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Be the King or Queen of the Dragon Ninja Clan in the magical myth and legend! Train your ninja skill, and be the Ninja Master! Welcome to join the fascinating jumps and flights of a ninja! Win a victory over ninja battles and share your triumphs with the worlds. Race with the ninja to its fullest with most realistic control to face the challenges of unique environments. Collect gold coins and gems as you dash, run, rush, slide, jump, dodge and scramble against others in fun-filled, fast-paced missions.

Do you think being a Ninja Champion is easy? Run, slide and jump through challenging levels and race your way to the top of the league. Beware of flying shurikens and booby traps, such as spiky bamboo, walls and holes. Watch out for the lurking angry red bulls, as they will try to stop your quest! Overcome countless booby traps, defeat enemies, and avoid the deadly shurikens; this is the play rule in this fun game. Grab shields, flying rockets, power-ups, giant potions, magic wands, springs, rainbow bridge, flying stars and powerful magnets. You have to be strong, fast and be stealthy. Collect gold and gems to upgrade your ninja power ups, you can also gather mounting animals and pets to strengthen your skills. Be the ultimate shadow ninja!

Dragon Ninja Rush is a new style of fast paced action game, with responsive and intuitive touch control. Ultimately, it tests your reflexes against time and movement. Gain the best timing score in global ranking and challenge the worldwide players. It’s a ninja rush action! Enjoy and feel the real thrill of the ancient ninja life. Endless stunning and challenging levels that will make you play for hours. The thrilling action saga will you playing until the very end!

Are you ready to begin your magical action packed adventure games? How to play:
# Tap to jump or slide to avoid obstacles;
# Defeat various powerful opponents and dash your way to victory;
# Collect as many coins and gems as possible;
# Gain power ups and unlock new character heroes.
# Cover as much distance to gain points; and
# Distance is important.

The features await you:
# Build your own ninja character with Ninja Boy, Ninja Girl, Ninja Supreme or Ninja Cyborg;
# Design your own ninja avatar ride with Snowy Mammoth, Strong Bear, White Tiger or Legendary Dragon;
# Gather you own pet with Ninja Dog, Fiery Dragon, Ninja Hamster and Ninja Cat;
# Run through stunning beautiful locations such as Sakura Flowers Garden, Green Bamboo Garden, Night Shining Moon Clouds, and Seaside Night;
# Amazing power up boosts with lightening effects, while competing with other players in the ninja racing;
# Various villains and obstacles;
# Fun addicting achievements and levels;
# Simple but fun tap touch control;
# Enchanting orchestra and relaxing music;
# Stunning HD graphics, colourful visual cartoon and smooth great animation;
# Endless ninja fun and endless run saga;
# Tablet optimized;
# Social network sharing, facebook;
# Stay tuned for updates; and
# Challenging leaderboard contests and gameplay
# Amazing action and adventure game perfect for children and adults.




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FREE – Flick Soccer On Streets 2017

Flick Soccer On Streets – Feel the supreme street football shooting game on your smart iPhone and iPad.

This game has various modes, including Arcade (10 Shots), Time Attack Mode (3 minutes), Friendly Match and manager Mode (Play against AI) and Goal Keeper Mode (Save Free Kicks). Arcade Mode (10 Shots) – Free Flicks – Target Shots – Missions Time Attack mode (3 minutes) – Free Flicks – Target Shots – Missions – Don’t Not Miss – Free Flicks – Target Shots Flick the ball to score a Goal…. Manager Mode – Play Against AI Mode From Beginner to Expert level.

This is the most challenging level and you have to beat an AI player who is an expert in free kicks. Swing the football to deceive the keeper and try to beat the AI player from level 1 to 13. Be a goal Keeper and save free kicks. This mode of flick soccer can be upgraded to two AI goal keepers and 4 defenders. How to Play Swipe the mobile screen and shoot on target if you are in a shooting mood. You can swing the football after the shoot at any direction to beat the keeper. You can be an expert keeper if you dare to defend all the shooting attacks made from the opponent team.

Don’t let the ball reach to the goal. Play against the best AI player in Manager mode and try to beat the computer and move to hard levels.

This game is indeed the best flick soccer game..

Have Fun!!!



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FREE – Modern Sniper Attack Squad 2017 game has landed on the IOS platform.

