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FlyVPN Pro is simple VPN providing an app which is easy to use. It makes your mobile to internet connection secured and fast

There is nothing important than a security in today’s world of technology. It’s as important as oxygen for life. It’s not like “A hot Potato” which you can’t get at all. If we talk about the device, it’s really very easy to get secured connection, thanks to mobile apps which make this work easy. FlyVPN Pro is one of such useful apps which make this work easy. The main purpose of this app is to provide a secured connection with a fast approach.

“Safety Starts with Awareness & Awareness Starts with You”

All are aware of the VPN which stands for Virtual Private Network. This system is setup to get the encrypted connection over the internet. With this approach, data is safely transmitted. Using of the internet is reaching its great height but while using the net, we can’t neglect the security for our data. For this purpose, VPN comes into the picture which can be adopted by anyone.


  • No requirement of registration: There is no requirement of registering yourself in this app. Once a user downloads and install this app, it will be easy to use.
  • No saving of logs: There is no feature of saving logs in this app.
  • Unlimited VPN: There is no limit on accessing on VPN accessing.
  • Sending of Diagnostic data: Through sending diagnostic data, one can convey to improve the product.
  • Price: Free for 1 month
  • Easy to use: There is no complicacy in this app. It’s easy to use, just user need to tap and a connection will be setup.
  • User friendly: The whole of the app is user friendly

Working strategy:

As it is already mention that the app is quite simple and easy. The working process is same. Once user download and install the app. He or she just need to tap on connect option to set up the VPN connection. The memory space of uploaded and downloaded data will be shown on the screen.

Benefit of using FlyVPN Pro:

The main benefit of accessing this app is to all about getting the VPN connection. It’s really very much easy to use. It enables the user to get the private connection of the device to the internet. This makes once to get the secured and fast connection.

Download this app:


FlyVPN Pro is the best app that provides all kinds of security over the internet connection for the device attachment. It is fastest and secured manner of getting the Virtual Private Network. Now within few seconds get your VPN connection. Now making the secured connection is in your hand.


Token app is providing me with a great way of conversion of cryptocurrency. What I found in this app is that it’s really very easy to use and additionally very much user-friendly. In this review, I will introduce you all the features of this app. I am mainly engaged in cryptocurrency business so it is obvious that I need latest updates on conversion rate. It is my luck that this app opens the door of this solution.

This app is helpful in converting more than 1000 digital currencies. One can monitor the latest market trading with this platform. I found it very much responsive; one can quickly search for the particular cryptocurrency.

App Features:

  • User-friendly
  • Quick search
  • Offline
  • Get popular cryptocurrency
  • Updates of conversion rate
  • No requirement of the sign in
  • Making of favorite cryptocurrency

My own experience:

Token app is like my right hand in my cryptocurrency working. I can access this app anywhere and anytime. It’s because of this app I can convert the digital currency from one form to another one.


If you are looking for the cryptocurrency conversion then Token app can be best for you. As per my experience, it is a nice app and I recommend this app to all my readers.


Token is a simple and beautiful currency converter! Easy Convert to and from more than 1,000 digital currencies. Monitor the cryptocurrency market trading data with the latest and most accurate prices – in no time.

Cryptocurrencies are currently in boom and it is widely used all across the globe. Hence knowing the status of it is very much important. It offers complete cryptocurrency management with the help of easy to use tools, which can easily help you to know your cryptocurrency investment. The application helps you to track the cryptocurrency market and it gives you the much-needed details. You can easily convert from 1,000 digital currencies in profoundly a short span of time. You would be getting the accurate and latest prices in no time.

The token is a reliable application, which is simple and quite easy to use. It comes up with a great user interface that will help you to convert digital currencies easily and quickly. It is currently available in iOS store and hence it is recommended to download it so that you don’t miss out on the information related to cryptocurrencies.

The token application is equipped with a lot of exciting features that are certainly going to excite you.  You would be able to perform a quick search for any given cryptocurrency and get the desired result. One of the very good features of this application is it can be used in offline mode and hence you can use it without having an Internet connection. Moreover, you are not required to sign-in as well and you can simply use all the functionality once you have downloaded it. If you are having a list of favorite cryptocurrencies, then you can create one as per the need that you may be having. The application is very simple and it can be used by anyone without having any prior knowledge. It is also equipped with a feature that will help you get the name of all the popular digital currencies across the globe. It will also provide you with the live updates on the currency conversation rate and hence you would be equipped with the latest changes.

