Many POS developers herald their apps as replacing the cash register, but Kounta’s aiming for something more.  The Kounta POS is the replacement for the legacy POS systems that replaced the cash register. Developed with hospitality in mind, Kounta will easily fit into any bar, restaurant, cafe, bakery, you get the idea.  The retailers of the world weren’t forgotten, though, and will also be impressed with how much functionality can fit inside a cloud-based app:


  • The POS screen is fully customizable to make taking orders or ringing up customers easy and intuitive for your staff.  Organize items by category, color code them, use images, scan for barcodes, you name it.  The Fast Cash button speeds up the line, as do integrated credit card and mobile payments.
  • Managing your inventory becomes much simpler when it’s tied into your POS.  Store menu items as recipes and have the right amount of each ingredient deducted from your stock each time it’s ordered.  Do the same with bundled products.  Modifiers and variants for items fine tune your inventory tracking even more.  Set thresholds and get low stock alerts and generate a PO for more, all from the same interface.
  • Creating customer relationships is that much easier when you create profiles for them in your POS.  Knowing their buying habits makes it easier to create a personalized experience.  Stay in touch with them through social media and email with offers and rewards.
  • Hospitality-specific features improve the flow of operations and reduce human error, resulting in happier customers.  Orders are automatically routed to any or all of your multiple printers, with locations defined at the item level (e.g. sandwich prints to kitchen, coffee prints to drink station).  The ability to track and calculate consumption and waste arms owners to make smarter purchasing decisions.  Table layouts and advanced tipping features make Kounta ideally suited for hospitality.
  • Kounta is cloud-based, but works offline, too—virtually eliminating all major IT headaches.  Server maintenance—like hardware upgrades, software updates, and backup management—are in the hands of people who do this sort of thing for a living, leaving you free to run your business.
  • Kounta’s advanced reporting and analytics platform gives even the smallest of businesses access to the kind of sophisticated data analysis the largest companies have been using for years.


While cloud software has often been criticized as a pale imitation of more robust, legacy platforms, this is more a knock against developers than the cloud itself.  While developing Kounta, the team weren’t focused on the cloud being a solution unto itself.  Rather than make cloud software, they wanted to make software that happened to run in the cloud.

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POS - Point of Sale by Kounta


FineScanner turns your mobile device into a powerful all-purpose mobile scanner to quickly capture docs and books, creating electronic copies in PDF and JPG, and apply online OCR to recognize texts from scans for further editing and sharing.

NEW! FineScanner is the first App in the world for scanning books with your iPhone and iPad, using the breakthrough online BookScan technology.

FineScanner – the top mobile scanner for iPhone or iPad from world-leading OCR software company ABBYY.

Use your iPhone/iPad with FineScanner to scan paper documents, books, agreements, receipts, magazine articles, notes, recipes, pictures, charts, tables, slides, whiteboards or even billboards on the street and get perfect digital copies. Ideal for individuals, business, government or school use – anytime, anywhere.

# PDF & JPG. Scan any printed or hand-written text and save scans to JPEG images or cross-platform PDF documents.

# BOOKSCAN TECH. Enable the Book mode in your camera and take snapshots of facing book pages. BookScan will split the opposing pages into two separate images and correct any distortions and lighting defects. It will then unbend any curved lines as if you pressed the book against the glass of a conventional scanner. (Premium account and Internet required)

# OCR. Recognize text (OCR) on scans in 44 languages (including Latin, Cyrillic, and CJK alphabets) and choose from among 12 output formats (docx, pdf, txt, and more), preserving the original document formatting such as lists, tables, and headers (Premium account and Internet required)

# 3D TOUCH & SPOTLIGHT. In iOS 9, with iPhone 6s/6s+, access or find documents by pressing the app icon a little bit harder. Spotlight Search allows you to find any scans from iPhone home screen.