With an exquisite game screen. YOU are a modern sniper ready to play your part in dangerous attacks and silent assassin missions. Eliminate a mob of enemies at street level and don’t let the enemy snipers to hide behind the boxes and take out the high-profile target. With access to an inventory of modern M25 sniper rifle, you will rely on your marksman skills to finish the work. Go for the HEADSHOT now to kill the enemy in one shot or you will be counter attacked by the enemy sniper crew!

Quickly pick up the weapon in your hands, make your blood boil up, do not let the terrible criminals out of your sight. do not hesitate to experience the excitement of the game and passionate sniper thrill.

Game Features:

# 15 3D Levels : The game has 15 3D levels, 15 levels mode lets you keep cool and see how far you can broke into it!
# Enemy intelligence control system: By adjusting the number of enemies and intelligence you will find the game more challenging and addictive.
# A variety of game scenarios: There are a variety of different scenarios, Ships dock, Fort, the gangster village full of terrorists with advanced weapons and so on.
# Rich weapon system: You have M25 sniper rifle to aim and shoot with more accuracy.
# A variety of combat posture: By standing shooting, squat shooting, fighting to switch cartridges, replacement of different weapons, buy medical kits and enjoy the fun of realistic combat experience.
# Simple operation: full touch screen operation, so you just move a finger, you can quickly capture the enemy’s shadow and fire.
# Realistic visual effects and the world’s best battle music.

How To Play

# Tap the unlocked mission from the map to enter shooting mode.
# Slide the screen which can be rotated gamers perspective.
# Tap the down button to let your player hide behind the hideout.
# Tap the right arrow button to hide behind the other hideout.
# Tap the left zoom button to zoom your M25 sniper rifle to aim your target with more accuracy.
# Aim the HEADSHOT to get your enemy with a single shot.
# Tap the bullet button on the right of your screen to shoot.
# Don’t let the enemy soldiers to hide behind the hideouts.
# Challenge your sniping skills and try to clear all 15 levels.


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10 original cute monster creations by illustrator and graphic artist Michael Goodson.

48 unique monster emoji stickers plus accessories to personalise your messages!

Accessories include:
# Hats
# Glasses
# Speech Bubbles
# Beards
# And more!

Lil’ Monsters are a cute, fun alternative to emojis!

How to use iMessage Sticker Packs:
# Tap the App Store icon next to the text box in iMessage
# Tap the menu button (bottom left) to show you packs
# Select the Lil’ Monster sticker pack
# Add Lil’ Monster stickers to your conversations to make them 100% cuter and cooler!


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Introducing Festlove!

The best way to stay connected with the artists and music events that you love!

If you are a real music fan Festlove is the app you need!

Start by setting your radius and genres and get recommendations on events based on your music preferences. Events range from DJ sets, Guest Appearances, Concerts and even Festivals.
All the worlds music events are right at your fingertips – It gets better! Each artist or DJ has a profile which you can follow and stay notified on the events that interest you, so if any artist or DJ you follow creates an event in your chosen radius – you will get a push notification straight to your device!

It’s frustrating when tickets sell out early because you found out too late or you never even knew that your favourite artist was even in town! With Festlove you will never miss a beat!

If your an artist this is the app that brings you and your fans even closer together- It’s never been easier to put on a show! Create events straight from your device to all your fans in that area! Showcase your talent and let everybody know your in town! Weather your gigging in pubs and clubs or selling out worldwide arenas – Never miss a beat with Festlove!

Get Social! – Festlove has a social platform like no other the Like me function automatically suggest profiles for users to interact with based on your common preferences! Chat, create statuses, share and meet with like-minded people who share your interests and maybe even going to the same concert as you!

Put simply there is no other app like Festlove!

Download Now!


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Merry Christmas

Christmas Gifts and Pudding Slicer – One of the best christmas games around, Slice and win the christmas gifts and pudding by swiping the screen, select your mode of play and get a combo to boost your score rate. Slice as many christmas gifts as you can in the given time.

Be careful of the bombs, they are explosive and will put a swift end to your christmas adventure!

# Various christmas gifts.
# Cool scenes and wonderful christmas music.
# Be good and exercise the brain’s ability.

How To Play:
Swipe the screen to slice the christmas gifts.

See how many gifts you can get rid of 🙂

Have great Christmas Fun Gifts Slicing!



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Welcome to Silent Depth, the first real 3d submarine simulation for mobile devices. Being a member of the Silent Service of the US Navy you take command of a Gato/Balao class submarine and go on extended patrols in the dangerous waters of the Pacific in world war II. Your task is to attack Japanese merchant ships without being caught by destroyer escorts either using your torpedo weapons or your deck gun in a realistic environment. Control your submarine, use your strengths and find the weak spots of your enemy. Only that way you have a chance to survive this thrilling 3d simulation. Run silent, run deep!

