Story Title: The Funny Fair / Teitl y Stori: Miri yn y Ffair

Laugh and Learn with the Flitlits
Categories: STORY/EDUCATION /8-11/First Language
Content: Cross-curricular/Focus on Literacy:

# ENGLISH /WELSH /U.S. ENGLISH versions of the text and narration
# RESEARCHED extensively in partnership with experienced educators
# SPANS the divide between picture books and chapter novels
# DEVELOPS IMPROVED LITERACY /appeals to both genders /encourages boys to read more
# 13 DIVERSE, TIMELESS characters that champion differences
# COMPREHENSIVE EDUCATIONAL SECTIONS that offer CROSS-CURRICULAR lesson planning options /schools /home teaching
# ‘TAP ON THE MAP’ section reveals the characters /home plots /landmarks /significant stars /17 INTRODUCTORY STORIES
# PLOTS and LANDMARKS that link extensively to generic curricula
# LINE BY LINE HIGHLIGHTING of the lyrical text to best effect. Linguistics, including Sentence Structure, may be incorporated into grammar exercises as outlined in the educational guides

# Language Selection
# Automatic Page Turning
# Scroll Back to Previous Image or Page
# On /Off Auto Play Speech
# Text Highlighting
# Interactive Features
# Narration Volume Control
# Music Volume Control
# Page Number Display

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Adventure Games For iPhone

Adventure Games Aren’t Just For Gamers Anymore. In This App guide, We Have Selected The Most Imaginative. We List Games That Hit All Or Most Of These Criteria To Give You Varied And Compelling Adventures.

1:-Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP Is An Exploratory Action Adventure With An Emphasis On Audiovisual Style. Traverse A Mythic Little Realm, Use A Sword To Do Battle & Evoke Sworcery To Solve Mystical Musical Mysteries. Co-Operate With Friends Via Twitter, Experience A Videogame World That Is Affected By Moon Phases & Help A Wandering Warrior Monk Complete Her Woeful Errand.

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Burned Out On All The New-Fangled Graphics And Dazzling Eye Candy On Your Shiny New Iphone Or Ipad? Nostalgic For A Simpler Time? Then Take Advantage Of Those Crisp High-Resolution Fonts To Relive The Glory Days Of The Great Underground Empire, Or Play Any Of Hundreds Of Great Works From The Interactive Fiction Archive.

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3:-LostWinds2: Winter of the Melodias

The Award-Winning, Enchanting ‘Lostwinds’ Adventure Continues! Amazing New Season-Switching Game play. Incredible New Wind Powers At The Tips Of Your Fingers. Beautiful Visuals. Expansive New Environments To Explore. Charming New Characters, And An Absorbing Storyline. Each Element Builds On The Success Of The First Game To Make ‘Lostwinds 2: Winter Of The Melodias’ An Unmissable Experience On iPad, iPhone Or iPod Touch.

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4:-Beneath a Steel Sky: Remastered

When Orphaned Robert Foster Is Seized At Gunpoint From The Peaceful Village He Calls Home And Flown A Thousand Miles To A City He’s Never Seen, He Can Only Ask Himself: Why Me? Escaping From His Abductors Into The Dark Metropolis, He Vows To Avenge The Murder Of The Only Family He’s Ever Known.

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5:-Waking Mars

In 2097, Life Is Discovered On Mars. When Your Mission Of First Contact Becomes Trapped By A Cave-In, You Must Master The Alien Ecosystem To Survive. With Time Running Out, You Will Make A Decision That Determines The Fate Of A Lost Planet.

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The Book of Holes is a wonderfully whimsical interactive children’s app based on the award-winning picture book.

When the original Book of Holes was first published in Denmark in 2006, it was unlike any other children’s book on the shelves. It wasn’t a once upon a time story or a humdrum A-B-C book. Instead, it was a book about nothing—and everything. It was a work of art with a hole in the middle that you could stick your finger through. It was praised by critics as “genius” and “one of the most fantastic illustrated books I’ve ever read.” And, most importantly, it was a book that encouraged parents and children to talk to one another.

