Playing casino game is really fun and entertainment full. I too love this approach and play casino on my mobile phone. There are so many games but Slots is one of the best casino games which I like to play. It’s available at the Apple store for iOS platform and free to download.

The game is fantastic to play and it is full of colorful graphics. There are lots of features of this game which compel me to play this game. The game is offering an easier way to adjust your bets. Moreover, the graphics are clear.

There are magic gates of blackjack. You can travel through ancient Greece to unlock the Zeus scatter. There are four different themes name as Egypt, Dinosaurs, Medvial night, Greek God.

Let’s see some interesting features of this game.

  • Colorful HD graphics
  • Free to play
  • Leaderboard to check scores
  • Get free coins
  • Bonuses and level up rewards
  • Different levels
  • Perfect sound & music system
  • Different kind of themes
  • Free spin
  • Win huge jackpot
  • Different machine worlds





As I always carry my phone with me I love to explore the GPS location too and Domination: Earth provide me with this chance. It’s a strategy game that takes place in the real world. In this, a user will have great fun once started. One of the biggest things is that it is Augmented reality that provides the easy way to view real objects in an effective way. You can use the real place image to play this game.

Some of the features of Domination Earth

Graphics: The graphics of this game is really awesome. These graphics attract a lot of people. Like this, the playing experience becomes great. The images are shown in a crystal clear manner.

User-Interface: The user-interface of this game is great. Also people like those games which have a good interface.

Clear map: The location map has been shown in a clear manner. The clear map helps the user to find the location. This feature I like most.

Item scrapping: Just convert your real-world item into the resources with a barcode by using your camera. For this purpose toys, DVDs, books, Soda anything can be considered.

GPS Plug-in: This helps to check in the place where you go.

The game is all building military bases. You need to use the captured land to make the military bases. Other than this you need to recruit armies & establish regional dominance. Fight against the foreign threats by creating the alliances.




 Clash of Orbs is full of entertainment. There is no game complete without fun and entertainment and that’s what this game contains. Moreover, it’s easy to play which every person like. Only you need to use your finger swiping skills to play this game. Want to know more? Continue with your reading.

The game is all about protecting the holy element from the evils attack. You will have a beautiful journey through the colorful land. As the graphics are unique and colorful, you will surely like them.

The game is really simple. You only need to swipe the finger in order to destroy the attacking elements. The animations in the game are very nice. The guiding steps are also nicely presented in the game. Once you will enter the game, you will know everything.


  • Good graphics in the game
  • Different challenging levels
  • Different survival modes to play
  • Easy to play & understand
  • Leaderboard to claim the spot
  • User-friendly
  • Entertainment full
  • Colorful game



Love to kill your enemies in the war? Then you must play Ghost Squad which is available at Apple Store for iOS & Google Play store for android. It’s a 3D shooting game which is made for feeling the real war experience. Trust me as I played this game and become addicted to this. Moreover, its cool graphics made me a fan of this game. I love to enjoy killing all those Warbots.

Let’s see some interesting features of this game.

  • Different Characters: There are different types of characters in the game. But unfortunately, only two of them are available as others are locked.
  • Short Video: There is short video at the beginning to introduce the situation.
  • Graphics: The graphics in the game are really awesome and its 3D.
  • Hide your character: You can also make your character invisible through a special option available but that’s only for one time to use.
  • Sound: The sound of the game is classic
  • Choose your Shooting hand: You can choose the shooting hand i.e. right or left of your character.

Price: The game is free to download but there are in-app purchase for power up and unlocking the other characters. The in app purchase is also not so high.

The game is really enjoyable to play. Earlier I find it little difficult but later on with practice and understanding I learn to play.

Playing Strategies: It’s simple!! You need to choose the character and hit on the play button. You will be in the war area where you will meet up with warbots to whom you need to shoot with your gun. Your points will be shown at the top. Furthermore, save yourself from that entire ghost.

Last but not least the game is complete package of fun. It is specially made for those who love to fight in the battle. Want to play the game? Then don’t wait much just download it right now.



Playing the game on mobile phones is really fun oriented. There is nothing better than good fun. Some of the games are really awesome to play and they are meant for fun. There are lots of mobile games but I like those which include little challenges plus simplicity. One such game is Mushroom Mayhem.

The strategy is full of fun having all types of features which are enough to make a player addictive. I am playing this game so I am sharing my own experience here with disclosing all of its features here.


  • User-friendly graphics
  • Colorful features
  • Easy to play
  • A retro sound effect with modern music
  • Different levels with different challenges

Availability: The game is available at Apple Store for iOS.

Price: The game is free to download.

How to play Mushroom Mayhem?

To play this game, you need to download and install it on your iPhone, iPad. There is nothing any rocket science in this. You will have one character to shoot the bunch of mushrooms. When you will tap the character, bullets will emit to destroy the mushroom.

There will be different levels and the challenging level will keep on increasing. Additionally, you need to be aware of the bullets which will be emitted by mushrooms. Be aware that you don’t get touch with any mushroom to stay long.




The killing of the zombies in the game is really fun and entertainment full and that’s what Zombie World game is providing. It’s a tower defence game which is available at Google Play Store and Apple Store both. I played this game and found it as a perfect.

Being a little bit tough I love this game to play and it’s really addictive. I like the zombie creature of this game. They are absolutely perfect and suit to the game. I also like the other characters in the game which shoots zombies.


