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Everybody plays games like searching the right word, crocodile( the game where you need to guess an animal or a subject person shows) or hide and sick, setting and dancing and that kind of things. I guess the majority of you remember the childhood. Do you agree with me that sometimes we feel a lack of childhood in our lives?

For me playing charades is associated with either cozy family meetings at the Christmas eve or with loud funny parties among best friends. In any way, charades help people to spend a weekend, having a lot of fun, relaxing and enjoying the moment. On the other hand, they develop the creativity, thinking, motor skills, attention, memory, and just train your brain.

When our parents were younger they created charades by themselves, doing sheets of paper with different tasks, searching for prizes for winners and didn’t use any gadgets. Now the time has changed, we don’t need to search for games in some sources, we have an ability to play charades using our iPhones and Androids. It is more convenient and we can take it with us wherever and whenever we go.

In order to help you reel in memories of your childhood, Charades is an app that has been designed to take you back in time as you have a fun time enacting the cues. The app is simple to use and comes with a smooth interface. All you have to do is look at the cue that appears on the screen and act it out for your team members to guess the word.

The app also comes with the feature of watching a song or film on YouTube in order to make it easier for you to act out the cue. This unique feature makes it one of the best charade based apps out there and sure to keep you engaged for a long time.

You can pick from a wide variety of topics including movies, tv shows, songs and many more. You can choose a category based on your expertise and enact the cue within the set time frame. Keep playing the game now




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Arrow Rain is an action packed arcade style wave defense game. Choose between one of 5 heroic defenders and put your reflexes to the test as you survive wave after wave of arrow volleys raining down upon you from the sky.

Using a single on screen joystick, you can move your character’s shield to block the barrage of arrows raining down from the sky. Master the controls in just a few seconds and spend more time doing what’s important – surviving.

The game is split up into waves, where the speed of the arrows increases the more arrows your block. Each wave gets more and more difficult, making this game continuously challenging even for veteran Arrow Rain defenders.

Collect gold by successfully defending against the arrow rain, with rewards increasing as the waves become more difficult. Spend your hard-earned currency in the shop to buy and level up your power ups, making it easier to defend against arrows and survive even longer.

# Simple joystick controls are easy to master
# Buy and upgrade power ups with the gold you collect
# Every wave gets more difficult, providing a challenge for every player
# Play as 5 heroic characters
# Game Center Leaderboards let you compete against your friends


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Linemaze is one of the most creative puzzle game for your brain.
This brain-stimulating puzzle game is free to play, very simple, and enjoyable for all ages.
With this mobile application, you can refresh your skills anytime you want.
Try Linemaze, enjoy challenging gameplay, brightening your mind, be smart and relax with a beautiful background melody.

Enjoying in brain exercise with the a free app, Linemaze, where you will be able to play an addictive puzzles, an awesome brain stimulation. If you love playing Sudoku or 2048, you will love Linemaze for sure!!

How to play Linemaze: the super addictive puzzle game

After you start playing Linemaze you will get a set of tiles on your screen where you need to find a pathway by creating tile path following few simple rules:

# You need to find the correct path from gate to gate within the tiles.
# You are not allowed to visit a tile twice.
# You have to visit all tiles.
# The entrance and exit cannot be at the same gate.
# There is only one correct path to solve the puzzle.

Key features:-
# Easy to understand with flat user interface.
# You can play more than 1000 levels to challenge yourself and your own brain.
# You can share the game on social network sites, such as Facebook.
# You can challenge your friends with your score, asking them to start competing with you.
# You can pause a game, resuming your gameplay where you have left it before.
# You can play this addictive puzzle game in four level-settings: Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert. Each level has multiple stage with an increasing challenge.
# You can rate/review the app: sharing your experience with others.
# Tap on “about us” and you will be able to access Linemaze Facebook page: joining the Linemaze community.



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TRIPLE WORLD DARTS CHAMPION John Lowe brings you an innovative new game that requires skill, finesse and timing.

It’s a welcome change from the same old dart boards you can find everywhere else and includes games that everyone will enjoy. John’s Darts Arcade brings you not one game, not two games … but ten! There are heroes, villains, dynamite, balloons, water, rocks, bulls and more. Something for everyone!

All the sights, sounds and fun of the arcade, combined with accurate darts physics for realistic flight and control. Includes free darts to get you started and free top-ups every 3 hours!

Ten games with five levels in each mean endless fun for all – and anyone who reaches the final level gets a chance to obtain some unique John Lowe merchandise.


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MailGamer is an application that allows you to play simple games like Tic Tac Toe or Sea Battleship using email messages. You can play with computer or invite your friends to play with you. The main advantage is: your friends and you — don’t need MailGamer application to play, because you use it only once you start a new game campaign. Your friends receive email messages from us and they are ready to play directly inside these messages. MailGamer simply transforms an ordinary email message into a game pad. Players play without any applications installed, simply by receiving emails the time they want.


To test MailGamer application in action you can install our free version — MailGamer LE (Lite Edition). It has a limited functionality (please refer to our comparison table on, but you can enjoy our main feature — play games inside email messages. Enjoy!

# 2 games for your choice!
MailGamer includes 2 games for your choice: Tic Tac Toe and Sea Battleship. More games are on the way.

