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Would you like to make new friends from across the world? Do you like socializing and meeting new people at every instance? TimeShare one of the best platforms where you can meet new people based on your location, your interests, hobbies and your activities!

All you need to do is share what you’re doing at the moment and then connect with people involved with the same activity from anywhere across the world! It has never been easier to meet like-minded people, who share your interests and loves than with TimeShare. Here are some of the features the app gives you

Easy menus to log in, add details about what you’re doing by selecting:

1. Automatic detection of your location
2. Description of the activity
3. When and how long your activity is
4. Uploading pictures

You can easy browse of other individuals involved in same or similar activities and have a Chat with people across the world
By clicking on WorldShare, you can see what are the most popular activities.

We at TimeShare believe that social networks connect you with people – all you have to do is log in and put up details about what you are doing and when you’re doing it to meet people who are going to be there too! For instance, if you are going to be at a concert all by yourself, just share details about it and see who else is going! You can meet up and have fun there together! Or you could share the timing of your trip, along with the place, to tell people how many hours you are going to be free to meet up and have a cup of coffee!
With a user interface that has been designed to be friendly, easy and fun to navigate, TimeShare is an app that will help you build a social circle that will stretch across the whole world! Funky, colorful and free, the app is a definite must-have for all those who love to travel, meet new people and try new things – get it today and get talking!


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Ever gone shoe shopping and found a pair you thought was great, but found yourself second-guessing the purchase because you weren’t sure as to whether or not you already had a similar pair of shoes in your closet? Growing shoe collections can be hard to keep track of, and when you’re working with a budget, similar purchases need to be avoided. Luckily, there’s now a great way to keep your collection organized with the help of your mobile phone.

It should come as no surprise then, that people have begun to develop apps for just about everything, including keeping track of our shoe collections. Here is Unboxed which is one of the best apps that you can use to keep your collection organized:

Quickly catalog, filter, sort, and manage all of the shoes you own. View information, images, and add personal details. Sizes, brands, colors, and more!

Features which make the app unique:

# Quickly add shoes to a collection by scanning the shoebox’s barcode with the iPhone’s camera
# Scanned details can be edited to account for shoe customization
# Manually enter shoe information when a shoebox is not available for scanning
# Add personal photos to show off customized footwear
# Add personal notes for any shoes in the collection
# Search filter allows finding shoes based on color, style, material, and more
# Share your favorite photos with friends via email, text messages, or on popular social networks
# No limit to the size of a shoe collection

We found this app very unique & lot of features. Lets scan your shoes collection its FREE !!



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This is going to be Huuuuuge people, real Bigly!
We are going to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, One Fake Tweet at a time

Download the one and only application that allows you to create Fake Donald Trump tweets!
Troll Trump, by exercising your constitutional rights of Freedom of Speech and fair use. Generate and showcase your most Winning DJT look-alike twitter posts.

Prank your friends, family, and have them scratching their heads and guessing – Did he really just say that ? Haha, you never know!

# Compose unlimited fake tweets
# Two styles to choose from – Traditional and Crayon!
# Adjust the date & time of the tweet
# Adjust the amount of retweets and number of likes each post should receive.
# Share your creations with the world, post to social media including twitter & facebook, or save the generated image to your photo library and share privately with your friends.

Whether you are a conservative republican, or a liberal democrat it doesn’t even matter! Everyone can appreciate humor as it tears down walls and borders.

Join in on the fun! The revolution begins here. Create FAKE Trump Tweets that will have you and your friends LOL’ing on the floor.



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Enjoy 9 fun-filled mini-games as you help our characters through their interrelated journey. Each game connects you with our world through empathizing with our characters’ successes and hilarious failures.

# Help Grandma cross the street. Keep her safe!
# Can you walk away from the Angry Man?
# Help Harriette, the puppy, find her happy spot.
# Do you have rhythm? Dance with the dancing boy!
# Play the slot machine emotion game!
# Give the crying baby what he needs
# To water or not to water the zany Venus Fly Trap?
# Trace the girl’s face to give her the confidence to sing.
# Win the bonus Balloon Game after you win all levels.

This app is a fun game built by professors at Indiana University, University of Michigan, Eastern Kentucky University, and Ohio State University, in conjunction with technology company HabitatSeven with generous support from the John Templeton Foundation. The app was created as part of a research study to examine the social effects of an interactive smartphone app. Check it out – it’s fun!!




