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Can you help Hummee fly to the top while she is stuck in the middle of nowhere? Hummee is a single player adventure bird flying game where your task is to help Hummee, the small green bird, find a way out of the mysterious and dangerous place she is stuck in.

The bird game has 30 levels and at each level your objective is to take Hummee all the way to the top while avoiding various obstacles, collecting coins and by using helping items. You have to do this before the life meter runs out or Hummee dies. This tap to fly bird game gets more and more challenging as you go to the higher levels so you will never be bored.


# Interactive graphics with flying adventure
# Buy upgrades using skill points in order to make your bird stronger and clear difficult levels
# Collect coins and buy accessories to customize the appearance of your bird rescue
# Upgrade the game anytime to remove ads
# Challenge your flying gaming skills as the birds game gets tougher when you move to higher levels
# The bird indie game is Multilingual so you can determine the interface from various languages for sky adventure.
# Dodge obstacles and race against the life meter while taking Hummee to the top
# Change the settings to customize the adventure game according to your own preferences
# Help Hummee in her adventure by taking her to the top of each level
# The bird is fairly easy to maneuver so you won’t face any problem while playing.
# Its free adventure game for unlimited adventure fun



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Endless runner games have become quite popular in recent years. For those who don’t know, endless runner games don’t end. You continuously “run” through the game until an obstacle stops you with the point being to achieve the highest possible score. Their quick play, addicting nature, and simple controls make them an accessible genre that virtually anyone can pick up and play.

Sports Day Heroes by Space Crescent LLC is an enjoyable app for IPhone and IPad users. Although the app is free and available to enjoy for all users, it has some in-app purchases for those who want a premium experience. So, if you find In-app ads annoying, you can get them removed at just 2.99$. You can also purchase extra try at 0.99$ while you are at play. The app occupies 23.7 MB space in your phone so you need not worry about high space consuming apps which often result in slow pace of the phone.

Although the app is advised for 9+ age group, it can easily be played by 5+ kids as well who like 2-D games. The game is accessible even without the internet after you download it. However, internet is required if you want to update your scores to share with your friends on the leader board. Lets play now !!


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Take control of the sky and land your planes avoiding collisions and enemies.

Guide your planes to ensure safe landing in this incredibly easy to learn yet surprisingly addictive game!
Get an adrenalin rush while avoiding dangerous collisions, blazing storms and tornadoes, put out forest fire, get ready to repel an attack of enemy fighters and fight off an alien invasion!

Planes Control is an game with simple controls.
Draw lines with your fingers to determine the path each plane will follow as they find their way to land or to engage the enemy.
This sounds easy? You will need fast fingers and strategy to manage all your planes and keep the sky under control.

You can navigate more than 60 different planes and helicopters including airliners, WWII fighters, jet planes and tilt rotors while playing Planes Control.
Beside this, you will enjoy flying the SR-71 Black Bird (the world’s fastest plane), the Antonov 225 (the largest aircraft in the world to fly multiple times) and famous combat planes like the Mitsubishi A6M Zero, the F-14 Tomcat or the Apache AH-64 combat helicopter.

Planes Control has 13 awesome levels for mobile devices plus 6 new levels full of challenges created for tablets. More levels are on the way.

• Earn your wings on a holiday resort, guiding your planes and helicopters.
• Aerial combat! Shoot down hostile planes and helicopters over the scorching desert.
• Air Tankers: Fight wildfires by dropping water with your planes and helicopters.
• Storm Carrier landings: Command your military fighters and helicopters between the clouds and rain.
• Navigate canyons in the Arizona’s Desert.
• Successfully land your Aircraft during a tornado outbreak.
• Night landings: Switch your landing lights on and find your way around the airfield.
• Keep an eye on emergency calls and give priority landing to the planes that are running out of fuel.
• Avoid cargo planes flying around your air space.
• Land your planes in the middle of an alien invasion !



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Ballistic Defence is a retro style arcade game, similar to games you may have found back in the 80’s. The objective of the game is to protect cities and to survive a barrage of missile attacks.

This action shooter will have you undergo wave after wave of ballistic attacks. The missiles are bound for the surrounding cities which you must protect at all costs. With each new wave of missiles comes an increase in difficulty. Eventually they are going to destroy you, but how long can you survive?

As the game progresses the attacks become thicker, faster, and more intense. Look out for the smart missiles which will try to avoid your defensive measures by avoiding your targets and if you’re looking for a big score shoot down the passing fighter planes that pass by from time to time.

Ballistic Defence will give you:

# A Retro style arcade shooter with old school visuals

# Old school chip like music

# A progressively more difficult experience

# An easy to control game needing only one finger touches to operate

Get defending and have fun!


