In God’s right hand that is sealed with seven seals. The Lamb of God opens the first four of the seven seals, which summons four beings that ride out on white, red, black, and pale horses. The four riders are often seen as symbolizing Conquest or Pestilence, War, Famine and Death.

1000 years after “war in heaven”, Satan and his demons rebelled against God in heaven. The world is under attacked by a lot of strange power monsters & devils minions, humans have no idea where they come and how strong they are. Mankind need something very strong to defeat them to save the world. God summonses The Four Horsemen to fight again Satan and his demons, and the biggest battles begin.

Wage WAR against an ANCIENT EVIL and become the HERO you were BORN TO BE! the WORLD’S FATE is in YOUR HANDS!

The game “Chaos Knight – RPG Stickman games Warrior, Shadow Battle” is a rpg, hack ‘n’ slash game designed with thrilling dark graphics for the powerful dark shadow fight characters and fascinating sound effects. Explore the legendary quests and fight till the end to defect the demon and bring freedom to the kingdom. Stickman Knight (Darksiders) which also called hitman is truly an ultimate action games with over 50 stages and interesting battle games leagues. Play the rpg games and collect powerful gun, sniper, weapons and gems to upgrade your ninja dark sword art and armors.

The RPG games are warrior games where ninja warrior using their sword art. This kind of warrior games is an epic game of stick wars. This epic game has ninja warrior who wars in heaven using their kung fu skills. The stick wars are the perfect example of stickman fighting games. The ninja game is a survival games where ninja’s use their fighting skills like – kung fu, martial arts etc.

The hitman fighting games also called ninja game where it’s a complete adventure game of martial arts. Many people like survival games who always looking for this kind of fun games, action games, monster games, shadow games adventure game etc.

Win the battle games leagues, battle in shadow fight, Hunt down monsters, dark knights, devils minions, demon mages and other villains and get a chance to become a true stickman ninja shadow fight, dark knight, darksiders.


THE ULTIMATE HACK ‘N’ SLASHER: Discover the casual controls that make even the most amazing combat moves easily accessible to anyone
Amazing new animations for your heroes, attacked and slayed foes make the entire experience more satisfying.
MASTER LEGENDARY POWERS: Unlock, manage and upgrade a variety of sniper, gun, weapons and armor to best express your fighting style.



The latest mysterious game is here to let you feel like a superhero. This Demon Escape: Shadow Realm game is all about hunting the demons and finding a way to escape. This latest power game Demon Escape: Shadow realm by GoLive Games Studios AG is the best game who likes some horror and mysteries. This game is released recently on December 7th with the 1.0 version. You can enjoy this interesting fear game on your device without paying a penny. It is available in the App store of iOS devices free of cost.

This fantasy game can be played on iOS 8.0 or above platforms. It is compatible with the devices like iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad as well.  The game is designed with intensive cartoons but occupies only 264MB space of your memory. As it is released recently we have not recorded enough ratings from the users. We can surely conclude that the game will surely get best ratings from users with the superb graphics and interface.  This endless game of survival will never disappoint you.

How to play

The demon Escape: Shadow Realm game has the storyline of comprising the escape route. In this new route, you are going to come across a number of demons and shadows. You have to dodge them with the strategies and correct moves. You can swipe up and down only. Gamer has the power of magic bow to fight with demons in the way. try to collect as many bows as you can to boost its power and upgrade its strength. You can choose among Neel and Laal characters. Both of them are super demon hunters. You can fire the bows on demons or save them according to need and find the best path to escape.

The game will guide you through the walkthrough time to time making it easier to understand. It also has a community and forum that help you in understanding the game wherever you get stuck in. You have to face thousands of demons while searching for a safe path. You just need to slay those demons and shadows with your bow. You can simply avoid the demons with a correct swipe. It is the matter of timing and presence of mind which you will master by practice. Play the role of legendary demon hunter and have fun with this horror game of demons and shadows.




Airline Tycoon Deluxe is a funny economy simulation proceeding in realtime and assigning you the complete responsibility for an airline. However, don’t be fooled by the funny comic style or the included jokes: A variety of tasks are requested and your competitors never miss a chance to set a trap for you in order to put a spoke in your wheel.

Your abilities are put to the test continuously playing Airline Tycoon Deluxe: Will you be able to use your aeroplanes to capacity and land some profitable charter flights? Can you establish routes for lucrative scheduled flights? Aeroplanes cost millions; will you be capable of increasing the share price and obtaining enough funds by the issuing of securities?

Can you stand up for the construction of new aeroplanes in your role as an engineer? Are you able to avoid your competitors’ deceitful attacks? Accept this unusual challenge and win virtual laurels with Airline Tycoon. The deluxe version contains 20 new airports as well as new opportunities. It is as interesting for professional tycoons as for beginners.