No ads, no in-app purchases, just the full game for one price. Free updates for the life time – and there will be much more content to come! Attacking war planes, medals, achievements, missions to name a few.

This is the first non arcade submarine simulation game for mobile devices playing in the Pacific Ocean.

# Real day/night cycles with realistic sun/moon/star settings and lighting
# Different weather conditions with changed visibility (including fog, rain)
# Realistic water
# A huge world: The whole Pacific!
# Realistic damage models, repair your submarine, prioritize your tasks dependent whether your submarine is surfaced or not
# Sink enemy ships with torpedoes or your deck gun
# More than 10 different ships to encounter like battleships, carriers, destroyers, cruisers, tankers, troop transporters, freighters, submarines
# Different kind of fleets, single targets, with and without escorts are being generated
# Three difficulty levels
# Different water quality settings depending on your hardware



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FilmFish is like having a personal film-buff in your pocket, helping you discover your next favorite film. Other apps use algorithms to make their movie recommendations. Ours are carefully curated by film experts, providing a level of accuracy you won’t find anywhere else. Build out your watchlist, and find out where to stream your favorite movies free across Netflix, HBO GO, and Prime.

Type in a movie and FilmFish gives you a hand picked list of similar films, ranked by relevance. Our curators have also put together thousands of categories that nail the type of movie you’re looking for. ‘Awkward Hipster Romance’, ‘Tarantino-Esque Action’, ‘Old Guys Partying’: FilmFish thinks about movies like you do.

FilmFish also lets you browse multiple subscriptions at once. Tired of flicking back and forth between Netflix, Prime, HBO Go, and more? Now you can access content from all your paid and free streaming services at the same time. For every category and list of similar films we let you instantly filter by your paid subscriptions, so you can see what’s free for you right now. In fact, you never have to visit Netflix’s home page again, if you don’t want to.


Ever got a terrible ‘because you liked’ recommendation on Netflix? Our curators have hand selected movies similar to your favorites to ensure all your suggestions make sense. Only human beings understand just what makes a movie a movie.


FilmFish is the world’s largest humanly curated film library: we’ve made and organized thousands of movie categories that capture the exact mood you’re in.


With FilmFish, you never have to visit the Netflix home page again. Seamlessly browse across your subscriptions to find the right pick, and click the ‘watch now’ link to stream.


Record all the movies you’ve seen. Excellent bragging tool when showing your films what a huge film nerd you are

The only issue you’ll find with FilmFish is you’re left with too many great options. Save them all in your watchlist and you’ll be set on movie night for months.

Download FilmFish now, and meet the future of movie discovery.


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RPGs have one of the most loyal followings of any gaming genre. Whether it’s Final Fantasy or World of Warcraft, people spend dozens of hours crafting characters, playing story lines, and enjoying themselves. RPGs were also one of the first genres to really hit it off on Smartphone and there are a ton of them to choose from

If you’re looking for more than just RPGs, be sure to check out Arcane Dragons which is complete mix-up of arcade, fantasy & action packed RPG game which gives you most thrilling experience

Arcane Dragons is one of the newest Action RPG in mobile gaming right now. It is fast-paced with some really good visuals and controls. Users can pick any class among Wizard, Archer or Warrior to save the village from the formidable Dragons. All of them are customizable and each has its own unique abilities in the game.
You can get lots of rewards in the game while playing it. There are multiple currencies from coinsto rubies and friendship points which you will regularly earn throughout the game to use for purchasing armour and other objects.  You can buy a lot of currency with real money.


Real Time Cooperative Gameplay
Strategize your way through challenges with a unique Party Play system. Defeat dungeon bosses in real-time three-person tag team co-op gameplay.

Real Time PvP Duels
Push your skills to the limit in friendly matches with your friends and opponents in 1v1 and 3v3 modes.

Stunning Graphics
Be amazed by the astounding visuals and action at the touch of your fingertips with beautiful lush environments and awesome animations.

Stylish Costume
Loads of costumes to choose from at your own choice, even the Fashionista could enjoy the dress up for the Legendary Costume from Raid Dragon. Master your combat skills, in true Dungeon Crawling Fantasy RPG style, and unlock hundreds of equipment pieces.

Arcane Dragons offers a relatively standard variety of different game modes and activities to participate in, enough to satisfy all RPG game lovers. So don’t wait and start playing today