Partywatch is designed to put nightlife in your pocket, no matter where you are you can always find a cool party that fits your needs. Wether it’s a big concert, or a small live act in a local bar. This makes PartyWatch great for citytrips and holidays but it’s also great in your hometown to discover cool new events and places you never knew about.

Our app is devided into two sections:

Map : Simply open the app and you’ll get a mapview with all the parties happening tonight clearly displayed. Quickly browse these events based on your location. This is great to see the events around the corner, in another city or even another country !

Discover : Feel more like browsing? Check out discover; where events are categorised to fit your mood, the best bars in your area can be found and you can see where your friends are going. This tab is awesome if you feel like going out this week and you want to make sure you’ll have the best experience possible.

All of this is designed with a beautiful interface, to make exploring nightlife in your city fun and exciting.

Download the app to experience some great nights and make memories with friends you’ll never forget !
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Hello, my name is Sonny.
Zoe, Bunny and Mr. Ellephant have stolen the stars from my dreams. Help me to catch the stars so I can wake up!

Dive to in the wonderful world of Sonny’s dreams. Help him find his way in this adventure. Find the best route to the star to get it.
Bunny, Zoe and Mr. Ellephant, they will obstruct the road to the star.

Bunny sum +2 on the tiles where he walking.
Zoe temporarily multiplies x2 the adjacent tiles.
Mr. Ellephant is ever angry! he destroys the tiles where he walks.

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GoldenHour.one is the first and only app that knows when the time is right to go out and take photos.
It helps you to find the best time, place and weather for your outdoor pictures. GoldenHour.one knows ahead of the time your chance for a good photo. It is able to predict the light and sky indexes from local weather forecast anywhere in the world.

SkyIndex – will show you chance for dramatic sky,
LightIndex – shows a chance for portraits landscape and architecture.
The Clear and easy interface give you a quick estimate of today’s situation.
Immediately after start, you will see the time of next Golden Hour and both indexes.
One quick glance and you weather to go for a photo or not.

Pick any place on the map and GHO will show you sun position during golden hour.
If the sun is not where you have imagined, you can either move the pin to a new position or use the slider pick another date when the sun is in the desired position.
GHO won’t let you miss any opportunity.
Pick any event you would like to remind for and GHO will remind you in advance.

# Golden and blue hour (for any place in the world)
# Weather forecast for photographers
# SkyIndex predicting the chance for a dramatic photo of sunrise or sunset.
# LightIndex predicting conditions for portraits panoramas and architecture.
# Forecast of indexes five days ahead.
# Map for finding best spot and date to take best pictures.
# Compass mode for finding the direction of sun during the golden hour.
# List of favorite spots for future use
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Manage your entire Freelance Business from your pocket with AND CO.

As an AND CO user, you get your own personal Chief Operator: a real human who helps you manage and keep track of all day-to-day back office tasks. Just send your CO a message through the app and take the stress out of running your freelance business.

AND CO’s combination of smart technology and real human expertise works to create simple, clean invoices for your clients, manage projects, and track expenses.
Set up your back office in the palm of your hand today.

# Your personal Chief Operator
# Smarter invoicing: Have your CO create invoices for you, track their payments, and remind you when they?re due.
# Most painless Time Tracking
# Automated Expense Tracking: Connect your bank account to automatically track expenses.
# Simplify Tax Time with clean, detailed income statements, made by your CO.
# Accept Payments: One simple page to accept payments quickly and easily from credit cards, bank transfers, or PayPal.

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Do you copy and paste text, images and links often and managing this content can be a problem for you? No worries, as Copy Space is here to help! With our app you can copy all types of content, be it written, in the form of images or even entire documents, then paste it wherever you want on your device.

Copy and pasting content is very easy with Copy Space and all you have to do is to install the app, then you can access all your copied content and manage it without a problem.

Copy Space can also sync across all your devices using OneDrive once you get the in-app purchase.

Don’t make copying and pasting content hard, just download and use Copy Space right now and manage your content a lot easier. This is very helpful if you copy content often and need a good content manager tool, so just give Copy Space a shot immediately!

– Copy and paste text, links, images and documents
– Tag and copy items to your clipboard
– Access a history of your copied items
– Assign a fast copy keyboard letter for immediate usage (iPad with external keyboard)
– Dedicated Copy Space Today widget
– Automatically copy most recent text or file when app opens
– Sync data with your OneDrive account (in-app purchase)

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Would you like a multi-brand IP Camera Viewer app (instead of individual apps) that makes finding and viewing your IP cameras quick and easy?

The OWLR IP Camera Viewer has been designed to support (almost) the entire Foscam Family, the D-Link Family and the Axis Family of IP Cameras that focus on home (e.g., baby monitor, home security) and office use (store security).

Other camera manufacturers may also work (e.g. TrendNET, Wanscam, etc) but we confirm testing Foscam, D-Link and Axis cameras. We love to hear if other cameras also are supported at support@owlr.com.

NOTE: If you have only one brand, we also offer branded apps for Foscam, D-Link and Axis – check out the App Store for more information.

Favourite features include:- 

OWLR supports iPad natively giving you the ability to see your entire set of surveillance cameras — all at the same time. OWLR is great for the home security camera enthusiast or a new parent wanting to keep an eye on their baby.

Our smart auto-discovery feature detects your Foscam, Axis or D-Link IP web camera and can complete the install in less than 30 seconds.

In this app, OWLR supports almost all IP cameras from Foscam, Axis and D-Link – and a few more that our users discover.

OWLR is working on connecting to all home security cameras that allow for audio listen and push-to-talk (PTT). Now you can speak to your pet, monitor what your baby is burbling or speak to the delivery guy at the front door – all from your phone.