So when Chocolate Factory Publishing decided to adapt The Book of Holes for the iPad, they knew they had to make something that was as whimsical and provocative as the book itself—an app like no other app. And they’ve succeeded, creating an utterly original children’s app that captures the visual artistry of the book, while fully embracing the interactive capabilities of the iPad. Exploring everything from the wonders of the universe to the most mundane of bodily functions, The Book of Holes is an educational tool with a ton of humor and an offbeat attitude. Best of all, it still has that all-important hole in the middle… a hole with something very special around it!

Kayoko Suzuki-Lange, cofounder of Chocolate Factory Publishing, says, “We want to create children’s apps that are more than just digital babysitters—we want to make apps that parents and children will share. And The Book of Holes is exactly that—watching kids and parents using the app together, I’ve been thrilled at how it really gets them talking. I’ve heard some pretty extraordinary discussions going on between toddlers and adults. The app encourages children’s natural inquisitiveness… and it reminds us grown-ups to take a fresh look at the world around us as well. Of course, if you are looking for something to mesmerize your kids on a long car trip, it works perfectly in that regard, too!”

The Book of Holes includes:

# Over 100 interactive elements that foster visual identification and build observation and motor skills, including skill-based games such as rearranging pictures and playing music
# Educational material that teaches children about everything from the structure of the eye to the origins of the universe
# Beautiful collage-style illustrations by award-winning artist Poul Lange
# Stunning graphics and animations optimized for the iPad
# Option to read to yourself or listen to narration
# Index feature for easy navigation and a Clues page to ensure all features are fully explored

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Morris is a little bit…different. While all the other mice say ‘Squeak!’, Morris says, ‘Baa!” like a sheep and ‘Neigh!’ like a horse. His repertoire of animals sounds is truly impressive but the other mice don’t agree. Till one day a ginger cat comes to visit and Morris’s noises turn out to be very useful indeed…

Moo! Said Morris a whole lot of interactive, farmyard fun that will have young children and adults squealing with delight.

* Features a recording studio where children can moo, bark, trumpet and hoot themselves silly and hear their own sounds play back in the story too!

# A heroic story with a powerful message for young minds!
# Simple interface for young children’s ease of use.
# Interactivity on almost every page – things to move and noises to make.
# Original music, SFX and narration throughout.
# Optimised for retina display
# Surprising animations that will delight young readers.
# Find the cheeses hidden in the story
# Record all your own animal sounds!
# Lots of humour that everyone will enjoy – mums and dads included

# Touch the animals and hear the sounds they make!
# Tap on the mice playing and make them throw the tomato!
# Tap on Morris in the doctor’s surgery and make him say ‘Aghhhhh’.
# Make the scary ginger cat shriek ‘Meow!!’
# Join the celebrations by helping throw Morris in the air!
# Find all the cheeses hidden in the story!
# Tap on Morris and make him bark!
# Record your own animals sounds and hear them play back in the story!

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The second installment of the acclaimed horror App that has revolutionized the AppStore is here. Rediscover Edgar Allan Poe as you’ve never imagined! iPoe is a new concept where music, illustration and interactivity combine to invite you to dive into the darkest corner of the human soul.


In the XIX century Edgar Allan Poe was ahead of his time and captured the terror and darkness of the human soul, in each of his stories, as no one had ever done. Rediscover his work with iPoe, the Interactive and Illustrated Collection of Edgar Allan Poe with which you will find the difference between an electronic book and a total interactive experience exploring all capabilities of the iPod, iPhone and iPad. Get shrouded in shadows and dive into the dark work of the master of horror through some of his best stories:

=>Hop Frog
=>The Black Cat
=>The Raven


=>Fully illustrated by David Garcia Forés.
=>Interactive elements and animations that bring the stories to life.
=>Original soundtrack created by Teo Grimalt.
=>Texts in 3 languages: English, Spanish and French.
=>Extras: The Edgar Allan Poe Route.
=>A collection of the illustrator’s sketches.
=>iPhone 5 ready.

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“The Guardian of Imagination” is an amazing application where you will find a secret world of entertainment with stories, pictures and games that only you will be able to discover as you open the chests. Do you dare to enter the storehouse?


