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There are many ways to teach a child to read but it happens sometimes that someone finds it difficult or time-consuming. Teaching a child with fun is the most suitable way for his or her proper development. The initial stage of a child’s learningis sometimes the most important and difficult to achieve. With time the help of technology there is a new way to teach a child. Recently,Integrated Design Solutions Inc launched a new app namedRacing To Read. This application is all about fun activities designed to help your child with reading.

The company states that the main aim of this application is to help build the skills of learning to read. This will help him or her learn beginning sounds. In this way, it will provide a better platform to practice reading words in story rhymes. The developers also reveal that two reading specialistswith over 40 years of instructional experience designed this app from start to finish.

Coming to the features of the application, it contains 8 levels of activities with a rhyme at the end of each level. It gives a way to practice learning to read at every stage, with each word family grouped separately.  After each activity, the child stays motivated with instant reinforcement.

Moreover, the graphics of the app are colorful. The color combination of the game is suited to a child’s choice.According to the developer, this app is most appropriate for children ages 3 years to 7 years. This app is perfect for Preschool, Kindergarten and Homeschool.

As far as if the working criteria of the app is considered, it is a very simple application and also child-friendly. There will be letters on the screen which the child needs to drag in order to complete meaningful wordsthat match the accompanying image.

The increasing level leads to increasing of difficulty and challenge in order to test the child’s learning. It’s a different and good way of learning with fun with of all the pictures in an attractive, colorful design.

Overall, the game is all about a child’s learning and his or her development. Racing to Read actually helps in the building of skills important for emerging literacy.  Purchase this platform to make your child perfect reader and learner. You will never get such a great combination of fun and learning while preparing your child for the future.

Apple introduced the latest version name as iOS 12 for its operating system in the month of June this year. However, it has launched it on September 17. There are many of the factors which were improved in this version. In this performance, new iOS emoji, automation of strong password features etc are covered. There are some other great secrets that Apple reveals and in this blog, I’m going to introduce to you the same.

New Features in iOS 12:


Apple this time gives a good focus on performance and makes it double. This makes the iPhone and iPad faster and responsive too. iOS 12 is designed in such a way that it can run on all devices. The effect of faster response is such that camera open in a quick manner and the keyboard also appear in a quick way.

Introduction of Memoji:

Moving further Apple also introduced Memoji which are customized Animoji & emojis. These animation and other fun effects can be used with FaceTime or the message. More than that, Apple also plans to add Group FaceTime that will support for up to 32 people. This group facetime was the desire among many Android users. This also supports audio and video chats. The appearance of participants will be in tiled view.


To get the answer to the question based on famous people, there is Siri. There is a shortcut feature that is built on the workflow app. The contextual app shortcuts in Siri suggestions will be shown up on the lock screen. In the case of iPhone 6 and iPhones, this feature will not be available. Taking the consideration of password, you will get access to the password stored in iCloud. this will be provided by the personal assistant.

Compressive Time Management:

Apple has set to offer everything in a transparent way. With the help of screen time, you can easily get the weekly activity report which will tell all the details of your using the iOS device. The details will be the time you spend on each app, how many times you pick the phone. Even it will also tell that which app is sending the most of the notification.

Do not disturb:

Don’t want to get disturbed in the night through notification? Then Do Not Disturb (DND) option is for you. Not even at night, you can set it for an hour in case if you don’t want to get disturbed in a meeting or any other event.


Taking the screenshot in iOS 12 is somewhat different as compared to iOS 11. Even with the screen off, you can take the screenshot in iOS 11 but in iOS 12, the display should be ON. To markup the existing photos there is now the broader choice of pen color.

USDZ file format:

This is a new file format which will allow AR assets to be used across the system. From this, you can place 3D AR objects into the real world. Apple is also going to introduce a new app which is called as Measure.

iOS 12

Automation of Strong password:

iPad and iPhone will suggest you a strong password within iOS 12. Additionally, this will be beneficial where there is a requirement of login. The passwords will be stored on the iOS device. To share the password, there is Password AirDrop option available from which you can share the password to the nearby devices.

Hidden Features:

  • Siri Voice: There are new Siri voice options in both Male and Female voice. This is especially for Irish and South African.
  • Face ID Rescanning: You can swipe up from the button of the iPhone X to initiate a rescan.
  • Message Shortcuts: To initiate a FaceTime Audio call, there are shortcuts and this will work when you tap on a person’s name in the message app.
  • Wallpaper: There are new wallpapers available which are mostly based on nature.
  • Voice Memos: There are some voice memos which are available on iPad and Mac. For that, there are some settings for voice memos like deleting, set the default recording name and adding audio compression quality.
  • Battery Info: Instead of the last 7 days, the chart of the battery usage will show the information for the last 24 hours or last 10 days.