# PASSWORD ON PDF. Add a password for the image-only PDF files while exporting and sending via email (Premium Account required)

# MULTIPAGE DOCS. Create, edit, and enhance separate images or large multi-page documents without any additional selection on viewfinder.

# AUTO-CAPTURE AND FILTERS. Excellent visual quality with auto-capture of page boundaries and advanced image filters, which processes scans in color, greyscale or black-and-white versions.

# BEST-SHOT PHOTO MODE. Select Best-shot button on viewfinder and FineScanner automatically chooses and processes the best of three images captured.

# BUILT-IN FILE STORAGE. Save scans inside app with tags and search capabilities

# SHARE & EXPORT. Send results by e-mail, save in cloud storages – iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Yandex.Disk, Evernote and more, transfer docs to your Mac or PC using iTunes sharing.

# AIRPRINT. Print out scans directly from your iPhone or iPad.

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Bizreader is a business card scanner that really works and is the most accurate on the store today. Processed by humans, reviewed for quality, stored on the cloud and imported to your contacts app in a simple and intuitive interface.

Note : Supported languages:
-More coming soon.

Features include:

Scan multiple cards at the same time (most likely the only app that has this feature today). Very useful option if you have a stack of cards to import to your contacts in a fast and accurate way

Store your contacts on the cloud and access them from any iOS device

Integrate with Facebook and LinkedIn

Try it for free

Flexible and affordable payments options: buy 100 cards for 9.99$, unlimited cards per month for 19.99$ or for a year for 99.99$

Business card reader BizReader logoDownload Now on ( Free ) App Store


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With Redbooth teams can collaborate on projects, share files and communicate with each other, all from one central, searchable workspace that’s available anytime, anywhere.

# Track projects, update tasks and add your feedback in a snap
# Chat with your team right in a project’s workspace or message colleagues directly
# Stay connected with instantly synced projects and tasks across all your devices
# Powerful integrations with all the services you already know and love, including: Box, Dropbox, Evernote, SharePoint Online, Google Drive, Outlook, Gmail, and many more…
# View and attach files, pictures, links, or just about anything to your projects and never lose the context for those files again
# Customizable notifications for messages, mentions and tasks are delivered directly to your desktop, phone, tablet or email

No more drowning in email, searching endlessly for files or missing important updates. Redbooth’s mobile app keeps you connected and up-to-date on everything that’s happening with your team and your most important projects.

Unlike email or standalone chat programs, Redbooth organizes all your communications, files and feedback by project so you can quickly and easily find what you’re looking for. There’s a better way to work: it’s called Redbooth. Work has never been this productive, easy or fun!

More than 6,000 companies around the world use Redbooth to maximize team productivity. Redbooth has been designed from the ground up for teams and companies.

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**The free version is with predefined test .mpp files. To open and view your project plans (.mpp files), select one on the subscription options available. **

This is a Viewer, that allows you to open and view .mpp files created in any Microsoft Project version, including Microsoft Project 2010 and Microsoft Project 2013 directly from your email.

Take control of your project, stay up-to-date with the latest project updates!

With Seavus Project Viewer you can track you project plans using:

# Gantt Chart view
# Task Sheet view
# Resource Sheet view
# Task and Resource tables
# Task and Resource filters
# Timescale formatting
# Sort Task and Resources
# Zoom in/out the project plan

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You can now keep track of all your Magento e-store activities in terms of order details at your fingertip. Magento Mobile Manager is an iOS application that helps you connect with your Magento store via your mobile.

Simply download this application on your mobile phone and rest will be taken care of by this application. It allows you to view the order, customer and product details of your online store anytime.

This is a simple to use and user-friendly application to get detailed view of your order list, details of products listed in order list and other product details. It offers a customized dashboard containing visual and textual description of total order.

