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Eternal Fighter is an old school arcade casual game. The ninjas kidnapped your girlfriend and injected a drug into your heart. You must maintain a high adrenaline or is the game over for you.

Sounds like an easy task isn’t it? It’s easy to play but hard to master.
Several random environments, addictive musics and a lot of achievements to unlock.

Master your skills to reach the top records on the leaderboards.

Who is the master Leroy?



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FREE – Modern Sniper Attack Squad 2017 game has landed on the IOS platform.

With an exquisite game screen. YOU are a modern sniper ready to play your part in dangerous attacks and silent assassin missions. Eliminate a mob of enemies at street level and don’t let the enemy snipers to hide behind the boxes and take out the high-profile target. With access to an inventory of modern M25 sniper rifle, you will rely on your marksman skills to finish the work. Go for the HEADSHOT now to kill the enemy in one shot or you will be counter attacked by the enemy sniper crew!

Quickly pick up the weapon in your hands, make your blood boil up, do not let the terrible criminals out of your sight. do not hesitate to experience the excitement of the game and passionate sniper thrill.

Game Features:

# 15 3D Levels : The game has 15 3D levels, 15 levels mode lets you keep cool and see how far you can broke into it!
# Enemy intelligence control system: By adjusting the number of enemies and intelligence you will find the game more challenging and addictive.
# A variety of game scenarios: There are a variety of different scenarios, Ships dock, Fort, the gangster village full of terrorists with advanced weapons and so on.
# Rich weapon system: You have M25 sniper rifle to aim and shoot with more accuracy.
# A variety of combat posture: By standing shooting, squat shooting, fighting to switch cartridges, replacement of different weapons, buy medical kits and enjoy the fun of realistic combat experience.
# Simple operation: full touch screen operation, so you just move a finger, you can quickly capture the enemy’s shadow and fire.
# Realistic visual effects and the world’s best battle music.

How To Play

# Tap the unlocked mission from the map to enter shooting mode.
# Slide the screen which can be rotated gamers perspective.
# Tap the down button to let your player hide behind the hideout.
# Tap the right arrow button to hide behind the other hideout.
# Tap the left zoom button to zoom your M25 sniper rifle to aim your target with more accuracy.
# Aim the HEADSHOT to get your enemy with a single shot.
# Tap the bullet button on the right of your screen to shoot.
# Don’t let the enemy soldiers to hide behind the hideouts.
# Challenge your sniping skills and try to clear all 15 levels.


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LaToya’s Life Presents SAVE SAMIA. Samia is the first born daughter of LaToyaForever from the popular and entertaining YouTube vlog channel LaToya’s Life. Today Samia needs your help to get through obstacles and traps across the grimy streets of Toronto. Think you got what it takes to get through these streets of Toronto? Unlock your favorite characters from LaToya’s Life and help Samia get her to her first day of school. Download the game and work your way to the top of the Leaderboard. Tag us on social #SaveSamia or #LaToyasLife

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Bomboras Forever is a rogue-like space adventure about a group of pilots travelling to the distant SAstar in hopes of stopping an alien invasion. As leader of the Bomboras, Sgt. Grey, you’ll lead the battle against the mysterious invaders, defend supply depots, rescue squad-mates, and collect the spectacular Prima Materia as your make your way towards the alien’s home-world.

Bomboras Forever features:
Challenging rogue-like gameplay
Stackable weapons and upgrades
Simple, responsive controls and MFi support
Original music by Daniel Engel

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ZombieRoshambo is the perfect place to check in on the zombie apocalypse, attack some zombies and meet new people. Swipe right to attack them; or swipe left to move to the next human or zombie you want to attack. After you have attacked and defended you can chat with your prey on the battles screen. You can con control your roaming distance and what type of humans or zombies you are hunting off of your profile page. Hunt for zombies in your local pub or roam the entire world hunting. The profile page also lets you change your picture and check out what you look like. Are you a zombie or human? What type of human or are you a leader of the zombie apocalypse? It is easy to measure if the zombies or humans are winning with the skull icon on the main screen and make sure to check out the heat map to know where in the world the zombie infection has spread.

Fun, free, and great way to meet people close by and around the world. Users are allowed to chat with anyone that they are attacked by or that they attack.

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This is a retro action game with RPG/Explore elements.

Dark Emperor formed a powerful army to conquer the world.
Countless lives were killed brutally.
The war spread to crab village, a peaceful place.
Young crab Edgar escaped from village.
He must save the village and fight the Dark Force.

Retro action game with RPG/Explore elements.
4 heros (3 would join with story goes), totally different battle skills, players should make good use of each one to fight powerful enemies and bosses.
2 Different endings (Light/Dark), you could be a hero, or an evil, that would lead to totally different endings.
Each ending would open a new mini game in ‘Extra Mode’.

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Hit and Run is great new fast action card game that’s a cross between solitaire and mahjong. Make runs by discarding cards sequentially on the board. Earn bonus points and coins for long runs, flushes, high scores, and beating Game Center Leaderboards.

# Play unlimited games for free!
# Banner ads only, NO Full Screen Ads!
# 11 board configurations
# Earn coins to unlock wild cards and new boards
# Earn stars for high scores
# Supports Game Center, Facebook and Twitter
# Daily and Weekly Game Center competitions for coins

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DanGBat bring you a classic, retro looking, fast action, scrolling strategy game.

Stripped back to basics with simplistic controls but frustratingly entertaining enough to keep you from being able to put it down.

With a thumping bit crunching soundtrack to help you along, you’ll be eager to Spryte Flight your way to the top of the leaderboard, dodging a mass of Ghastly Ghouls on your way!

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We’re under attack! Help Sgt. Crackem and General MacNut hold off the onslaught of endless falling nuts as long as you can.

Swipe and match your way through the pile and help them collect as much nuts as you can. Awesome physics keeps things unpredictable and 4 power up weapons add fun to the action.

Connect with Game Center. Each mode has it’s own Leaderboard and there are many achievements to unlock.

There are 3 Game Modes and there will be more in future!

SOLDIER MODE: Start at the rank of “Private E-1” work your way up the soldier and officer ranks to General! This mode starts off easy but adds more nut and picks up the speed as you climb through the ranks.

OFFICER MODE: Same game play as Soldier Mode but starts with the nuts and difficulty of a true “Second Lieutenant”. Fast past start with more nut types on the board. You’ll definitely want to use your power up weapons to make it to the rank of General.

Blitz Mode: Make sure you know how to use you power weapons as it’s a must in this game mode. Starts with only 3 nut types on the board but the speed is insane! Easy to make your matches and collect your power ups but hard to stay composed.

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Dominate the skies and master the world’s most advanced aircraft as you experience the best looking, most Action packed jet fighting game with Sky Protector. In this games you become an expert pilot whose duty is to Destroy enemy’s different airplanes.


# Endless game play.
# Compete for high score.
# Destroy enemy jets
# Survival mode
# HD graphics with gorgeous visual effect

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