Token helps you with the insights about the crypto market giving you the accurate prices in a very short period of time. The application can also help you to track The Cryptocurrency Market with a click of a button.  It has a set of tools, which would give you the market information about digital currencies all at one place. So, don’t hold back and get this fantastic application now.

Download now:


Unhu is the best Indian Social platform to make it possible for sharing of ideas & creativity online through posts. It is also the simplest way to earn money for the quality & popularity of your post, right from the moment it was posted.

Unhu is a social platform where ideas are discussed by leaders of tomorrow.
We help connect people to exchange their creativity & ideas and help identify their goals and stay connected with each other.

Unhu is a platform to make your social news viral with easy steps.

There is no effective way to impact young minds to identify their goals & stay connected with them. Unhu brings in the perfect recipe to make it possible. All users need to do is post content to share latest trending stories.

“Social Networks represent the digital reflection of what humans do: we connect and share”

Today’s solutions do not have the influence that the other social giants do. Either they distract you or focus too much on learning, which doesn’t entice millennials and post millennials too much; and provide no monetary value at the start.

Unlike other platforms where people talk about other people and stay distracted from their goals; this is a platform where the average 6hrs of social media time that a millennial wastes, is utilised in a fruitful manner, where young minds socialise, discuss and share ideas and creativity.

Users are influenced by people, called Gurus, who have expertise and skills over their specific fields. These Gurus get a special badge for their expertise and earn our virtual currency, called Klaps for every like, comment or any interaction they get on their posts. They can redeem this currency into INR anytime.

Social Media plays a very influential part in everyone’s life and it’s high time that there must be an Indian Social Networking Platform, which acts as a good mix of the progressive ideas of the west and our Indian culture, to maintain our unique identity in the world.

Post video & content that gain the attention of users to increase your followers. Discover people and make contacts.

We, at Unhu social media app, have one thing to say to you, “Don’t learn your passion. Live it”.

• Follow friends and Gurus (experts)
• Check your number of followers, following and connection
• Post & share content (videos/blogs/pictures/statuses) in your own way
• User-friendly post sharing
• Get your posts recognized by Gurus to earn a badge
• Feedback option for conveying user’s point of view
• Partner with Unhu to grow your business
• Apply for Guru Badge to get all your posts to earn Klaps (our virtual currency)
• Redeem Klaps and earn money for your talent (1 Klaps = 1 Rupee INR)


We want the world to encourage & respect genuine creativity and sharing ideas by young minds. This is one of the easiest and convenient earning apps.

Download this social networking app to post your ideas, latest trending topics. It’s one of the best sharing apps for connecting people.

 How to use Unhu?

At the initial stage, there is a need for signup and making of account in case if you are using the app for the first time. After that, Choose your preference like lifestyle, Music, business etc. After signup, one needs to log in and then simply post updates on the page. Comment, like or share the other posts also. Discover and follow other people too. Tag your friends and discuss on similar interests. Build your network.
If you have a specific skill, apply for Guru and get a badge for that skill. By tagging any of your posts related to your badge, will help you earn virtual money right from the first like you get.


Availability: The app is available on Google Play for Android platform only.  Click here to install-




FlyVPN Pro is one of my favorite apps on my mobile device. The reason is very simple it provides a fast and secure path of getting the VPN. Secured data is very much important to prevent any kind of difficulty in our personal and professional life. The Internet is all for today but we can’t neglect this thing. While accessing internet we need to be aware of our privacy too.

Many of people are seeking privacy and security for their data. VPN provides the best way for this. There is nothing important than this. For this purpose, I would like to suggest FlyVPN Pro which is a simple app. I will tell you each and every thing about this app. So let’s first see its features.

  • No registration: There is no requirement of registration. Directly one needs to download the app and start accessing.
  • No log saving: There is no saving of logs.
  • One tap connection: Just do tap and make the connection within few minutes.
  • Check Uploaded & downloaded space: There is transparency in this app and you can easily check downloaded and uploaded data space.
  • Deleting profile option: You can easily delete the profile

My experience:

I can now access my internet securely with this app. It’s easy and fast. The concept is really appreciable and to the user point of view. Now I don’t need to worry about my sensitive data transmission.

