Everyone likes to play mobile games and there is a wide range of category in them. Well everyone has their own taste and even I have my own choice too. I like action and thriller game rather than a simple puzzle. Recently I’m playing one game and the name of that is Unchained which is available on iOS and Android platform.

The game is somewhat containing suspense element. There is a short conversation between two characters name as Jessica and Dr. Drum which is quite interesting in the beginning. After that, the game begins and your countdown starts. The task is to unlock the door and escape from the place while solving the mystery. You will get some objects like strong glue, radio, crowbar etc which will be useful for you. You need to detect everything nicely.

Unchained Features:

  • Different Stages: There are total 13 stages in this game. Only the first one is unlocked.
  • Package: There are different packages to get coins
  • Sound and music: I must say, the sound and music is really good and matches to the game.
  • Achievement option: There is an achievement option where you can check the achievements

Other than all this, the game is rich in classic graphics. The color combination in this game is best. It has a nice story.

Before installing the game, I was in the dream that it will be not too difficult to play but trust me it’s really not easy to escape. I never played such a challenging game before. I recommend this to all. Just play Unchained game and see if you can escape or not. But don’t give up easily. Solve this suspense game. Wish you All the best for your journey.





We all aware of the virtual money that we can easily earn from different kind of apps. But have you heard and thought about earning real cash money? Here I will share my experience regarding one app name as MAKE REAL QUICK CASH. It’s a simple app through which you can easily earn real money. Isn’t it sounds good? Continue with your reading, I will elaborate more things.

Working strategy:

Accessing this app is very simple. There will be simple tasks such as downloading free apps and games. Complete the survey, watch videos. Share it on Facebook and refer your friends to join this app. After that, redeem your cash through Amazon, skrill, and PayPal. Finally, enjoy your earning.

Like this you can earn anytime and anywhere.


If I talk about the features of this app, it is user-friendly. Other than this it is secure as you can prevent unauthorized access by using a password to your account. To get the information regarding offers, there is offers the option. You can share it earn for every referred friend. You can easily check your last withdraw. There are FAQ questions, through which you can easily get the answers regarding questions related to this app.

The other interesting feature is that you can contact to support team to report a problem. Mind it sure that using of proxy, VPN any other illegal access to this app is strictly prohibited. Also, do not use multiple ID on the same device. Never put your referral ID in any review.

Finally, download Make Real Quick Cash app and have an experience of real earning. Thanks!!

Make Real Quick Cash



Some of you might be engaged in sending the message on Whatsapp and Viber often. Sometimes it is time-consuming task because you need to save the number each time you send a message. Here I am introducing you to one app name as FastChat which is normal messaging app. The special feature in this app is that it provides a way to send a message without saving the number.

If I talk about features, it is having the option to scan the number, changing the background theme and color, sharing it with friends.  Moreover, you can also add a contact. There are mainly four options on which you can tap as per your need and that are call, SMS, Viber and Whatsapp.

The working strategy of this app is quite simple. You first need to enter the number manually or you can scan the number through the camera. After that you can tap on the option for whatever action you want to do like sending a message on Whatsapp, Viber or call.

There are 9 background themes available in this app. You can also share it with your friends through Gmail, Messaging, Facebook, Google+ etc.

Overall, FastChat is one of the most useful apps. I highly recommend this app. If you are a business person and mostly engage with clients then this app is most useful for you.







Taking an image and converting the same into sketch is my favorite hobby. Even in my past time, I was loved to do sketch painting. But with the help of technology, it is now possible to get the sketch image within few minutes. Here I am going to introduce you to one app name as Pencil Photo Sketch. This is a normal app that provides a way to convert your normal image into sketch one.

Moreover, it is quite easy to use. Only you need to upload the image and then apply the sketch effect. This will take only few seconds to get the sketch done. The other options are there like downloading the image or sharing the same. One of the best things is that you can also have a change in the image before going for sketch effect.


  • Sharing options
  • User-friendly

The app is having following effects

  • Light Sketch Effect
  • Color Drawing Effect
  • Pencil Sketch effect
  • Cartoon art effect
  • Crayon Effect and many more

Final words:

Pencil Photo Sketch is an ultimate app that provides an easy way to get a sketch of the image. I would like to highly recommend this app to everyone who loves to do get sketch images.




Time and again, everyone feels a need for a reliable alarm app that people can use to keep track of events. Recently, I came across Galarm app and was pleasantly surprised by the innovation that the app developer is trying to bring to the alarms. It is a social alarms and reminders app that allows you optionally add other people (participants) to your alarms.

In addition to being a very good standalone alarm app, addition of participants to alarms brings along very strong and unique features. For example, you can add a participant as a backup for an alarm that you normally miss. The next time you miss the alarm, the backup can remind you about it. Adding alarm for someone else is another interesting capability that the app provides . So, next time when you want your spouse to bring ice-cream on the way back from work, just set a Galarm instead of sending a text and don’t be disappointed when he/she is back.

Features offered by Galarm:

  1. Personal alarm (for personal use cases such as waking up in the morning, going to gym etc.). Participants are added as backups for alarms
  2. Group alarm (for group events such as parties, movie outing etc.). Participants are alerted simultaneously at the time of the alarm
  3. Buddy alarm (for creating alarms for someone else)
  4. Alarm chat
  5. Block unwanted users
  6. Custom alarm ringtones (You can pick any song on the phone as alarm ringtone)

How is it useful for me?

Galarm provides me with an easy way for managing my personal and group events. I find the capability of adding alarms for someone else very unique and one that I have been using frequently. Group alarms are also an easy way of managing group activities where I don’t have to continuously text/call people to confirm their status.


