Pregnancy time is very crucial for every woman. Special care is needed in this time period. However, with the advancement of technology, things get very much advance. Now to have a pregnancy test, we just need to have some platform. One such is Femometer which is nothing but a simple app.

On the recommendation of one my friends, I access this app and believe me it’s a wonderful place with ultimate features. It’s the best way to track your fertility. Additionally, with that ovulation & periods can also be a track with this app.


The features of this app are as follow

  • Monitoring of early-stage pregnancy
  • PMS symptoms tracking
  • One can add diet details, sleep duration & other details
  • It will remind you about your prenatal checkup
  • Tracking of the sexual activity every day
  • An Automatic draw of BBT chart
  • Pregnancy calendar
  • Making of notes along with pictures
  • Facility to log first and last day of menstruation
  • Keep the history of your fertility, cycle and ovulation

Benefits of Femometer:

Here I will share those merits which I get personally. Using this app, one can get better fertility tracking. With this app, now I can take full control of my health. I can check my body weight easily with this platform. I can even sync my basal body temperature. After using this app, now it’s easy for me to track everything related to my periods, fertility or ovulation.

Last words:

At last, I would like to recommend Femometer to all those who are reading my experience. It’s the best way of tracking your important days. I am happy to use this app.







Ocean wonders is a platform for creating awareness of clean and healthy oceans, which provides good information about the current state of the marine life on Earth. It is a digital book within a 3D sphere, which allows access to all the content via one page. Ocean Wonders lays emphasis on the basic fact that, we as a human species share a symbiotic relationship with our oceans on Earth, because ocean plants contribute more than 75% of our oxygen in the Earths atmosphere. This message has been imparted by giving quick and easy to read information on the inhabitants of the oceans like, coral reefs, marine mammals and other such living beings. It looks like this app is for every age group because maintaining clean and healthy ecosystems, is a job that we as a Human species must consider today. Since we have a keen interest in conservation ourselves and geographical studies, we downloaded this app and to our surprise it was extremely informative and way beyond our expectations. It allows the user to learn at their own pace and time and the information is impaired in a quick, easy and fun format, like 3D models, maps, quizzes, short white board videos and illustrations to name a few.

App Features:

# Ideas are represented in 3D models, quizzes , maps, images and illustrations
# It is a digital book without having to turn/swipe pages
# 500+ pages of content all accessible through one single page
# Easy navigation as the user can get from point A to B within 3 clicks
# Maps: Modified google maps are very interesting.
# Quizzes are fun and easy
# Overall easy to understand and minimal text
# Simple to use as the UI is very good
# No collection of users personal data
# Cool pictures
# No 3rd party advertisement
# Buy the app in parts vs buying the whole app at once
# Horizontal visualisation only

One of the most interesting features which we appreciated is within the G section of the app. Ocean Wonders has integrated something called, a non intrusive parental/personal health control. The purpose of this is to allow the user to understand the importance of resting their eyes and mind at every 20 minutes (away from the screen). This has been achieved by adding meditation music with short demos on how to empty the mind, to further be able to grasp more knowledge during the reading/learning process. . Within the app, this is available in the G section (Rest Area).

Moreover, Ocean Wonders is an educational app and address one of the most important battles that we as a human species is fighting today “ Maintaining clean and healthy oceans”. Hence it is our suggestion to read it and spread the word o your family and friends, in order to support this noble cause.




Jumping and shooting are two things that form the bedrock of the modern action game.

The platform-shooter has been a popular genre for decades, and its success has continued on Smartphone despite the format’s inherent touch screen control limitations.

You really can’t get more action than you get with shooting games. Whether they’re third person shooters, first-person shooters, or somewhere between, you’re usually in for tons of bullets, explosions, and mayhem. It’s been one of the more difficult genres to get going on mobile since shooting games depend so heavily on precision which is difficult to do on a touch screen. Some have managed to put together a decent experience, though, and here is the best shooting game for you!

Bomb Bro’s is the new action-packed 2D shooting game.You can play this game with your friends online and fight with them
at a time three players can play in the game.If you do not want to play with friends then You can try single player mode

Some unique Features of Bomb Bro’s :
# Select your favorite character or buy new ones!
# A lot of different weapons including a rocket launcher and a bomb!
# A lot of different maps like a ship wreck, chemical lab or an Island!
# Ability to play with your friends online from around the world!
# Ability to play against AI






Be Creative, Be Artistic and Be Colorful.

Unleash your inner artist and draw out your artistic ability with Becolor! We crafted Becolor to minimize your effort and make it easy to create something vivid and vibrantly appealing. You will rarely find another better coloring app for adults!


## 100+ vivid color fills, including Leopard, Trees, Sky, Night, Twilight, Summer and more.
You’ll be able to color a starry-night with one click, and paint nature-like effects, like skies and clouds automatically. Wanna paint a leopard dress for your girl? so easy!

## Paint Continuously : Tap-paint-tap-paint might be stressful and inefficiency. Now you’re able to follow your finger to paint Mandala in a smooth and continuous way.

## 100+ Water Colors to choose: From Red to Sky, Blue to Ink, hundreds of handcrafted watercolor styles will roll you into a colorful world.

## 40+ preset styles for background effect: Specially designed Styles feature let you quickly and easily applied to every coloring images.

