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Jumping and shooting are two things that form the bedrock of the modern action game.

The platform-shooter has been a popular genre for decades, and its success has continued on Smartphone despite the format’s inherent touch screen control limitations.

You really can’t get more action than you get with shooting games. Whether they’re third person shooters, first-person shooters, or somewhere between, you’re usually in for tons of bullets, explosions, and mayhem. It’s been one of the more difficult genres to get going on mobile since shooting games depend so heavily on precision which is difficult to do on a touch screen. Some have managed to put together a decent experience, though, and here is the best shooting game for you!

Bomb Bro’s is the new action-packed 2D shooting game.You can play this game with your friends online and fight with them
at a time three players can play in the game.If you do not want to play with friends then You can try single player mode

Some unique Features of Bomb Bro’s :
# Select your favorite character or buy new ones!
# A lot of different weapons including a rocket launcher and a bomb!
# A lot of different maps like a ship wreck, chemical lab or an Island!
# Ability to play with your friends online from around the world!
# Ability to play against AI





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The best mobile security app to ease all your privacy worries, with interactive features that let you create folders, take notes, save links and browse privately.
Your phone can only do so much to keep your photos, bookmarks and valuable information secure. SteelVault is the solution for all your security related problems – it allows you to store photos and files, create notes, save links and browse completely privately, all accessed by PIN or touch ID.
It ensures the highest level of security, so you don’t have to worry about anyone gaining access to your information without your consent. If someone tries to access SteelVault without your permission, you will get a break-in attempt report which includes time, location, and photo of the intruder. At the end of the day, SteelVault exists to protect your privacy and security.

Features include:
# Secure your files (photos, videos, documents etc.) and information with a four-digit PIN or touch ID.
Create folders to save your photos and files in.
Import photos from your gallery, iCloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox and secure them in SteelVault.
Create notes to save important information like your credit card or bank details.
Save important links by creating secure bookmarks.
Use a completely private browser to ensure that nobody can get access to your browsing history and activity.
# Option to automatically delete photos from your camera roll after you import them to SteelVault.
Export and backup all folders to the iCloud. Google Drive, or Dropbox.
Customize the look and feel of your SteelVault by choosing from a range of personalized themes.
AppLock to lock any apps in your phone with a PIN
Set a time and location where you SteelVault is unlocked
Shuffle PIN – option to automatically change the keyboard layout
Break-in attempts automatically track

SteelVault has a straightforward and interactive interface that can be personalized via a growing range of themes. You can access your files and folders by just clicking on the app and entering the PIN. When you first set up the PIN, you will be asked to set a recovery email that you can use to change your PIN, in case you forget it.

The fundamental purpose of SteelVault is to provide additional security for your photos, files, and information. You get four essential features with the app which help you keep your phone secure – folders, notes, bookmarks and private browser. You can access all four of these from the sidebar on the left, where you will also find the option for Settings, FAQ, and Support. You can use the support option to send an email to the SteelVault App support team, to assist you in case you have any questions, comments, or issues.
You can use the folder option to create and name a new folder, where you can then save your files and photos. You have the choice of importing files from your camera roll or other online storage apps or taking a picture directly from SteelVault.

With the help of the notes feature, you can save any important or sensitive information that you want. You can also easily modify the font and the size to fit your needs. Similarly, with the bookmarks feature you can privately save links to access them later.

SteelVault has a custom-built browser, which you can use to browse the internet privately; none of your activity will be tracked or saved. This browser was built specifically for SteelVault and does not use Safari, Chrome, or other mass-produced browsers as even in Incongnito, those browsers still track a user’s history. SteelVault has combatted this by building their own custom browser that does not track or save any browsing history. All for your peace of mind.



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Grapple Gum is an award winning SlingShot-Action-Platformer in which you play as a little pink piece of gum and grapple across moving objects. It’s a neat mix of mechanics as you can float through the space, hitch a ride by hooking on the various platforms, and slingshot your way from one piece to another while also shooting at all kinds of targets, including big bosses and the little various sooty critters nibbling at your toes.

Grapple Gum was awarded “Best Mobile Game” and “Game Of the Year” by the Tunisian Game Awards 2017 with a jury composed by Susan Gold (founder of the Global Game Jam), Leevi Rasila (GDWC Event Producer) and Moacyr Alves Junior (ESL Brasil Partnerships Director).

# Play 10 levels filled with 10 Gigantic bosses and hordes of hand painted, kid friendly, critters.
# Discover 6 Awesome and Unique Weapons, with 3 levels of upgrade for each.
# Unlock 42 Permanent Bonus, which offer exceptional replayability.
# Enjoy Fast paced, touchy and crazy satisfying action.

The doodle artwork is brought to life with fluid animation and popping visual effects. Every component has been recreated in meticulous details!

Grapple Gum features a One touch control. Tap, hold or swipe and hitch a ride with your grapple or shoot at everything and leave a mess of bursted monsters! Intuitive controls deliver a gaming experience both fun and challenging.