  • Colorful & user-friendly graphics
  • 5 great locations
  • Explore the vast map
  • Upgradable towers

Plan of action:

In the playing strategies of this game, you need to kill the zombies coming in the way through the characters of the game. Like this, you will be able to make your own unbeatable army. Ultimately you need to save the place from zombies and make your own army stronger.






In God’s right hand that is sealed with seven seals. The Lamb of God opens the first four of the seven seals, which summons four beings that ride out on white, red, black, and pale horses. The four riders are often seen as symbolizing Conquest or Pestilence, War, Famine and Death.

1000 years after “war in heaven”, Satan and his demons rebelled against God in heaven. The world is under attacked by a lot of strange power monsters & devils minions, humans have no idea where they come and how strong they are. Mankind need something very strong to defeat them to save the world. God summonses The Four Horsemen to fight again Satan and his demons, and the biggest battles begin.

Wage WAR against an ANCIENT EVIL and become the HERO you were BORN TO BE! the WORLD’S FATE is in YOUR HANDS!

The game “Chaos Knight – RPG Stickman games Warrior, Shadow Battle” is a rpg, hack ‘n’ slash game designed with thrilling dark graphics for the powerful dark shadow fight characters and fascinating sound effects. Explore the legendary quests and fight till the end to defect the demon and bring freedom to the kingdom. Stickman Knight (Darksiders) which also called hitman is truly an ultimate action games with over 50 stages and interesting battle games leagues. Play the rpg games and collect powerful gun, sniper, weapons and gems to upgrade your ninja dark sword art and armors.

The RPG games are warrior games where ninja warrior using their sword art. This kind of warrior games is an epic game of stick wars. This epic game has ninja warrior who wars in heaven using their kung fu skills. The stick wars are the perfect example of stickman fighting games. The ninja game is a survival games where ninja’s use their fighting skills like – kung fu, martial arts etc.

The hitman fighting games also called ninja game where it’s a complete adventure game of martial arts. Many people like survival games who always looking for this kind of fun games, action games, monster games, shadow games adventure game etc.

Win the battle games leagues, battle in shadow fight, Hunt down monsters, dark knights, devils minions, demon mages and other villains and get a chance to become a true stickman ninja shadow fight, dark knight, darksiders.


THE ULTIMATE HACK ‘N’ SLASHER: Discover the casual controls that make even the most amazing combat moves easily accessible to anyone
Amazing new animations for your heroes, attacked and slayed foes make the entire experience more satisfying.
MASTER LEGENDARY POWERS: Unlock, manage and upgrade a variety of sniper, gun, weapons and armor to best express your fighting style.



Jumping and shooting are two things that form the bedrock of the modern action game.

The platform-shooter has been a popular genre for decades, and its success has continued on Smartphone despite the format’s inherent touch screen control limitations.

You really can’t get more action than you get with shooting games. Whether they’re third person shooters, first-person shooters, or somewhere between, you’re usually in for tons of bullets, explosions, and mayhem. It’s been one of the more difficult genres to get going on mobile since shooting games depend so heavily on precision which is difficult to do on a touch screen. Some have managed to put together a decent experience, though, and here is the best shooting game for you!

Bomb Bro’s is the new action-packed 2D shooting game.You can play this game with your friends online and fight with them
at a time three players can play in the game.If you do not want to play with friends then You can try single player mode

Some unique Features of Bomb Bro’s :
# Select your favorite character or buy new ones!
# A lot of different weapons including a rocket launcher and a bomb!
# A lot of different maps like a ship wreck, chemical lab or an Island!
# Ability to play with your friends online from around the world!
# Ability to play against AI





Grapple Gum is an award winning SlingShot-Action-Platformer in which you play as a little pink piece of gum and grapple across moving objects. It’s a neat mix of mechanics as you can float through the space, hitch a ride by hooking on the various platforms, and slingshot your way from one piece to another while also shooting at all kinds of targets, including big bosses and the little various sooty critters nibbling at your toes.

Grapple Gum was awarded “Best Mobile Game” and “Game Of the Year” by the Tunisian Game Awards 2017 with a jury composed by Susan Gold (founder of the Global Game Jam), Leevi Rasila (GDWC Event Producer) and Moacyr Alves Junior (ESL Brasil Partnerships Director).

# Play 10 levels filled with 10 Gigantic bosses and hordes of hand painted, kid friendly, critters.
# Discover 6 Awesome and Unique Weapons, with 3 levels of upgrade for each.
# Unlock 42 Permanent Bonus, which offer exceptional replayability.
# Enjoy Fast paced, touchy and crazy satisfying action.

The doodle artwork is brought to life with fluid animation and popping visual effects. Every component has been recreated in meticulous details!

Grapple Gum features a One touch control. Tap, hold or swipe and hitch a ride with your grapple or shoot at everything and leave a mess of bursted monsters! Intuitive controls deliver a gaming experience both fun and challenging.

Compete with players all around the world and see who is the very best

Grapple Gum is easy enough for anyone to pick up… but it requires tenacity and quick reflex to master.





Rome Defenders” offers a new take on Tower Defense games and challenges with exciting and unique action!

Begin your journey with few weapons in your arsenal and take on varying waves of attackers. Continuously update your weapon inventory during the course of the game. Beware: your oppenents will continue to improve their skills and weaponry, making it more challenging as time passes.

Your survival depends on your skills and decisions. Use your strategic skills and tactical thinking to your advantage.
Earn trophies and unlock bonuses!
Update your weapons and inventory
Different opponents with unique skills
Challenging strategy game