# Funny economy simulation in comic style
# Complete freedom of action and freedom to move within the airport facilities and more than 30 places to be visited
# Control of all parts of management: purchase of aeroplanes and their fittings, financing as well as stock market listing, planning of routes and filling order books, personnel, marketing and maintenance as well as many other details
# Easily operated construction of own aeroplanes and the opportunity to exchange these on the Internet
# Use additional security precautions against competitors’ attacks or sabotage competitors yourself



The perfect game to play while having a coffee!
Join Toma and his friends on an adorable adventure through the Fruit Kingdom. Travel through magical lands, visiting wondrous places and meeting cute pets! Link and connect your way through dozens of fun levels in this adorable puzzle adventure. The most adorable game just keep getting cuter!

Take on this adorable adventure alone or play with friends to see who can get the top score!

Fruit Heroes Tale features:
# Five Fruity Heroes each has a favorite fruit. Tomato, Eggplant, Orange, Apple, and Peach.
# Heroes will launch attacks on the enemy as you match, link and burst their favorite fruits!
# Adventure Mode: Burst fruits and rescue pets to clear stages and gain gems and gold. Unlock and level up your heroes.
# Time Attack Mode: Defeat as many enemies as you can within the given time to complete challenges. Unique bombs and items available.
# Unlock and collect 16 different cute pets, they will join battles and help you attack enemies.
# Collect Gems in the Adventure Story Mode to unlock 4 additional Heroes!
# Spin the Booster Wheel for FREE after every game for Gems and Coins.
# Use various color bombs and other random magical items to help with challenging levels.
# Pass level 50 to enter hard mode.
# No Ads, No Popup Notifications, and No Internet & Data needed to play.




Experience the fun of a new arcade plane shooting game!
We took classic arcade shooting games and remade them with 3D graphics to create ‘Retro Shooting.’
We guarantee to provide you with a thrilling and fun time.


# Simple and intuitive controls
# Progress through 75 exciting levels that will keep you on the edge of your seat!
# Choose between 11 very different aircrafts, each with their own unique and powerful weapons!

# Destroy enemies with a variety of stylish fighter planes
# Dazzling and various lethal attacks!
# Massive boss battles to get you pumped up for fighting

# Complete exciting challenges and randomly assigned special missions
# Compete with your Game Center friends for higher rankings in ‘infinite mode’
# Supported for iPad



The match-3 puzzle genre requires no introduction as it has captured the imagination of wide mobile game lovers throughout the globe. These are essentially casual puzzle games where the player is tasked with forming a sequence of 3 or more identical elements. Usually the game board is in the pattern of a square and is occupied by a variety of tiles that you can choose and move around to achieve the objective. The success of this genre is primarily due to its simplicity and flexibility. These factors render the match-3 puzzle games quite addictive keeping multitudes of casual mobile game players captivated

A good puzzle or word game can be so addictive that it might get you kicked off a plane, end your relationships and even invade your dreams. The reason you can’t just walk away from the Color Outs game is the simple gratification you get from matching 3 elements. And when you don’t instantly get that reward, you convince yourself that, with just one more turn, you’ll have it. These devilishly fun distractions will have you wondering what you used to do with all your free time.

The aim of the Color Outs game is to prevent the penetration of balls of different colors into the given path. These balls are steadily moving in its direction along a spiral trajectory. The balls are destroyed by other balls of same colors from different line, for this just tap and slide the ball which you want to move. Try to clear same color balls quickly. Otherwise, the impact ball is stuck in a spiral and if happens continuous your game will over. During the game you need to destroy as many balls as possible, to collect the maximum of points and various bonuses, and, of course, to prevent the penetration of the balls into the spiral. Play now and clear more and more levels. Lets play now




One small step for you. One light-year for Walkr! Hop aboard the fantastic Walkr spaceship and start your adventure across the boundless cosmos. On a rocket built by an 11-year-old genius, you’ll use your “walking energy” to fuel the ship, allowing you to discover more than 50 fascinating planets, like Caramel Apple, Octopus Cavern, Heart of Flames, and more! Throughout the universe, you’ll also encounter delightful lost space creatures who will need your help along the way. It’s truly the adventure you’ve been waiting for!

Walkr is the second fantastic offering in a series of health-conscious games from Fourdesire, creators of Plant Nanny, a fun sim which reminds users to drink water daily, and already has more than 10 million players!

– Build your own galaxy and devise new ways to increase your galaxy’s population
– Explore the ever-expanding, boundless universe
– Undertake missions to help the many adorable creatures across the galaxy find their homes
– Visit and say hello to your friends’ galaxies
– Grow with Walkr: earn 40+ awesome achievements and show off your collections.

– Just put iPhone in your pocket, and Walkr will automatically record the number of steps you’ve taken and convert them into “walking energy” for your spaceship
– Walkr tracks and records your daily calorie burn and recommends a daily goal
– Walkr is designed for minimal power consumption and run 24/7 in the background. However continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Support Apple Watch:- 
– More easy way to control your planets and DFR on your wrist!
– Check the weather from your current location
– Special event which boost the amount of energy gaining
– Fantastic dashboard of daily waking and running steps
– Notifications of delivery missions and wild cubes



Walkr QR



How about helping chicken float instead of crossing the road?

Meet the FLOATIES, a group of 4 differently-colored characters that must be helped to stay alive in their endless floating adventure.

