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I always in search of entertainment full game and luckily I get one game named as Griblers. It’s an amazing RPG game that provides lots of fun. I never get bored or get tire while playing this. Its colorful features are also very nice that attracts me a lot. The games tasks are also very interesting to carry out. Furthermore, this is one of those platforms that are user-friendly.

It’s an adventurous game that can provide a lot of fun. You need to fight a battle. It’s not that game where you need to devote so much time. You are attempting to a craft. Moving further I’m sharing some more information here.


  • Colorful graphics
  • User-friendly features
  • Offline game
  • Bright characters with unique abilities
  • Enemy varieties
  • World exploring
  • Tactical war
  • City building
  • Sound on & off system
  • Different levels i.e. easy, normal & hard
  • Interesting story
  • Achievement option to check your score

Playing Strategy:

To play this game, you need to download it first. At the home page, you will find different options like a new game, run, and setting. You need to click on the Run option and you will enter into the colorful place of the garden. There are three characters in the game name as rusty, squashy & croxy. You will get three characters each will have a different task. Click on those huts that are visible on the screen. The task will be mention on the right hand side, click on Find option and you will enter into the game. You need to move the gribler into the different hexagonal place to collect the things. Play the game, complete the task and get your score.

It’s a fantastic RPG game that I ever played earlier. It’s only fun and fun that we all expect from any game. You need to plan, build, survive, craft, fight & explore the fantasy world. The tasks are described that you need to follow.

Some other information related to this game.

Availability: The game is suitable for both iOS platform and Android platform.

Language: The game is available in two languages i.e. English and Russian.



Playing casino game is really fun and entertainment full. I too love this approach and play casino on my mobile phone. There are so many games but Slots is one of the best casino games which I like to play. It’s available at the Apple store for iOS platform and free to download.

The game is fantastic to play and it is full of colorful graphics. There are lots of features of this game which compel me to play this game. The game is offering an easier way to adjust your bets. Moreover, the graphics are clear.

There are magic gates of blackjack. You can travel through ancient Greece to unlock the Zeus scatter. There are four different themes name as Egypt, Dinosaurs, Medvial night, Greek God.

Let’s see some interesting features of this game.

  • Colorful HD graphics
  • Free to play
  • Leaderboard to check scores
  • Get free coins
  • Bonuses and level up rewards
  • Different levels
  • Perfect sound & music system
  • Different kind of themes
  • Free spin
  • Win huge jackpot
  • Different machine worlds





Being from the business background, I usually face debts related work. It’s really hard to manage all the debts manually and I was seeking one easy system for the same. Fortunately, I get that name as RY Debts which is an app available on Google Play and iOS.

It’s really a nice platform to manage and track all your debt related work. I can save a lot of functions like purchase, borrow, loan sale, rent etc. Now it is easy to track all the things which I rent.

Top features:

Manager: Add, modify & delete operations

Pin the operation: Pin all the important operations related to your owed

Lock the app: Using the Pin code, the app can be locked and it’s amazing security feature.

Sort Operation: You can order the operations by amounts, bill emotions, dates and due.

Calendar: Calendar to remind the due dates

Attachments: Make the attachment of operations related to your finance

Emotions: To express how you feel about an operation just use emotion icons

There are three plans in this app which are Basic, Pro & Biz. The pro features will be unlocked only for one time for life and Biz features will be active as long as your subscription is active.




Ocean wonders is a platform for creating awareness of clean and healthy oceans, which provides good information about the current state of the marine life on Earth. It is a digital book within a 3D sphere, which allows access to all the content via one page. Ocean Wonders lays emphasis on the basic fact that, we as a human species share a symbiotic relationship with our oceans on Earth, because ocean plants contribute more than 75% of our oxygen in the Earths atmosphere. This message has been imparted by giving quick and easy to read information on the inhabitants of the oceans like, coral reefs, marine mammals and other such living beings. It looks like this app is for every age group because maintaining clean and healthy ecosystems, is a job that we as a Human species must consider today. Since we have a keen interest in conservation ourselves and geographical studies, we downloaded this app and to our surprise it was extremely informative and way beyond our expectations. It allows the user to learn at their own pace and time and the information is impaired in a quick, easy and fun format, like 3D models, maps, quizzes, short white board videos and illustrations to name a few.

