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Kim says it all for you! Express your emotions and feelings using this exciting app “KimSays – Express with emojis & stickers”. Find the exciting emojis and stickers to say everything that you need to tell. Actions speak louder than words and leave an everlasting impression on your friend or the one you are chatting with. “KimSays” provides a huge list of emojis with all different signs to depict different emotions like happy, excited, sad, angry, irritated, hungry, and lot more. The app offers amazing super cool and genuine graphics to let the users try out different sets of emojis and stickers to add more fun to their chatting.

“KimSays” app is a user friendly app which is very easy to use. Use this app to threaten your friends or even make emotions for them. You can play funny pranks using funny stickers from the app or even express your feelings without saying anything. So, get your silent feelings expressing tool in your phone and let everyone know what you are feeling right now without saying anything. Graphics have always been the best way to express one’s thoughts.

Share these cool KimSays sticker with your friends and find the difference. You will love the app and start using more of these instead of using just words. The emojis always add a message to your thoughts and give meaning to it. Using “KimSays” you’ll feel like talking to your friend in real face to face and not over chat. Enjoy chatting and let Kim say it all for you.!!

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Discover, listen and share podcasts with your friends on Podly, the fastest-growing podcast social network.

Connect with your friends to see which podcasts they subscribe to. Get personalized podcast suggestions based on the episodes you listen to and like the most. Share your favorite episodes, leave episode comments, and compete against your friends.


See the podcasts your friends subscribe to as well as their favorite episodes. Get podcast suggestions personalized just for you as well as recommendations from friends.

See the most popular episodes for any podcast so you know where to start when you find a new podcast.

Compete with your friends to see who listens to the most minutes.

Your podcasts and listening history are all synced to the cloud. Listen on one device and continue playing it from another. All your devices will always be in sync and ready to play when you are.

Choose how many episodes you want and the order you want them in. From “Most Recent”, “Newest to Oldest” or even “Oldest to Newest”. The episodes you want will automatically download in the background when over Wi-Fi.

Queue up multiple episodes to play one after the other. Your queue will sync across devices so you can stop and continue playing from any iOS device.

Download episodes on Wi-Fi or stream them over your cellular network. You listen to what you want and when you want to!

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LaToya’s Life Presents SAVE SAMIA. Samia is the first born daughter of LaToyaForever from the popular and entertaining YouTube vlog channel LaToya’s Life. Today Samia needs your help to get through obstacles and traps across the grimy streets of Toronto. Think you got what it takes to get through these streets of Toronto? Unlock your favorite characters from LaToya’s Life and help Samia get her to her first day of school. Download the game and work your way to the top of the Leaderboard. Tag us on social #SaveSamia or #LaToyasLife

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Bomboras Forever is a rogue-like space adventure about a group of pilots travelling to the distant SAstar in hopes of stopping an alien invasion. As leader of the Bomboras, Sgt. Grey, you’ll lead the battle against the mysterious invaders, defend supply depots, rescue squad-mates, and collect the spectacular Prima Materia as your make your way towards the alien’s home-world.

Bomboras Forever features:
Challenging rogue-like gameplay
Stackable weapons and upgrades
Simple, responsive controls and MFi support
Original music by Daniel Engel

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Creative Mind your digital whiteboard! Collaborate with friends, brainstorm with co-workers, use to help teach math, or write your friends messages in class. No Wi-Fi or cellular data is needed! Connect with other users in the same area, and start working together. Creative Mind brings you the future in digital painting!

Creative Mind has been built from the ground up, with OpenGL 2.0 for fast responsive drawing on your iPad or iPhone. This is a drawing app, photo editor, and Gif generator/editor all in one. It’s packed full of features for any artist or photo enthusiast.

# GIF Generator
# 18 realistic brushes with dynamic size and opacity.
# Create your own brush.
# Erase with any brush
# Unlimited undo and redo
# Auto Save so you don’t lose any work

# Lock and hide layer
# Delete, merge, duplicate layers
# Custom size canvas with support up to 4096px
# Blending (Destructive and Non-Destructive)

# Preloaded with tons of filters
# Create your own filters
# Color Balance
# Hue, Saturation, Brightness,
# Color Overlay
# Invert or Desaturate color
# Color Drop Tool
# Input RGB or HEX values
# Color Palettes

# Import images
# Add text with font, color and size controls
# Transform Tool to adjust layers
# Add shapes.
# GIF Animator from your layers.

# iCloud Drive and Airdrop enabled
# Export as a layered CreativeMind file, transparent PNG, or JPEG

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Every day, thousands of people join for one reason, to flirt, chat, and hook up with like-minded local singles. It’s the absolute fastest way to meet real people looking to get down tonight. is your personal matchmaker and lets you enjoy the benefits of dating without having to give up the excitement of being single. Find a hookup anywhere, anytime – even when you’re on the go. makes it fun, safe, and discrete to communicate with all your new matches, baes, FWB, and f**k buddies.


#1. delivers hand-picked local singles to you daily.

#2. Swipe right to like someone, or swipe left to pass.

#3. If they like you too, then you can instantly chat.

Warning: isn’t like other dating apps! is the only dating app that instantly lets you make a date with someone in your city, tonight, without having to give out personal information such as your phone number, email, or Facebook account.

You don’t have to spend another night alone! Experience the fast, fun, and safe way to meet local singles for casual dating, friendship, and romance. Great pride is taken to keep our member’s information private. Hence, each connection to is secured with bank-grade encryption. It’s like have your own private black book on the go.