App Store Localization in iTunes

So this is all about the iOS 12 features that are introduced. Hope you get the useful information from this blog. Kindly share your thoughts in the below comment box.


There is a different kind of enjoyment in the multiplayer board games. It’s because we challenge our opponent and this leads to the biggest fun. Recently a new application has been launched name as KlikIt Original which is all about the multiplayer board game. Here you can play with the other three players as your opponent. The main thing is that it works on a worldwide level so you can meet new people globally.


  • Colorful graphics
  • Challenge your friends
  • Music and sound
  • Instruction and tutorial video
  • Connect on Facebook
  • Leaderboard to check the ranking

How to play KlikIt Original?

Talking about the playing strategy, you need to play it with tapping scenario. That means, tap on the particular tile and make a row of pawns (minimum 4) of the color to collect the tiles. Each player will have a particular chance and also there will be a time limit. There will be two additional buttons, one will be STOP IT and another will be TAKE IT. The STOP IT button will block the whole row and column and in this condition, tiles will not be collected. When you tap on the “take it” button, it will trap opponents in the row and column. Additionally, there will be special tiles that will give you extra points or lose points depending on your luck.

KlikIt Original is overall an interesting game. Well, I’m happy with this game because I can share my board with my friends and family members. When there is a challenge it makes the game more interesting.

KlikIt Original



Virtual Private Network is something which is really important for the secure browsing. As in the technological world, security is an important term so that data stay safe and do not get theft. Well, there are many apps which are providing the approach of safety but here I’m going to introduce one app name as VPN-Box which is all about getting the happy and safe browsing.

I’m using this app and trust me it is really easy to make a confidential connection and that too within a few minutes. There is no such rocket science in it. With the help of VPN-Box, you can easily get the Virtual Private Network. The main thing is that the app is really easy to use.

Key Features of VPN-Box:

You will be a wonder to know that there is no requirement of registration in this app. Just download the app and use it easily. There are no logs saved. It also enables the user to check the uploaded and downloaded data space. Additionally, there is just one tap the requirement for establishing a connection. The other options are also there like feedback, privacy policy, and rate in the setting option.

 This app is really helpful in establishing a VPN connection. One can safely broadcast the sensitive data and this allows the user to surf securely.

So this is all about the VPN-box app which I love to use and also suggest to others. To make the connection secure, this app is best.




Hamara Dost is providing the best of messaging platform for getting the interest of your choice. This app is something a unique messaging app. The platform is providing the best information based on the going trend. This will give you the useful information too. Let’s see some of the interesting features of this app.

Hamara Dost Features:

  • Select your category: User can easily select the category of his or her choice like traveling, culture and society, food, cooking, books and many more.
  • Chat feature: The chat system is something unique because the message gets delete automatically. The user can select the timer and that will be 3 sec, 30 sec, 9 min or 12 hours for the deletion of the message.
  • Official Account: With this feature, companies can create their own account. From this, companies can mass-send messages to users.
  • Sky Eye: With the help of this feature, you can easily stop strangers to locate you and additionally find people near you.
  • Change password: This option enables the user to change the password.
  • Notification: Get notified with the notification option.
  • FAQ: From this option, you can easily check and know more about the platform.

What is the merit of using this app?

The main benefit of Hamara Dost app is all about getting the best of knowledge regarding the latest trend. You can easily get the news also. Additionally, you can easily share the particular post with your friends too. You will get feeds related to your categories only. The feeds will be with eye-catchy images also. The other highlighting thing about this app is that you don’t need to worry about going the content being un-authorized or viral.

Hamara Dost is something really interesting and I would like to 100% RECOMMEND it. Rest of the experience you can take after downloading this app.

Hamara Dost




There are many games for kids that I used but recently I download a new game name as Chhota Ganesh Cycle Ride. This game app is available on both Android and iOS platform. It’s all about cute Indian God Ganesh developed specially for kids. Want to know more about this? So continue with your reading as I’ll tell you each and everything about this game.

Features of Chhota Ganesh Cycle Ride:

  • Leaderboard to check the score
  • Heaven designed graphics
  • Cool Sound
  • Sharing option
  • Different modern outfits like goggles & cap
  • Instructions to guide the player

What makes special in Chhota Ganesh Cycle Ride?

This game is interesting and also a little bit challenging. The overall concept is to tap and hold to stretch the 3D stick. Place that stick in a correct manner on the block so that there is a way for Cute Ganesh. Ganpati will be riding on the bicycle. In this way, Lord Ganesha will collect all the laddus and the score will be made on that basis only.

You need to keep the sticks at the right time because if you place the stick in a wrong way. There will be spikes on the way and you need to beware of that. The game will be over if you place the slab at the wrong time and there is no way for Ganesha to move further.