App Features:

# Ideas are represented in 3D models, quizzes , maps, images and illustrations
# It is a digital book without having to turn/swipe pages
# 500+ pages of content all accessible through one single page
# Easy navigation as the user can get from point A to B within 3 clicks
# Maps: Modified google maps are very interesting.
# Quizzes are fun and easy
# Overall easy to understand and minimal text
# Simple to use as the UI is very good
# No collection of users personal data
# Cool pictures
# No 3rd party advertisement
# Buy the app in parts vs buying the whole app at once
# Horizontal visualisation only

One of the most interesting features which we appreciated is within the G section of the app. Ocean Wonders has integrated something called, a non intrusive parental/personal health control. The purpose of this is to allow the user to understand the importance of resting their eyes and mind at every 20 minutes (away from the screen). This has been achieved by adding meditation music with short demos on how to empty the mind, to further be able to grasp more knowledge during the reading/learning process. . Within the app, this is available in the G section (Rest Area).

Moreover, Ocean Wonders is an educational app and address one of the most important battles that we as a human species is fighting today “ Maintaining clean and healthy oceans”. Hence it is our suggestion to read it and spread the word o your family and friends, in order to support this noble cause.




Sprint Hero is full of fun and that’s what I love the most. I like to play the games on my mobile device. As I’m playing this game on my iPhone so I thought to share my own experience. It’s a little bit challenging game and has a cute little character to play. Know some features.


  • Colorful game
  • Easy to understand
  • Little bit challenging
  • Good sound
  • Different levels
  • Different colorful backgrounds
  • Characters are also very cool
  • Cool pictures

This game is all about your attention. I found this challenging, so it’s my advice use your attention at fullest level at the time of playing this game.

How to Play:

There will be a character, you need to move and jump the character such that it reaches the place where fruits are placed. The character will make the fruit fall and you need to move the character further. Mind it sure that, you need to the jump the character at right time otherwise it will fall down. To understand you can also click on the question mark to see the demo.





As I always carry my phone with me I love to explore the GPS location too and Domination: Earth provide me with this chance. It’s a strategy game that takes place in the real world. In this, a user will have great fun once started. One of the biggest things is that it is Augmented reality that provides the easy way to view real objects in an effective way. You can use the real place image to play this game.

Some of the features of Domination Earth

Graphics: The graphics of this game is really awesome. These graphics attract a lot of people. Like this, the playing experience becomes great. The images are shown in a crystal clear manner.

User-Interface: The user-interface of this game is great. Also people like those games which have a good interface.

Clear map: The location map has been shown in a clear manner. The clear map helps the user to find the location. This feature I like most.

Item scrapping: Just convert your real-world item into the resources with a barcode by using your camera. For this purpose toys, DVDs, books, Soda anything can be considered.

GPS Plug-in: This helps to check in the place where you go.

The game is all building military bases. You need to use the captured land to make the military bases. Other than this you need to recruit armies & establish regional dominance. Fight against the foreign threats by creating the alliances.



Visiting the museum and exhibition is my one of the favorite hobbies. It’s because I have a keen interest in historical stuff. Also, I love to make notes on them to keep the information with me. Earlier it was quite time-consuming but now thanks to Pollicino app which makes this work quick.

Exploring more about this app, you will surprise to know that this app work on Beacon technology. That means name, description & address of exhibition will appear automatically. The information can also be added manually if you wish so. You can also create your own totem with the help of QrCode.