Compete with players all around the world and see who is the very best

Grapple Gum is easy enough for anyone to pick up… but it requires tenacity and quick reflex to master.





Be Creative, Be Artistic and Be Colorful.

Unleash your inner artist and draw out your artistic ability with Becolor! We crafted Becolor to minimize your effort and make it easy to create something vivid and vibrantly appealing. You will rarely find another better coloring app for adults!


## 100+ vivid color fills, including Leopard, Trees, Sky, Night, Twilight, Summer and more.
You’ll be able to color a starry-night with one click, and paint nature-like effects, like skies and clouds automatically. Wanna paint a leopard dress for your girl? so easy!

## Paint Continuously : Tap-paint-tap-paint might be stressful and inefficiency. Now you’re able to follow your finger to paint Mandala in a smooth and continuous way.

## 100+ Water Colors to choose: From Red to Sky, Blue to Ink, hundreds of handcrafted watercolor styles will roll you into a colorful world.

## 40+ preset styles for background effect: Specially designed Styles feature let you quickly and easily applied to every coloring images.

## Most interesting categories: Art, Fantasy, Girls, Nature, Animal and more will surprise to you.

## Various coloring tools: Pen, Brush, Fill, Sweep, Linear and Radial.

## 1000+ pictures to paint: Constantly daily updated coloring images with 18+ attractive categories.

History palettes collects: Specially designed “Recent Colors” makes it more easier to find your previously favorite colors.
…and more…

Now it’s time to have fun with Becolor. Drawing with Becolor is truly a relaxing experience, it gives you brilliant coloring experience and a good chance to show your talents.

Download Becolor for now, and keep your eyes focused on the constantly updating everyday!



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Keep your privacy when visiting various websites, without being worried about your IP address, geolocation, or personal communications being disclosed.
With Cargo VPN iPhone and iPad users also get a built-in DNS Firewall for the best protection from tracking, logging, malware, etc.

With Cargo VPN for iPhone and iPad you are getting:

Your IP address, location and online identity are hidden for the top privacy.

Your data is kept safe when you connect to public WiFi. Our iOS VPN app will automatically detect if a network is not secure and encrypt your Internet traffic.

You can get to an unrestricted global media even if it is censored in your country.

While you are using the VPN app for iPad/iPhone your online activity, location, communications are kept safe from unwanted surveillance.

Your login details, account numbers, billing address are safer this way especially if you are using someone else’s WiFi.

Did you know that flights, hotels, rental cars and more are priced differently for different geolocations? You can save money by simply adjusting iPhone VPN settings in our app.

There are more than 70 server locations with over 1000 high-speed servers all over the world.

Stay protected from malware websites.

Downloading of torrent content is easier and safer.

# One subscription includes up to 5 devices in one account.

In-app purchase offers additional features:

# Exclusive Static IP address.
# Personal Server for utmost speed and safety.
# Additional slots for new devices.



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We are in year 2048 A.D.

Invaders are reaching the earth outer space frontier.
As member of a space team composed of elite pilots, your mission is to protect earth and defeat the creepy alien invaders.

Progress through the missions with beautiful space backgrounds to improve your level. Take control of more powerful spaceships and defeat the aliens.

Collect different spaceships in the space center.

Help us and defeat the aliens!

In mission mode you are required to complete certain missions.
In destruction missions you must destroy all the aliens invaders from space by trying to be the most accurate. At the most you will be precise in your shots at the most you will receive stars and gold at the end of mission.
There are also spaceship rescue missions that allow you to unlock new spaceships. And if you are precise you can even steal gold minerals from the aliens invaders coming from space.

In this game mode, the only objective is to destroy the aliens invaders coming from the space successively and to make the best score. Attention, in this game mode there is no pause and the aliens invaders become more powerful and more angry.

With gold gained by playing you can buy more powerful spaceships in the aerospace center. Each spaceship has a different shooting power and a different shield. At the most the shield is powerful, at the most your ship can absorb the shooting impacts of the aliens. Reach level 20 and unlock the precious and powerful “Fast Millenium” spaceship.

Creepy Aliens cool non-exhaustive features list:

# 25 missions
# 10 different aliens
# 9 spaceships to collect
# Superb space wallpapers in background
# A captivating background music
# Earn in-game currency to buy more powerful spaceships




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Please note that ChatLock does not expand the original WhatsApp Messenger, and only provides the following features to your previously imported chats!

With ChatLock you protect your imported chats from unauthorized access and archive them in no time!
You can import your WhatsApp-Chats directly into ChatLock!

Use the built-in statistics to find out interesting and funny details about your imported chats: Which Emojis do you like most and who responds the fastest? Find out now!

ChatLock can be used completely free of charge and offers a wide range of useful features! Optionally, some additional features can be purchased separately in the app.

# Import messages, pictures and videos directly into ChatLock
# Select the time period you want to import messages from
# Share parts of your chats with friends
# Decide if you want to import your chat with or without media
# Organize your photos and videos in an extra gallery
# Search through your chats with the intelligent search
# Customize the names and the appearance of your chat partners and select a background image for your archive

# Protect your archive by choosing a personal passcode
# Unlock ChatLock with your fingerprint (Touch ID)
# Use the automatic logout for best protection
#ChatLock will save everything locally on your device to ensure the highest protection of your data. No one can access your data – except you.

