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I love to play mobile games in my free time and this really gives me a feeling of joy. Among the mobile game, “Super Shrimp” is one of my favorite games which I found. The app is available at Apple Store. Here I would like to add one more thing that the App is totally free and is user-friendly for everyone.

Playing Strategies:

To play this game, you only need to control the shrimp. Search the lost starfish, collect bubbles, diamonds and other items. But the task is not so easy, you have to be aware of the squid, crabs and other sea creatures.

My Experience:

I enjoyed it every time I play and wish I could pass each and every level.

Some features of this game

  • Colourful – Being ocean theme game, the game is totally colorful and there is total 5 such worlds.
  • Levels – There are 30 challenging levels, 6 submarine levels which you need to pass.
  • Easy – The game is easy to play and there is no complexity.
  • No ads – there are no ads in the game and you can play it without interrupting.
  • No in-app purchase – There is no in-app purchasing required in this game.
  • Size – The size of this game is 49.9 MB.




Being social on various social media platform is a common trend nowadays to make a new friend and explore the culture. They are now playing an important role and like day to day activity. To share the culture, I found one app for this purpose named as LITmemes which is available in the Apple Store. Read this review and get all the information here.

About LITmemes: It’s a normal app of social media category developed by the memes social media. It is available in English, Arabic, and Portuguese & Spanish. The purpose of this app is to share memes globally. Its available free of cost.

Features of LITmemes:                                                                                

While accessing this app I got surprised to know that App consisting all the user-friendly features. Considering this, the app is having smooth user-interface. The design is very decent and easy login process. The profile page is also very customizable. I found smooth navigation in the app.

How to use LITmemes:

  • To use LITmemes you just need to download the app and install
  • Make the account with filling all the true details
  • Log in with your ID and password
  • Discover new memes
  • Post your memes
  • Message your friends



Hosting and finding an event is not so easy but thanks to ‘Jangubuzz app’ which make this work easy. I found this app on the recommendation of one of my friend and this is now my another friend in indeed. From a long time, I am accessing this app and it provides me path to manage all my event strategies in a defined way.

Being an event lover, I used this app and found to be very user-friendly with all the good features. Making the best of my work related to events. So here I am sharing my review regarding this app.

Coming to the points the app is containing fantastic features like searching for an event, inviting buzz invitation, buy or sell the tickets, find and follow the other users. You can now explore the event searching with ‘Jangubuzz’ to make your event. You can find event category list in this app. You can contact another event host to know about the upcoming event.

Make your event bookmarked for the future reference. All these features are making this outstanding app.

Overall, I am happy in using this app and would like to recommend this to everyone who loves to engage in an event.



Playing the game on the mobile is really a fun. However, there are different categories of the game among which Poker is one. If you are seeking such game application for your mobile phone then here I introduce you to “Casino Life Poker”. From the name, you might be thinking of real money offering but there is nothing like that.

The game is all about real fun, not real money. Here I will share my own experience with this game and you will get all the information regarding the same. Just keep your reading continue to as I am unlocking all the information one by one.

How to play the game?

  • You need to install & download the game at the initial level.
  • Then you need to open the same.
  • After that, you need to choose the character (There are different characters in the form of man and woman)  
  • The game will begin and you need to play like real holdem.
  • You need to cross different level.

What are plus points of this game?

From my own experience, I feel that this game is providing a real feeling of the casino. The animations and characters are really good. You will get free chip every 4 hours. The colours are quite shiny.

What do I feel about this game?

The game is awesome and I love to play this game whenever I am free. It’s offering me the real feeling of the casino.

What are features of Casino Life Poker?

  • Available of Free Chips.
  • Colorful characters.
  • Available for Google Play Store & Apple Store.
  • You can change the outfit of characters which is really awesome choice.
  • Free to download in your mobile.
  • You can invite your friends and can have gift.

Is game is free?

Yes, the game is free but for additional content, the price will range from $0.99 to $99.99.

For whom this game is suitable?

The game is not suitable for children as it is gambling game and it is only suitable for adults.





 I used IceBreaker app & I think this dating app is presenting a fresh concept of attaining a date. During my date, I answer some of the questions and really it was fun to enjoy those moments. After accessing this app I thought to share my experience about the app with my friends here. So just keep reading to unlock the things about this app.

Icebreaker is a simple paid app which is useful to make date enjoyable especially for those who hesitate to speak during the date. Some of you might be thinking why questions are involved in the app. It’s just to know your partner well. This app is actually useful for your date when you have nothing interesting to do at the time.
Well in my case I ask questions to my date-mate and know well about him. Simultaneously answer the same to expose my thinking. Get to know about his mindset and how he takes the things. I to answer all the questions honestly and we had great time spending.Here I am sharing the features of this app that might be interesting for you guys to know.  Some of the facts of this app are as follow.# Easy and no complexity involve in the questions

# There are plenty of good questions which are useful in knowing your date-mate well.
# A way to enjoy your lunch or dinner with questions
# No nonsense questions are there
# Simple app with useful features
# Although the app is not free but its interesting one
# Available in the English and French language
# Questions are well organized in an easy language
# Just swipe and ready to ask the questions
This dating app is all about the knowing each other well, it’s nothing like finding the boy or girl nearby your location. You just need to go on date, open your cell phone and from IceBreaker App you just need to ask the question to your partner. Mind that it’s a not a date finding app.




Join Captain Gunpowder Jack as he explores the treacherous yet colorful world of Pirate Pop Mega Quiz! Journey across treasure maps as you answer your way through the numerous levels, help uncover the lost treasures and defeat the evil Captain Liver-bottom.


General Knowledge, Television, Film, Video Games, World, Science, Music and Animals

Skull Island, Dead man’s Island, Mermaid’s reef, Pirate Bay, Castaway’s caverns.