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Inspired by the number and puzzle game.

Join the tiles to get to the highest number and the highest score!

Swipe the number to join them, when you have two or more tiles with the same number, they join into one.

Be careful with each of your move, the game will end when you do not have any number to join.

Keep joining number and reach to the highest score!


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Cowboy Miners comes to App Store with deluxe graphics.

The addictive narrative, beautiful graphics, and fantastic music will certainly satisfy you.

You live in the West where gold is the object of desire of everybody from man, woman, bandit, and even sheriff. Just select your favorite character and run for the Gold rush. You have to race with time to clear all gold in a level to go to the next one. You are able to travel to many beautiful places for collecting gold – from wild deserts to crowded cities.

How to play?

• Different from the classic style, the crane rope will not automatically swing in Cowboy Miners. You need to use the Left and Right button to move the cart to swing the rope. When the rope is aimed at a piece of gold, press the Down button to fire the crane then use both Up or Down button to reel it while avoiding rocks.

• Remember that if your crane hit inactive golds, they will be dropped. There are only 02 active golds at the same time for you to catch. Don’t waste any gold, fire your crane carefully and accurately to get them all.

• After completing a level, the remaining time will be added to the next level as the bonus time. The faster you clear a level, the more time is added to the next one. Your journey only stops if you cannot clear all gold when your time runs out.

Game Modes:

• Stage mode: allows you to play the game without internet connection. Your target is only one – clear all of the gold, reach to the highest level before your time runs out.

• Friend battle mode (coming soon): we do not require internet connection for this mode either, you and your friend only need to connect to the same wifi network and then go to the gold battle, the one who collects more gold will become the winner.


# Addictive gameplay.
# Beautiful graphics and a friendly user interface.
# Dynamic sound and music.
# 150+ level to play and more is coming.
# Unlock new character.
# Boost equipments.
# Global leaderboard.

Good luck, cowboys!


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Logic puzzles are good practice for your brain on attributes like memorization, spatial reasoning and patience. Regular daily dose will contribute into one’s logical thinking and problem solving skills making you more focused and an expert puzzle solver! (No doctors were harmed in making of this testimony! 🙂

Gameplay is mixture of 2D Rubik’s Cube and Tangram -style speed puzzle with booster cards. Complete the patterns against an unrelenting time pressure or become to true mastermind by solving the puzzles with optimal moves.

Griddle – Speed Puzzle. Anybody can play, but only a few can master it!



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The casual gaming community is growing exponentially as more and more people are gaining access to smart mobile devices. Android has perfected the casual gaming marketplace and users can find thousands of games ready to download and play. Match game puzzles are a really popular genre of casual gaming due to their simplicity and accessibility.
Improve your problem solving ability, strategy skills and logical thinking with this color puzzle game. It is a tricky puzzle that can make you addicted!
If you like Tic tac toe, XOXO games or Color Puzzle games, you would love this puzzle game very much. Very simple and take short time to play, you could play with your children or even teach them to play. Puzzle games always a good choice for parents to cooperate with their kids.
Some cool features of Stacks Puzzle! Board of the Rings

* Easy to move, just touch on the right stack and the rings will move on
* Easy to think, just match 3 same color rings to get score
* Simple sound and gameplay, no need to think very much
* A good choice to play in spare time
Have you ever think color Circles could make a good puzzle game like this Stacks Puzzle ?

Try it, feel it and chilling with it – Stacks Puzzle!






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The perfect game to play while having a coffee!
Join Toma and his friends on an adorable adventure through the Fruit Kingdom. Travel through magical lands, visiting wondrous places and meeting cute pets! Link and connect your way through dozens of fun levels in this adorable puzzle adventure. The most adorable game just keep getting cuter!

Take on this adorable adventure alone or play with friends to see who can get the top score!

Fruit Heroes Tale features:
# Five Fruity Heroes each has a favorite fruit. Tomato, Eggplant, Orange, Apple, and Peach.
# Heroes will launch attacks on the enemy as you match, link and burst their favorite fruits!
# Adventure Mode: Burst fruits and rescue pets to clear stages and gain gems and gold. Unlock and level up your heroes.
# Time Attack Mode: Defeat as many enemies as you can within the given time to complete challenges. Unique bombs and items available.
# Unlock and collect 16 different cute pets, they will join battles and help you attack enemies.
# Collect Gems in the Adventure Story Mode to unlock 4 additional Heroes!
# Spin the Booster Wheel for FREE after every game for Gems and Coins.
# Use various color bombs and other random magical items to help with challenging levels.
# Pass level 50 to enter hard mode.
# No Ads, No Popup Notifications, and No Internet & Data needed to play.