I highly recommend this app if you are looking for an alarms and reminders app. The app is available for free on the App Store and the Play Store. It does not contain any ads or in-app purchases.





I love to play a puzzle game on my mobile phone and there are a number of puzzle games. Recently I download the one game name as Spinning Numbers. This is match two type time attack puzzle game which is available on the Android platform. There is nothing better than this game. I am playing this game for long time and its quite interesting game. Moreover, it also requires brainstorming.

Features of the game:

  • Introduction to the game
  • Instructions on how to play
  • Option to check high score
  • Music and sound option
  • Option to share it
  • Different levels like easy, medium and hard

The playing strategy of this game is matching the number displayed on the board. The main concept is to match 2 numbers located in a grid. You need to select the particular cell and sliding it vertically or horizontally with a neighboring cell that has the same value. Whatever the score will be there it will be uploaded when the game will be over. Mind it sure that there will be timer. For every correct matching there will be bonus add to time and for every incorrect match, there will be penalty in the same.

The game is interesting and also very much user-friendly. At last, I would like to recommend Spinning Numbers to everyone.





Most of the people are engaged in the cryptocurrency. In this review, I will be goings to introduce you to one app name as eMarketsTrade, which is all about accessing cryptocurrency market. There is an option to make an account within this app. Like this, there is a security about the data. Accessing of digital currency trade market is very much easy with the help of this app.

Features of the app:

  • Trade History
  • Transaction
  • Deposit
  • Past Expiries
  • Asset Index
  • Support option
  • Bonuses

In the transaction option, even a user can check pending and completed transaction. Likewise, in the bonuses option also, there are pending and active options. In the trade history, you can check trades, investment, and profit. You can even deposit the amount within this application. This app brings benefit to me and now I can easily check the cryptocurrency trades in an easy way.

The app is wonderful in all the sense. If you are engaging in the cryptocurrency then this app can be a fruitful and right place for you. To get any kind of help, there is support option in this app. It’s really very much beneficial.



Fast of Clan is fast reflex challenging game which deals with the aerospace gaming. Meanwhile, it is open mobile gaming i.e. one can join millions of players worldwide.

There are thousands of mobile games develop and launch in the market on daily basis. It’s a tough competition to offer something unique and different in the same. Every developer is in the race of bringing something fresh concept. Recently Eye God introduces a mobile game name as “Fast of Clan” which offers something new regarding spaceship game. It’s fast pace game and full of challenge.

The company said it was dubbed the most competitive Game Apple App Store and Best iOS Games 2018. It openly invites everyone to join the war while picking out the spaceship and favorite links. The most noticeable thing regarding this game is that it also enables one to join millions of players worldwide. This can be possible via two most popular social media platforms i.e. Facebook and Twitter.

Choosing your spaceship is another feature which this game is offering. There are 15 vehicles which help in experiencing the power deal. Additionally, they say there are 40 levels with each having different playing experience. This makes it more interesting because playing experience will vary with level.

Some other features:

  • User-friendly
  • Chat and free race rank with others
  • Fast space & dangerous
  • Option to choose the color
  • Provide a way to discover the strange area with so many scary barriers

The strategy of the game is simple enough to understand. Only one needs to move the spaceship in right or left to prevent it from clashing with obstacles. Also, there is need to collect coins coming in the way. So just beware of obstacles in this war. After completing one level successfully, the next level will be unlocked. Mind it sure the spaceship will be in high speed so keep your reflexing power attentive.


Availability: Fast of Clan is available FREE on both i.e. Android and iOS




In another word, this is reflex challenge game. It’s a platform to test and know your abilities. So take your decision, use your daring abilities and fight to protect your clan. Become king of glory. So are you ready to face a challenge? If yes then, all the best for your endless flying and warfare against obstacles.

For more information please reach us


Please make your presence on the above social account to get the latest news along with the gifts from “Kings of Glory”.


I usually play mobile games to refresh my mind and pass my free time. Recently I download Pen Pineapple Pen game which is available on Google Play and App Store. The game is really wonderful to play as it is easy plus interesting too. The game is about shooting fruits like Pineapple and Apple with a pen.

Moreover, it is a tapping game. All you need is to tap the pen at right time to hit fruits. I also found this game to be challenging one. It is because fruits are continuously moving from left to right and vice versa. In keeping with this view, a player needs to hit the fruit at right time. The game is very much easy to understand.

Let’s see features of this game

  • 20 + types of different pens
  • Easy to play, just using one finger to play
  • Cool graphics
  • Many skins of pineapple & apple fruits like glasses, pilot & hip-hop style etc.
  • World leaderboards to challenge your friend
  • Good music made by piano

At last, I would like to highly recommend this game to everyone. It’s one of my favorite games on my mobile. Download it today



Tell A Buddy is a nice application for getting online counseling. It’s the best way to get professional help.

Tell A Buddy is really a great app for getting online counseling if anyone is facing battlefield in life. Many of the people are worried about certain things like career, personal problems or relationship etc. I was also facing some certain kinds of problem but Tell A buddy which is a mobile application help me in same.

Some of the features of this app are as follow.

  • Support groups
  • User-friendly
  • Daily motivation
  • Emergency number option
  • User profile option
  • Various categories like Friends, School, Girls Talk, Relationship and Family

There is also an option for a private chat with the professionals where you can share your things in a private manner.

The app is also providing certain types of services like career counseling, self-development, family difficulties, anger management, work & life stress. Additionally, it is also having collaboration with SADAG to serve client cases. At last, I would like to say that it is the ultimate place for getting professional help.

At last, I would like to say that Tell A buddy is a nice application to deal with various life problems. Join your hand with this platform to share your problems. If you are seeking to share something regarding your feeling then download this app now.