How about helping chicken float instead of crossing the road?

Meet the FLOATIES, a group of 4 differently-colored characters that must be helped to stay alive in their endless floating adventure.

Tap your way to a record-setting number of floats with over 40 different characters ranging from from clumsy chicken to ferocious dinosaurs while dodging crazy and unexpected obstacles. With an endless gameplay, Floaties will keep you hooked as you travel 8+ different worlds filled with specific obstacles. All you have to do is tap to keep the characters floating, but the easy controls are balanced by an almost impossible gameplay. Dare to take this challenge?

Main Features:
# Endless Floating Gameplay. Control up to 4 “floaties” at the same time each with its own color by simply tapping to help them float. Each floatie is immune to the same color obstacles but is destroyed instantly by obstacles with other colors. Your main goal is to have a fleet of all colors and to try surviving the longest. Easy to play, but impossible to survive for long!

# 8+ Adventurous Worlds. Help your floaties survive through the ancient world of Egypt, the sci-fi landscape of the Moon, the unlawful Wild Wild West, the dangerous Jurassic Park and more. Each of the 8 playable worlds feature its own particularities depicted in eye-catching 3D graphics so get ready to dodge out-of-orbit satellites on the Moon, T-Rex bones in Jurassic Park and hundreds others!

# Dozens of Characters. From flying drones, chicken, rockets to E.T., Cleopatra or even Jack the pirate you can unlock more than 40 different fun characters. Collect coins throughout the game and use those to spin the wheel of fortune to get a new random character or unlock your favorite one. Gain experience with each character and level them up to 5 stars!

# Powerups and abilities. Aside coins you can collect special objects that help you gain powerups for a limited time (i.e. collect 4 potion bottles to double your coin collection for 15 seconds). With your new abilities you’ll survive longer and score higher.

# Solve Quests. Each world has a theoretically endless flying/floating gameplay, although in reality you die A LOT, but offers side quests too. Can you collect 7 items of the same color? Or have one of RGBY floatie destroyed a couple of times? The more quests you solve, the tougher that level gets. You start at Easy, advance to Medium and become a master when you reach the Hard level of difficulty.

# Achievements & Leaderboard. Connect via Game Center to unlock more achievements and access the social or global leaderboards if your score is high enough. You’ll also be able to analyze the statistics for each world, such as how many items you’ve collected, how many quests you’ve completed, what was the best score and MUCH MORE!

# Multiplayer Challenges. Provoke up to 4 of your friends to a game of keeping floating characters alive! You can play the game in multiplayer mode and this gives 4 users the chance to play Floaties on the same device. Who can be the best? Only practice will tell!

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Chain Reaction Games strikes again! This time in the form of a fun Mario-Style platformer… with a twist!

Long ago, King Spheralious of the world of Roundatropolis, and his son, Prince Orby created a planet of their own to rule over; Polygonia. Polygonia had many beautiful torches in which the inhabitants could receive help from their creators.

However, an inhabitant of Roundatropolis, Lord Luxless decided to take over Polygonia with darkness, and enslaved creatures to put out the torches and plunge the citizens into eternal darkness. He sent huge monsters to rule the different sectors, as he watched all the chaos. The citizens went into hiding out of fear, and without their torches lit, they couldn’t receive help!
Years later, the good king came up with an idea. He would send his son Orby, to light up the dark world, and push out the darkness created by Lord Luxless. Now he needs to fulfill his mission.

Start your adventure with Orby in the Green Hills, a once beautiful place that needs your help to save it. But Drango the Dragon doesn’t want that to happen, so he’s sent his full artillery to stop you! Once you make it to his evil castle, you’ll have to figure out how to light the final torch!

To move to the next world; The Snake Desert, you’ll need to collect light crystals. King Cobra has heard about how powerful you are and doesn’t intend to let you do the same thing you did to Drango’s sector to his desert, especially not his precious caverns!!!

After collecting more diamonds, Orby will be ready to move on to Mt. Yeti; a brutal, ice world filled with tons of new surprises, including underground mine cart rides, narwhals, and evil snowmen! Will you have what it takes to defeat Pagos and Wally in the Ice Castle?

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Goo Saga is a platform adventure game where the player guides an elastic creature named Goo in a perilous journey to find his creator – and with him, the mysterious purpose of his own creation.

