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Orbital Sling is a simple to learn yet challenging to master space game.

You are a lone space capsule with no propulsion who relies solely on slinging from one planet’s orbit to the next in order to get home.

Obstacles along the way include laser fields, debris in orbit, blackholes, wormholes, and much more!

Earn credits for levels passed and use them to unlock new levels and capsules with special abilities!

Game includes:
All original hand drawn (capsules, backgrounds, planets, everything!)
Powerful all original music score by Michael Kennedy
Extremely simply/charming visuals
Simple, addictive, and casual game play
In-app credit system
New levels and capsules added regularly with every update

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Indulged in the idea of Pokemon Go for horror fans, if not then you can now!

Werewolves, Zombies, Vampires & more are breaking down the barrier between their world and yours. It’s your mission to hunt them down, level them up and battle others with your ferocious monster army!

In this new augmented reality horror game we put the monsters in your streets, your parks, the woods nearby and if you dare seek them out, in the graveyard down the road.

Birds Nest Apps is a new self-funded start-up of just my self, so please support with developing the Dystopia franchise. Further developments to include PVP battles outside portal points, enhanced gameplay, VR version and Trading Card Game.

Will you capture and rule all of the Dystopian races or be a master of one ultimate legion?!

# When using the orbs to capture Dystopians use continuous quick short flicks on the screen on the monster to maximize your chances of capturing them.
# On the map view hold one finger on screen and slide with another to view around your map.
# To acquire magic dust through gameplay you need to capture monsters, level up your avatar and trade captured monsters in.
# To acquire orbs through gameplay you need to visit checkpoints in your area.
# You gain experience to level up your avatar by capturing monsters, leveling them up, evolving them and winning battles.
# In-App purchases are included in the game to purchase more orbs and magic dust to level up your avatar and monsters faster.
# All monsters have different power multipliers when leveling up and there is a hierarchy to it, so some monsters will level up with more power than others. You can strategize how powerful your monster squad is at Dystopia.RIP.
# The most awesome monsters you can get in the game that start off with a higher power appear on your map when your avatar reaches certain levels. To get the ultimate monsters you need to level up your avatar!

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It is no secret that everyone loves chicken wings, especially cute kittens. Fight your cat’s insatiable appetite by feeding him food straight from the production line. Your furry friend does not know the difference between good and bad food so, it is up to you to provide a balanced diet. Feed the cat as much chicken wings, onion rings, canned tuna and gold fish as you can but beware…. Not every item on the production line is healthy for your pet. Keep your kitty healthy by avoiding trash on the conveyor belt.

If you love cats or playing Nyan Cat, you’re bound to love Curly Wings. Feed your hungry feline and get the most points possible! Download Curly Wings for free now!

How to play-
Curly Wings is an addicting arcade-style game where your job is to feed your cat as much chicken wings, or curly wings, as possible. Just tap the screen to feed your cat ‘Curly Wings’ from the production line. Collect bonus items like onion rings, canned tuna and gold fish to receive in-game currency, unlock exclusive content and beat the game. Beware of items that will make your kitty sick, like old socks and rotten fish. Also, watch out for dynamite! Selecting one of these items destroys onion rings, an essential food for beating the game.

# Collect as many ‘curly wings’ and onion wings as you can
# Avoid spoiled food that can make your cat sick
# Collect onion rings to advance the game and purchase cute outfits for your cat
# Suitable for all ages

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If you like challenges test your reflexes with Kubix, the new game for iPhone. Characterized by a minimal graphics it offers you a single challenge: catching the white squares avoiding the black ones by simply tilting your device. Try your luck and catch the random bonus. The more you advance, the more the speed increases and will be more difficult avoiding the black squares.

Have fun playing Kubix!