It might happen that you feel this game as challenging one in the initial time but later on, you will get addicted to this game.

Overall I love Chhota Ganesh and appreciate to develop such cute games. They are really good for child’s and adults as well.

Chhota Ganesh Cycle Ride



Everybody likes to play the game on mobile. There are so many games on my phone too but no one can beat Soap Bubble Adventure. It’s such a nice game that I like to play for a long time. Moving further I will tell you each and everything about this game. It’s all about the soap bubble through which you need to collect the things which are coming in the way.

How to play?

To play this game you need to collect the things which are coming in the way. For this, you need to switch on the fan and blow the bubble through it. There will be different kind of things which will come in the way. You need to collect those things through the bubble. But mind it sure that there will be obstacles in the way and you need to prevent your bubble from colliding with them. It is because if your bubble gets collide and burst, the game will over.

The score will increase once the bubble will pass through the obstacles. There are two kinds of bonuses. One is an energy bonus which will accelerate your bubble and another is a shield bonus which will protect your bubble from being burst.

Soap Bubble Adventure Features:

  • There is an option to sign in with your email account
  • Sharing option to share the game on various platforms
  • Classic sound to make the game more interesting
  • Switch off button to get exit from the game
  • Bonus option

So this is all about the Soap Bubble Adventure and everyone must give a try for it. It’s really a fantastic game with so much fun. So I would like to say just download this game and have fun.

Soap Bubble Adventure



It happens many times that we want to keep our media files confidential. It is no matter whether your media belongs to personal life or business. Recently I got platform name as Photo Vault which provides the way to store your images and other media files. This app is available on the iOS store. The main purpose of this app is to provide the security to your media files.

Photo Vault Features:

  • Passcode – You can set your pass code to provide the security to this application.
  • Folder Structure – Make your own folder.
  • Restore media – You can restore the media to the gallery at any time.
  • Easy Accessibility – The accessibility of the app is really easy and nice.
  • Editing – You can go for edit option and delete the folder or image from the app.

How to use this app?

The using of this app is really easy. You only need to upload pictures into this app. If you wish you can make the folder also and insert your image there. In this way, your media files will be safe. Other than this, the app is totally transparent in use. A user can delete the images and folder at any time on your choice. The app is free to download but there are some in-app purchasing.

Final words:

Photo Vault is an application which provides the way to save images. A user can save the images and videos on it. I am happy with this app and 100% recommend. No complex strategy in this application. The using of this app is really easy.

Photo Vault



Many of us find that company which has similar interest and this same happens to me. There are many apps which are providing a way to share images with the world but Sociasta is a unique app. This app enables you to show your images to the world and find others who have similar interest.

Sociasta Features:

  • No requirement of followers to share photos
  • It allows users to share pictures on the other social media platform
  • Latest photos
  • Explore your feeds based on activities and feelings
  • Feedback option
  • The option of changing the password
  • Editing of profile

The main thing is that there is no system of followers or following on this platform. You just need to post to a subcategory and for 24 hours your image will be there. Other people will be able to like your picture, comment on them, share your picture and dislike the same but this will be only when you will enable this feature.

The uniqueness in this application is all about its connecting through activities and feelings. There are many categories in this app like eating pizza, celebration, traveling, eating and celebrating etc. It’s not a business app, its only use for the personal use.

Why do I like this app?

Sociasta is a unique app. This application is actually a unique app which provides a way to find similar interest through sharing of photos. I find many people who have similar interest like me. You can easily choose the category that best suits you.

Last words:

Overall, I’m happy with Sociasta application. It is a wonderful app on which you can upload a picture and find the similar interest. I highly recommend this application. It is a good combination of features and uniqueness.




Its sounds really fantastic if we get the earning through the application. It offers you the best source of earning. In this review, I’ll share my own experience with Free Money application which is made for this purpose. This app is very much simple to use. The main thing is that there is no task to do. This application is available only in the United State.

Free Money Features:

As far as if the features of this app are considered. It is having a sharing option through which you can share it on the various platforms. There is also an FAQ option through which you can clear the point. The withdrawal of the money can be by using PayPal, Amazon etc. There is also an exit option through which you can get out of the app.

Mind it sure that the minimum amount should be $10 to withdraw. Otherwise, the money will not be withdrawn in any condition. You can also get free cash app mobile reward gift. I found Free Money to be very much simple. There is no rocket science in this application. You can easily make money from home.

Free Money is such a nice application which I would like to highly recommend. I have no complaints about this app. It is good enough for all. Good work and efforts put in this application. For all those who love to earn cash, they can access this application. It is specially made for those.

So want to earn money? Download Free Money now and enjoy your earning.

Free Money

Free Money