Core Features :-
# Simple integration and user-friendly UI
# Supports multiple e-stores
# Filters orders, products and sales of specific stores
# Displays order status instantly i.e. successfully delivered, pending etc
# Displays product list and details
# Provides customer details, like order details along with shipping and billing addresses
# Provides notification to the store merchant when new order is placed with every detail
# Customizable dashboard that can generate store-wise graphical sales report of specific duration i.e. 7 days, 30 days or 90 days

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Make your Digital Signatures look even better than a Real Pen by using our Hyper Realistic Pen & a Smart Eraser. Take a Perfect scan of your hard copy Documents, use Text Sharpening Filters and Sign & Share anywhere anytime. 30 Different ways of formatting your date stamps, 50 plus standard fonts and 16 shades of Standard Office Colours to best suit every type and face of Document.


▶ Hyper-Realistic Signatures:
◆ Draw in 3 Different Drawing Modes (Pen, Pencil & Marker)
◆ Our Realistic “Pen” makes your on-screen drawn signatures look even better than the Real Pen.
◆ In addition to that you can pick from our “Pencil” and “Marker” strokes as well.
◆ All, in 16 different shades of Black, Blue, Red and Green.

▶ Most Generic Date Stamp:
◆ Top 9 international date format styles.
◆ 4 Different Date Separator Styles.
◆ All, to Best Match an Official Date Formate for Every Regain of the World.

▶ Enter Free Text:
◆ Over 50 standard Fonts with Adjustable Font Sizes.
◆ In 16 different shades of Black, Blue, Red and Green.
◆ All, to Add Name Initials, Descriptions and Fill Forms with Freedom and Flexibility.

▶ Editable Drafts
◆ Just Sign Auto-Saves editable drafts of your Document while Editing.
◆ You can resume anytime and edit ALL of your annotations freely.

JustSign  logo Download Now on ( $4.99 )  App Store


What do others say about Expense Tracker 2.0, the best Financial Planner?

Start effective budget planning with best Financial Planner on the go. Manage your expenses directly on your smartphone. Easily keep track of your finances.

Expense Tracker 2.0 is a unique app with In-built Financial Assistant will assist on your Financial Health Status and encourage you to save more every month.

This FREE Budget App for your iPad and iPhone is a MUST, it allows effective budget planning on-the-go with a very user friendly, intuitive interface. Unlock to experience the fullest potential of the app after trying it out for FREE.

Expense Tracker 2.0 is a Personal Finance Manager that shows what are your Individual Expenses every month, Recurring Expenses, Expense Wheel with expense categories, and your Financial Health Status with Advices on how to upsize your Savings.

Key Features
# In-built Financial Assistant
# Passcode Security
# Bird’s eye view – Financial Overview
# Monthly Financial Reports
# Budgeting assistance – Projected savings
# Recurring expenses
# Customization – Themes

Expense Tracker  logo  Download Now on ( Free )  App Store


Looking for services for your business? This handy app lets you compare vendors quickly and easily. Get free quotes from vendors that match your needs. Learn how various services can help your business; watch informative videos and download buyer guides. See the latest deals from top vendors, and know you’re getting the best possible price from vendors you can trust.

Vendors, connect instantly with businesses that are looking for services you offer. View your leads in Real time. And never miss out on the chance to provide prospects with a quote for your services.

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PepperLite is a powerful tool designed to bring all your sales and marketing collaterals to tablets effortlessly and win deals. We created this app since we were struggling to showcase our service and product offering to prospects and clients. All your marketing assets are beautifully segregated to create a powerful impact in less than 2 minutes.
# Magic wand – Hide/unhide assets in seconds to showcase projects based on your audience interest
# Folksonomy – You control what to show. One click to navigate across app
# Analytics – 30 plus types of reports that helps you take right business decision
# Multi-touch control – You may tap, scroll, pinch, and swipe your way through your story
# Portfolio – Organize assets based on your requirement for a compelling narrative
# File format – Supports 20 plus file format
# Upload unlimited assets – Do not let space constraint your story
# Content Management System (CMS) – Simple to use and powerful to scale

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