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With iPhones and iPads, security is of a paramount importance. Smartphone and tablets are intensely personal gadgets with a lot of important information stored up within them. From photos to contacts and email to card details, people store up a lot of personal, sensitive information on their smartphones.
Not only this, but the iPhone and iPad are gadgets that need to be protected from theft too. That’s why the market overflows with tons of security apps built specifically for the iPhone and the iPad. The security apps for iDevices are varied in nature; some of these help you store passwords securely, while some of them help you track a lost iDevice and a few others help you keep your files and media secure.
iAmNotified sends an innocuous looking notification when the screen is locked. As long as the notification appears on the lock screen, you can be sure no one had physical access to the device. It acts as a watchdog that lets you know if someone accessed your iPhone or iPad while you were not looking

iAmNotified Features:-

# Virtually unbreakeable security against physical access for iOS

# Simplest APP ever: just open the APP and lock the screen

#  Double use:

# Stealth Mode –  to catch if anyone is spying on your device

# Deterrent Mode – to discourage unauthorized access to the device

# Unique notification every time the screen is locked to grant maximum security

# History log to see when iAmNotified was active and what appeared on the notification

# Advanced options to enhance security:

# Secret Lock: activate the app without anyone knowing

# Random Notification Time: to randomize the time between lock screen and notification

# Secure your Smartphone now with iAmNotified.




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iOS navigation has matured to the point where it doesn’t matter where our apps are hiding anymore—with a swipe and a few taps we can navigate through the deepest of folders in just a few seconds. Power users can manipulate iOS to do their bidding: We can launch apps, make calls, and send messages without needing to jump through a single home screen hoop, thanks to a little help from the Notification Center, Siri, and even Spotlight.

Launcher apps take this concept to another level. Where Apple’s solutions add up to little more than secret passages and hidden shortcuts, launchers provide a centralized place where we can manage and organize our favorite apps and everyday tasks into a single, contained system.

There are some apps will let you puts your favorites app shortcut at your fingerprints. You’ve to need just install this Magic Launcher Pro productivity app from the app store so then will start to give you most used apps icon.

The main purpose of Magic Launcher is to quickly launch and access applications and contacts through either 3D Touch, Notification Center or Today Widget.  Magic Launcher Pro has a widget setting and global setting.

These Features Include:

# Unlimited capabilities for launching apps and actions with more than 100,000 apps including all top apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat all in your Notification Center
# Dynamic Launcher makes your smartphone smarter: Dynamic Launcher is an intelligent launcher that gives you the right apps and settings at the right moments throughout your day.
# Design your own Launcher layout including modifications for icon size, text and shape
# Magic Contact allows instant contact via Call, Messages (SMS), FaceTime, FaceTime Audio, Mail and Telegram!
# A huge set of Magic Launchers including Google Search, Wiki Search, Weather, Clock, Clipboard search, Clipboard clear, automatic Tweet/Facebook post latest photo, Battery monitor and much more!
# Manage Settings, quickly turn on/off WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, Location services and more
# Widget Scheduling allows you to automatically show & hide widgets depending on time or location
# Have multiple Launchers for various functions
# Universal app works on iPhone and iPad with support for iOS 8, iOS 9 & 3D-Touch
# iCloud Backup and Restore
# Multiple language support
# Request additional apps via our request form
# And so much more…
We found this is useful app for every smartphone users. User-friendly interface & easy to use.


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Inspired by the number and puzzle game.

Join the tiles to get to the highest number and the highest score!

Swipe the number to join them, when you have two or more tiles with the same number, they join into one.

Be careful with each of your move, the game will end when you do not have any number to join.

Keep joining number and reach to the highest score!


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Make and watch interactive videos on-the-fly.
● Swipe for 1,000,000+ layouts, colors and styles
● Easily insert your favorite GIFs, videos and photos
● Tap through thousands of fast-paced interactive stories
● Export videos at any dimension to share on all platforms
● Instant publishing with no rendering or waiting

Flyr is filled to the brim with quick, eye-catching videos, from action sports and tech reviews to memes and fails. Check out new, trending stories every day or make your own!

Upgrade your social posts by making Snapchat Discover-style content in seconds. Flyr is a lightning-fast production studio in your pocket.

Watch it in action here:

As creators, we knew the biggest pain points when making videos, so we found a better way. A way to produce impressive interactive videos without lengthy render/upload times or the need for a computer.

*For a great experience we recommend iPhone6 or newer*

Welcome to the video revolution. Life is interactive, now videos are too.


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Cowboy Miners comes to App Store with deluxe graphics.

The addictive narrative, beautiful graphics, and fantastic music will certainly satisfy you.