## Most interesting categories: Art, Fantasy, Girls, Nature, Animal and more will surprise to you.

## Various coloring tools: Pen, Brush, Fill, Sweep, Linear and Radial.

## 1000+ pictures to paint: Constantly daily updated coloring images with 18+ attractive categories.

History palettes collects: Specially designed “Recent Colors” makes it more easier to find your previously favorite colors.
…and more…

Now it’s time to have fun with Becolor. Drawing with Becolor is truly a relaxing experience, it gives you brilliant coloring experience and a good chance to show your talents.

Download Becolor for now, and keep your eyes focused on the constantly updating everyday!



Lion’s Sphere is a new 3d puzzle inspired by the most popular toy of all time – Rubik’s Cube.

– Be clever and face the brand new logic challenge – solving the eight color sphere.
– Relax enjoying realistic graphics, intuitive controls, and meditative music.
– Come up with your own algorithm and become the first solver of the Lion’s Sphere in the world.
– Compete with other players for placement in the global rankings and set the world record!

Have no idea how to solve twisty puzzles? You can start with a pair of easier ones: two color and four color spheres.

Even a complete newbie can figure out how to solve the two color sphere! 🙂






“Swordsman Legend” – the concentration of legendary ninja battles!
The simple infinity run gameplay together with interesting story create a breath-taking game world.
Similar to the previous games Swordsman game is the wonderful combination between running through maps and action game. The game is full of fun

– Jump and Slay to beat the enemies. Always pay attention and react as fast as possible
– Powerful skills which needs time to count down. So, don’t waste your skills
– Collect and discover new items on the way. It may help you overcome all difficult challenges.

– Totally free game. Just download and play rightly.
– Various different main characters. There are also heavily armed Boss in game, don’t give up and kick their ass off.
– Super unique skill “The condor”
– Power up your characters by upgrading them step by step
– The story mode is spectacular
– Smooth game control experience
– Nice optimized, running well on all devices
– Keep updating new levels and game modes
– Beautiful graphic style. Enjoy the martial kungfu world.



Partywatch is designed to put nightlife in your pocket, no matter where you are you can always find a cool party that fits your needs. Wether it’s a big concert, or a small live act in a local bar. This makes PartyWatch great for citytrips and holidays but it’s also great in your hometown to discover cool new events and places you never knew about.

Our app is devided into two sections:

Map : Simply open the app and you’ll get a mapview with all the parties happening tonight clearly displayed. Quickly browse these events based on your location. This is great to see the events around the corner, in another city or even another country !

Discover : Feel more like browsing? Check out discover; where events are categorised to fit your mood, the best bars in your area can be found and you can see where your friends are going. This tab is awesome if you feel like going out this week and you want to make sure you’ll have the best experience possible.

All of this is designed with a beautiful interface, to make exploring nightlife in your city fun and exciting.

Download the app to experience some great nights and make memories with friends you’ll never forget !
PartyWatch logo



Hello, my name is Sonny.
Zoe, Bunny and Mr. Ellephant have stolen the stars from my dreams. Help me to catch the stars so I can wake up!

Dive to in the wonderful world of Sonny’s dreams. Help him find his way in this adventure. Find the best route to the star to get it.
Bunny, Zoe and Mr. Ellephant, they will obstruct the road to the star.

Bunny sum +2 on the tiles where he walking.
Zoe temporarily multiplies x2 the adjacent tiles.
Mr. Ellephant is ever angry! he destroys the tiles where he walks.

Wake Up Sonny logo



GoldenHour.one is the first and only app that knows when the time is right to go out and take photos.
It helps you to find the best time, place and weather for your outdoor pictures. GoldenHour.one knows ahead of the time your chance for a good photo. It is able to predict the light and sky indexes from local weather forecast anywhere in the world.

SkyIndex – will show you chance for dramatic sky,
LightIndex – shows a chance for portraits landscape and architecture.
The Clear and easy interface give you a quick estimate of today’s situation.
Immediately after start, you will see the time of next Golden Hour and both indexes.
One quick glance and you weather to go for a photo or not.

Pick any place on the map and GHO will show you sun position during golden hour.
If the sun is not where you have imagined, you can either move the pin to a new position or use the slider pick another date when the sun is in the desired position.
GHO won’t let you miss any opportunity.
Pick any event you would like to remind for and GHO will remind you in advance.

# Golden and blue hour (for any place in the world)
# Weather forecast for photographers
# SkyIndex predicting the chance for a dramatic photo of sunrise or sunset.
# LightIndex predicting conditions for portraits panoramas and architecture.
# Forecast of indexes five days ahead.
# Map for finding best spot and date to take best pictures.
# Compass mode for finding the direction of sun during the golden hour.
# List of favorite spots for future use
GoldenHour.One logobutton-app-store-300x102


Manage your entire Freelance Business from your pocket with AND CO.

As an AND CO user, you get your own personal Chief Operator: a real human who helps you manage and keep track of all day-to-day back office tasks. Just send your CO a message through the app and take the stress out of running your freelance business.

AND CO’s combination of smart technology and real human expertise works to create simple, clean invoices for your clients, manage projects, and track expenses.
Set up your back office in the palm of your hand today.

# Your personal Chief Operator
# Smarter invoicing: Have your CO create invoices for you, track their payments, and remind you when they?re due.
# Most painless Time Tracking
# Automated Expense Tracking: Connect your bank account to automatically track expenses.
# Simplify Tax Time with clean, detailed income statements, made by your CO.
# Accept Payments: One simple page to accept payments quickly and easily from credit cards, bank transfers, or PayPal.

AND CO screen