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Being spiritual is necessary to move life on the right path. Daily worship is as necessary as like food for life. Always we must read our holy books to get the positivity in the life. With the time now it’s easy to get the devotional content in your life. Here I’m talking about the Scourby YouBible app which I am using for the last few time.

It is a normal mobile app which is all based on the Bible. Also, you can read the Bible or listen to the Bible in MP3 form anytime and anywhere. I love to read and listen to the KJV Bible and that what this app is providing to me. Moreover, one of the great thing which I like most is this app is narrated by Alexander Scourby.

The app is fully user-friendly features that can make your accessing experience to the best.

Top Features:

  • Easy to access
  • Customizing features for fonts
  • Bible reading plans
  • Day & night mode
  • Sleep timer
  • Share verve with your friends
  • Build your own playlists of Bible verse
  • Video & maps

Availability: The app is available at Google Play Store & Apple Store both



Love to kill your enemies in the war? Then you must play Ghost Squad which is available at Apple Store for iOS & Google Play store for android. It’s a 3D shooting game which is made for feeling the real war experience. Trust me as I played this game and become addicted to this. Moreover, its cool graphics made me a fan of this game. I love to enjoy killing all those Warbots.

Let’s see some interesting features of this game.

  • Different Characters: There are different types of characters in the game. But unfortunately, only two of them are available as others are locked.
  • Short Video: There is short video at the beginning to introduce the situation.
  • Graphics: The graphics in the game are really awesome and its 3D.
  • Hide your character: You can also make your character invisible through a special option available but that’s only for one time to use.
  • Sound: The sound of the game is classic
  • Choose your Shooting hand: You can choose the shooting hand i.e. right or left of your character.

Price: The game is free to download but there are in-app purchase for power up and unlocking the other characters. The in app purchase is also not so high.

The game is really enjoyable to play. Earlier I find it little difficult but later on with practice and understanding I learn to play.

Playing Strategies: It’s simple!! You need to choose the character and hit on the play button. You will be in the war area where you will meet up with warbots to whom you need to shoot with your gun. Your points will be shown at the top. Furthermore, save yourself from that entire ghost.

Last but not least the game is complete package of fun. It is specially made for those who love to fight in the battle. Want to play the game? Then don’t wait much just download it right now.



Movies are the great source of entertainment and film industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. From the past time, movies are always on the high choice to pass a great time with family and friends. Earlier people use to go theatre, now they can watch the same on their mobile phone thanks to the technology.

I’m going to introduce you guys to one of the apps named as Lunet. This app is one of the wonderful and useful apps which I am accessing. The main use of this app is all about the movies. This is like a central place where you can get the information about all the movies of all over the world.

Let’s come to the top features of this app.

No creation of an account: No need to make an account or sign up for using this app. All you need to install and open and start accessing.

Details of movies: You can find each information’s of a particular movie like director, caste and year of releasing. Additionally, you can watch trailer video, poster & backdrops of film.

Simply type: You can simply find any movie by typing the name of any particular movie.

Get review and rating of movies: You can get reviews and rating information coming from TMDb* community.

Share it on social media: Share the discovered films on the social media platform with your friends.

Receive notification: You can receive the notification about particular movie whenever you wish.

Create a list: You can create your own list of movie


The Lunet is one of the useful movie apps which I get on the app store. I can get all the information about the movie anytime and anywhere in my mobile phone with a just easy tap. Additionally, I can track all the movies which I watched earlier.

It’s an easy way to explore the knowledge of any motion picture.

Price: The app is free to download but an in-app purchase is there worth $0.99






Playing the game is really full of entertainment and if it’s full of fun then it gets plus point. An interesting game is only determined when it contains lots of fun. Well, I like challenging games as without challenge any sport is incomplete. The kind of high challenge can be found in Hopper game app which I’m playing nowadays.

Hopper is a highly challenging casual game with 40+ carefully crafted levels and a robust leader board. I find it very much user-friendly. The graphics are quite cool and a lot of efforts have been put on in making this game. There are lots of the features which make a good impression on me.

Playing Strategies:

In this game, you need to control the rolling ball in the way. Moreover, you need to collect the rings which are coming in the way by moving the ball right or left. Mind it sure, that ball does not get fall. On completing one level your next level will get unlock. There are in-app purchasing worth to unlock the other world, rings & gems.

Let’s catch those features

  • Guidance in the beginning: You will be guided at the beginning of the game.
  • Controls: The controls of this game are very nice. Although you must have full control on the ball.
  • User Account: You can make your own account in this game.
  • User interface: The user interface in this game is classic.
  • Leader board: Each level has their own leader board where the scores with player name are shown.
  • Customized setting: A user can change the settings like Music volume, Sound FX volume, Resolution, Anti-aliasing.

Different world: There are four different worlds in which you can play.




There are so many things which we can provide our child to learn things. Initially, there is a requirement of the new & advance way to let your child grow in a good environment and that what Krakeln app is providing. I download and access this app and found this to be wonderful.

From the user point of view, I am sharing my own experience here. There is nothing important than a good platform for learning. Krakeln is a complete package of learning alphabets, letters & words. It’s really kid’s friendly app which gives out good accessibility to the user. This app can make a child master in the other foreign languages too.