Will Goo succeed? Puzzles, deadly traps and an army of foes in a labyrinthine underwater lab block his way. Goo’s destiny is in the player’s hands.


# 3 different states of Goo’s elasticity controlled by the player: Deflated, Normal, and Inflated.
# 20 levels, each to be completed in 3 different modes: Normal, Survival, and Time Trial, plus 4 epic boss battles; each mode requires a different gameplay strategy.
# Captivating atmosphere with HD graphics and gameplay.
# 18 atmospheric soundtracks.
# Sophisticated level design with meticulously planned alterations between puzzle solving and platform based gaming sections.
# 12 types of robot enemies.
# Crystals collected through successful completion of the levels and used to enhance Goo’s abilities.
# 8 upgradable character abilities that help Goo in his adventure.
# Colourful blobs which are found and collected by the player to complete the Normal mode of each level.
# Enticing storyline delivered through in-game cut scenes.
# 2 different endings.
# Powerful level editor to create your own levels.
# Online server where you can upload your levels or download, play and rate other players’ levels.

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X-Tactics is an episodic Turn Based RPG updated weekly, that is also a location-based game that uses player location and local weather to affect the tactical conditions of missions, which combines turn-based tactical gameplay with an original fighting game inspired combo/command skill system, and mechanics to create a new style of gameplay. In it you control a rag-tag team of secret agents who protect the World and the Truth. Are you ready?

Tokyo Game Show “Best Indie” Nominee, created by former developers of SEGA, Square Enix and Capcom, X-Tactics (“Cross-Tactics”) is a GPS-based episodic RPG with new stories each week. In a world, similar to our own, but one where top-secret government agencies and secret societies, maintain the peace and world order by manipulating the truth, news and history.

As the player, you are in charge of the X-12, one of the most influential secret organisations in the world, commanding a ragtag cast of secret agents, adventurers, and treasure hunters, dedicated to maintaining world order through suppression and control of the truth.

The gameplay blends traditional turn-based tactics with a bit of fighting game combat mechanics for a fresh take on the genre, placing player skill and tactical sense as key for Victory. It is also unique in it’s use of GPS and local weather conditions to affect tactics, skills, and also to unlock secret treasures, and side quests, as you delve into missions of urban exploration to protect your hometown.

# Free to play as much as you want! No stamina or waiting!
# A new RPG made by former developers of SEGA, Square Enix and Capcom.
# Turn-based tactical combat with real time fighting game elements.
# In-game battle conditions affected by real world location and data
# A wide variety of a cast of characters each with their own special abilities and story arcs.
# Turf Wars mode where players challenge other players for control of real world “Turf”.
# Hundreds of levels within all difficulty levels, both for shorter and longer play sessions.
# Weekly updates with themed events containing new characters, stories and levels!

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Giant reptiles invaded their lands and drove the crabs underground. Centuries later, infused with the power of crystals, they are ready to exact their revenge!  Raise the swarm and resurface with a vengeance. Grow your army of crabs, evolve them and drive the scaly beasts out of your homeland!

• Evolve more than 80 beautifully designed crabs
• Spawn 30 unique queens to lead your swarm
• Unleash 6 powerful abilities and customize them with up to 18 different talents
• Hunt over 50 uniquely dangerous reptiles
• Ecdysis and be reborn with powerful mutations
• Slay the Wildebeast and claim legendary rewards
• Call upon the help of powerful allies such as the killer crab and golden ray

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Welcome intrepid explorer, the world of TRAP FALL Adventures awaits. Be warned, there are angry gorillas, rolling boulders and other nasty surprises lurking for you. Use helpful equipment like the whip to swing across rivers or your rope ladder to climb up cliffs, or you can even use the yummy Tom Yum Gai Soup of Resurrection to bring yourself back to life.

TRAP FALL Adventures from VAN ZON Games is a puzzle adventure game for everyone that will require you to use your brain and fast reflexes to get you safely through each level. Good luck out there!


# Select one of two different characters to play: Male Adventurer or Female Explorer
# 120 levels in total
# Includes 4 boss levels
# Unlock different environments to explore
# World map to track your progress
# Use of equipment to traverse each level
# Ability to upgrade to advanced equipment
# Helpful consumable items from camouflage paint to helium balloons and Tom Yum Gai Soup of Resurrection.
# Easy to learn and fun to play

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Welcome to the exciting new world of Tungoo! Get ready for a truly unique mobile gaming experience.