Analyze the chat behavior of you and your friends. Statistics allows you to find out everything you want to know about your habits when using WhatsApp.

There are four categories of statistics:
# Emoji: Which Emojis you and your friends use the most, and who is the real master of Emoji?
# Activity: Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Which is your favorite time, to chat with your friends?
# Conversations: Who responds the fastest and who need a bit of time?
# Messages: Novel or one-liner? Which type are you?
Find out now!



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Fly big breathing fire dragons
In winter land attacked by walkers skeletons and evil wizards
Burn them all down and get Your ice throne back
Use powerful magic spells

Tap or hold left side of screen to fly
Tap or hold right side of screen to breath fire !

Have fun playing and download now for free



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Protect yourself by checking biorhythm daily.

How much of percent (%) are you today?

Stamina, judgment, emotion, etc.
If you are not feeling well about the following measures, how about checking your biorhythm?
If your biorhythm does not function appropriately, it is recommended to avoid unreasonable activities. Something might you don’t want to happen.
Biorhythm can be referenced in all areas of your life such as learning, sports and sales.

It will advise your future.

Suddenly, some of the celebrities faced traumas
The cases showed that their biorhythms weren’t good. Was it a coincidence?

What is biorhythm?

Biorhythm is the physiological cycle of a physical, emotional, and Intellectual. These three cycles are repeated in a uniform pattern based on your birthdays, and there is a difference in activity efficiency or ability depending on the combination of these patterns.
This was summarized by the doctrine of Dr. Wilhelm Fliess of Germany in the 19th century and in 1923 Dr. Alfred Teltscher of Austria studied his 5,000 students and added Intuitive rhythms.

The four rhythm cycles and calculations are as follows.

d = number of days of living
Physical rhythm: sin (2π d / 23)
Emotional rhythm: sin (2π d / 28)
Intellectual rhythm: sin (2π d / 33)
Intuitive rhythm: sin (2π d / 38)

Each rhythm has a value from -100 to +100, and this value indicates the status.

Low stage: -100 to -1
High stage: +1 to +100
Dangerous Days: 0 (at the time of transition from + value to – value or from – value to + value)

Explanation of Application function

# Display the four rhythms of a user as values and graphs
# Change dates easily to view biorhythms on multiple dates
# Connect with analysis function

# Integrated management of multiple users’ biorhythms
# Connect to the biorhythm graph screen

# List biorhythms of 31 days
# Extracting dates for state classification
# Performance analysis by biorhythm

# Calculate the average of two or more users’ biorhythms

# Send biorhythm using messages or email

# Summary of usage
# Help
# Contact the developer

It is not a simple graph.

# Accurate data using formal algorithms
# Sophisticated and easy-to-see graphs
# Send biorhythm using messages or email
# Biorhythm integration management of multiple people
# Additional features different from other biorhythm apps
# Easy to use at anywhere, at anytime
# Preview of future biorhythms


# If you have any questions, please use the email function on the app.



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If you are looking for an app that provides automotive service and repair solutions, then you have come to the right place. The Auto Sleuths app is an innovative app that is designed to help car buyers and owners with vehicle inspection, maintenance and repair.

App Features:
# Hire highly skilled technicians to conduct pre-purchase vehicle inspection
# Hire maintenance specialists capable of performing routine vehicle maintenance, such as tune ups, fluid checks and tire rotation
# Hire qualified auto repair technicians to fix vehicle issues, including damaged and inoperable vehicles
# Get modifications, upgrades and other similar services by posting a simple job description
# Find the right technician by sorting through technician profiles
# Negotiate with your technician to come to a mutually satisfactory price
# Rate the service your technician provides

Whether you need an oil change or the engine light has suddenly come on, this app has solutions for all your automotive needs! Here are some of the services the app provides:

One of the most important things to consider before buying a vehicle is to whether it is operating as advertised. An investigation should be conducted to make sure that the vehicle is in good working condition. The app allows you to hire a technician to conduct a pre-purchase inspection. The technician will also issue a report describing the condition of the vehicle and any issues that need to be addressed. This service is provided to for both used and new vehicles. All you need to do is download the app, describe the service you need and select the right technician for the job.

It is important to maintain a vehicle to ensure it is reliable and safe to operate. Waiting until something goes wrong is likely to result in more cost over time. The app provides users with access to qualified technicians who can provide routine maintenance services so your vehicle runs optimally for years to come. Make sure you describe the type of maintenance service you need to find the best technician for the job.

A vehicle may need repair for a variety of reasons: normal wear and tear, damage from an accident or the elements. Auto Sleuths helps users obtain repair services for all types of vehicles. The app also provides access to many additional services, including body work, component installation and custom paint jobs. Just select the type repair solutions you need or the custom services you desire to find one of the many skilled technicians on the app.



Auto Sleuths