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*IMPORTANT* Smirkee requires an iPad 2 (or newer), iPhone 5 (or newer)
Smirkee is a video chat app that ID’s peoples emotions in real time! It records the video call to your phone showing your emotions as you speak. Watch the emotions fly in real time on the screen!
You can take selfies of you and others with the emotions showing. Then immediately post to social networks.

What if we could get the answer we really want?
“Do you love me?”
“How do I look in this dress?”
“Am I annoying you?”

Now you can accurately interpret the feelings people have on their faces.

Smirkee is an easy-to-use, powerful video chat application that solves the mystery of someone’s true emotions when talking with them.

Not only can you tell what emotions a person is feeling, but you can also see the overall mood of the call!

What does Smirkee offer:

– Have “emotional” conversations with your friends!
– Detect up to 11 unique human emotions when video chatting!*

– Watch your favourite Smirks again and again with the Smirkee Video Player!
– Play, Pause, Step Forwards and Backwards through a saved Smirk and find the moments when the emotions are at their highest with the powerful Smirkogram!

– Strike a Joyful pose, show of your Angry face! With Smirk Me, you can capture your most expressive selfies, and save them to your camera roll, or post them to your social networks for your friends to see!

Smirkee can help to show you how your facial expressions are really appearing to other people, expressions that you may not have realized you are displaying.


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No doubt that football is one of the most popular sports in the world. Soccer, or as we in Europe call it, football, is the most popular sport in the world. American football, hockey and baseball are for example more popular in the U.S., but on a global scale nothing beats soccer. Millions and millions of people around the world love watching a bunch of people kick the ball around along with kicking each other (though that’s against the rules) anytime they find the time to do so. Many people around the world love to watch football matches at a stadium or either on their television sets. But, many neither get a chance to watch live soccer at stadium nor are they able to enjoy it on their TV sets. But, being a real football fan they want to be updated about the match.

Time is not something people have that much nowadays and that’s where live score apps come in handy to keep you in the loop on the latest results of your favorite football teams. Today’s Live Football Stats and Scores App give you so much more than that though

It updates regularly throughout a match to bring you the info as quickly as possible. If you can’t watch the game, this is the ideal companion app to have. Best of all is that it’s wrapped up in a lush and polished user interface that makes it a joy to play with this app follows teams from over 35 countries around the world. So you will never miss nay-important match and can keep al latest updates relevant to your team.

The stats available are what many football fans love to know. You can even get stats for each team in a match based on the last five or ten games played, or even for the entire season.

I guess the app might be criticized for only concerning itself with football, but its focus actually makes for the prefect fan app, rather than being something that tries to please everyone. If Football is your passion and you love the game then, it might be worth app to get all latest update about your favorite sport

The app interface make it unique from all other apps. From the In Play screen, if you tap on the main screen icon, found on the upper left corner, you will see different options: Live Scores, In Play and My Matches. Live Scores gives you exactly that, live scores for games. In Play shows score status and the number of minutes in play, listed by leagues.

The app is a free to download that has no hidden in-app purchases so download now and never miss any match update.


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Tweetypad allows you to post to your Twitter account without being limited to the 140-character limit, all in one step from one convenient place AND simultaneously you can post to many popular Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Tumblr with more to come as well!
Tweetypad puts Full Control in the palm of your hand.
Tweetypad lets you manage multiple social media accounts all from one convenient place. Whether at home or on the go, you’ll never again need to jump between you’re accounts to tweet and write unlimited posts. Finally, the solution you’ve been waiting for!
Tweetypad is 100% free.
Tweetypad lets you:
* Post an unlimited post to your Twitter account without being limited to the 140-character limit, all in one
step from one convenient place
* Post text and media to multiple social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Tumblr * Easily toggle between accounts you want to post to
* Manage your posts from within the app and jump to the actual social media platform from the post * Share your post with friends via Email, Text Message, WhatApp, Twitter Direct Message and many
* Post a snippet. On Twitter, Linkedin and Tumblr your visitors will see a snippet of the beginning of your
tweet with a link to your full unlimited post.
* Show your full unlimited post. Your visitor simply needs to do is click on the link and will be whisked
away to your full post, however, your visitor can then press a dropdown of options to view the post on Twitter or other social media and/or write a comment on the post or share the post with others Facebook will show your full post. Tweetypad is a convenient one stop shop to post to all your favorite social media platforms
* View all your social media posts from Tweetypad
Tweetypad is currently available on Apple iOS and on the web.
In the world we live in, building your company’s brand or even your own personal brand is crucial. Download Tweetypad now and start using this powerful tool to get your unlimited message out there to the world. Tweetypad… beyond the limits!