Time Attack – Race against the clock, answer questions fast and score big points.
Bomb Voyage – Avoid being blown to smithereens, as sweat beads run down your face, the bomb fuse slowly disintegrates, but don’t fret, fast fingers will save the day.
Point Banker – Double or nothing, don’t get too greedy as you risk all your points.
Mega Multiplier – With just a few seconds to answer, the faster you respond, the more points you earn.
Versus – Face off against the baldest of them all, Captain Liver-bottom as you in battle your way to victory
Endless Mode – Can you survive the bottomless pit of questions?

Double coins, Double gems, Double points, Remove one, Remove two, Slow time, Ask the audience, Phone a friend, Second chance, Bonus question, Skip the question, Freeze time, Bomb defuse, Point insurance, Maximum multiplier and slap a paper bag on your opponent.

Nerd, Emo, Punk, Scientist, Cyborg, Cowboy, Viking, Luchador, Zombie, Pimp, Princess, Spaceman, Witch, Vampire, Egyptian and Grandma.

Kitten, Pet Pug, Seagull, Royal Crown,Pumpkin, Paint can, Drinking hat, Roadkill, Paper hat, Road cone, Santa hat,Irish Hat, Plant Pot, Scholar, War Helmet and Dirty Diaper.

Pirate Pop Mega quiz is free to play but offers game items for purchase with real money.

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I am now unable to manage my all digital currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, NEO, NEM, Ripple & Ethereum. There are plenty of other things which are really helpful for those who love to engage in the digital currencies at the global level. You can track the value with this easy app at the fast process. Now you can set my price alert which brings a fruitful result for you.

As in today’s time more of the people are engaged in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, ripple etc. So it’s really very important to manage all that in such a running life style. And that’s what Cryptonaut – Crypto Tracker makes easy. Really big thanks to this app and its developers.

Some of the interesting features are as follow

# Track the value at any time: You can lane through the values at any time and that too over 1 hour, week, month or even year. This is a great thing which I like.
# Multiple Currency support: One of the fantastic approaches of this app is it supports various types of currencies. So you need not to worry whether your currency is GBP, USD, EUR. Also, it is no matter of which language you belong to, Cryptonaut – Crypto Tracker supports multilanguage which is English, Spanish, Japanese, Russian etc.
# Good user interface: The app is having user-friendly interfaces and having a very clear informative interface. A user can get all the information on this app regarding his or her cryptocurrency.
# Notification: There is always a push notification comes when coin price gets a move. This helps a lot to a user in every aspect. It’s new in this game that a user can set percentage based alerts to receive the notification.

One portfolio for all your cryptocurrency: There is a single portfolio for all your related cryptocurrency which is easier to manage. You can track all your crypto coins at one place.
Eye-catching points:
# Easy to use
# Available for all currencies
# Multilanguage supportable
Multicurrency’s supportable




Time travel is one of the popular concepts, which has attracted a lot of people from time to time. There are plenty of applications in the market, which offers an option to enjoy time travel in an effective way. The application offers a lot of levels, which can be played from time to time to reach various times in the application in an effective way. The ninja time travel has been designed carefully and attracts a lot of youngsters because it provides an option for people to travel to a different time and easily enjoy the level.
Some of the top features of playing Ninja time travel

Easy user interface of the game – the easy user interface is one of the important aspects of any game or applications because it offers people to explore more options in an effective way. The Ninja time travel is an easy User interface game, which provides convenient options because exploring more options helps you to get attracted in an easy way. The game lets you take your time in order to understand the game concerning features and options because it is important to enjoy the game to the maximum extent from time to time.

Interesting levels to travel to different time – There are more than 100 levels in the game, which offers people to travel 200 years back in an effective way. The levels play a crucial role for people because it lets them complete the game and play in an advanced stage from time to time. The levels in the game have been an attractive aspect for every gamer because it helps them to play and finish the level as early as possible.

Different powers to advance to further levels – The powers help people to play the game in an easy way and to advance to further levels in an effective way. The premium version of the applications allows people to enjoy more powers and lets people play more levels in a quick span of time. The different powers in the game help you play the game easily and build ships in order to travel to a different time easily.



Willy is a social app available for iOS devices to allow the users to send texts, photos, and videos to the future. Presetting the date and time, one can store the message with the attachments, and those will automatically get delivered to the recipient on the exact date as set by the user. Willy is a future-focused app unlike Facebook working in the past and Snapchat working in the present! Moreover, Willy also called Time Capsule App.

Willy is an app of advanced digital age. Released on 22nd December 2017, Jaroslaw Gorecki developed this app. This future app is compatible with iOS 10 or later versions. Users can use this app with iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Users can send texts, photos or videos to future setting specific date and time. One can set the future timing from 10 minutes to 10 years. Of course, the future time to be set is limited!

Features : 

# Preset the date and time in future and the message will get delivered precisely on the exact time and date
# Send texts, photos or videos specifying the person in your contact list
# Select the availability period of the message
# Users get full control over the operations as well as privacy
# Users can manually delete the stored messages without any hassles
# Easily can add friends to chat with
# Adjusting and customizing photos is easierSmart functions of Willy

Smart functions of Willy
The recipients would get the notification about the message, and certainly, the recipient would eagerly wait for the message. But the app will never show the message until the date and time arrives! Once the message becomes available to the recipient, you can delete the message. The app honors interest of the users and privacy of the user and the message remain protected for a day, week, month, a year or even a decade! The users need not worry about the privacy of the messages. The privacy of the messages will stay protected, and it is the app users who will set Who, When and How Long will the message be accessible! Willy is here with a revolutionary concept of turning the App world upside down!