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Teaching a child is not an easy task. It requires a lot of patience and skills. However, with the time, things get changed and now there is a technology era. The way of working has changed in such a way that we get depends on technical platforms like a mobile application. These apps are also useful in teaching a child and recently I got such app name as “Racing to Read”. It’s really a simple and easy app with a set of activities that help your child learn to read.

The app is suitable for kindergarten, a preschool of the age 3 to 7 years. It provides a good experience of sounds, words, letters that help in making good skills for your child. Another highlighted thing about this app is that two reading specialists design this app and they have 40 years of experience.

Let’s see Racing to Read features

  • It has eight levels of activities, each of them has rhyme at the end
  • Give your child preparation & practice for learning to read
  • Provides instant feedback
  • Different levels with increasingly challenging level
  • At every step of the way, there are instructions
How to use it:

I already told that this app is simple to use. At an initial stage, you need to enter your Childs name. After that, you need to play the game. There will be an audio and picture on the screen. Some of the letters will be on top and the name of the picture will be below in which one letter will be missing. The task for the child is to select and drag the suitable letter from the top to make full meaning of the word.

Last words:

Racing to Read is really a nice app that helps a child to become a good reader. Additionally, it also helps in learning new words. Download this app and avail the modern way of teaching.

Racing to Read



I love KPOP and additionally I like to broadcast it. To complete this passion I was looking for a platform and it’s my luck that I get SMING platform. It’s a complete package for those who love to engage in KPOP. In this review, I tell you each and everything so keep continue with it.

Before proceeding, let’s see some of the features of this app.

App Features:

  • SMING chart – This feature will let you know what is popular in KPOP and check out how much your favorite song is popular.
  • Live session – There is a live session at which you can show what you grab.
  • Chat– Chat with streamers and fellow KPOP fans

Availability: SMING is available at Google play and iOS both

It’s an open source as anyone can become streamer in case if you love KPOP.  It also provides a facility to join the live session. It covers dance, songs and even you can give your opinion. It’s my personal advice to use this platform if you guys love KPOP.  Even you can also check what is popular in KPOP through its chart.  There is live interaction through which you can chat with a streamer.




The team at MythicOwl are back with a new addictive puzzle game that you’ll be playing for hours at a time. Take our word for it – we have played it and we couldn’t set it down.

Hexologic combines hexagons and sudoku-like puzzles into a mobile puzzle game that all ages will enjoy. The levels get tougher and more intense, while the games graphics are always sharp and inviting. If a game can be easy but challenging at the same time, Hexologic accomplishes just that.


Are you a lover of puzzle games like Sudoku, but find they have gotten a little stale as of late? Well listen up – because we have the next game for you to fall in love with.


What’s the game?


Hexologic’s gameplay is straightforward and fun but challenging at the same time. And for the low price it will be available for, this mobile puzzle game is definitely a steal.


It has 60 levels (as well as some hidden levels) for you to defeat through 4 completely different worlds. Its gameplay is based on hexagonal grids and the mission is simple (but success comes harder). Like Sudoku, you combine the numbers to solve the grids – but as the levels pass you by, the next one gets tougher and more challenging.


The many levels will give you hours of relaxing entertainment, and is the perfect combination of fun and challenging. Right off the bat, Hexologic is easy to learn and they make it easy to navigate so you can instantly dive into gameplay.


This mobile puzzle game appeals to both puzzle game veterans and puzzle game newbies.


Will you enjoy it?


MythicOwl has knocked a mobile game out of the park before (and not only games – see this TechCrunch feature on their app, Parenting Hero) and they have done it again with this mobile puzzle game, Hexologic.


An added bonus: the soothing, atmospheric soundtrack that accompanies you through the many levels of puzzle fun!


So, from the sites and sounds, to the puzzles and gameplay: MythicOwl delivers another solid mobile puzzle game with Hexologic.


Where do I get it?


Hexologic will be available on May 29th, 2018. For iOS and Android users, it comes at the very low price of $0.99. On Steam, you can own the game for $2.99.


Visit the Hexologic website to learn more about this mobile puzzle game coming to a device of yours soon!



There are so many games on my mobile which are challenging. It’s because I always prefer challenge in the game and I think the game is incomplete without that. Recently I download new game name as Diamond the game. I must say the game is quite full of challenging and use the brain power. There is no complicay in its strategy but yes, it’s somewhat hard to play.

Let’s see its features:

  • Option to choose a background
  • Tutorial to know the playing strategy
  • Game sound
  • Arrow to move the coming blocks in right or left

How to play?