Features of this app:

  • NFC tags reading
  • Track Eddystone, Qrcode, GPS, Apple iBeacon & BLE
  • It supports multi-media contents like audio, video, external links
  • Automatically creating crumbs or you can also create them manually
  • Customized features
  • iBeacon simulator
  • Share and invite your friends
  • Easily compatible with your business
  • All features are customized
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Get all your nearby promotions and nearby events

How to use this app?

To use this app, you need to download and install it. After that open the app and click on Start option. Read the introduction part through touch me option. If you want to add by yourself then choose the options manually from the plus sign option. There will be other options too like photo, QrCode, NFC tag. Choose your desired option and go with your accessing. To make the notes, you can take picture and exhibitors contact. You can export all your important details in PDF format and share the same with your near and dear one.






 Clash of Orbs is full of entertainment. There is no game complete without fun and entertainment and that’s what this game contains. Moreover, it’s easy to play which every person like. Only you need to use your finger swiping skills to play this game. Want to know more? Continue with your reading.

The game is all about protecting the holy element from the evils attack. You will have a beautiful journey through the colorful land. As the graphics are unique and colorful, you will surely like them.

The game is really simple. You only need to swipe the finger in order to destroy the attacking elements. The animations in the game are very nice. The guiding steps are also nicely presented in the game. Once you will enter the game, you will know everything.


  • Good graphics in the game
  • Different challenging levels
  • Different survival modes to play
  • Easy to play & understand
  • Leaderboard to claim the spot
  • User-friendly
  • Entertainment full
  • Colorful game



Are you looking for perfect password manager? If yes then you must try PassVult app. This is a really awesome app that makes your password management system to the best one. Its main aim of this app is to give the ownership to the user regarding accessing of the password. This way you will become the king of your data.

As I am accessing this app, I found it perfect for managing the password. This is one of my best friends in need. Whenever I forget any password I simply open the app and find the password. Additionally, I am not worried about my password and data stolen as these are protected by every mean.

Check out some interesting features:

  • Get all your passwords at one place
  • Sensitive secret question and answer
  • Physical codes management
  • Manage your credit card information
  • Generate your own complex password from this app
  • All the data are stored in the local database in AES form
  • Breach check feature to check email disclosure
  • All the data are protected with master key
  • FAQ questions for all your questions
  • Report your bug
  • Graphics are simple and easy to understand

In all these options, you can also save the service name and notes regarding the service. In the credit card option, you will be able to save information’s like card number, CVV number, expiry date etc. If you forget your any password then just log in PassVult and get the password. Your data and passwords will always with you. All the data are saved in Advanced Encryption System.

This app is touch ID & face ID enabled so this is another security feature. This means your data will be protected and without you, nobody else will be able to access your data. Another important thing is that you can also raise your issue using the report bug feature of this app.

Mind it sure that it is secured app. Your data will remain protected in this app and will not be shared with any third party over the internet. Also remember that in this app, you will not be able to reset your PassVult password. You can change the password only after login the app.



Adding the blur effect in the image is my hobby. I always seeking those apps which are providing best blur effects and luckily I got one app named Out Focus Filter Editor. I love using this app due to its simplicity and accessibility. There is nothing like rocket science in this app. Only you need to use it like another normal app.

Features which I like most

  • Easy to use just one touch
  • Great dynamic effects
  • No hassle of the eraser tool
  • Maximize or minimize the blur effect
  • Fast responding
  • Free to use

How to use this app?

To use this app, just simply download and install as usual. When you will open it, you need to choose the picture and upload the same. There will be blur options given below to Blur A, Blur B, Blur C, Glitter, Motion etc. After adding the blur effect simply saves the image.

It’s a simple photo editor tool which can be fruitful when you want to experience the best blur effect in an easy way. If you want to make your image into eye-catching one then simply tap and add blur with Out focus filter editor.

Where is this app useful?

The app is useful when you want to add light effect to a night view. If you want to show only the person included in the picture i.e. mosaic. When you feel it’s hard to use another background blur app then also this app is useful.