Play Creatividad’s latest creation, developers of the award-winning and critically acclaimed “iPoe Collection”.


“There once was a world that had lost all its colors because the people in it had ceased to imagine. A mysterious rule forced them to renounce their dreams and lock them up in wooden boxes. Night after night, they would leave those boxes on their doorsteps, and, just before dawn, I would pick them up and take them away to the Storehouse of Dreams. That was my secret mission… secret until today. Now I am throwing open the doors and inviting you to come in and discover all the dreams that are kept here.”
The Guardian of Imagination


What you’ll find:
=> Fantastic illustrated stories with original soundtrack.
=> Mini-games that will fuel your ability and creative spirit.
=> Extraordinary wallpapers.
=> Inspiring characters.
=> And mysteries, keys, secrets and hideouts of the Warehouse of Imagination.

Main features:
=> Available in English, Spanish, Catalan and Italian.
=> Original Soundtrack from the composer of iPoe Collection.
=> Interactive stories and mini-games inspired by the successful book “Forgotten Colors and Other Illustrated Stories”.

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Find your next great Science Fiction book! Build your own Sci-Fi library.
Preloaded with 100+ classic, award winning Sci-Fi and Fantasy books. Browse Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy award winners, or search the Internet by title and author. Or, scan barcodes of your personal library.

Have fun with your own handheld library of favorite books – books you have read or would like to read. You can rate favorites (1 – 5 stars), and track which books you own. Your handheld library is easily searchable and sortable by title, author, and rating. Each book you lookup will return title, author, pictures, and a detailed description.

Download now, to start your own personal Science Fiction or Fantasy book library.

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Marvin is an eBook reader for people who are passionate about their books. Get Marvin and find out why readers are calling it “the most brilliant eReader to come out in a long time”

=> A modern and clean user interface, designed for iOS 7
=> Format books any way you like
=> High fidelity rendering
=> Opens DRM-free EPUB books
=> A selection of beautiful reading fonts
=> Virtually unlimited combinations of text, background colors and page textures
=> 2 column layouts in both portrait and landscape (iPad)
=> Cloud location sync *
=> Publisher layouts and embedded fonts
=> Full book search
=> Control page warmth and tint in addition to brightness for comfortable night-time reading
=> Customizable gestures, swiping to control brightness and warmth, page turn directions, snapping to bookmarks and chapters, etc…
=> A reading timer
=> Powerful highlighting and annotation tools
=> Create custom commands with presets to integrate with Google Maps, Bing Images, Tweetbot, IMDb, Lingvo, Goodreads, Facebook, Wikipedia, the Merriam-Webster dictionary and more

=> Artificial intelligence that reads your books and helps you discover great things about them, their authors, characters, places, events and everything else (English only)
=> Intelligently search for and pin web content such as articles, reviews and videos
=> Build character summaries as separate EPUBs in seconds
=> Automatically build a vocabulary as you look up words in the dictionary
=> Offline and online dictionaries

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Find out by reading and playing with this interactive picture book app, which you can view in two different styles of illustration and be read to in three different languages UK English, American/Canadian English or Dutch. Or you can read it yourself of course!

– One circular story
– Two styles of hand painted illustrations giving the app a real picture book feel
– Three different readers / languages (UK English, American/Canadian English, Dutch)
– Word highlighting
– Music on or off
– Sound effects
– Animations and interactivity

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Enter into the world of HP Lovecraft with five disturbing stories to test your sanity and integrity. Dare with this multimedia experience that will immerse you into the dark world of one of the greatest horror writers. Enjoy the detailed illustrations while reading and a great music selection and involving sound effects.

Howard Phillips Lovecraft created his own mythology within the horror genre called Cosmic Terror. Although he was relatively unknown during his lifetime, his fame increased posthumously through the dissemination of his work by friends and acquaintances. His stories are about forbidden knowledge, influence of non-humans into the mankind, destiny, inherited guilt and the idea of ​​the existence of mankind constantly threatened and endangered.

This volume includes the following stories:

=> The Statement of Randolph Carter
=> The Cats of Ulthar
=> The Beast in the Cave
=> The Terrible Old Man
=> Dagon

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