Use simple swipes and actions to quickly tame your inbox! AltaMail has the easiest to use, yet most advanced email features of any app and enables you to build rules & filters, create full searches, mail shots and much more. You can even save attachments to the Cloud or PDF them before resending.

For power users – you can add unlimited email accounts, view all past, archived & historic email, have as many auto-filing rules as you need, create numerous mailshot templates, view unlimited files both locally & in the cloud as well as convert files and attachments to PDF – simply by upgrading to AltaMail Pro via the in-app upgrade.

AltaMail is the only email app in the app store that enables you to “action” your email quickly & simply – not just sweep it under the carpet for another day. The rules engine built into AltaMail, is so powerful that you can create rules that will auto reply, auto file or archive & mark your email as read the very second it hits your inbox!

AltaMail™ is the ultimate “inbox zero” app, which supports virtually all email accounts Available.

The press are convinced!
Incredible iPhone Apps for Dummies “The more e-mail you send & receive on your iPhone/iPad, the more you’ll appreciate AltaMail ”
AppShouter: “this app expands the possibilities for mail”
iPhone Apps Finder: “a very solid business app – 9/10”
ArticleClick: “….bottom line is that this app expands the possibilities for mail on your iPhone or iPad”

Inbox Zero!
√ Tap on the new/unread email count to be instantly shown all new/unread email across all of your accounts
√ Set up rules to auto reply, auto delete, auto file/archive, set flags & lots more
√ Quickly swipe to reply with a template, file email into “Smart folders”, reply, set reminders & much much more
√ Bulk select & delete email across multiple accounts simultaneously
√ Bulk mark email as read/unread
√ Show an entire email thread with a single tap, bulk move, save or file the entire thread at once
√ Swipe to save emails to cloud servers and Evernote

Mailshots & Templates
√ Quickly & easily create mail merge/mailshot templates
√ Send personalized mail shots to contacts or custom groups
√ Use templates for auto replies
√ Many merge fields to chose i.e – First name, Last Name, Organization, Email etc etc

Device Synch
√ Securely synch email accts & settings between your iPad & iPhone

√ Secure email server communication
√ Emails are encrypted before storage
√ App password lock option

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400 ways to get new ideas.

In today’s world being good is not good enough. If you are ambitious and want to make a mark in your field, you must think differently, get new ideas quickly, and do things better.

“INSANITY: Doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.” That definition of Insanity is by Einstein.

Individuals and organisations who made a huge impact on the world knew how to think differently and do things better. However thinking differently does not seem to come easy for most of us, because of our habitual ways of thinking.

“TickleMeThink™” is a business app addressing the ambitious creative professional wanting to make a mark. He believes he can make a difference by the quality of his ideas. Therefore he is constantly, actively looking for ideas big and small to seize opportunities, solve problems, crack challenges. TickleMeThink™ is designed to help such people.

What does TickleMeThink™ really do?
The app is a simple one, quite easy to use. It shows you how to define your problem sharply and seek ideas for it, in a variety of ways.

How does it do it?

TickleMeThink™ offers 7 short & simple video tutorials to guide you in the process.

First you define your problem. Then you capture your own ideas.

Thereafter you use the 6 different idea generation ‘tickles’ – there are 400 triggers!

The first two tickles are what we use most of the time.

Call a friend
Search the web.

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Mileage Log+ is an essential app for anyone who needs to track mileage for tax deduction or reimbursement.

With predictive input, auto-entry, auto-calculation, and quick access to frequent trips, Mileage Log+ does the hard work for you. A few quick taps will create useful data ready to search, sort, and generate email reports.

• Designed with IRS compliance in mind
• Excel-compatible email reports (PDF and CSV attachment)
• Frequent trips enable quick entry
• Dropbox sync/backup
• Easily sort, filter, and search trips
• Predictive text fields and data entry shortcuts
• Customizable categories make it easy to group trips

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Free fax app puts the power of a fax machine right on your iPhone or iPad. Get a free fax number in just minutes. You can receive a fax for free but you must have a free trial or an existing account for our online fax service to send faxes.