Because millions of new dates and relationships start every day on, we ask that you practice safe sex and not spread rumors if you see someone you know here.

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BANTASY is a FREE and entertaining FANTASY SPORTS GAME! Compete DAILY with the Fantasy DREAM TEAM you create! NEVER LOSE A DIME because Bantasy is not gambling! You don’t use real money! Enjoy the THRILL of daily competition in American sports: Baseball, American Football and Football Soccer: Spain Primera Division League with QUICK RESULTS, while playing like a HIGH ROLLER!

Pick a Contest
At Bantasy, we believe there’s a direct correlation between creativity and passion. If you create a contest, it’s part of you, and you’ll do everything you can to win it. But creativity is a fickle mistress, so you can always choose from other contests and still beat the pants off of those guys. Of course, all contests are free to create or enter. The more daily contests you enter, the higher your chances of winning are. REMINDER: You love winning!

Draft Your Dream Team, Baby!
What’s better than 50 grand (besides more than 50 grand)? Getting to spend it all at once! It’s a level playing field until you select the line-up for your dream team, and $50,000 is your spending cap to fill all the position slots. This is the kick-off to your strategy, and you’ll choose from among your favorite MLB players. Complete this step, and you’re ready to enter your first contest. Be sure to make any last minute changes to your player roster before the game begins.

Create Your Own Contest
So you like things your way, do you? Well, so do we! In every daily contest created by your peers, there’s plenty of action and excitement, but creating your own contest adds a new dimension of thrill, and you can share it with your friends. Even take turns with your friends creating your own contests, and compare weekly winnings among yourselves.

Free to Sign Up? Free to Play? What’s the Catch?
Short answer: There is no catch. Long answer: If you believe that time is money, we’re certainly not charging you for it. In fact, time is what we’re saving you with our easy-to-navigate platform, real-time coverage, quick results turnaround, and device accessibility options. All you need to play Bantasy are good skills, a good strategy and an appetite for fun and competition. Sign up is free, and you win Bantasy Chips here, not real money.

Real-time Coverage? Not yet, but…
Our gargantuan, fire-breathing competitors offer you real-time stats, but where’s the love? Do they send you free cupcakes like we don’t? We hate to make you wait until the end of the game to see the results and collect your winnings, but we’re a small start-up, and real-time coverage is a pricey enterprise. We’ll deliver that to you, too, once we’re sure it won’t bankrupt us. In the meantime, we’re counting on the ever-decreasing level of patience you and all we humans possess. Thank you. The bright side is your winnings are generated immediately at game’s end.

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Just touched down in a new city? Keen to get out and find some new bars and clubs, then go Randow.

The app that can turn a quick beer into an adventure, a spontaneous bar crawl no matter which city in the globe you’re in.

Select how far you want to travel and whether you want to look for a bar, a pub or a club. Randow: bar finder will make a random suggestion.

Instant, randomised results, including name, website, rating and directions using your choice of map.

Throw in a drinks randomiser too and really get the night going, with added benefits such as cocktail recipes, the ability to save the best bars and clubs you find and to share your night with friends. Randow is the app that every real party animal should own.

Open Randow, and make it a night to remember….

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Do you feel stressed and caught up in the daily hustle & bustle of everyday life?
Then it’s time for you to step back, take a break and catch your breath.

Introducing the MindSurf app!

MindSurf will help you manage stress & anxiety, improve focus and eventually improve your quality of life. Sometimes, you might feel that your mind is “full” and in constant distress. You might also feel pulled in different directions; you might feel impossibly stretched or even stuck. In that case, you can use MindSurf as your anchor to relieve thoughts that bother you and have a more positive mindset.

MindSurf can be used to help ensure your happiness and wellbeing. Under your instructions it will send you a certain number of specially designed questions at random times throughout the day. The questions have been crafted and developed for MindSurf by clinical psychologists based on what they have found to be effective through clinical practice and research.

When you receive a question you have the option of either typing an answer to the question like an SMS text message or even saying the answer out loud. The important thing is that you express your thought in some way so that you get a chance to relieve your anxiety and distress and improve focus and quality of life.

As you answer these questions you’ll become more aware of your thought processes and mindset that you might only be vaguely conscious of most of the time. You shall become clearer about the things in life that are truly important to you, the things that matter the most, and you’ll be able to ensure that you’re living your life the way you want to, i.e., with happiness, positive mindset, improved focus and a better quality of life.

The MindSurf questions will help you get to know the activity of your mind more closely. You might be surprised and delighted at the discovery of who you are and who you are becoming.

By surfing your mind in this way you’ll acquire the habit of staying focussed on what’s truly important to you. You’ll become a master at not sweating the small stuff. You’ll develop a comfortable sense of meaning in your life that will become familiar and enduring as you experience ongoing and unruffled contentment.

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All the web results you’re looking for when shopping in ONE SEARCH, only with Onsway iOS app.

Get most relevant photos, news, reviews, videos and web sites about anything in the market, from the best and most trusted web sources. Start using ONSWAY app when shopping anywhere to get everything about anything you’d like to purchase in one search and platform.

All your web research for shopping in one search anywhere!

More about ONSWAY app:
# Available for iPhone and iPad
# App doesn’t receive nor collect any personal data or credit card information
# Ad-free
# In-app web-brpwse through relevant results in an orderly fashion
# Social media features
# Smooth user-interface and visuals

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