Last Words:

FlyVPN Pro is best VPN app in my opinion. Through this app, one can make the connection in a secured manner. It’s really very convenient to use. Readers can download this app through the below link.




Vidmoo is a perfect 3D video player that provides high quality video to the user. With the supporting of all the video formats, it also offers outstanding sound effect.

Playing videos and enjoy the spare time is a very common activity. However, it is important that the video needs to be in high quality. Like in this, it gives rise to a good way to enjoy the time. With the time, many things get changes and now mobile phones are a big weapon for enjoying the video. With this, a person can enjoy the video at anytime and anywhere.

“Video is an effective form of communication that needs to be integrated into each and every aspect of your existing marketing efforts”.

Every single person is having android phone nowadays. If the thing comes on android mobile, how we can forget apps that have strong relationship with this platform (Android) just like Lock & Key. Any android phone is incomplete without apps and in every type of work they are playing an important role. Likewise, in videos also there are so many apps which are helpful and among them, Vidmoo is one which provides a way to watch 3D video playing.

Continue with our journey we know more about this app. The main aim of this app is to provide high quality video to play smoothly. It’s having equalizer and bass booster that can easily convey you an environment of cinema. Another best thing which is related to this app is that it supports all the video formats like AVI, MP4, 3GP, WMV, MKV, M4V, MOV, MPG, TS, FLV. This eliminates the headache of converting video from one format to another. This is also one of the benefits to the user that provide the best way to enjoy the video.


  • Video folders to put all videos at one place
  • Supporting of video streaming
  • Adjustment of treble & Bass
  • Option to see videos in list form or Grids
  • Default decoder for decoding
  • Casting to TV while watching
  • With video resume there is easy playback
  • Supporting slow motion in the video playing
  • Facility to share video
  • Supporting of Multilanguage changes in the video player
  • For the security purpose, there is a facility to lock the screen

Availability: The app is available at Google Play Store.

Link to download app:


Vidmoo is an easy and user-friendly app that can eliminate your tension of conversion of video from one format to another. This can play videos in all formats. Now say goodbye to your tension about video formats. Just join your hands with Vidmoo, a perfect android video player app.


Hello Folks!! I am here sharing my own experience regarding the Vidmoo Video player app which is the best place for watching the video on your mobile. After downloading and access this app, I enjoy all the videos. The reason behind this is very simple. It’s easy to use supporting all kinds of video formats, sound effects etc.

Moving further, I am here sharing detail information regarding this app. With its default decoder, there is full HD video player 1080p. It’s having a bass booster, equalizer & stereo effect which give the feeling of theatre. It is no matter; in what format you are watching the video. This app supports all kinds of formats like MKV, 3GP, FLV, MP4 etc. I found this app to be very easy that if you want to control the brightness, just slide the video screen.

The story doesn’t get end here. It supports video streaming feature, locks supporting feature, changing of the video languages. The features are customized and a user can view the videos name in list form and grid form as well.

Availability and compatibility: The app is available for Android platform and it’s compatible with 4.1 or above versions.


In my views, Vidmoo Video Player is a great app that provides the best way of video enjoyment. It’s user friendly, convenient and also very much useful. There is nothing better than this app in my views.





There are so many games available on the App Store and I also download a few of them. Every game is having a different approach to playing but I love those which have fast speed. Considering this recently I found the game as per my choice. The name of the game is Madness Speed. This game is actually what I was seeking.

Let’s move further about the game. The game is actually very simple with the short and sweet approach. Only there is need to tap and change the path of moving snake. Yes, that’s what is all in this game. In the round circle, there is moving snack and when you tap the centre of the circle, the snack will come to the inner side of the circle. Like this you need to protect it from colliding with the coming obstacles.


  • Sound and music
  • Tons of characters to unlock
  • Collecting of coins
  • Cool graphics with a simple approach

My experience: The game is perfect in all ways. It provides a good way of passing the spare time. As I like simple games so I love to appreciate this game a lot. Firstly I was not able to understand this game but later on, after playing, I came to know the concept. The main benefit of playing this game is that I improve my presence of mind and concentration. The idea which is put in this game is awesome. It’s my advice to players to keep yourself in a pace mode to play this game.