Tap your way to a record-setting number of floats with over 40 different characters ranging from from clumsy chicken to ferocious dinosaurs while dodging crazy and unexpected obstacles. With an endless gameplay, Floaties will keep you hooked as you travel 8+ different worlds filled with specific obstacles. All you have to do is tap to keep the characters floating, but the easy controls are balanced by an almost impossible gameplay. Dare to take this challenge?

Main Features:
# Endless Floating Gameplay. Control up to 4 “floaties” at the same time each with its own color by simply tapping to help them float. Each floatie is immune to the same color obstacles but is destroyed instantly by obstacles with other colors. Your main goal is to have a fleet of all colors and to try surviving the longest. Easy to play, but impossible to survive for long!

# 8+ Adventurous Worlds. Help your floaties survive through the ancient world of Egypt, the sci-fi landscape of the Moon, the unlawful Wild Wild West, the dangerous Jurassic Park and more. Each of the 8 playable worlds feature its own particularities depicted in eye-catching 3D graphics so get ready to dodge out-of-orbit satellites on the Moon, T-Rex bones in Jurassic Park and hundreds others!

# Dozens of Characters. From flying drones, chicken, rockets to E.T., Cleopatra or even Jack the pirate you can unlock more than 40 different fun characters. Collect coins throughout the game and use those to spin the wheel of fortune to get a new random character or unlock your favorite one. Gain experience with each character and level them up to 5 stars!

# Powerups and abilities. Aside coins you can collect special objects that help you gain powerups for a limited time (i.e. collect 4 potion bottles to double your coin collection for 15 seconds). With your new abilities you’ll survive longer and score higher.

# Solve Quests. Each world has a theoretically endless flying/floating gameplay, although in reality you die A LOT, but offers side quests too. Can you collect 7 items of the same color? Or have one of RGBY floatie destroyed a couple of times? The more quests you solve, the tougher that level gets. You start at Easy, advance to Medium and become a master when you reach the Hard level of difficulty.

# Achievements & Leaderboard. Connect via Game Center to unlock more achievements and access the social or global leaderboards if your score is high enough. You’ll also be able to analyze the statistics for each world, such as how many items you’ve collected, how many quests you’ve completed, what was the best score and MUCH MORE!

# Multiplayer Challenges. Provoke up to 4 of your friends to a game of keeping floating characters alive! You can play the game in multiplayer mode and this gives 4 users the chance to play Floaties on the same device. Who can be the best? Only practice will tell!

Floaties - Endless Flying Game logo



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Chain Reaction Games strikes again! This time in the form of a fun Mario-Style platformer… with a twist!

Long ago, King Spheralious of the world of Roundatropolis, and his son, Prince Orby created a planet of their own to rule over; Polygonia. Polygonia had many beautiful torches in which the inhabitants could receive help from their creators.

However, an inhabitant of Roundatropolis, Lord Luxless decided to take over Polygonia with darkness, and enslaved creatures to put out the torches and plunge the citizens into eternal darkness. He sent huge monsters to rule the different sectors, as he watched all the chaos. The citizens went into hiding out of fear, and without their torches lit, they couldn’t receive help!
Years later, the good king came up with an idea. He would send his son Orby, to light up the dark world, and push out the darkness created by Lord Luxless. Now he needs to fulfill his mission.

Start your adventure with Orby in the Green Hills, a once beautiful place that needs your help to save it. But Drango the Dragon doesn’t want that to happen, so he’s sent his full artillery to stop you! Once you make it to his evil castle, you’ll have to figure out how to light the final torch!

To move to the next world; The Snake Desert, you’ll need to collect light crystals. King Cobra has heard about how powerful you are and doesn’t intend to let you do the same thing you did to Drango’s sector to his desert, especially not his precious caverns!!!

After collecting more diamonds, Orby will be ready to move on to Mt. Yeti; a brutal, ice world filled with tons of new surprises, including underground mine cart rides, narwhals, and evil snowmen! Will you have what it takes to defeat Pagos and Wally in the Ice Castle?

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Goo Saga is a platform adventure game where the player guides an elastic creature named Goo in a perilous journey to find his creator – and with him, the mysterious purpose of his own creation.

Will Goo succeed? Puzzles, deadly traps and an army of foes in a labyrinthine underwater lab block his way. Goo’s destiny is in the player’s hands.


# 3 different states of Goo’s elasticity controlled by the player: Deflated, Normal, and Inflated.
# 20 levels, each to be completed in 3 different modes: Normal, Survival, and Time Trial, plus 4 epic boss battles; each mode requires a different gameplay strategy.
# Captivating atmosphere with HD graphics and gameplay.
# 18 atmospheric soundtracks.
# Sophisticated level design with meticulously planned alterations between puzzle solving and platform based gaming sections.
# 12 types of robot enemies.
# Crystals collected through successful completion of the levels and used to enhance Goo’s abilities.
# 8 upgradable character abilities that help Goo in his adventure.
# Colourful blobs which are found and collected by the player to complete the Normal mode of each level.
# Enticing storyline delivered through in-game cut scenes.
# 2 different endings.
# Powerful level editor to create your own levels.
# Online server where you can upload your levels or download, play and rate other players’ levels.

Goo Saga logo