trouble. Join Sadlinky in its attempts to find a way out of this dark city. Help our hero to step as long as possible to get out of your apathetic world.

# Avoid stopping Sadlinky
# Destroy hateful enemies
# Tilt the “world” to Sadlinky able to bridge the gap or accelerate
# Watch out for obstacles
# Attention! No coins and bonuses, only heartache and regret unhappy Sadlinky.

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Immortality is a game in which you are a soldier who has to fulfill 23 missions. You must free prisoners and eliminate the enemy. You can use a rifle, a grenade and a smokescreen to move imperceptibly. In the next missions you can get medals and money allowing you to complete your equipment.

Meeting before the secret mission:
General: You were appointed to fulfill a secret mission in a city surrounded by the enemy – the aim of the mission: to release prisioners working in the enemy’s factory
Soldier: Yes,sir !
General: Prisioners know the composition of a mixture which causes temporary immortality. After releasing them go straight to the airport.

Good luck, soldier!

# Free the prisoners
# Eliminate the enemies
# 23 different maps to explore
# 69 medals for you to achieve.
# Game center integration

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Do you have ten minutes to live a life?
Inspired by games like Journey or Cloud, I am a brave knight is a short interactive story based on our perspective of life. The game follows the life of a man and his progress through it. With an emotional story that will not leave you indifferent, get ready to live an experience and maybe learn something about yourself.


# An emotional story about life
# A short but intense experience
# Touching visuals and music

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In the not so distant future…
Society collapsed – chaos followed. It was every man for himself.
Power grids went offline, water stopped running and governments fell. Resources soon became scarce and riots broke out. The only safe place was out of the city, in the remote wilderness.

You gathered up your closest people, some supplies and headed to an isolated location deep in the Woods and that is where the journey begins.

As leader of your group, you set out to establish a safe place for everyone. Live off the land and setup The resources to take care of them. You know the looming threat is just beyond those trees so you must Strengthen your colony and prepare it from incoming raids by others looking to take what you got.
It’s survival of the fittest, and while you hope for the best – You must prepare for the worst.

There is only 1 rule in this land of lawlessness: There are NO RULES!
You must defend your colony at all costs, and by any means necessary.

# BUILD your own survivalist camp and customize the layout.
# DEFEND your people! with guard towers, bunkers, mortars, and traps!
# UPGRADE structures to better prepare them from incoming attacks

# TRAIN unique troops like sharpshooters, warriors, wreckers and grenadiers.
# Up to 200 soldiers on the battlefield at once!
# RANK up in the leaderboards and compete in tournaments
# Conquer achievements and earn rewards

# Form ALLIANCES with other players
# CHAT with other people in the game in real time.
# SHARE REPLAYS of your most glorious victories.

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The year is 1815. After years of chaos and suffering, the end of the Napoleonic Wars is finally near. However, six days before the infamous Battle Of Waterloo, a large British battalion was attacked and Decimated by unknown beings. You are now in command of the few survivors and have to repel the Attackers wave by wave, hoping for a miracle…

But fear not! Along with the unknown beings, your men found a stash of futuristic looking weapons. Put Down enemies and gain money to make these weapons functional.

*Free To Play Till Day 14, Any Purchase Unlocks The Full Game

# Use The Blunderbuss against bosses, it only costs $ 700!
# Defeat Endless Waves Of The Undead
# Use cannons and mortars to put down enemies in explosive style!
# Give your soldiers the command, and they will fire with pinpoint accuracy.
# Or use your own weapons from the tower to snipe down enemies with accuracy or mow them down with heavy guns
# If you lose simply start off from the last level that you cleared by tapping Continue Game

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Guide penguins to their destination. Move ice blocks and do signature moves to avoid obstacles and safely get to your destination fast! These little penguins will tease your brain and entertain you for hours!!

PUZZLE MANIA – Use clever tactics to move blocks and create safe passages, avoid traps, open doors, and escape monsters!

ENDLESS FUN – Defeat a wide range of obstacles: wind tornadoes, holes, mud patches, one-way paths and even freezers! Use clever tools like springboards, tele-porters, or conveyor belts to zoom through the ice!!

SUPER CHALLENGE – Finish levels in the shortest time or the fewest moves, and earn points to match your skills! You can perfect your score by playing the same level again and again!

GENEROUS LEVEL PACKS – Evolve through 4 Seasons packed with exciting penguin adventures! Each Season contains unique graphics and brings its own set of challenges and fun adventures.

AMAZING CONTROLS – Orient your phone to guide the movements of the penguin – move, turn, slide, stop, and accelerate! Touch the screen to move objects and create a path for the penguin.

CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS – Share your score on Facebook, Twitter or by email and SMS and see if your friends can challenge you!

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What if iPhone games had existed back at the dawn of animation?

Take a whimsical journey back into an alternate past, where the primitive cartoons of the 1920’s co-existed with the handheld wireless devices of today… a parallel timeline in which the Cellular Telephonic Device was all the rage just as the movie industry was taking its first faltering steps. Aerfish Studios of Glendale was there, hand-crafting some of the most memorable black-and-white “Retr-O-mation” games of that entire (invented) era.

We’ve rummaged through our extensive (though, thankfully, imaginary) archives to find and bring you this early example of the genre: “Flap That Bat.”

“Flap That Bat” asks you to help our intrepid flying mammal get through a spidery graveyard, while tapping your toes to the music of Judy Carmichael and her band of musical misfits. Watch out for tombstones and dancing spiders, though!

And please — if you’d like us to rummage around in our archives for more examples of this lost (some might say “never existed”) genre, help make sure this one is a success by spreading the word!

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We have brought the classic Snake game to a different level, with over 30 different tasks combinations in 80 levels, divided in 6 episodes that will test your skills and strategy to the max. And it gets better!
Enjoy HD graphics, enemies that sometimes will be smarter than you, over 40 different sound effects, Special effects such as lightning, explosions and warp speed, 6 different dog accessories that you can Change every day. You can even rename the dog house with your pets name, tons of consumable Boosters and 5 permanent boosters that will drastically change the game experience such as :

# Karate Chop: it gives the ability to break hard obstacles;
# Honey Science : honey it’s less sticky in big honeycomb explosions;
# Extra Life: if the cat has 9 lives, the dog should be able to have at least 2;
# Bulldog spirit: now the dog can bite the Chocolate and Strawberry Biscuit Ghosts;
# Elixir of time : it will help you in time challenges.

The game is divided in 6 totally different episodes :
# Adventure begins: levels 1 to 14, with 3 treats, 3 different obstacles and delicious in game puzzles;
# Chocolate fall: levels 15 to 29, with 2 new enemies, 7 different bones and treats, a new special obstacle, new special effects and new amazing sound effects;
# Sweet Glaze : levels 30 to 39, with new special effects, new puzzles and new delicious treats;
# Honey Delights : levels 31 to 54, with 2 new enemies, 4 new different bones and sticky treats , new special effect and new sound effects;
Tip: Be careful around honeycomb explosions, it can make or break a level.
# Yummy path : levels 55 to 64, all enemies and combination of treats so far, all together;
# Crunchy treats : levels 64 to 80. This is getting crazy! New max length, different enemies, treats that will run from you, new amazing sound effects

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