If I talk about the availability, it is available at App Store. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod & iPad. Mind it sure that you have iOS 8.0 or above.

Last words:

Madness Speed is the great app that provides a good way of passing the time. Well, it is having very fewer features but that is very much precious to provide fun. All those who are reading my experience they can feel this entertainment though downloading the game. Thanks for reading.





Reading Bible is one of the best ways to improve one’s life. What makes life even better is that the Bible is now an app and you can easily carry it with you wherever you go.  Thanks to new technology, users can now have a Scourby You Bible App for an iPhone or Android.

After using this KJV Bible app, I came to know about the many benefits of listening Alexander Scourby beautifully narrating all of the 31,102 Bible Verses in the King James Bible. Alexander Scourby is regarded as having the greatest voice ever recorded according to the Chicago Tribune. That voice, combined with the outstanding features listed below, makes it a perfect Bible Companion and Newest Way to Access the Oldest Book. One great additional feature is that you don’t need internet access to operate the app since the Audio is self contained within the app, which means you have instant access to the Bible anytime anywhere.

App Features:

  • Alexander Scourby narrates the Audio in the Bible App
  • Users can create any number of custom playlists of Bible verses
  • Share favorite Bible Verses others along with a personal note
  • 70 plus hours of Bible Audio
  • Controlling for volume, start button, stop button & mute button
  • Day and night mode
  • Bible reading plan
  • Jesus Words in red
  • History of what you have been
  • Font size & type settings
  • Help menu for getting guidelines about the features
  • Videos, loop feature, speed control, Bible maps and more

The Bible App is presented in a bimodal presentation which simply means the text and audio is synced together with the action verse high-lighted so you now exactly where you are at all times. It’s an ideal app for people that just love listening to the Bible being read to them or whether you’re a Bible Student or even a pastor. Everyone can experience a whole new way to access the Bible. This is a perfect Bible tool for all Bible lovers

Theology Degrees, American Bible Society, Bible Gateway news, the 700 Club and the Barna Group Network all have ranked the ScourbyYou Bible the No 1 Bible App. Theology Degrees even said this:

“For the very best Audio Bible, you just can’t get any better than Alexander Scourby. His rich articulation and animated grasp of each verse have made it a classic for decades. The Scourby YouBible offers the entire set for $19.99. Although this seems a high price for an app that not too long ago the CD sets sold for a $100 dollars. This app offers custom playlists so that you can listen to only Scripture that addresses a specific need. For those who take advantage of this app, you’re likely to find that the value of the app is worth more than the device cost. It’s truly priceless.”


The Scourby YouBibleApp is a new tool that will help you get closer to God and his eternal Words of Life. You can get your personal copy today and start experiencing the Bible in a whole new way.  Then share the good news with others. There are many things that divide, but I think we all can agree the world would be a better place if we were just more kind to one another and follow these particular words of Jesus. “This is my commandment, that ye love one another, John 15:12. God’s bless to you and your family.

The Scourby Bible app is available at Apple Store and Google Play Sore and also at






Pregnancy time is very crucial for every woman. Special care is needed in this time period. However, with the advancement of technology, things get very much advance. Now to have a pregnancy test, we just need to have some platform. One such is Femometer which is nothing but a simple app.

On the recommendation of one my friends, I access this app and believe me it’s a wonderful place with ultimate features. It’s the best way to track your fertility. Additionally, with that ovulation & periods can also be a track with this app.


The features of this app are as follow

  • Monitoring of early-stage pregnancy
  • PMS symptoms tracking
  • One can add diet details, sleep duration & other details
  • It will remind you about your prenatal checkup
  • Tracking of the sexual activity every day
  • An Automatic draw of BBT chart
  • Pregnancy calendar
  • Making of notes along with pictures
  • Facility to log first and last day of menstruation
  • Keep the history of your fertility, cycle and ovulation

Benefits of Femometer:

Here I will share those merits which I get personally. Using this app, one can get better fertility tracking. With this app, now I can take full control of my health. I can check my body weight easily with this platform. I can even sync my basal body temperature. After using this app, now it’s easy for me to track everything related to my periods, fertility or ovulation.

Last words:

At last, I would like to recommend Femometer to all those who are reading my experience. It’s the best way of tracking your important days. I am happy to use this app.