=> Dedicated Fax Number – Distribute to your network and start receiving faxes right away.
=> Online Fax Inbox – Access your faxes directly from the eFax app.
=> Forward Documents – Easily forward messages as faxes or emails to anyone, from anywhere.
=> Fax from iPhone – Use files from email, cloud storage, stored locally, or take photos of documents and eFax will enhance the images and fax them out – just like a mobile fax machine.
=> Electronic Signature – Add your signature or text, and eliminate the need to print, sign, and scan documents. Sign on screen using just your finger!
=> Cover Sheets – Personalize your faxes and use your eFax or device’s contact list to complete them.
=> Print Faxes – Directly from your iPhone or iPhone using AirPrint.
=> Export Faxes – Transfer documents as PDF files to your cloud storage service.

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Searching for a business card app for iPhone?

QRIDS – are the most innovative business cards. One the one side a QRID business card contains contact information, and on the other – a QR code, that allows to share info without any wireless connection. So, if you need to share you business card – just let your mate to make a photo of the QR code using the app, and it will instantly appear in his iPhone app as a new contact. Awesome!

Main features
∙ easy to create and share
make calls and send emails right from stored business cards
integration with LinkedIn!

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ebDrive, the world’s premier cloud storage access and file transfer client for the desktop, is now available on iOS!

WebDrive connects you to all the files on your storage servers and services in one easy to navigate interface. Instantly access all your files on the go.

WebDrive is the ultimate file access productivity tool. Connect to your Amazon S3, Google Drive, or other cloud service, and connect securely to your corporate file servers. Have business files at your fingertips from WebDAV, SFTP, FTP and even SharePoint servers.

WebDrive Provides Connectivity To:
• Amazon S3
• Google Drive
• Dropbox
• Legacy FTP Servers
• Secure FTP Servers
• SFTP Servers
• WebDAV and Secure WebDAV Servers
• Sharepoint Servers


• Support for industry standard protocols including FTP, Secure FTP, SFTP (FTP over SSH), WebDAV and Secure WebDAV.
• Built in support for Cloud Services such as Files Anywhere, Sharepoint, Amazon S3 and Google Drive.
• Ability to prompt for the password to ensure the security of your data if your iPad/iPhone is lost or stolen.
• Eliminates the frustration of accessing large files. WebDrive can access files over 2GB in size.
• Protects battery life and bandwidth using HTTP Keep-Alive support for WebDAV/HTTP based servers.
• WebDrive protects your data as it travels over the airwaves, using Industry leading TLS and SSL.
• Free technical support through our help desk included in the purchase of the product.
• Free upgrades to new releases of WebDrive for iOS.

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#1 – Fastest growing email app in the App Store!
Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, Yahoo, IMAP & more
Dropbox, Box, Facebook & LinkedIn integration

 Amazing Features:

* SWIPE TO DELETE – Swipe to archive, trash, spam
* CLOUD ATTACHMENTS – Dropbox support
* PUSH NOTIFICATIONS – Notifications for all your email
* EVERNOTE INTEGRATION – Send emails to evernote with just a tap
* CALENDAR INTEGRATION – Swipe to accept/decline meeting invites
* GMAIL LABELS – Full Gmail label support
* SMART FOLDERS – Boxer remembers where you like to file things
* CONFIGURABLE INTERFACE – Don’t like our swipe actions? You can change them in the settings.
* PROFILE PICTURES – See who your email is from with profile pictures right in your inbox
* CANNED RESPONSES – Use “Quick” replies to send common responses while on the go
* CONTACTS INTEGRATION – including links to social profiles, phone numbers & even recent messages
* TODO LIST – Swipe to your To-Do list and never forget an important message
* EMAIL “LIKES” – Use Like to quickly acknowledge a friend’s message
* DASHBOARD – shows you all of your important and time sensitive items at a glance
* SECURITY – Secure your email with a passcode or PIN to encrypt your data

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