You live in the West where gold is the object of desire of everybody from man, woman, bandit, and even sheriff. Just select your favorite character and run for the Gold rush. You have to race with time to clear all gold in a level to go to the next one. You are able to travel to many beautiful places for collecting gold – from wild deserts to crowded cities.

How to play?

• Different from the classic style, the crane rope will not automatically swing in Cowboy Miners. You need to use the Left and Right button to move the cart to swing the rope. When the rope is aimed at a piece of gold, press the Down button to fire the crane then use both Up or Down button to reel it while avoiding rocks.

• Remember that if your crane hit inactive golds, they will be dropped. There are only 02 active golds at the same time for you to catch. Don’t waste any gold, fire your crane carefully and accurately to get them all.

• After completing a level, the remaining time will be added to the next level as the bonus time. The faster you clear a level, the more time is added to the next one. Your journey only stops if you cannot clear all gold when your time runs out.

Game Modes:

• Stage mode: allows you to play the game without internet connection. Your target is only one – clear all of the gold, reach to the highest level before your time runs out.

• Friend battle mode (coming soon): we do not require internet connection for this mode either, you and your friend only need to connect to the same wifi network and then go to the gold battle, the one who collects more gold will become the winner.


# Addictive gameplay.
# Beautiful graphics and a friendly user interface.
# Dynamic sound and music.
# 150+ level to play and more is coming.
# Unlock new character.
# Boost equipments.
# Global leaderboard.

Good luck, cowboys!


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Cloud SIM – Four Numbers, One Phone (iOS)

Looking for a way to find all your mobile requirements in one easy to use app? Cloud SIM mobile app gives you 4 extra real mobile numbers to assign for work, travel, dating or just for personal use – all whilst keeping your real number private. No need for two phones, Cloud SIM gives you the freedom to access all your separate contacts from one simple app.

Offering free texts and chat to other Cloud SIM users, and low-cost SMS and calls to anyone, this handy app allows you to switch effortlessly between profile and stay in control of your mobile identity.
Need low cost international call rates? Cloud SIM boasts the lowest of any mobile provider. Featuring in-app purchases and friendly user interface, Cloud SIM is the way forward in mobile interaction, unlocking a whole new world of networking, right from you own phone. Dial up a storm, with Cloud SIM – the numbers in the air.

# Free calls and texts to other Cloud SIM users
# 4 extra real mobile numbers
# Switch effortlessly between profiles
# Dedicated voicemail for each separate mobile number
# Lowest cost international calls
# Complete control of your mobile identity
# In-app purchases
# Ideal for online businesses and eBay sellers
# Cloud SIM – Four Numbers, One phone


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Logic puzzles are good practice for your brain on attributes like memorization, spatial reasoning and patience. Regular daily dose will contribute into one’s logical thinking and problem solving skills making you more focused and an expert puzzle solver! (No doctors were harmed in making of this testimony! 🙂

Gameplay is mixture of 2D Rubik’s Cube and Tangram -style speed puzzle with booster cards. Complete the patterns against an unrelenting time pressure or become to true mastermind by solving the puzzles with optimal moves.

Griddle – Speed Puzzle. Anybody can play, but only a few can master it!



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When we were kids, our generation spent time playing outdoor games with friends and neighbors; a huge contrast to the alias generation who know how to navigate their favorite game or show, without needing our help.

In this techno-digital era lives have become fast-paced and digitalized. Everything is at our disposal with the tap of a smartphone. However, no balancing act is more nuanced than handling our kids’ effective use of technology. This is a struggle parents constantly face.

Children are of carefree nature as they easily venture into the wilds of internet without contemplating its dark side. With the increase in the volume of crimes related to kids such as cyberbullying, sexting, abduction, etc. parents are concerned about their kids’ safety.

A research states that 48percent of the parents check their kids phones to monitor the ongoing activities. Fortunately, the new wave of innovation has provided us with monitoring tools such as parental apps to track the activities of kids, online or offline. One such app designed to give parents a sigh of relief is, TrackMyFone.

Below is a detailed trackmyfone review                that can help you raise an effective user of technology, and can be an elusive key towards their learning and development.

TrackMyFone- The first impressions

Whether to snoop or not to snoop in your child’s phone is no more a problem. TrackMyFone is an app designed to help you monitor and report the activities of your child within real-time. The app aims to function undetectably, so your child will never know he was being monitored.

What’s interesting about the app is that it is designed keeping in mind the not-so-tech-savvy parents, so the user interface is powerful yet minimalistic. It has intuitive and simple controls in order to ensure a healthy parent-child relationship. This is why the app is remote and discreet in its functions.

As a parent, all you need to do is install this app in your child’s phone and monitor his activities via an online control panel on your device. As it works best in stealth mode, its icon is hidden even if your kid tries to look up for any monitoring apps in his phone. It also offers budgeted pricing which is commendable.

How TrackMyFone works?

