Wally is the best way to seamlessly manage your money.

Balance your income and expenses to set goals — and reach them! Or don’t set goals; it’s up to you.
Just Saying.

It’s smart, intuitive and helps you take control.

=>Completely free
=>Private & Secure
=>Fast, Smart & Intuitive
=>Save receipts with each transaction
=>Export & Back-up (automatic iCloud back-up)

To our users, thank you so much. Your support has been absolutely incredible:

=> #1 Finance App in 22 countries
=> Top 10 Finance App in 52 countries
=> 4.6 out 5 Stars Reviews – Global Average
=> 1st Place in 3 Start-Up Competitions
=> “Top 10 Start-Ups” – Forbes Magazine

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Accounting for your small business has never been easier. Use Receipts by Wave to easily track and categorize all of your receipts and connect them to your small biz accounting with a few clicks of a button.

Featured in: Forbes, Mashable, CNBC, Inc.

Say good bye to paper clutter! Digitized data for your small business is where it’s at. With Receipts by Wave you can snap a photo of your receipt, verify the details and it connects seamlessly to your small biz accounting.

=>Snap a photo of your receipt, confirm the details and upload it into your accounting.
=>Syncs automatically with Wave
=>Free email support from Wave’s Customer Support Heroes
=>Safe and secure

For security reasons, do not take an image of personal identification (such as a passport) or credit cards.

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Most expenses-apps track your past & on-going expenses, but what about planning your future ones? Expenses Planner is a beautiful, minimalist app for keeping track and reminding you of your upcoming expenses and due payments.

It’s super simple to use, just add your expense and set a date for it; then set a time, how long before the event and how often you want to be reminded.

That’s it, you’ll never forget about your upcoming payments, ever again.

Payments are sorted chronologically and alphabetically if they are on the same date. Also shown is the total, so you know at a glance what you’re dealing with.

Synced via iCloud or Dropbox on all your devices.
Full VoiceOver support. If, by any chance, I missed, or I can improve anything about it, please contact me, I’d be more than happy to improve.

Your wallet likes this.

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Follow 4 simple steps to pay off your debts:
=>Download Debt Down
=>Enter all your debts
=>Apply Debt-snowball method and save on interest
=>Budget your expenses and pay off the debt faster


=>Debt free date countdown
=>Remaining debt balance
=>Upcoming payments
=>Due payments made with one tap


=>Mortgage, credit cards, loans, other
=>Percent paid progress bar
=>Debt-snowball method: multiple payoff strategies
=>Payment history
=>Extra payment tracking
=>Payment due date notifications


=>Mortgage and loan calculators
=>Fixed/ARM interest rates, daily/monthly interest accrual
=>Payoff date calculator
=>Amortization schedule and key debt parameters
=>“What if” scenarios can be saved in calculator history


=>Unlimited budgets
=>Set budgets with one tap using the previous months data
=>Progress control by categories
=>Expenses and credit card transactions
=>Interest on credit card purchases
=>Recurring transactions
=>Budget trend in time
=>Planned savings


=>Debt Remaining
=>Debt Payoff Graph with Snowball on and off
=>Snowball Interest Savings
=>Annual Interest Rate
=>Amortization Schedule
=>Budget Progress
=>Expenses Monthly
=>Expenses List
=>Print and Export in PDF format


=>Password protection
=>Unlock achievements and stay motivated

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Because they are people who do not use household ledger very often, we have analyzed people who do not use it. While it is good to manage perfectly all things in the real world, it is still difficult for the system to automatically do that. As such, people have to directly and manually manage and adjust it.

That is why people think that maintaining a housekeeping book is very difficult and cumbersome. We made this for such users.
Do not think that complex functions are difficult. Gradually start maintaining a housekeeping book with Weple Money. We can also do it. We will cheer you on.
We hope that a small change will come your way with Weple Money.

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Spendbook is a beautiful app for tracking your expenses and income. With its elegant and uniquely designed user interface, Spendbook makes the process of managing your personal finance an enjoyable experience.

Main features:
Expense and income tracking
=> Add a transaction in seconds – perfect when you are on the go!
=> Take a note and snap a photo to help better manage your transactions.

Intuitive charts
=> Beautiful interactive charts.
=> Break down your spending into categories and subcategories to get a deep insight into your finance.

Informative calendar
=> Your everyday expenses and income summarized in a calendar.
=> Browse through the calendar to see how much you spent in the past.

Multiple accounts
=> Set up multiple accounts and switch between them with ease.
=> See the stats of all your accounts in one place, managing your accounts can never be so easy!

Editable categories with subcategories
=> Customize the set of expense/income categories according to your preferences.
=> Organize transactions into subcategories to get a more granular breakdown of your spending habits.

=> Swipe left to right to reveal the sidebar.
=> Swipe down in the home view to add a new transaction; swipe up to see the date bar.
=> Swipe down/up on the date bar to show/hide the calendar.
=> Tap a category icon in the chart view to see the stats of its subcategories.

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