Tap to start
Move your white circle by tilting your device
Try to catch as many white square as you can and avoid the black ones
Try your best and challenge your friends on Game Center
Share your high scores on social networks
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“Cultures: 8th Wonder of the World” is part of the widely popular RTS game series “Cultures” and the successor of the well-known and successful “Cultures 2 – The Gates of Asgard” and “Cultures: Northland”. This adventure and strategy game will see you assuming the role of a Viking hero charged with saving humanity from the forces of evil.

8TH WONDER OF THE WORLD takes place some years after the end of “Northland”. The renowned heroes around the Viking Bjarni retired after their last adventure and enjoyed their daily lives.

But one day the powers of darkness and evil slowly began spreading all over the world. At the beginning, nobody noticed this or paid any attention, but people soon felt that suspicion, hate, war and harm were returning to humanity. More and more parts of the known world were attacked by the evil that nobody could grasp or fight against. When the end seemed close and the world stood on the brink of eternal chaos, the chiefs of all countries gathered in the Council of Nations. In long debates they tried to find a means to fight the evil. But nobody knew what could be done…

The one of the wise men came across some old writings which mentioned a way to fight the evil. A long and dangerous way, because only if the Eight Wonders of the Would were built again could darkness be banished and the evil defeated.
The greatest heroes of the past were summoned. The people addressed our friend Bjarni, who at once set out to save humanity from a fatal fortune again with his wife Cyra and their son Mani…

Their destiny, and with it the destiny of all humanity, now lies in your hands. You must solve the mystery surrounding the Eight Wonder of the World with your heroes and banish darkness from the Earth!

# Simple game start, ideal for beginners.
# 3 difficulty levels to choose from.
# Eventful campaign.
# Exciting missions.
# Detailed graphics, lovingly animated.
# Extensive economic simulation.

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CHRISTMAS SLOTS – Our slots are voted BEST NEW SLOTS for iPhone, iPod or iPad.
Our latest slot is a “Casino” themed game that features High Definition and High Resolution graphics such as the Bingo, Poker Chips, Dice, Blackjack, Roulette, and Triple 7 slot reel symbols.

Spin for five “Triple Money” symbols and WIN The Jackpot!
The realistic spinning slot reels simulate a real mechanical slot machine with real slot winning percentages that average a 95% payout rate.

You can progress through up to 18 levels. At the completion of each level you will be presented with the variety of Bonus Games that you can play with an opportunity to earn FREE coins!

Check back every 2 hours for a chance to win more Bonus Coins!
Match 3 or more “Scatter” symbols and win 10 free spins!
Up to 20 pay lines allows you greater chances to win.

# Free credits to get you started!
# Big wins to give you the feeling of a Vegas Casino
# Exciting bonus games
# Play and Bet on slots machines with amazing graphics. Get lucky!
# Free spins and amazing payouts
# Exciting animations and cool effects!
# Offline play no internet required
# Win thousands of FREE casino bonus credits with the Daily Wheel

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Texas Jack Poker is the newest style of poker that combines the excitement of Texas hold ‘em with the simplicity of Blackjack, creating one of the most thrilling and unpredictable poker games ever! Similar to blackjack, Texas Jack Poker is a banking style single player game in which a player bets on which of three hole card poker hands will be the winner after a Texas hold ’em race.

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Crystal Cubes is a new and exciting game where coordination, quick reflexes and accuracy are essential!

Click on the screen to jump from one ice cube to another. Attention!!! Each ice cube has different dimensions, speed and acceleration.

# Tap once on the screen to jump, tap twice to jump higher or to save you from an error

# Do not touch the black crystals

# Game Center to challenge with your friends

# Stunning graphics

# 4 Levels of difficulty (many more on the way)

# Exciting music
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New FREE Cool Ninja Fall Game

Help your Ninja ascend the building by using the crane, use your Ninja skills but be careful, If you don’t act quickly you may bring about your Ninja’s Fall. Think fast or the Ninja will Fall down from the building. The speed of the Ninja will rise the longer you ascend the building.

Ninja Fall is a simple game but fun and hard to master, see how many levels you can ascend and get more skill full over time.

Have a go, Its FUN and FREE..