Angels In The Sky iPhone App : Review

Angels In The Sky iPhone App : Review


Angels In the Sky is a new SF shooting action sensation with graphics and gameplay driven by the Incredible, brand new Unreal Engine 4.
It’s an adrenaline packed powerhouse of a game that invites you to become the aerial warlord you Always knew you could be.

Learn to harness the brutal power of futuristic artillery to annihilate packs of vicious airborne opponents While hurtling through the skies. Manage shields and firepower as you cut through their ranks, Destroying baddies and bosses with explosive, deadly force.

High risks and high rewards are the name of the game, where making every blast count matters. Angels In the Sky moves at a blistering pace, and only those with the ability to harness the power they’re Given, think fast, and deliver death from above will achieve greatness.

To become a legendary fighter pilot, you will have to upgrade your armory, improve your shields, and Perfect your strategies. Each ship is equipped with two different weapons at one time; both are Upgradeable and players can choose from among a selection of different weapon types with different Attributes. Those who refuse to play it safe will either rise to greatness—or crash and burn. Develop Your own unique play style through gun choices and timing strategies to dominate the skies.

If the breakneck pace of the regular stages isn’t enough for you, be prepared to strap yourself in for the Ultimate challenges. The swarms of regular enemies overwhelming your shields are nothing compared To the epic intimidation of the bosses you’ll face off against.

Powered by Unreal Engine 4, Angels in the Sky takes players on an incredible journey—gorgeous Graphics, breathtaking animation, and unbelievable detail suck you into your role as a savior of Destruction. Angels in the Sky is an experience that will up your heart rate, delight the eyes, and Engage the mind.

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