# 2 design layouts for your choice!
MailGamer represents 2 different design layouts for each game: classic design and lovely design. Classic design works great if you use MailGamer as a challenge between co-workers or friends. Lovely design is recommended if you use MailGamer to attract an attention and simply express your feelings.

# 3 game scenarios!
MailGamer has 3 unique game scenarios: You VS Robot, You VS Friend, Friend VS Friend.

# MailGamer board size
MailGamer represents two board sizes for each game. For Tic Tac Toe there are 3×3 and 4×4 board size, and for Sea Battleship there are 5×5 and 10×10 board size.

# MailGamer difficulty
MailGamer has two difficulty levels for each game: normal and blind. These levels are available when you play vs computer.

# MailGamer spy mode
Besides differenet design layouts, MailGamer represents a special spy mode with no graphics, just a plain text made especially for players at work or with limited Internet traffic.

# MailGamer personal messages
MailGamer gives you a possibility to setup your own custom messages in three different game states: invitation (welcome) message, winner message, looser message.

# Spam filter!
When you type email addresses in MailGamer application, it immediately runs the search in our database with blocked emails to protect our users from spam.

# MailGamer timer
Starting a new game campaign, MailGamer runs the timer for each game.

# MailGamer statistics
If you are a registered user in MailGamer application, you have an access to the whole statistics about your game campaigns.

# MailGamer preview
On a final stage before starting a new game campaign, MailGamer application renders an email game preview, depending on selections you made while preparing a game.


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Quazzel Quiz is a voice-based quiz game. One of 1000 English statements will be read to you. Then you speak your answer, whether it was right or wrong. After your answer, an explanation will be read out. You can play handsfree while cooking, jogging, working out or even driving.

There are no in-app purchases – free updates will follow.

You need to be Online for working speech recognition. But you can also click on the answer buttons.


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As the platform matures, it seems that more and more parents are willing to give their kids tablets, let them play with smart phones, and allow them to engage with new technology in general. Of course, if you’re going to let your kids play with tech then they should probably have some apps to play with that are age appropriate. The good news is that there are plenty of apps that kids can use without you having to worry about it and color games are one of the most ideal for all of us. They are simple to play without any special knowledge.

Colory is a game launched by Galal hassan and team which test your gaming skills. The game has some basic level where you have to just arrange color in the ring according the color of falling object. The aim of the game is to match the color of ring with color of falling object .In first level you have to get 20points to clear the levels and once you clear level you will be in next one each level has different gaming strategy so try to beat score and be the winner of game



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Airline Tycoon Deluxe is a funny economy simulation proceeding in realtime and assigning you the complete responsibility for an airline. However, don’t be fooled by the funny comic style or the included jokes: A variety of tasks are requested and your competitors never miss a chance to set a trap for you in order to put a spoke in your wheel.

Your abilities are put to the test continuously playing Airline Tycoon Deluxe: Will you be able to use your aeroplanes to capacity and land some profitable charter flights? Can you establish routes for lucrative scheduled flights? Aeroplanes cost millions; will you be capable of increasing the share price and obtaining enough funds by the issuing of securities?

Can you stand up for the construction of new aeroplanes in your role as an engineer? Are you able to avoid your competitors’ deceitful attacks? Accept this unusual challenge and win virtual laurels with Airline Tycoon. The deluxe version contains 20 new airports as well as new opportunities. It is as interesting for professional tycoons as for beginners.

# Funny economy simulation in comic style
# Complete freedom of action and freedom to move within the airport facilities and more than 30 places to be visited
# Control of all parts of management: purchase of aeroplanes and their fittings, financing as well as stock market listing, planning of routes and filling order books, personnel, marketing and maintenance as well as many other details
# Easily operated construction of own aeroplanes and the opportunity to exchange these on the Internet
# Use additional security precautions against competitors’ attacks or sabotage competitors yourself


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The wolf is always hungry and looking for Food :


There are 120 levels with interesting things like packing cookies as Wolf goes through each level.

Some packages like Marshmallow, Lollipop are available to help go through Match 3 or 4 of Candy/Food.

An angel appears in form of Chef and gives hints how to match items.
There are 5 In-Apps available to buy coins and use for skipping levels if you ran out of moves. The Wolf needs to travel 13 different places to reach 120 levels.

Fun app for everyone.


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Can you help Hummee fly to the top while she is stuck in the middle of nowhere? Hummee is a single player adventure bird flying game where your task is to help Hummee, the small green bird, find a way out of the mysterious and dangerous place she is stuck in.

The bird game has 30 levels and at each level your objective is to take Hummee all the way to the top while avoiding various obstacles, collecting coins and by using helping items. You have to do this before the life meter runs out or Hummee dies. This tap to fly bird game gets more and more challenging as you go to the higher levels so you will never be bored.


# Interactive graphics with flying adventure
# Buy upgrades using skill points in order to make your bird stronger and clear difficult levels
# Collect coins and buy accessories to customize the appearance of your bird rescue
# Upgrade the game anytime to remove ads
# Challenge your flying gaming skills as the birds game gets tougher when you move to higher levels
# The bird indie game is Multilingual so you can determine the interface from various languages for sky adventure.
# Dodge obstacles and race against the life meter while taking Hummee to the top
# Change the settings to customize the adventure game according to your own preferences
# Help Hummee in her adventure by taking her to the top of each level
# The bird is fairly easy to maneuver so you won’t face any problem while playing.
# Its free adventure game for unlimited adventure fun