Tungoo’s world is a seamless vertical adventure starting from the ground and ending at the edge of space. Eat bubbles to fill up with gas and boost your way up to save Tungoo’s friends from their alien abductors.

Navigate through Tungoo’s world with tilt controls and a multi-touch layout that will keep you honed in on the action.

Enjoy lip-smacking good collectibles, high flying boosts, bubble bursting excitement, in-game cash reward challenges, awesome wearable gear with stat improvements, and much more!

Explore the world of Tungoo and rise to the occasion to rescue his friends.

# Unlock over 100 pieces of gear to improve your stats and your look
# Over 190 challenges to complete with in-game rewards
# Sell what you collect for in-game BugBucks
# Take a chance on re-rolling gear for better stats!
# Track your stats with the personal stat tracker system
# Back up to iCloud and play on another device!
# In-App purchases that will get you ahead in the game

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* One of the BEST, TOP rated ‘Dog Games’
* Over 800,000+ Downloads!
* Help CURE CANCER IN ALL ANIMALS AND PETS by playing this game!
* Life-like 3D dog characters!
* Simple game controls so all ages can easily play!
* Facebook, Twitter & Game Center for your pet bragging rights!

(There is a PRO version of this game which has all the mazes unlocked as well as the customized items and also has no ads!)

Raise your hand if you like dogs! Raise your hand if you like maze puzzles! Raise your hand if you like supporting animal charities and pet rescue facilities. That’s everyone, right? Now lower your hand onto your iPhone, iPad, iPod and use it to download Cool Dog. All monies spent on In-App purchases go to local animal / pet shelters and rescues and also to the Animal Cancer Research facilities!

Please help Darby and her two other Shiba Inu pet friends get all their bones to their dog house in the shortest amount of time! Be careful of the tennis balls because your dog WILL stop to play with them – just like a real dog! Please enjoy!

If you want to know more about the Shiba Inu breed of dog – please check out the books written specifically about the breed as it is important to match any pet to your individual requirements! And consider checking out your local pet rescue facility and take home a pet that is in need of a forever home!

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Join our Little Pixel Pony’s adventure game! Invite your friends to play our challenging Pixel Pony’s jumping and tale. Jump or shoot obstacles and defeat enemies using your extraordinary flower power.

=> Choose from 4 different pixel pony characters
=> Choose from Day Sky or Night Sky worlds
=> Fun levels to win
=> Amazing graphics
=> Dangerous dragons to defeat
=> Kids mode available

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Hungry sugar monsters have invaded Sugarland and are devouring all the delicious and colorful sweets laying on its path! Queen Creampuff needs your monster-popping skills to clean up this mess before it’s too late!

Are you a fan of puzzle games such as Tetris, Columns, Puzzle Fighter, and Candy Crush? Then look no further! Sugarmons is a match-3 puzzle game with an advanced character customization feature unlike other puzzlers that allow you to import your characters into your game!

Create and Pop thousands of hungry sugar monsters and prepare to engage in an extremely fun, addicting, and challenging adventure. Pimp each and every aspect of your Sugarmons and load them into your game! Hundreds of collectible items are available for the following categories: Body Color, Skin, Eyes, Mouth, Cheeks, Hair, Forehead, Headgear, and Costume. Turns out that’s thousands of unique ways to combine them! You may even earn rare items that none of your friends possess!

Make quick finger swipes across the screen and place special elemental orbs strategically to combo other elemental orbs. Pop as many Sugarmons as you can in this one minute game. Be fast to unleash a time bonus and extend your game time. The skilled will survive while the unskilled will perish.

Collect hidden candies to pimp your Sugarmons! Share and show off your personalized Sugarmons to the world via Facebook or Twitter! Who will have the coolest and most unique looking Sugarmons? Play to find out!

# Advanced Character Customization: Create your own monsters and load them into your game
# Combine long chains to create one of five elemental orbs, each with its unique explosion
# Strategize the placement of the elemental orbs to combo other orbs
# Make quick consecutive moves to unleash a time bonus
# Extend your game-time to survive longer
# Earn free unique rare items that none of your friends have seen
# Immerse yourself in a great shopping experience
# Share your personalized Sugarmons to the world via Facebook or Twitter
# View and compare other players creations via #Hashtag posts
# Compete against players all over the world via Game Center

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