You want to get fit but don’t like fitness apps because they’re no fun? Try Fitness Race! It’s a mix of a game and a step counter app. Motivation is key, so challenge your friends in a fun new way to stay active and race against one another in a virtual world!
Fitness Race uses the step counter in your phone to transform your daily activity into movements in the game. To win and stay fit, just increase the steps you walk – but watch out for the hidden boobytraps that can slow you down! Use energy points to battle your friends with mighty power items and see how far your daily steps would take you in foreign places.

# Explore exotic locations on your own or run against your friends in thrilling races

# Use your real life steps and run in cartoonish levels of exotic locations such as New York, Hawaii or Berlin

# Get energy points from each step. Use them to activate power items and make it to the finishing line first!

# Have a little fun and excitement after your everyday exercise! You can play Fitness Race after running with your favourite workout or step counter app.

# Play the sports game without any additional fitness tracker! Fitness Race uses the steps provided by the Health App. Just take your iPhone with you and the built in step counter is tracking your activities!

# 10,000 steps per day are considered a good amount to improve your health and fitness!


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Listen to the right music with right sound that suits your left and right ear perfectly with “TSC Music”. Did you know that each one of us has a unique hearing and needs proper care? “TSC Music” maintains the right balance of the equalizer and sound with enhanced Threshold Sound Conditioning Technology. With “TSC Music” in your mobile, you can listen to your favorite music all the time without worrying much about your hearing ability! “TSC Music” prevents your hearing with TSC customized sound signals and never lets it degrade.

“TSC Music” is the first music application to monitor your hearing condition with interactive graphical charts. The graphical interactive charts shows the most important information like Progress, Time used, Best and Worst INDEX, etc needed to monitor your hearing status. The app “TSC Music” helps you improve your hearing ability based on your hearing status and accordingly balances the equalizer for the sound of the music. The app equalizes the perfect sound based on your hearing ability of left and right ear.


# Equalizes perfect sound with Active EQ
# Generates hearing status and auditory condition with graphical interactive charts
# Improves hearing ability with Threshold Sound Conditioning technology
# Adjusts sound according to hearing condition of each ear
# Integration with YouTube and SoundCloud
# Download the app “TSC Music” app and integrate it with other music apps like YouTube, Spotify and

SoundCloud to enjoy the unlimited music. Get the app and never hesitate to listen to your favorite music!


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Picstagrab is an app that will help you watermark and/or repost images and videos from Instagram with optional added captions. If for instance you are posting picture of the day, moderating an Instagram hub or otherwise repost images and videos from Instagram regularly, Picstagrab will save you a lot of time and effort by helping you automate the process of featuring a picture or video.

When loading a picture or video, an automatic search may be performed using Tineye and Google image-search in order to see if there are duplicates out there. If there are duplicates, you may check the search results in order to determine if the picture is “stolen” or not. Picstagrab will make no assumptions regarding the found duplicates.

Before reposting a picture, you may add a watermark from your own “watermark-collection”. You can manage your watermark collection by adding and removing available watermarks, you may choose any picture available in your camera-roll to use as a watermark. When adding a watermark to a picture, you can reposition, resize and change the opacity of the watermark as well as selecting to remove white or black backgrounds from the watermark in order to make the background of the watermark transparent.

You may share a picture or video with an optional caption included.
The included caption may be written as you repost, or may be selected from your very own “caption-library”. In the captions you may have automatic insertion of the username of the user that originally posted the picture/video and the original caption from the picture/video you are about to repost.

You may also store a list of favourite users/hashtags for easy access, simply click the star in the search-results and the user/hashtag will be stored as a favourite.

Your most recently viewed pictures/videos will be available for easy access through the “recently-viewed” page.

In order to share your watermarks, captions and favourites between several Apple-devices, simply enable iCloud sync, and synchronisation will be handled automatically. Also if you are transferring to a new Apple-device, all watermarks, captions and favourites will automatically be made available on your new device as long as iCloud sync is enabled for the same appleID as your old device.

You can now also do a manual backup of your watermarks, favourite and captions. Simply tap the Backup button, and a complete backup will be made available that you can transfer to your computer using iTunes. To restore, transfer it back to the app through iTunes, and tap the backup name in the Restore from backup page.