Keep on reading, I’m exploring more other features here.

Good accessibility – Accessibility of this app is wonderful. There is no complex structure in the app. For uninterrupted service, there is no advertisement coming in this app.

Colorful – With the focusing of child’s like the app is designed in a colorful graphics.

Sound – The sound is good. Moreover, you can mute the sound.

Multilingual app – There are also different languages available in the app.

Easy to handle – As the app is developed for kids, it’s easy to handle and there is no complex process in this.

What benefits did I get from Krakeln?

Along with my child, I too learn different words of other foreign languages. The app is so easy that even in my absence; the child can handle this easily.




Playing the game on mobile phones is really fun oriented. There is nothing better than good fun. Some of the games are really awesome to play and they are meant for fun. There are lots of mobile games but I like those which include little challenges plus simplicity. One such game is Mushroom Mayhem.

The strategy is full of fun having all types of features which are enough to make a player addictive. I am playing this game so I am sharing my own experience here with disclosing all of its features here.


  • User-friendly graphics
  • Colorful features
  • Easy to play
  • A retro sound effect with modern music
  • Different levels with different challenges

Availability: The game is available at Apple Store for iOS.

Price: The game is free to download.

How to play Mushroom Mayhem?

To play this game, you need to download and install it on your iPhone, iPad. There is nothing any rocket science in this. You will have one character to shoot the bunch of mushrooms. When you will tap the character, bullets will emit to destroy the mushroom.

There will be different levels and the challenging level will keep on increasing. Additionally, you need to be aware of the bullets which will be emitted by mushrooms. Be aware that you don’t get touch with any mushroom to stay long.




English is such a language which is a useful worldwide due to its popularity. To improve learn English people even join classes. But now you don’t need to go anywhere as Business English Listening app is there on your phone. The app is meant for providing English knowledge to people of all class.

I’ m accessing this app and really it’s awesome. It’s easy plus very useful in improving the English language. For fun, there is a quiz which you can enjoy at the fullest moment. For each topic, you can have three quizzes. Let’s explore some of the more features here.


  • Simple graphics
  • Different and useful topics
  • Easy language to understand
  • Writing option is there, where you can write whatever you heard
  • For the sound system, you can change the pitch or speed
  • Install option is there to get text-to-speech engine from Google

The app is good for corporate people, students and other normal people who want to improve their English. There are total 20 topics out of which 10 are unlocked and 10 are locked. You can also share the phrases through long pressing with the other apps.

In my experience, the app is really wonderful and useful. Download it and boost up your English language.






I am playing btw. on my iphone and what I felt, I am sharing here. It’s an amazing game which is very easy to play. It’s full of maze and levels. One of the best things which I like most is its strategies. There is no target or any kind of another achievement. It meant only for fun and fun.

The concept is simple you need to collect the circles which are there in the field. The game is for everyone and anyone can enjoy this from child to old people.

How to play this?

To play this game, only you need to handle the rope. You need to drag the rope to collect the circles which are coming in your way. After collecting the circles, you will move on to the next level. This is only all about this game.

Some of the interesting features:

  • Simple to play
  • Good graphics
  • Different levels
  • Good music & sound
  • Mute option to stop the music or sound
  • Toggle to switch between white & black color

Availability – The game is only available at Apple Store for iOS





I love to read geographical facts and I’m really happy to get Geography Amazing Facts App which is really amazing. The app is available in both stores i.e. Google Play & Apple Store. In my free time, I use to access this app to gain more and more knowledge. The app is covering all the important knowledge that makes the complete Geography.

For getting a good knowledge of whole earth, this app is really perfect. You can get facts about dessert, lakes, rivers, continents and many more. It’s a user-friendly app with simple graphics. Let’s see its other features.


  • Easy Language
  • Different topics
  • For every topic, there is quiz
  • There are total 20 topics
  • Sound system is there so that you can also hear the facts
  • Installation of Google Text to speech engine availability
  • Available in English & Russian languages

Noted: The topics from 1 to 7 are free but topics from 8 to 20 are locked which you need to purchase it.

Is this app is age specific?

No, the app is not age specific, its available for everyone as knowledge can be gained by anyone.

Is this app is paid?

No, the app is totally free and is available at both play stores.

Thanks to the developer team:

I want to say thanks to the developer team for bringing this concept.






Games are the best source of passing the leisure time with enjoyment. Mobile phones can be your best friend in this case. Recently I am playing Detective Spotit game which is available on the Apple Store for iOS & Google Play store for Android. The game is excellent as it is easy to play and enjoy the fun.

I am playing this fantastic game from last so much time so here I am sharing my own experience for this game. Continue with your reading to explore the information.

Coming on the next I am sharing some of the features here.


  • Easy to play
  • Colorful game
  • Good sound
  • Nice user interface
  • Free to download
  • Different cases
  • Available in the English language

Playing strategies:

To play this game, there are different cases which you need to solve. There are different objects and you need to find the hidden one. Before starting, you will get the information that what you need to find and in how many numbers. The time period to find an object is fix and limited.

My own words:

When I played the game, I enjoy this at my fullest level. I am addictive to this game due to its easy playing strategies.