The main thing in this game is to make Gigadiamond. There will be triangle shape chips will be coming from the top and you need to make diamond, rhombus and triangle. This will be possible when you set and arrange the chips in such a manner that it takes those shapes. Mind it sure that chips will be coming in fast speed so need to keep your eyes open.

I would like to recommend Diamond the game to those who like to have a challenge in their game. It’s a nice game that is simple enough to understand. It’s my personal suggestion to keep patience.




Token app is providing me with a great way of conversion of cryptocurrency. What I found in this app is that it’s really very easy to use and additionally very much user-friendly. In this review, I will introduce you all the features of this app. I am mainly engaged in cryptocurrency business so it is obvious that I need latest updates on conversion rate. It is my luck that this app opens the door of this solution.

This app is helpful in converting more than 1000 digital currencies. One can monitor the latest market trading with this platform. I found it very much responsive; one can quickly search for the particular cryptocurrency.

App Features:

  • User-friendly
  • Quick search
  • Offline
  • Get popular cryptocurrency
  • Updates of conversion rate
  • No requirement of the sign in
  • Making of favorite cryptocurrency

My own experience:

Token app is like my right hand in my cryptocurrency working. I can access this app anywhere and anytime. It’s because of this app I can convert the digital currency from one form to another one.


If you are looking for the cryptocurrency conversion then Token app can be best for you. As per my experience, it is a nice app and I recommend this app to all my readers.



FlyVPN Pro is one of my favorite apps on my mobile device. The reason is very simple it provides a fast and secure path of getting the VPN. Secured data is very much important to prevent any kind of difficulty in our personal and professional life. The Internet is all for today but we can’t neglect this thing. While accessing internet we need to be aware of our privacy too.

Many of people are seeking privacy and security for their data. VPN provides the best way for this. There is nothing important than this. For this purpose, I would like to suggest FlyVPN Pro which is a simple app. I will tell you each and every thing about this app. So let’s first see its features.

  • No registration: There is no requirement of registration. Directly one needs to download the app and start accessing.
  • No log saving: There is no saving of logs.
  • One tap connection: Just do tap and make the connection within few minutes.
  • Check Uploaded & downloaded space: There is transparency in this app and you can easily check downloaded and uploaded data space.
  • Deleting profile option: You can easily delete the profile

My experience:

I can now access my internet securely with this app. It’s easy and fast. The concept is really appreciable and to the user point of view. Now I don’t need to worry about my sensitive data transmission.

Last Words:

FlyVPN Pro is best VPN app in my opinion. Through this app, one can make the connection in a secured manner. It’s really very convenient to use. Readers can download this app through the below link.





There are so many games available on the App Store and I also download a few of them. Every game is having a different approach to playing but I love those which have fast speed. Considering this recently I found the game as per my choice. The name of the game is Madness Speed. This game is actually what I was seeking.

Let’s move further about the game. The game is actually very simple with the short and sweet approach. Only there is need to tap and change the path of moving snake. Yes, that’s what is all in this game. In the round circle, there is moving snack and when you tap the centre of the circle, the snack will come to the inner side of the circle. Like this you need to protect it from colliding with the coming obstacles.


  • Sound and music
  • Tons of characters to unlock
  • Collecting of coins
  • Cool graphics with a simple approach

My experience: The game is perfect in all ways. It provides a good way of passing the spare time. As I like simple games so I love to appreciate this game a lot. Firstly I was not able to understand this game but later on, after playing, I came to know the concept. The main benefit of playing this game is that I improve my presence of mind and concentration. The idea which is put in this game is awesome. It’s my advice to players to keep yourself in a pace mode to play this game.

If I talk about the availability, it is available at App Store. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod & iPad. Mind it sure that you have iOS 8.0 or above.

Last words:

Madness Speed is the great app that provides a good way of passing the time. Well, it is having very fewer features but that is very much precious to provide fun. All those who are reading my experience they can feel this entertainment though downloading the game. Thanks for reading.





Reading Bible is one of the best ways to improve one’s life. What makes life even better is that the Bible is now an app and you can easily carry it with you wherever you go.  Thanks to new technology, users can now have a Scourby You Bible App for an iPhone or Android.

After using this KJV Bible app, I came to know about the many benefits of listening Alexander Scourby beautifully narrating all of the 31,102 Bible Verses in the King James Bible. Alexander Scourby is regarded as having the greatest voice ever recorded according to the Chicago Tribune. That voice, combined with the outstanding features listed below, makes it a perfect Bible Companion and Newest Way to Access the Oldest Book. One great additional feature is that you don’t need internet access to operate the app since the Audio is self contained within the app, which means you have instant access to the Bible anytime anywhere.

