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• Reads and understands comic tag info

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Read with your kids. Join Lars on an eye-opening animal adventure! Fun and educational, this dynamic interactive storybook with captivating puzzles and in-depth visual glossary will delight your little one and teach them the fascinating names for groups of animals.
Hop with a mob of kangaroos, swim with a school of fish, walk with a memory of elephants. Whimsical illustration by Brooklyn artist, Carla Susanto will inspire young imaginations.


Designed to expand the little ones’ vocabulary and imagination, Lars and Friends celebrates the beauty and poetry in the English language. It indulges in the playful and humorous terms for addressing groups of animals that originated in the 15 century England.
The artwork in this artisan app started with watercolor and gouache paint on paper and wood that was scanned and brought to life digitally. The typography in this app is manually handwritten to present a wholesome and discerning experience.

STORYBOOK: Accompanied with pre-recorded narration that can be activated upon a button tap. Loaded with interactivity features that generates compelling animation.
PUZZLES: Designed to brush up the subject learned from the storybook in a fun and engaging way.
LEARN: An interactive audio-visual glossary that offers in in-depth exploration of the curious subject matter.

SECURITY : Equipped with secure parental gate that locks the info page containing links to facebook page, rate us on appstore and artist’s website.

THE ARTIST: Carla Susanto is a mother and an award-winning Brooklyn-based artist. Among Carla’s recent works, her animated shorts: Tsunami, Horses and Civilization (2010) and L’Aubade (2012) were official selection of the Toronto International Film Festival, Sguardi Altrove Milan film festival and Nuit Blanche art festival

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