It is pertinent that a parental app must help you keep your kids safe from prevalent evils in society. This is exactly what TrackMyFone does. Since it is difficult to limit the kids access to tech gadgets, this trackmyfone review will help you determine its installation and compatibility.

Before making a purchase decision about any app, it is worthwhile to know its compatibility so that it offers optimum utility. TrackMyFone is compatible with both iOS and Android devices which are the sophisticated gadgets used today. If your target phone is jailbreak, then physical installation of the app is mandatory. However, if the target phone is non-jailbreak, then to make things simpler, all you need is the iCloud login credentials of your child to begin monitoring. Unlike iPhones, all android phones whether rooted or non-rooted require physical installation of the app.

Whether you are a novice or a tech-wizard, the app has simple and fewer processes. Before you begin, you need to buy a subscription, as per your needs. Then you create a login account and fill in your email id and password. Once you’ve logged in, you will have to choose the device which you want to monitor, iOS or Android. This will then take you to web-based control panel from where you can access all the information about your target, stored in their smartphone.

Features- Breaking the stereotypes

TrackMyFone offers an extensive range of features which I’m sure will not disappoint you. This trackmyfone review will depict how these state-of-the-art features have a prominent existence in the monitoring spectrum.

The connotation ‘monitoring’ or ‘tracking’ is often used in a negative sense, manifesting some illegitimate activity. But living in the digital world, where social networking arena has influenced our cultural landscape, monitoring app are used with a sense of urgency. TrackMyFone offers the users to monitor call logs of their kids to determine the incoming and outgoing calls along with detailed information such as contact names, their numbers, call duration, date and time stamp, etc.

Moreover, due to the proliferation of communication channels, kids exchange messages with each other on these platforms therefore there’s a huge risk of sexting or online predators being in contact with your kids. TrackMyFone enables the parents to keep a track of texts and chats on WhatsApp, Skype, afcebook Messenger, iMessages, etc. Here you can view not only the message content but also multimedia files, if shared any.

For parents whose kids often stay away from home, TrackMyFone offers GPS tracking so that parents can find out the exact, real-time location of their kids. They can also browse the location history of the target for an entire day. Watch-listing of location be done via geo-fencing feature which enables parents to mark certain places as ‘safe’ or ‘unsafe’ so that whenever the child enters an unapproved place, parents will receive instant alerts on their phone.

The other remote commands made by the app include wiping data, blocking apps, live-screenshots of the phone screen, locking the device, etc. These features can help you if your kid’s phone is stolen or is in the hands of a hacker or bully.

The verdict!

In the world where the technology is a gamified process, it is difficult to stay non-reclusive. No matter how much you try, you cannot keep your kids off of certain online endeavors. Therefore, the best approach is to embrace a monitoring software like TrackMyFone which can help you secretly watch over your kids and keep them away from potential online dangers. The app is affordable, and promises enhanced capabilities to the users. All in all, it is indeed a decent pick.

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Local Tax: Get Real Price on Goods in your country.

The most powerful tax calculator in the App Store is now absolutely FREE and without any annoying AD inside!
While a lot of people traveling or going to a business trips they usually doing different money transaction and shopping.
Each state or province of country has its own sales tax and Local Tax help you to find out the total price of the desired mobile phone, car or any other goods.

So do not hesitate and download Local Tax right now!


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You probably send and receive hundreds of emails a day. Every email that you send, a fresh, new one, or a reply, is an opportunity to have the receiver connects with you via social media. If they know how to find you on social media.
It’s a form of lead capture–let’s say someone emails you to inquire about your products or services. You email them back. At the bottom of your email is a spiffy email signature that lists all of your social networks. They think “oh, hey! I’m on LinkedIn, I’ll connect with them on LinkedIn,” or they’ll “like” your Facebook page. You’ve now increased your ability to communicate and win this person over as a customer or client by two-fold (that’s assuming that you are keeping your social networks active and interesting).

Everyone should have an email signature. UVUEME recognizes the need for signatures on messages sent from mobile devices. By installing the app, you get guarantee that every message is signed off with a signature with all important details.
UVUEME provides spaces for name, email, phone number, and additional details. It’s an efficient way to get all pertinent personal information across without thinking about it.

The app’s best features:
– Easily create a signature with just a few taps
– Add a fun picture or logo from your camera roll or photo library
– Create custom banner or image for your business
– Links to your social network contacts, like Facebook, LinkedIn
– Unlimited number of email signatures
– Copy signatures to clipboard for easy pasting
– Select your default template for signature
– You may change your images or contact information anytime you want, it’s all included in the service.
– These images are hosted on our Worldwide Cloud service.

The app is free to download and use, and there is a small, optional annual $1.99 fee if you want to use the ability to save custom templates to the app’s cloud servers.
Lets make your email signature now !!