App Features:

  • Alexander Scourby narrates the Audio in the Bible App
  • Users can create any number of custom playlists of Bible verses
  • Share favorite Bible Verses others along with a personal note
  • 70 plus hours of Bible Audio
  • Controlling for volume, start button, stop button & mute button
  • Day and night mode
  • Bible reading plan
  • Jesus Words in red
  • History of what you have been
  • Font size & type settings
  • Help menu for getting guidelines about the features
  • Videos, loop feature, speed control, Bible maps and more

The Bible App is presented in a bimodal presentation which simply means the text and audio is synced together with the action verse high-lighted so you now exactly where you are at all times. It’s an ideal app for people that just love listening to the Bible being read to them or whether you’re a Bible Student or even a pastor. Everyone can experience a whole new way to access the Bible. This is a perfect Bible tool for all Bible lovers

Theology Degrees, American Bible Society, Bible Gateway news, the 700 Club and the Barna Group Network all have ranked the ScourbyYou Bible the No 1 Bible App. Theology Degrees even said this:

“For the very best Audio Bible, you just can’t get any better than Alexander Scourby. His rich articulation and animated grasp of each verse have made it a classic for decades. The Scourby YouBible offers the entire set for $19.99. Although this seems a high price for an app that not too long ago the CD sets sold for a $100 dollars. This app offers custom playlists so that you can listen to only Scripture that addresses a specific need. For those who take advantage of this app, you’re likely to find that the value of the app is worth more than the device cost. It’s truly priceless.”


The Scourby YouBibleApp is a new tool that will help you get closer to God and his eternal Words of Life. You can get your personal copy today and start experiencing the Bible in a whole new way.  Then share the good news with others. There are many things that divide, but I think we all can agree the world would be a better place if we were just more kind to one another and follow these particular words of Jesus. “This is my commandment, that ye love one another, John 15:12. God’s bless to you and your family.

The Scourby Bible app is available at Apple Store and Google Play Sore and also at http://www.scourby.com.






Designing a logo is not only my professional activity but also love this in my personal life. Earlier designing a logo was not possible without a proper system but thanks to mobile applications that make this work easy. Here I’m introducing you to one of the apps, named as DesignEvo.

Even, if you are not having any professional skills to design any logo then also this app can be used by you. This app is made for everyone from professional to non professionals. Just use your finger and design attractive logo in a few minutes. Coming on the characteristics, this app is having following features.

App Features:

  • There are around 3500+ professionally design logo templates.
  • Customization of background.
  • Sharing of the logo via message, email & other favorite social media apps.
  • Delete or duplicate option.
  • Undo and redo facility for your logo editing
  • 100+ hand-picked fonts in Traditional, Modern, Handwriting & Funny styles.
  • Saving of the logo in PNG, JPG or any transparent PNG images.
  • There are different graphics including decoration, line, shape, symbol, banner & badge.
  • Freely moving, rotating or resizing of any object.
  • Managing of layers of the selected object.




Hey! Are you worried about your lost contacts and other data? Do you want to have a backup of all those lost things? If yes, then say goodbye to your worry because here I am introduce you to Stellar Phoenix software, perfect software to recover lost data. It is specially designed to have a backup of your lost calendar, videos, photos, contacts, messages & call history directly from your iPhone or iPad.

Do you want to know more? Let’s see the features of this app.

  • It supports data recovery from Encrypted iTunes Backup files
  • Import file to iPhone
  • Preview of messages before recovering them
  • Save the contacts in the three different formats like VCF, HTML, CSV
  • Facility for synchronization of contacts and photos to the iOS device using the iTunes
  • Recover from iCloud Backup
  • Easy user interface that make it more comfortable to use
  • Recover safari bookmarks
  • Support multiple iDevices
  • Recovery of the deleted notes
  • Filling the needs of both MAC & Windows user.
  • Recovers the WeChat, Line, WhatsApp & Kik messages
  • Recovery of the selected data from iCloud Backup Files and iTunes
  • Support several iPhone versions like X, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 6 Plus, 6S, 6, 5, 5S, 4 & 4S.
  • Powerful algorithm to perform a deep scan of device memory

If I talk about me, I get all the lost contacts, data and notes with the help of this software. It’s really amazing one to prevent a big loss in your professional and personal life regarding data. It has lots of features that make it idol one in the world of technology.