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Skyler is the world’s first true fashion-weather app.
A visual weather experience unlike any other, Skyler delivers inspiring, accurate styling suggestions based on your local weather conditions, to help you get ready for the day.

No more headaches trying to wrap your mind around how to dress for the constantly changing weather. Skyler takes into account a variety of factors to deliver precise weatherwear recommendations: from apparent temperature, to chance of rain, to time of day and even wind speed! Just open Skyler when you’re getting ready, get inspired, and go.

Featuring curated, fully styled looks from hundreds of the world’s top brands and designers (Saint Laurent, Gucci, D&G), your weather has never looked this good. With fresh new looks everyday, Skyler is sure to keep you inspired and looking good, rain or shine. Plus, everything is shoppable. So that cool metallic raincoat you spotted can be hanging in your closet just in time for the next big rain!

Skyler features:- 
# Futuristic design featuring full screen people
# Fresh new looks everyday
# For guys and girls
# Shop everything you see
# Notifies you of the next big rain
# Clear view of the week to come
# Hour by hour chance of rain
# Switch between Celcius and Farenheit

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Immerse yourself into the beautiful and exciting three-dimensional world of dinosaurs!

# Stunning 3D coloring mechanic
# The dino moves as you color it
# Zoom and rotate the dinosaur
# Find out true facts about dinosaurs
# Detailed graphics

What makes DINOZZZ – 3D Coloring unique is the fact that you have the ability to see a 3D, moving dinosaur and you can color it on the spot.
The dinosaur isn’t a stale creature, he will attack, run, bite and interact with you when you touch it. You can move, rotate or zoom the dinosaur as you want and you can admire your work once the coloring is complete!

Do you want to find out more about dinos? The app also has a lot of information and facts about most of the popular dinosaur types, which include t-rex, velociraptor and triceratops!

With realistic dinosaurs, detailed graphics and true facts, this is the ultimate package for dino lovers. Download the app right now for the ultimate dino fun!
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You don’t need another “text editor.” That’s why Rough Draft makes editing tough, so writing is easy.

Ever write your first draft on a notepad? Writing on paper, you let go and just get your idea out. You don’t get caught up perfecting the words too early. Rough Draft is like writing with pen and paper, so you can’t delete words, only cross them out. Each “edit” reminds you that you’re writing a rough draft.

Rough Draft also supports your drafting with:

• Placeholders – Simple tags for where a picture, video, quote, or other supporting info will be added later. Stay focused now, and give supporting elements the focus they deserve later.

• Sidenotes – Easily create and drag-and-drop sticky notes for those genius ideas you get when writing you’re in flow (but aren’t sure just where they will fit yet).

• Clean Export – When you’re done drafting, Rough Draft can remove your scratched-out words, and export a clean ready to revise draft.
* Clean exporting is a paid feature, but as a small “Thank you!” for trying Rough Draft one is included free.

• Draft Management – No need to manage folders in Finder; Rough Draft’s got you covered with a complete file management system in-app.

• iCloud Syncing – Start drafting on your iPhone, continue on your iPad, and finish on your Mac.
* Mac-to-Mac syncing is free, and Mac-to-iOS syncing is unlocked when you purchase Clean Export.

• Rough Export – Feel free to draft to your heart’s content: with Rough Draft you can export your “rough” drafts for free forever. (But we recommend Clean Export to get your rough ideas polished and ready to publish!)

• Settings – Fit Rough Draft to your liking with simple settings.

Along with many more subtle features to support your writing flow! If you’ve made it this far, we recommend experiencing Rough Draft for yourself – we made it free to try so you can check it out and decide if you love it or hate it without any commitment.

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Draw anything you can imagine with Drawissimo Kids, the only step-by-step drawing tutorials app that uses your camera lens to teach drawing techniques faster and more efficiently. All you need is your tablet or smartphone and a pen and sketch pad. Find a glass, holder or prop for your device and start drawing!

This drawing app is truly one-of-a-kind. Learn to draw shapes, characters, animals and anime with step-by-step instructions for drawing directly onto sketch paper, and not just on the device like many other free drawing apps. Just follow the drawing steps we have prepared for each illustration. You can even draw using the camera lens of your device – something which has never been done before!

Our drawing lessons are fun for kids and adults, and come with hundreds of illustrations! Unleash your inner artist, and let us know what you think!

Drawissimo Kids is currently featured for tablets, but works great on smartphones too.


Learn to Draw – Drawing tutorial phase features step-by-step instructions
# Drawing lessons are fast and fun with Drawissimo! Draw anything you can dream up with guidance each step of the way
# Enjoy drawing games for kids and adults! Anyone can learn and have fun with our simple instructions
# Draw on paper, or directly on your tablet/phone with intuitive touch drawing

Picture Drawing Is Easy – Drawissimo Kids is the only drawing app to use your camera lens to accurately teach drawing techniques
# Drawing pictures is easy, with step-by-step instructions for drawing hundreds of images
# Sketch pictures accurately by watching your hand movements to master line techniques
# Doodle on pictures and other physical pieces, not just on the screen of your tablet or phone
# Draw anime, animals and much more by hand

Free Coloring Tools – Coloring and drawing are easy with our specialized tools!
# Interactive coloring book with colored pens, special brushes, a pen for following the lines, and more
# Sketching and coloring is fun with special effects and stickers! Make your drawing glow – literally!

Drawing for Kids – Sketching is easy with our new Drawing Helper®
# Drawing Helper’s ® easy draw interface guides new artists with colored dots. Connect them all to finish your picture!
# Drawing games make learning fun for kids and adults alike! Try to trace the lines with as much precision as you can

Share Drawings – Draw Pictures and Share With Friends
# Show your sketch book to friends to share your pictures
# Compare progress and share inspiration

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